New BlackBerry Device Outed: BlackBerry Curve 9300 (kepler) Shows Up in BlackBerry UAProf Document!

BlackBerry Curve 9300 and Curve 9330
By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Apr 2010 07:03 pm EDT

Click Image for the BlackBerry 9300 UAProf Document

We usually like to save our unsubstantiated rumormill stuff for Fridays, but in this case the rumor isn't unsubstantiated so it's going up on a Thursday night... as it's backed with a new UAProf document (created April 6th) on RIM's server which proves its existence as an in-the-works device. So what rumored device are we talking about? Well the BlackBerry Curve 9300 of course! At one point towards the end of our last CrackBerry Podcast I tossed out two words at random ... Kepler! Aries II! These words weren't just mumbo jumbo though, but rather BlackBerry device codenames I have been hearing for a while now, with Kepler believed to be the BlackBerry Curve 9300 and Aries II the sibling CDMA equivalent, the BlackBerry Curve 9330. It's interesting to note that the 9300 device model isn't totally new - google around and you'll see lots of mentions of it, as it was previously linked to the gemini which ultimately became javelin and the Curve 8900, gemini being the 8520. As devices have moved up into the 9000's now, it's looking like RIM will be using that 9300 device model, but rather for the next generation of entry level Curve.

I've been under the impression that the Curve 9300 and 9330 are the next generation of the BlackBerry Curve 85xx series devices, and the UAProf document definitely helps to collaborate that, with the BlackBerry 9300 being shown as having the old school 320x240 low resolution display. For the hardcore CrackBerry addicts out there it's not likely a device to get too excited about, but as RIM continues to grow and do especially well with these lower priced devices in emerging markets, odds are they'll sell boat loads of it. We don't really know much at this time - expect improved hardware and let's hope by the time it hits the market OS 6.0 and that WebKit browser are in full swing. From the UAProf document you can also gather the 9300 has a chip that supports WiFi 802.11n and also unlike the 8520, the 9300 has 3G. We'll let you know more as this one unfolds.

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New BlackBerry Device Outed: BlackBerry Curve 9300 (kepler) Shows Up in BlackBerry UAProf Document!


I swear, RIM makes less logical sense each day that goes by. All they care about is BB sales and nothing more. It's called inflating the market with useless products just to boost your bottom line figures.

Why the F would anyone want to buy a 9xxx BB with a 320x240 resolution? People are stupid and RIM knows they can sell them a poop posicle while calling it chocolate. :rolleyes:

BB8520 is not very common device among middle class indian (referring developing nations also). Since BB gives a status shot in my country, and most of them buy it (without BIS/BES) to give serious profile to their work. Just for show off or status sign.

BB8520 is really most sold device here.
And the above leaked devices match the profile

So I guess RIM wants to cash with low end devices.
Rich multimedia, Chat apps, megapixels and some looks with cheap plastic casing.

Wasn't the 9300 rumoured to have a higher res screen than the 8900? As well as a faster processor and 3G+ data speeds? Assuming it will also have a track pad... this sucker should be what all Curve 8900 users have been waiting for... unless there's a Curve 9900 in the wings too.

The only difference I saw between this UAproof and the 9700 one was the screen resolution. the 9300 also has a chip to support draft n wireless.

if this is the latest to replace the 85xx (really? already?) what about a replacement for the 8900? or is the atlas closer to being that?

But damn........can we get a true high end BB smartphone. This is rediculous. 2010 and we are still on these low resolution screens. I mean, don't get me wrong. The 8900 and 9700 has nice screens but the competition have better ones. A low end curve with 3G??? Can I get a 8900 with 3G......can I have a BB wit a camera better than 3.2 mp? Can I have a BB wit 720p video recording capabilities, or at least something that's better than what all current BB's have now. Everyone says RIM is tryin to take over the consumer market but then why are we still so far behind the competition. If ya'll think about it.....most would be excited over a higher spec'd BB when other platforms have had these better specs for years.......

I don't understand why people think high-end cameras are a must on a smartphone, and the same for high-def and all that crap.

Its still very inpractical to watch video on a phone, because of the amount of battery it chomps, and although it looks nice on an advert, its probably a looooong way down the list for most people who buy blackberries. I mean, if you want to watch video on the move, you buy something that does that.

This is clearly not a consumer oriented device, it is for enterprise and professional oriented users. It will be cheap enough for small companies to buy a bundle of them, and for non-geek professionals who may well otherwise just have bought a dumb phone. That's always been the point of the curve series.

As for RIM being behind on features... What do you want your blackberry to do that it doesn't do now ? I'm talking functionality, not games. You have navigation, social networking, the best email in the world, a keyboard you can hit 50 words per minute on, more different instant messengers than I can name, and what's more you can do all of that at the same time, moving quickly from app to app.

Sure we don't have great cameras or games, but then again if those are what decides which PHONE you buy you have the wrong priorities, because they aren't what a phone is designed does, they are just strapped on top.

You want high def video ? Go buy a high def video camera. You want to play awesome games, get a DS. Any time that you actually want to do those things, you take your camera or DS or ipod with you. You do not need them in your phone. Looks good on the poster, but they a massively underused features compared to productivity apps. That's why RIM doesn't bother updating them. The core consumers don't use them.

What you have in blackberry is a tool. It may not be cool and groovy, but it is amazing at what it does, and although its often compared to the other bits of plastic kiddy junk that are the rest of the smart phone world, they are not the same. A blackberry is a savile row suit. An iphone or droid is the jeans, t-shirt. They may be in the same market, but they sure as hell aren't for the same people.

Just FYI, a few days ago, I finished writing my masters thesis. All of it written on my blackberry. You should try writing twenty five thousand words on a shitty touchscreen keyboard. Let me know how that works out for you.

End rant.

People want a HD camera on their phone so they don't have to carry a camera around. People want games on their phone because they don't want to carry a PSP around.

People also look at the competition and see stuff they wish their phone had. Also I hate posts like this saying people don't need any games, people don't need to watch movies on their phone. Really? Have you never been stuck on a plane for hours? Has there never been a point in your life where you wish you could be entertained by something (a phone)?

The BlackBerry is a tool, the Iphone is a tool, Android phones are also tools. All high end smart phones do the same thing in the end it's just which phone does the best for the buyers needs.

If your happy staying with BlackBerry, having absolutely no games, a joke of a browser, NO application development, carrying around an HD Camera, a DS, and a tablet to watch movies then you will continue being very happy with RIM.

I think the guy who responded to my original comment kind of misunderstood me. I'm very happy with my 8900. I've done whole papers typing on my BB. The. BB platform does a lot but its also missing a ton. Like rainor94 above me said, I want to be intertained by my BB and I feel like its missing many features that consumers are demandinging nowdays. If someone wants to carry around a nintendo DS and a HD camera......well be my guest lol, but I'm not carrying all that around with me when there are phones on that market that have all that in one device. As a huge fan of RIM, I feel I shouldn't have to wait many more years to have these features. Again, to the person who responded to my original post.....I respect your opinion, but I think that says a lot if us BB fans are content with these low end specs. If u ask me, there hasn't "truly" a high end BB yet. Some could argue the 9700 is, but it has a "nice" processor. Android is a new platform and has already produced phones that boo-boo on the 9700 specs. I am willing to wait for RIM to show their true potential!

I think the Curves market is more for businesses that want to buy in bulk. It is their low end phone, so don't expect much with anything labeled a "Curve" execpt functionaility. On the other hand, The Bolds do need more "umph" to them to take over the high-end market. We buy and issue Curves so our people can be reached and work 24/7 (at least thats what they do to me). The Execs get the Bolds, the worker bees get Curves. Curves are the cheap ones and shouldn't be expected to hang with a Droid or iPhone. I really wish the Bolds and Storms could tho.

I have no idea why anyone would dream of doing 25,000 words on a BB. I like my 9700 keyboard - but not nearly that much. I'm sure there are circumstances or reasons but man - even a netbook would have been glorious compared to that. Surely RIM is presenting you with some sort of award - you deserve it!

With respect to your rant (which was a great read by the way - love the passion) I hear where your coming from. I too felt the same for a very long time. My issue with BB isn't so much the lack of the bells and whistles (apps, real camera,more internal memory or ability to store apps on SD Card) but the lack of a reliable OS.

I have constant issues with my phone. Certain productivity apps not working or constantly getting error messages. I also have constant issues (which I think I finally sorted out after hours in the forums) with Gmail and Google Sync.

I also get headset issues. Nothing with the headset itself but the phone will randomly think I plugged one in - this doesn't go over well with clients, who I hang up on, half way through a call.

I think the BB Platform is okay as long as you don't do much with them. This is in complete contrast to the App Store that is right on your phone of course. BB also works best when your mail is received from an exchange server rather than via pop3. I don't mean better in terms of features I mean better in that it is actually reliable.

One thing you mention is about all the people that want their phones to do everything. You say that if you want those things then go get that device. I hear you on that. Especially if you want to do something really well. With that said I hate carrying around all these stupid devices with me. If my Phone could take decent pics, shoot decent video, play some basic games etc etc - I'm good with that. I look for that and most people expect that. Hardcore users like ourselves will come around eventually to the concept (yourself excluded perhaps).

My wife owns a 3GS. Her keyboard is pretty good shockingly and some of the productivity apps are amazing. Many of them are available on the BB as well but the BB version is just so bad it isn't useable: Salesforce, Requall, Evernote, Highrise Mobile to name a few apps that are stunning on the iPhone and complete crap on the BB. The Highrise App is okay but it is free on the iPhone.

I don't like RIM's direction either. Even the way they stupidly name phones (Bold/Tour, Kepler/Aries II) is incredibly stupid and confusing. You point out that RIM is doing great in the emerging markets, and you are of course right - how exactly does that help us? They have so many models with so many resolutions and chip sets with so many slightly different versions of operating systems (fault of the carriers to a large extent I realize) it is all just a mess. Meanwhile we are waiting with baited breath for the mythical OS 6.0 and webkit browser (you probably don't care about the browser).

I feel like it is too little way too late. The only thing that is stopping me is my carrier doesn't carry an Android phone I like and if I grab an iPhone now it will be replaced almost immediately by the new OS 4 packing model to be released this summer. The fact that I am even considering an Apple product (I am not a fan of their cult) says just how frustrated I am with RIM as a whole.

My deadline for RIM is the event at the end of the month. If I am not truly blown away I am off to another company. Who knows maybe I'll even consider being a Windows 7 Series Phone beta tester.

Anyway just an alternate point of view. Great post on your part and a sincere congratulation on your thesis - that is a truly great accomplishment. I think if I completed a thesis on any phone I would probably feel strongly about that brand as well.



I also respected the rant the person above me did.....but when u say that your looking at other platforms, this is why I said in my original post that BB pretty much has to adapt. To carry around 5 different devices when its been proven that a smartphone can have all these features in 1 is ridiculous. I'm not saying the BB platorm needs to have the greatest video recording capabilities, camera, games, and whatever else.....all I was saying was that there is a hell of a lot of improvement that could be made. When/if u go to an iphone like u stated, I guarantee you're gonna enjoy the video recording it can do, the high res screen it has, and the games it can play yet our so called "highest end BB" doesn't even have Open GL support. That's a joke. But u know RIM, the Bold2 will have Open GL, support the wifi n routers, and they'll try to sell pretty much them 2 new features to u for another $199. RIM needs to recognize that people only have so much loyalty before before they realize that they can get more bang for their buck elsewhere and like u, if RIM doesn't impress me with WES coming up, or the Storm3......I'm gone

It appears that we a very different types of consumers.

I have never seen a phone that could shoot video that was worth ****. Doesn't matter how good the camera is in theory, you can't shoot anything other than 'LOL night out' clips on it, and I will never see why its so important to put that in HD. People use it because it is there, thats all.

Same for games. Some are better than others for sure, but they are just time wasters. When I commute, I read or surf or work, and its fine to me to waste time playing ATD and brickbreaker for 10 mins. The whole openGL thing is seriously over-rated to me.

The only reason companies started adding these extra features was so that they could say that they did, and get a momentary sales boost. Remember when they put copy and paste on the iPhone and it was blasted across they're adverts like they'd just invented it ?. Its just hype.

Now yes, you can enjoy the nebulous features that they cram into stuff, but how often do you REALLY use the video camera ? And how many of those videos are actually worth watching ? Could you do anything with them except facebook ?

That why I don't really understand why people are constantly talking about jumping to iPhone or droid or whatever. Because you aren't getting a better thing, just a few flourishes. Its like getting a new car because it has a spoiler and comes in 'speed red' with a go faster stripe.

Now, to most of you in america, most smartphones are quite close in cost, but outside of the states, the 'feature packed' phones you are talking about are hugely more expensive. The iPhone package that is equivalent to my berry's one (18 months, 600mins, unlimited text and data) costs a ten pounds more a month, and 180 down at the start against my free bold. So 360 pounds more... thats a LOT.

You can't even get most of the flashier droid phones without paying even more.

So when I look at features, I think of if they are worth that kind of money, which btw is enough to buy any of the other devices that I might need, and thats why I talk about buying the other devices if i want them.

What I got is that you'd rather save your money and purchase just a simple blackberry and use the money u saved to buy other gadgets. If that's the case then that's fine :), to each his own, but I can't carry around all that. I used to have a curve 8300 and a ipod touch. Its was cool back then but after my ipod got stolen, and I upgraded to a curve 8900, the multimedia got much better (though still FAR from perfect) thus eliminating the need to buy another ipod touch and carry two devices. Why can't this apply to more features? Video recording on any BB is downright awful currently but if u look at some of the higher end android phones, even some of them have 720p video recording. Even the iphone has been said to have nice video recording capabilities. I'm not saying these features need to be perfect, but if RIM's goal is to continue into the consumer market, and all their competitors are adding all these extra capabilities into one device......then tell me how can RIM not start adding these features to our smartphones sooner or later. Plain and simple, I want my phone to do more for me. Security and push tech is only gonna take RIM so far. I personally think a lot of current RIM customers are very tempted buy the nice features of these other platforms.

Just get an iphone or whatever all in one device it is that you desire? What a lot of people are missing is that some of us still enjoy a device that performs business/utility functions above the grade while --- above all else. Sure - iphones and whatnot can do triple somersault backflips. But how good of a phone is it? How good is the email? How fast can you type on it? Can you actually type on it without looking at it? How efficient is the navigation? I'm a gamer - I'd can't stand gaming on a PSP even. If I was a true photographer I'd be appalled at the idea of giving up my SLR (or whatever) for a blackberry.

This whole "make my device like the other devices" culture is out of control. All it does is make every company sink toward the middle, and no companies actually focus on doing what they do best. Apple mobile devices are great for entertainment. Blackberries are great for business. If an iphone sends email - ok cool - if a blackberry plays a video - ok cool. If you want the best of all worlds in one device then you should perform a sincere reality check on how the world actually works. No offense.

And - to the people complaining about errors and whatnot - I feel you. Since my first bb (8700 - I'm young in the bb game by comparison to many here) I've contended that bb's are not plug n play friendly. Personally I prefer it that way. I prefer to be able to configure and manipulate my device to perform as I see fit. But I also understand the avg consumer's frustration when they purchase a device that they have to tinker with a bit before it magically works exactly as they wanted. PC games vs Console - same story. Different products. If you want your magical all in one HD video recording, NatGeo front page picture snapping, thesis writing, photoshop editing, xbox360 level gaming, blah blah blah device -- then go find that and get it. Otherwise hit the escape button on your silly complaint post and realize that you sound like a whining girlfriend that still sleeps in the same bed every night when clearly there are there are other options that she isn't embracing.

I use to agree with pretty much everything you have to say here, however, Blackberry USE to be "cool and groovy". RIM has fallen behind times.
I use to be a Blackberry fan boy, I was all about em but then I had to do some testing on Apple and Droid for the corporate environment. Aside from battery life, Blackberry doesn't have any advantages what so ever over iPhone, Droid and even a Palm device or two. No you don't need a high res camera, or high def video, but when you can have all features of a Blackberry AND a high res camera or high def video, thats a plus. People use their devices for pleasure AS WELL AS business. I hate what blackberry has become. I am currently testing windows mobile and droid for our environment, (which is solely Blackberry), and within a year will have the BES removed.

This statement is just my opinion.

Oh yeah, writing your entire master thesis on your throwin a flag on that one. iPhone is much easier to type on than Blackberry (in my opinion), and to type twenty five thousand words on ANY smartphone is ridiculous. So I call BS on that sir, and I think you know as well that your are not being entirely honest there. Maybe you wrote some on your BB, but I doubt even 25%. IF, by some crazy, out of this world reason you did type your entire thesis on your Blackberry, how did the formatting look and what did you use to write it, edit, show changes made, draft? Just get a laptop, it would have been faster.

So why sit here and complain?? GO. GET. ONE.

On a side note - why is it bs that someone typed 25k words on a blackberry? I think it's bs that u truly believe it's easier to type on a piece of smooth plastic than a real keyboard - but like yours - that's my opinion.

Typing 25k words on a phone designed to handle similar functions doesn't seem so odd. Demanding the ability to shoot HD video on a device that doesn't (and shouldn't) have a pod mount (therefore rendering the operator unable to shoot a shot without it looking like---theyre holding a cellphone) - is silliness defined, however. What are you going to do? Disable your radio and shoot video? Next we'll hear complaints about how there's no video editing capabilities in line with final cut pro

that's an 8900. when the 8900 was first rumored, it was also thought to be a 9300..  originally rumored as gemini, but then the 8900 was javelin and 8520 was gemini with aries being the 8530. 

I think they are going to slow. Its like they release a device every 6 months. Have u checked the rumored devices in the forums. Its been pretty much bone dry until recently. 2 devices (9100, 9650) we pretty much know all there is to know and we've known about them for 4 to 6 months. This leaves only the BB slider and since we know that's going to have OS 6.0, that pretty much says it won't be out for many more months. Come on with the heat RIM!

Instead of making all these phones how about updating the web browser and adding more cool apps. I want to auto tune too

Yay another round of people saying 320x240 device = fail, even when the article itself states it obviously isn't marketing to those people and is going to sell like crazy...

It's like commenting on an article without understanding or half reading the article is the thing to do...

dohhhhh... brain fart. was typing fast. not sure why i tossed in the extra p. fixed.  kepler. KEPLER. kepler.  kepler kepler kepler.  got it. i think it just looks funny maybe with the one p, hence the second, but kepler it is. :)

Well clearly, none of the future curves so far, will continue to have a better screen res like the 8900 or have any major updates like the bold did :/

This is sad, and slightly pathetic on rims part. They really do need to get their act together this year, or I really don't see them surviving too long, with all the other competitors out there.

3G curve? I'm pretty sure that is what it will be. Logically that's the next smartest move. I have a Bold, but hopefully RIM at least gives the curve users a flash with this one.

Come on people. The Curve 8520 is one of the best selling BlackBerry phones out there and was the first model to have the cajones to have the optical mouse placed on it. It is a groundbreaking model to say the very least.

I mean damn - it has a ton of features and when I compare it to my wife's 8900 I really don't see a ton of differences between the two. OK, so one is 3G and one isn't. Big deal. I really can't tell the difference to be honest. I have OS 5.0, the free WiFi and have great reception.

The MP3 player control placement at the top are fantastic and once I put a black "barely there" casemate case on it, the fingerprints on the device aren't really a problem anymore.

The phone rocks. But I will tell you - I'd be lying if I said that the Windows 7 Phone wasn't tempting me. C'mon RIM - let's see OS 6 or another BB device out that doesn't look like the rest of the BB model line (and no - not necessarily the "slider" we've all heard so much about).

there is no need for a 9300.. like HONESLTY PPL

you have 8520 for the poor ppl, u have 8900 for the blah ppl and u have the 9700 for the high end .. there is no space/need for another device..

start working on the OS and not the same formfactor +1 new feature.. its stupid and a wast of time

3 levels of BB is enough - dont need a 4th

yeah, if the 8520 is for poor people, 8900 is for "blah" people & the super duper 9700 is for, (cough cough) "high end" people who's the storm for? gee, i sure do hope there's not any "poor people" walking around with a 9700 cause someone will need to take them away! no your roll people, blackberries are for important people ONLY especially the high end 9700. (sigh...) as for this phone, are my dreams gonna come true? yet another phone that looks JUST like the 9700, 9650 & 8520?!?!? leave it alone RIM you already got the hat trick & that's a hard thing to do even for the best hockey player. but you guys seem to wanna show off now, "hey guys, look at all the phones we make that look exactly alike & really do the same exact thing!" high fives all around RIM. come on down to chicago & we'll go celebrate & i'll buy a round of drinks. (claps) epic fail....

The 8520 does not have 3G and has a few less features than the 8900.. Including a horrible 2mp cam with no flash, and a low end screen resolution.

Just pointing it out...

But it has a trackpad so you have less problems. Sprint & verizon have the 8530? Is that the right number? Oh, who cares. Anyway, both cdma companies in the states have the tour & everyone & their mothers, neighbors, cousins best friends spouse & boss's know the issues the track ball have. Each phone has specific specs for a reason. Let's all look back at the 9000, and then the 8900. The 8900 is smaller with a different keyboard on gsm service. Then there's the 9630 for cdma which was pretty much the same as the 8900/9000 minus the keypad. Now let's get into the 9700 and the 9650. The 9650 is pretty much the 9700 only for cdma/world phone.the storm 1 was a fail & the storm 2 is also something I wouldn't touch with my neighbors dick. I wouldn't dare to be realistic in putting myself on a high horse cause I use a blackberry. Its stupid to say the 8520/8530 is for "poor people" especially since you can get the 9700 for free through a 3rd party. Its a stupid phone, it doesn't define you in a social setting. Especially since "statistics" show more blackberry users would be willing to ditch their BB's for an android or iphone. How's that high horse feeling now? A little rough on the balls?

I also respected the rant the person above me did.....but when u say that your looking at other platforms, this is why I said in my original post that BB pretty much has to adapt. To carry around 5 different devices when its been proven that a smartphone can have all these features in 1 is ridiculous. I'm not saying the BB platorm needs to have the greatest video recording capabilities, camera, games, and whatever else.....all I was saying was that there is a hell of a lot of improvement that could be made on . When/if u go to an iphone like u stated, I guarantee you're gonna enjoy the video recording it can do, the high res screen it has, and the games it can play yet our so called "highest end BB" doesn't even have Open GL support. That's a joke. But u know RIM, the Bold2 will have Open GL, support the wifi n routers, and they'll try to sell pretty much them 2 new features to u for another $199. RIM needs to recognize that people only have so much loyalty before before they realize that they can get more bang for their buck elsewhere and like u, if RIM doesn't impress me with WES coming up, or the Storm3......I'm gone!!!

BB8900, trackball problem.....
BB9700, trackpad alignment issue.....
BB OS, looks and feels same on all, still hugh app/game incompatibility.
Build, plastic and imitated leather.

I am not expecting another iPhone like device....
But there's a lot of room of enhancement in current BB world.

Better web browser,
Good/solid build quality.
Powerful and snappy (with stability) OS.
Easy API for developers (iPhone is damn easy and fun to program).

If RIM provides any one of them, they will save lot of customer.

Wow, the ranting and negativity is overwhelming again. Can't people who have nothing useful to say be quiet? If RIM cared what you thought (or thought it would make then more money, they are a for profit company) then they would hire you!

A 9300 makes prefect sense, successor to the Curve line, gives it 3G and likely some other upgrades and I am guessing won't be out until the end of the year or better. This will be a great selling phone for RIM for entry-level and for business people getting a low cost phone.

For people whining that RIM should concentrate on the OS and not the hardware.....have you seen the advancement rate of hardware and the level of processing power/memory it takes to run the "cool" phones that 1/2 the people here say they are going to? In order to advance the OS, the hardware also needs to advance with more processing power, RAM, etc.

Just trying to figure out when the CB crowd got so negative....

RIM doesn't listen to the consumer/user, and thats why people are becoming negative. The people working for RIM do not matter when it comes to advancing the devices and technology, its the end user. 3g and wifi is no longer and great selling point, as it is expected.
As for the "low-cost" phrase being passed around, this phone will not be much if any cheaper than all other devices. It will be 0-$50 on a new contract and exponentially more if paying retail.

Yes, it takes more processor, memory and battery power for "the other guys" and their cool factor, however, they have the processor and memory power built in. None of them are worrying about which app they are going to delete to install the new one. The battery may or may not be worse than the Blackberry (depending on user), with the exception of the iPhone, which has horrible battery life. My droid lasts as long as my tour does, and my windows mobile phone lasts almost as long. Either way, as long as it lasts a day, most people are happy with that.

The CB crowd, (not speaking for everyone), started getting negative when it became obvious that RIM doesn't care what the consumer/user has to say about the devices. they no longer care about function, its form factor and device size that is most important to them.

(just my 2 cents)

I was looking for the phone that would combine the Curve's ease of use with coolness. I think it needs a great display and great features.

yea. why?
I'm getting sick of this... its slow, You try to read, you can't because the screen is too small, I'm serioulsy thinking about getting the next gen iPhone when it comes out... not that I'll ditch my BB Curve 8900. it'll be my backup, like a booty call. I'm just saying...

The majority of bb audience now (Post launch of Pearl and then Curve) just want to bbm, lets be real. The rest just want to be seen with a berry because everyone has one now.

I just think RIM doesn't really know how to pop the collar and loosen a couple of the buttons. They are probably afraid of losing the business folks. I think they would have to split and have a "fun" OS and the business OS to keep the "bread and butter" business folks, but bring in the consumer (fun) folks. Irony is many business folks opted for the Storm when given the option (at least where I work). Hopefully they get it right before doing a Palm (doh!)

I am happy with my curve. I understand that some people want games and video. Bt look at what the other smartphones give up to have these enhanced features. My wife had the my touch and the battery life sucked. I had a G1 and the battery life sucked. What good is it to have all this digitally enhanced features if you can't use them because the phone is dead. My blackberry has excellent battery life and guess what I have 4 full lenght movies that I can watch on my phone for "entertainment purposes." Brick breaker and word mole keeps me occupied enough also. But I can do spreadsheets and even watch powerpoint on my phone. Why? Because its a business phone. I bet if you tried to do those things on those other phones yo wouldn't be able to talk on them because the battery would be juiced!!

I have a 8320 and was thrilled with it at first but now I have to confess it's rather boring. It looks like a shoe and has a little screen. The GUI is bad and you can't really play video on it unless you run it through some kind of video translator first.

Yes, I can get my e-mails and get on the internet. I don't have to worry myself sick if I drop the phone (did I crack the screeeeen) or have to suck up to a bunch of "geniuses" (oh, jebus...who thought of that?) and I can play most of my iTunes (not all) and get that on again off again Pandora radio. And my carrier supports it which means I don't have to dance around spastically about firmware and other esoteric considerations.

But the apps are expensive and they are dull. You have to jump through hoops to find one and get one. Will the one I want work on my BB? Phfffft.

Yes, I am a business person but I'm not dead, I like a bit of fun once in a while on my smartphone. Sometimes I think that having a Blackberry is like being married to a very nice but very ugly man. You appreciate his good points and are grateful for all the good things he does but every once in a while you fantasize.

I would love to see a device come out by RIM..OS 6.0, 3.2 mp, higher resolution then the 85xx series, WiFi, better processor than the Bold(9000), track-pad, and true 3G..I think its a great phone..I know the 85xx was not needed at ALL because its another Curve on the low-end..the design of it did not match the NEW LOOK of the newer Blackberrys like the Bold2(9700), Storm2(9550) and the up and coming Pearl2(9100) has no chrome what so ever so that's what I don't like about it..I have a 8520 and I love it but I can wait till the 9300 comes out so I can replace

If people don't buy the models rim will stop making them. I like my tour and was content with the 8830WE I had prior to it. I don't plan on buying the 9650 as it will be the same technically as my tour. I'm cool with the track ball and prefer it to the track pad and keep the wifi since sprint doesn't have uma calling.


Why sit here and complain? GO. GET. ONE.

On a side note - why is that someone bs 25k words written on a BlackBerry? I think it is bs that u really think that it is easier to type on a sheet of plastic than a real keyboard - but as Sell - is my opinion.

Write 25k words in a phone designed to handle similar functions, does not seem so strange. Calls on the ability to record HD video on a device that does (and should not have) a sheath assembly (thus making the operator can not fire a shot without --- as theyre holding a cell phone) - no sense, however defined. What will you do? Turn off the radio and record videos? Then we will hear any complaints online how video editing capabilities of Final Cut Pro