BlackBerry Curve 9300 headed to Rogers Wireless for Q3 in exclusive color?

Rogers Curve 3G
By Bla1ze on 19 Jul 2010 09:45 pm EDT
*UPDATE - Looks like grey and violet will be the colors*

Information regarding the BlackBerry Curve 9300 has been in excess today. The latest piece of information to come to us via the CrackBerry tips hotline is that Rogers will be releasing the device as well Q3. While clearly, from the Bell post today the BlackBerry Curve 9300 will not be an exclusive to any one carrier, carriers do have their own way of requesting a sort of exclusivity when it comes to device color choice.

This came from a recent q3 2010 training at Rogers... it appears bb 9300 is confirmed for Q3 in exclusive color.

Not a whole lot of detail there of course but, it's still nice to know Rogers will be adding the device to their line up. I'm sure it's one of many to come in the next months. Sadly, this piece of information leaves me to wonder what color exactly? Red, purple, white? Guess we'll just have to hold out for more information there. Thanks Mike!


I'm guessing it'll be either red or white.


I'm a noob at this, so can someone define what Q3 is? Lol And list what's the specs of the 9300?


Now I've seen rumor specs on this device so far. Will RIM up the memory on this device before its released or will this phone be released as it was viewed in the video to prove devices with 256MB's will receive os 6. My thoughts is why would the release a new device and its not os 6 ready when os 6 is suppose to be around the corner?


This is meant to be RIM's base phone - thus it really doesn't have "specs" that are even worth mentioning...

You will probably see this as a "free" or $29.95 option with new 2-Year contracts. Just wonder how happy the average user that doesn't do any "homework" before buying is going to be with it, especially if it is not upgradable to OS6. RIM may sell a lot of these... but I don't think they will earn too many repeat customers with it.

"My thoughts is why would the release a new device and its not os 6 ready when os 6 is suppose to be around the corner?"
THAT is a good question... but it is looking more and more like 256MB devices will not run OS6 correctly!


You can put lipstick on a pig but...


Oh man colored BlackBerry's are so freakin slick!! I wish they would come out with something in color for Verizon!!


Where are all the droid fanboys at?

big dawg 23

I am not a Fan boy but I do own a Motorola Droid. However, I want a phone that functions as it should. I had a Storm which was fine, minus battery pulls every other day before 4 consecutive failures forced me to Tour. The Tour also had issues with Reception, Battery Pull(due to memory Leaks) and bad vibrate alert.

Now I considered and purchase the Touch Pro 2 on T-Mo but it didn't meet my coverage needs. I dealt a lot with Edge to 3G flickering.

I then turned to the Motorola Droid, which has addressed all my needs that Blackberry couldn't. I have great call quality, never have to restart my phone because of memory issues and can hear the vibrate alert in another room.

I will always consider a Blackberry if they address the memory leak issue and update the hardware specs. However, all the phones coming out have old Hardware specs.


Is Rogers going to get the slider? That's all I care about...if they won't get it then who? Because that will determine my wireless provider for the rest of the year


rumor at the link below says Rogers is to be exclusive for 9800...take it with a grain of salt...but i'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed...can't wait...