BlackBerry Curve 9310 appears via UAProf documents, looks to be headed to Verizon

9310 UAProf
By Bla1ze on 26 Apr 2012 04:14 pm EDT

Back long before the BlackBerry Curve 9220 became an officially released device, it and the 9320 showed up in some UAProf documents. At the time, we noted that it was part of a series of Curves that were to be released. The "Jazz Series" as it was called which contained three new devices in total. Davis, Armstrong and Wynton were the codenames for them and back then, one device was missing off the list. The BlackBerry Curve 9310.

Most recently, pre-release OS leaks turned up for the Curve 9310 but there still was no documentation to go along with it. Though, now it looks like RIM is getting closer to release presumably on Verizon due to the fact they've now uploaded the UAProf to their servers with the latest update happening on April 25th.

As noted in the UAProf, it will be running OS 7.1, have a 320x240 display and be compatible with Verizons network. Unless of course its intended to be released to an emerging market with CDMA support which could be possible as well. Either way, the device hasn't appeared on camera yet but I'll go out on a limb and say it's not the device I'm looking for.



Why is RIM still making 320x240 devices?


"Unless of course its intended to be released to an emerging market with CDMA support which could be possible as well."


The only reasonable response. These Curve releases are underwhelming for the NA market.


because RIM is a legacy device manufacturer.


Theres always a market for enhanced feature phones like BB. You will probably see the 9310 in the back of the store where no one can see it.


No, you won't, not in emerging markets. Think positive.


I don't really agree with Apple's one "size" fits all strategy....

But just how many models of the same device does RIM have to make???


Emerging markets. CDMA version of the curve.


These devices kinda annoy me. Sure, they might make sense in the global market, where people actually pay for phones, and you need to hit every possible price point.

But in the North American market, carrier subsidies have made the actual phone price almost irrelevant to the end user. (and even more so, when you factor in service costs)


I'm sure this phone will sell wonderfully in India, afghanistan, pakistan and egypt. *thinking positive*


This usual 1st World attitudes amaze me.
Its amusing how you clubbed India with the other three countries.
No disrespect to them, but India is among the top 5 economies in the world accord to Purchasing Power.
That includes DEVELOPED countries also.
China and India will soon overlap USA as far as mobile handset purchases are concerned.
So please get ur world view fixed and then write things.


RIM may be focusing on other markets where it can make $billions so it can bring that $ to make newer, faster, top of the line new hardware and OS for NA market.. GO RIM GO!