BlackBerry Curve 9220 Unboxing Video

By James Richardson on 16 Jul 2012 12:07 pm EDT

The BlackBerry Curve 9220 is probably overshadowed by nearly every other BlackBerry smartphone on the market. Its brother the 9320 is the 3G variant but the poor old 9220 gets left with 2G. However, the Curve 9220 may well be one of RIM's best selling smartphones. The device was initially launched in India back in April and just a week or so after it was released to the Indonesian market. Both of these launches were hugely popular and there weren't enough phones to meet demand if my memory serves me right. A few other countries have now been added to the list where you can pick up a BlackBerry Curve 9220 and I am sure that the roll out will continue for some time.

This just goes to show that there is a market for a 2G BlackBerry. We won't see the 9220 for sale here in the UK or in North America but in certain markets they are selling like hot cakes.

This new ‘king' budget BlackBerry smartphone is a huge leap forward in terms of progression from its predecessor, the 8520. The BlackBerry Curve 9220 runs BlackBerry 7.1, the latest version of RIM's operating system, so gone are the days of the Curve freezing and lagging. With 512 ROM and 512 RAM under the hood things really are so much smoother. Combined with a nice big battery (1450 mAh), FM radio and a dedicated BBM key the 9220 is looking good. 

We will have a full review of the BlackBerry Curve 9220 coming soon so if you think this may well be your next smartphone keep your eyes peeled.

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BlackBerry Curve 9220 Unboxing Video


I could see this doing well in South America where the giant Telco's like Telemex are still using CDMA and GSM type devices and I don't think they have 3G technology, not that I recall seeing in 2009 when I was in Colombia for two and half months.

i like it and it looks decent and i understand its purpose in the developing markets.


the rest of the world is watching RIM and this is the only new product they are delivering in 2012! well this and the PB 1.5 with faux-gee.

i dont recall another year like this in the history of the company that had a slow release year like this.

what else do we have to look fwd to this year? another 7.1 patch? makes me sad.

There was a long dry spell between the last OS6 device and the new OS7 devices as well...

I too understand its purpose... and I understand why RIM is going to continue to market OS7 devices in these markets. But I really believe that RIM would be better off re-branding it's self for these markets (or in the markets where it will be pushing BB10).

yes indeed. maybe its the repackaging of this device which took precious manpower time that explains BB10 delays....

far fetched, i know, but gosh enough of low-end devices that cover the super low end...


From the unboxing video, James seems need to be some where else in a hurry :) He did the unboxing video very quick.
Anyway, the 9220 and 9320 look like very popular here in Indonesia, because the they have run out of stock for the 9320 one the last time i check. Hope the selling of the Curve Family of BB is helping RIM to get on their feet to carry on until the BB10's release.
#BeBold #TeamBlackBerry #BB10

With all due respect, your "straight to the point" video was just rushed and lame. You didn't even give the phone a chance to boot up so we could see like 30 seconds of action. Is it fluid like the other OS7 curves? How long does it take to boot up? I guess we'll never know...

Thanks for your comment. The phone in action will be covered within the review. Today's video was aimed at people who may purchase the device, to show them what is included in the box and a quick look around the hardware.



I thought James was kind of slow actually with his unboxing video. Especially when he holds a piece of square paper flipping it back and forth...
Well, my comment just proved that James can't win them all.
Thanks for the video.

Right. How come these phones get a battery befitting a blackberry, whereas the flagship 9900/9930 plus mid-range models ended up with a paltry 1230mAh battery that won't even last a day? How is it that Motorola can shove a 3300mAh battery for a *droid*, keep it slimmer than any BB and make the thing last 20hrs hard use and RIM can't get more than 1230 to fit in a BB??

Slimness, you say? I don't buy that argument... more like cross-hardware least-costly design "feature". (look at how many units make use of the same JM-1 battery).

Rant over.

People, myself included, tend to quickly forget that a mobile was meant to be a phone first and foremost so kudos to RIM for making 2G models, particularly for markets where 3G (nevermind 4G/LTE) service is prohibitively expensive and/or simply non-existent.

I wouldn't mind either this or the 9320 as a backup phone for times when I travel and just want regular phone service using superior hardware. .... or as a backup to the 9900 which conks out after 10 hrs with minimum use :(

My thoughts exactly, it's very silly that the 9900 which is more of a workhorse has a smaller battery. RIM really screwed up that one.

My Personal Opinion: Not one company has been success at seeding the smaller markets where the curve is king. That goes for apple, Google, WP7.

This is great that RIM is still pushing forward in emerging markets like India and Indonesia. It certainly will not only help them with the bottom line, but will also help provide a strong base of BB consumers when it's time for these emerging markets to move up to 3G and 4G/LTE. The whole world doesn't need BB10 yet. There's a reason why they're called developing countries.

What was with the camera work? It was moving in and out a lot...almost got motion sickness from watching :)

I dont know about you folks, but I like the old intro much better than the RIMPIRE Strikes Back....

Maybe mix it up a bit...?

just had to swap back to my iphone after a few days with my 9930. the battery life is so horrendus on the bold it defeats the purpose of carrying it. not to mention that when i do carry it, all i use it for is sms (since thats all it can really do other than fb/twitter) and end up carrying my iphone in the other pocket on wifi to do literally EVERYTHING else.

it blows me away that RIM can slap its "business user community" in the face with such a paltry battery in its flagship DOA phone in the US market, while it releases yet another underpowered curve with a huge battery but stocks it with a 2G radio.

why does my bold not have a big batttery again? whats new about this curve besides a bbm key? and os7? o yeah the main diff is it has no theme builder support like EVERY OTHER PAST BB.

...I don't think you completely understand what market the Curve is for. This is a fundamental problem with those out there going on about how much better the 'other guys' are...and I don't know why you are having a battery issue...perhaps an app that is constantly using WiFi or the network... that's the problem I had with my 9860 using an odd amount of the battery...dumped the app (replaced it with another developers version) and I get 12-16 hours out of my 9860...and I believe it has about the same hardware as you Bold. Now to your comment that you Bold can't do anything...I suggest that you (and really anyone else with a similar 'beef') really look at the phone...My 9860 easily keeps pace with my sister in laws HTC One, and my wifes iPhone 4...(aside from apps that don't really accomplish much). The real difference (and this is where my BB walks away from the others mentioned) is communication...neither the iOS or Android offering can even compare. For example the big Friday the 13 motorcycle rally in Pt Dover on the weekend, my BB was used by several friends to make and receive calls as theirs just weren't working in the heavy cell traffic. I had no issues with getting out FB posts, Twitter updates, calls, texts, emails etc. etc....and even uploaded some very nice looking HD videos and pics...So to say that your iPhone 'does everything else' I think you better look again...

BlackBerry Torch 9860
BlackBerry PlayBook O/S 2.xx.xxxx

How is it that my Bold 9900 with outlast my wife's Iphone 4 every single day, and yet, in this forum I constantly hear people complaining about battery life?????
I am a heavy email/phone/BBM/wi-fi user, yet still have usuall 50% batery life by 11:00pm(6:00am start time).
Why would I want to cary around a bigger and heavier battery? I'm going to charge it every night anyway!

Anyway, this is about the Curve. This isn't a US release, or any of North America for that fact, it is for developing markets!

+1. Both you and HabsFan had good retorts to DarshOne. I too have had apps that have totally drained my battery in the past, and after removal I would get a full day's use out of my Torch9800. The guy probably leaves all his apps running anyway. Just saying.

It's kind of sad that this is all Crackberry can show as "new" for the next 6+ months. And I also get the device's purpose, but agree that it looks very bad for RIM. The company is desperately trying to pitch itself as a "leading innovator" and still releases a 2G dog after delaying BB10 (again). If these are low, emerging markets, why not just flood them with 8520 devices for now. It'd be cheaper for RIM and serve the same basic purpose for these markets. If all they're doing is sending emails and bbm's, why do they need OS7? It's not like they're going to be blazing with the browser on 2G. Doesn't look good at all, unfortunately.

..that may be your point of view, but lets stop and think about it for a moment... yes RIM doesn't have much on the go at the moment (from a consumers standpoint) but you have to take in consideration they are in the final stages of a complete platform (not just OS) overhaul...that's a pretty big deal. No one else (Apple, Android) is doing anything near to this scale. Apple is just repackaging their OS, Androind is doing much of the same. WP8 is building new, but not in the same scope as RIM. So with all things considered I think that updating some devices for markets that won't be able to utilize BB7 (nevermind BB10) is completely understandable. I mean they could let them keep on using the old 8520 on OS5/4.5... It also shows that they are still keeping in mind their some of their key markets by giving them some new fresh hardware with the latest software...maybe after getting a taste of OS7, they might want others may want to upgrade the hardware stepping up to a 9900/9860 and get the full experience. It keeps them with BB, and may even help move out some surplus harware...

BlackBerry Torch 9860
BlackBerry PlayBook O/S 2.xx.xxxx

If these are only 2G markets, they can't really "upgrade" to anything else. If 3G is at least available on a limited basis, RIM should've stuck with the 9320 and never produced the 9220. Why make a 2G only device in 2012? Does the 9320 really cost that much more? And it would be much more "future proof". Two low end phones, with 2G/3G being the only differentiator, is foolish in my humble opinion.

...sure they can upgrade, that's like saying that because you are only on dial up you only need a 486 PC...and with BB data compression 2G & 3G isn't all that bad when you have more horsepower...that being said, the 2G only 9220 probably has a market with people who don't require the net for much, if at all...they are just texters/e-mailers/BBMers who want a stellar keyboard in which to type with...

BlackBerry Torch 9860
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Exactly, and the 8520 fits that bill! And it would've saved RIM a lot of money not having to develop yet another new low end device. Texters/e-mailers/BBMers can have the exact same keyboard and BB experience on the already produced 8520. And the millions of dollars needed to develop the 9220 would be funneled back to BB10 and the greater cause.

Let me try to explain myself with my very very horrible eglish. Hope you get the point and forgive my mistakes in language! I live in Argentina, where the 8520 it's probably th king of the smartphones. Thats mainly due to two facts. The Iphone hasn't hit the market because custom's bann that also Balckberry suffered 1 year ago. That make the price of the iphone ridicusly high (among $1000U$S unlocked) And the only droids we see over here are mostly 2.2 o 2.3 at least... The newer ones like Samsung GS3 are very very expensive....

In Argentina the 3G its becoming popular in the principal cities but it's not precisably affordable or masive.

I actually own a 8520 and I can say that it's a grat phone that really help me gettin my things done, but I must accept that this phone it's only selling cause it's cheap, and still the BBM it's very popular and fashion. But if we talk about the specs like camera, web browser, processor and mainly the quality construction its well behind the others.

I think that until BB10 it's ready and available here (among q3 or q4 2013) Blackberry needs to keep the consumer base growing, and I think that the combo 9220/9320 it's precisly intended to. They will loose the market if don't relase a newer version of this old OS5 phone. This entry level revision with OS7 will help making the consumer base tidy until new OS and phones are avalable. Over here and today the greater part of the market can't afford a BB10... Even we cant afford a Bold 9900. So the entry levels are always going to be a great sellers. The better they are, the better for Blackberry.

Remember. Where are developing markets. Not stupid markets. Everybody has internet and can see what it's modern or not.

...well the above post was more or less my point.. the 8520 does a fine job of the basics, but it's getting old and will only update to OS5 the basis of the 9220 is to keep the same basics, but on some better and up to date hardware. Just because the area it is intended for is 2G only, doesn't mean the users should be stuck with 3 year old hardware/software...

BlackBerry Torch 9860
BlackBerry PlayBook O/S 2.xx.xxxx

July 16, 2012 and RIM announces a 2G phone. Just sad. They are so far beyond the curve (no pun intended) that BB10 must be miraculous to save them. It cannot just be better than ios and Android it must be leaps and bounds above to win back market share. Good luck.

Well all I have to say is.... If you people have nothing useful or constructive to say can you please not bother posting at all? I am getting so sick and tired of anti-rim morons on here these days.

Clearly this device is not aimed developed markets....

Do the world a favour morons, don't breed any offspring....

just because some people dont agree doesnt make them anti-RIM. I love my 9900 and I want RIM to succeed. But it just seems pointless right now to put out these phones and a Playbook 4G when there is such a HUGE delay in BB10. People arent gonna wait around forever.

You still don't get it, huh. This phone is not meant for all first world users. It's primarily for developing countries. You and some of the other negative nancies need to get out of that microcosm that makes you think you're the only persons phones should be developed for.

I really don't get what is so hard to understand.....This device is not meant for the US market. The only reason you are even hearing about is because you are on a BlackBerry fansite. BlackBerry is doing well in smaller markets. They wanted to put out a device that could be affordable for countries that have minimal to no access to 3G. They are selling tons and tons of these and will certainly generate a decent profit. What is bad about that?? It's not like these projects are taking them away from BB10...and can you please tell me how 2 months is a huge delay for BB10?

I thought the video Was great,shame it won't be released over here. Not every one can afford the latest and greatest,this would be ideal for people on a tight budget as long as the handset price was low enough,my teenage kids would be happy with this as long as the bbm was functional as that is all they need or indeed want most of the time. Keep em coming james.

Kind of a ridiculous statement, you can pick up much more functional Blackberries for the same price or even less. For example, if your kids only need bbm for the most part, the older 8530 would serve them much better. You can probably find it cheaper new and it's a 3G phone.

you obviously dont have kids. the 9220 looks like the 9320 so who is to know which it is.the 8530 looks old and outdated much like you i suspect?

They're actually cosmetically different. Why not get a 9320 then. Still very cheap and 3G. Anyway, wasn't trying to start an argument. Just think it's a bit of a waste getting a 2G phone when other, better options are available for similar prices. And no, I don't have kids yet, because I'm young and still under warranty.

I wish they were sold here for like $50 outright price. I'd pick one up for my mom in a heart beat.


If you don't understand the point of who the phone being released to/for I'll gladly explain it to your little brain. It's really a shame that some of you just don't take the time to comprehend a full blog post and then make assumptions from an image or video.

Lol. Frustration is more like it. Let me paraphrase: "Look. Unboxing a new phone. Oh. It's an old phone and nothing that compares to GalaxyS3 or iOS5/6. Let me tell people how RIM screwed up again". :D

Haha I agree. My gripe is that something already produced (8520, 9330) could have filled this gap instead, saving RIM millions of dollars in R&D. I'm sure there's plenty of older curve stock they could've shifted to these markets. However, I guess this was a decision made well before the new management, etc. changes that are happening at RIM. And the mainstream media will look at this "new" phone and unfortunately throw it out of context and have a field day.

I agree with you. I guess one big deal is that this phone gives the user the ability to listen to the radio. Oh well. I'll keep dreaming about BB10's new and distinguishing ability to clean my house.

What a bunch of self-centre douche bags. Not everyone in your universe own the latest devices with all the bells and whistles. Both India and Indonesia are highly populated nation with much lower income by comparison to north America and Europe. There is need for an affordable device for many of this population. No one is asking you to downgrade your device. Heck! No one is asking you to buy blackberry either. Go get your iphone or Samsung galaxy and stop whining. Seriously, all these whining is making me lactating. Need to freaking shove a teat in your mouth just to shut you guys up!!

lmao ... And I thought I was being harsh on the whiners. Your post just blew mine out of the water. lol. Awesome.

I belongs to several different blogs, never have I come across so many cry babies!! Seriously what is the average age of the members here? How the heck does Kevin put up with it?

It appears many readers need to revisit the definition of "emerging" and "established" markets. And between "United States" and "rest of world" as they are both not the same. I'm glad RIM has it going in new cheaper markets across the globe as it will help it and BB10 become widely covered and recognized as a global brand (see Inteview with CMO). This phone has quality and will sell in quantity giving RIM a large boost in capital to plug into BB10 and future developments. Nice video and to the point. If you're not interested or in a 2G market, move along.