BlackBerry Curve 9300 now available from Rogers

By Adam Zeis on 4 Aug 2010 11:10 am EDT

Rogers BlackBerry Curve 9300

If you're in Canada on Torch overload and want to get it out of your mind for now, you'll be happy to know that Rogers has the BlackBerry Curve 9300 available for purchase. While this wasn't the biggest of the recent rumored devices, some users have still been waiting on it for quite a while. The device sports a 2MP camera, 256MB of memory, a 320x240 display and more. You can grab the Curve 9300 for $79.99 on a 3-year contract, or for $399 with no terms. We're not sure if it's available in stores or just online, so be sure to leave a comment if you find out. Thanks Kyle!

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BlackBerry Curve 9300 now available from Rogers


As an 8900 user, I think this is a fairly decent device. I do think it pales in comparison to other BlackBerrys (don't get me started on other device lines), but I think design-wise it's an improvement (not spec-wise). I like that the SEND, MENU, BACK, END keys are flush against the device and are one piece with the screen (like the 8530). It's the one thing that I never liked about the 8900. I like that they are keeping the Curve line alive because I love the keyboard (not a fan of the "connected" keys). It looks like a pretty "sturdy" device.

its a nice low cost device for people wanting to upgrade or for a college student.

IMO Curves are entry level devices that will just give you the meat and potatoes of the Blackberry experience.

well, at lease the RAM is so much better than the 8500's, 8500 is unavailable in China, but we got 8520, i guess its pretty much the same so...

Ah, of course, it's the addition of 3G. I still forget that devices are being shipped without 3G in 2010. Thanks!

RIM, only company with overpriced old phones before they're even launched. Take advantage of old phones!

a device that won't support OS6? shouldn't it be standard that they release devices with at least 512mb RAM now? i know it's a lower end device but at least find a way to make all their phones compatible to their latest release, especially new phones.

...unless this is on that list of devices that can support it, disregard me. :)

It is on the list...

Supposedly with the touchscreen options removed from OS6 it will fit on a 256MB device (heard it take about 170MB). Not sure why they are doing the 9780 Refresh...

Online Retailers like Wirefly make having "base" models almost obsolete - right now all BB smartphone are the same price, so why would you choose a base model over the deluxe?

Know that RIM is really thinking of their Corporate Customers and the new Emerging Markets when they had the 9300 in mind. But I really question this device, especially if it becomes bogged down with OS6. What is the user experience going to be like? Is it going to promote the users desire to continue with the BB platform in the future, or is it going to add to the "buyers remorse" that some are experiencing and cause them to look at other platform the next time they buy.

Think RIM is thinking way too short term in most of what they are doing right now...

From the last minute "refresh" devices so that OS6 will work, to the sadly unimpressive 9800, and even to not having a NE2 replacement for VZW S1 owner in place (or at least some official details as to what maybe coming - as it is sound like the S-LTE maybe 2Q of 2011).

Man, somebody needs to shoot me a link or tell me where to get that mountain wallpaper on that 9300.

May not even be a real wallpaper... just photo-shopped on.

In one review of the the 9800 yesterday, they had started discussing RIM's new OS6, and the had a picture of a phone with the OS6 homepage. I looked at it for a while before I realized it appeared to be running on an iPhone...

its not a real image, if you look at the other BlackBerry's on the Rogers site, they all have random pictures on the screens

rim launch the new 6.0 and 9800 yesterday with a big fan fare then rogers launch the 9300 (cough 8530+) and no one cares

there isnt even an option to support this phone in app world
or mobihand!

its an 8520 with 3g and more memory! wow!

why not make this in the first place and forget the 8520 and 8530!

i know why as rim like to make 1 phone but have 3 different versions all slightly different!

Just don't understand why RIM would release so many freaking devices and so freaking similar in features. Just give us the best BB. The 9800 is no where near the iPhone 4.

As an 8900 user, I'm actually extremely disappointed in RIM. I LOVE MY CURVE. It's never let me down, it has an amazing camera, and the display is beautiful. I remember when it first came out two years ago, I felt like it was just as superior as the BOLD 9000.

And what's happened to the Curve series? Well the display of the phone looks like it was built in the 90's where pixelated images were cool. The camera is terrible quality, and where the hell is the flash?

I love the 8900 design. It's small, it's cute, it suits me. What made RIM decide to kill our design? Release a damn decent curve. I love the keyboard, and I'm still not willing to part with 8900 for a freaking BOLD. I absolutely hate the keyboard. But I won't downgrade phones to a stupid 9300. 2MP camera? Excuse me? That's an insult to us Curve lovers. Do we not deserve quality too?

-________- The fact that they don't sell my phone anymore makes me sick. When this baby goes, what do I do? I guess I have no choice to pick up a 9700. Urgggggggh. /endrant.

And thats sad, now with the fun numbers game RIM goes backwards in time and takes away stuff like FLASH...

why not just take the camera off for all the models...SHeessh

I had high hopes for this device, even with the low resolution screen, low resolution camera and lack of flash, but Rogers, as usual, has managed to screw up pricing once again. If this phone is only $20 less on contract than a 9700, why would anybody even want to consider it? If the price were around $50, then I'd understand that it was going towards a more budget-minded segment, but I can't see how it'll sell at it's current price point.

Knowing Rogers, they'll probably use it during the Christmas promotions and offer it for free on a 3-year while keeping the 9700 at the $100 price point now that it is getting OS6, so there's no need to liquidate stock. That screws over my plan to get a $0 9700 or 9800 at Christmas, which was based on the fact that they offered a 1 cent 9000 last Christmas.

It's about time!!! The only thing I can figure, now AT&T users have an 8530, too! Doubt anyone else will notice this device. At least there is a cheap 3G GSM BB available now for those who can buy the 9700/9800 out right. Sick of your 83xx? Not due for upgrade and don't have $400? Look for this device on e-bay next month!

8520 - $29 on 3yr or $449 no term
9300 - $79 on 3yr or $399 no term

9300 has 3G, wifi n, OS5, 256megs - all better than the 8520

I don't get it. $399 seems like pretty good deal compared to the other "low-end" Blackberrys from Rogers.

Just had this delivered from Rogers, price was $49.00

It's a replacement for my wifes Krazr so a big upgrade, being smaller than my 9000 bold it works well for her as it's design is sleek. Also got 6gb data plan with this upgrade.
i am holding out till the BB playbook is available for my upgrade