BlackBerry Curve 9220 Specifications

BlackBerry Curve 9220
By Adam Zeis on 26 Jan 2012 11:50 am EST

The BlackBerry Curve 9220 is a new device that is said to be coming out mid-2012. It will remain a part of the Curve line and geared toward new users and those who don't need the fancy Bold 9900/9930 hardware. The Curve 9220 sports a 2.0MP camera, 512MB RAM, FM radio and more. Look for more on this soon ...

BlackBerry Curve 9220 Specifications

Dimension 109 x 60 x 12.7mm
Radio Quad Band GSM/GPRS/EDGE (850/900/1800/1900)
2.44" diagonal - qVGA+ 320x240 resolution; 164dpi
2.0MP FF; Video recording; 5x digital zoom; Fixed focus
Physical keyboard; Optical trackpad; Physical Send/Menu/Back/End keys
512MB eMMc; 512MB RAM; Hot Swap Micro SD slot; up to 32GB uSD card
2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth; FM radio
Digital Compass (Magnetometer); Accelerometer; Proximity Sensors

Source: BGR

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BlackBerry Curve 9220 Specifications


I agree. WHY is this phone even being born? Makes no sense to me, esp. since the 9360 is a great Curve, and you can get it for free on 3-yr contract w/Bell, Rogers, etc.

No wonder RIM is falling behind. 320x240 res still? are you kidding me.

RIM just keep releasing the same crap year after year. Nothing new here.

What truly amazed me is how on Earth did RIM manage to find someone to mass produce 2MP cameras. The components of this phone are so archaic and out of use that I don't think there are ways to buy them in large quantities...Did RIM make this phone out of the old phones they didn't sell or refurbished components..

This is meant as a low end/low cost device geared towards emerging markets. It is not intended to compete against the current crop of Smartphones in the US.

Doubt it'll be 320x240. BGR might be up to their bullshit rumors again. It's going to be very likely 480x360 and have a 1 GHZ cpu, or 800 MHz.

It could very well be 320x240, this model is going to be competing with feature phones in the countries that will be selling a 2G device, so cutting costs wherever possible will be important.

As far as the cpu, it is running os7, so it will probably be the same 800MHz as the other curves to give them greater economies of scale and reduce development time too.

If RIM would release this under $150 grand the specs would be acceptable. I really wish RIM would release a cheap Smartphone that would cater more people who wish to have a BB device but can't afford to spend $200+ on mobile device.

Seriously? $150 is not even acceptable this should be between $49.99 and $99.99 or basically free on a one year contract. Although its a smart move to target emerging markets, lack of autofocus really tarnishes the whole deal. Honestly the camera on my 9900 is completely useless, every picture is totally out of focus.

This phone will never be seen on a contract in NA at all, both models clearly have their sights on developing markets and the payg market in places like europe where carriers still offer 8520 and 9300.

Will be used mostly by businesses that give their field staff BB's, and don't need a wow factor, just the useability of a BB. I'm sure I'll see this unit crossing my desk for field deployment come summers end.
I'm still jealous that it has FM but my PlayBook and 9900 don't. Very NOT cool!!

Wow! That´s sad it´s even bad for a low end product.
RIM wants to be under the Top 3 in mobile communication.
No low-cost product should be like that!

At least(!!!!!) it should be like the 9780 with a 800MHz.
Nothing less!

We are in 2012!!!!

Listen you idiots, this is a phone not meant to compete with higher end smart phones. The specs might not impress, but the affordable price will in emerging markets.

I still won't 100% trust BGR, it could be a trick, but gearing towards people who use feature phones, this would be good.

You listen:
1. No one is an idiot in here!
2. Even for a low-end product the specs are bad! It´s 2012! Thorsten Heins said in his first interview, that RIM will be under the top3!
Be honest, if you were a CEO or a president at RIM would you allow to bring out that devices as a low-end-product of a world leading company for mobile communication? For sure not! Even the old trusty Curve 8900 was in almost all points better than that! And RIM could offer that thing for 150Dollars without any losses!

No, you're not getting it. This will never be released in North America. In Africa however companies like ZTE are offering no contract $100 Android phones. This is a phone meant to compete in that market, so Android doesn't steal all of RIM's market share with super low cost devices. This thing will be cheaper to manufacture than the 8900, that's the point. In many parts of the world that $50 difference would be huge.

Somebody gets the point of this phone at last, the blinkered view of some of the posters on this site is staggering at times.

Rim needs something that is as close as possible in selling price as the offerings from ZTE etc and have to do it without the financial benefits of using slave labour in Foxconn factories to do so.

These will be cheap phones for developing markets you clowns! You know the countries with no 3G and piss poor power. Not everyone on earth needs or wants a dual core, overclocked, rooted, device that gets 2 hours on a charge. I know that it will amaze you that in many places outside the US the priorities are different than they are in the US for smart phones and communications. Maybe you guys should travel more and become more worldly before crucifying RIM. I guarantee you these were made to specs set out by carriers somewhere. Only way you will see these in the US is for cheap prepaid.

I doubt we will even see this model as prepaid, maybe the 9320, but not this one.

As far as the specs coming from carriers, it is more likely that they have a cost they have to hit to make this product viable more than anything else, the carriers who would be interested in it will tend to not have that much influence on Rim anyway.

I think it obvious that its for emerging markets, my point is if this is anything more than $99 pay as you go it still under powered and almost an insult to the poor people who will pay there money to get it. You can get a Samsung GIO S5660 for $89.99 pretty easily and the specs literally blow it out of the water and its a year old. SO I think the point is yes it will never be in North America, but even for a low end phone its pretty bad.

On second thought this shouldn't even pass the $60 price range on pay as you go.

when was there a 9200 series?so the 9220 should be predecessor of the 8220 right?but wait the 8220 was a flip and this is a curve.and there is no way this device will see light of day in north america.but in third world countries yea and it will sell north america,it would be discontinued as soon as it hit the market.this is no where near 2012 tech.

For a moment there, i was filled with joy, unfortunately the moment lasted only as long as it took me to realize FF meant Fixed Focus, and not Front Facing


so many negative comments

IF RIM launches these devices with $100 price tag... they will have the market back within a year.

low end users are where the money is... not us bold/torch users... hate it or love it

Is Crackberry working with RIM?

I think RIM was not was they should have released the liter OS 6 for 8520 than making a phone similar to 8520 because if you check its RAM is similar to 9300 so which means they want us to buy new models so they could gain I am the owner of 8520 and I wished it had supported OS 6 but though I am happy with it because it support latest apps like any other phone that's why I won't be complaining much anyway maybe it may sell in countries such as mine South Africa because many learner buy 8520's.

Ok so this an entry level device but come on, this tech is well over 2 yrs old! The vast majority was in the Curve 8520 and that came out in late 2009. Seriously!

NO 3G,
320 x 240 display
2 MP camera
Suspected exact same processor.

Really RIM, this is a solid waste of time. So you've added an accelerometer and an FM radio and doubled the internal memory and RAM to a whopping 512MB? Whoopdie whoop, you're still over 2 years behind and this phone hasn't even been released yet. Completely shocked....

And to those who say this thing will be aimed at developing market poor people, i'm here in South Africa where BB is very popular still, most people still rocking an 8520 (they are still selling them). The thing is that the only reason people are buying them is because they get unlimited internet and BBM on them for a very reasonable monthly price. All the carriers are talking about ending that deal though, so soon enough it will be just like any other smartphone. Once that happens, BB's will be dead here mark my words. People are already sick and tired of ancient tech.

Let me tell you another reason why low-end specs like this would be a great hit in Africa and East Asia: Indonesia is the largest BlackBerry market in the world. And the people are poor. And, the carriers offer a BBM-Facebook-Twitter-only (no email, no browsing) BIS plan for roughly $5 a month as PAY-AS-YOU-GO. Think about that! People who go for this social-only plan could give two shits about 3G and browsing (because their plan doesn't include browsing anyway), they won't care about front facing cameras, and 2.0mpx camera is enough for sending pics over BBM/Facebook/Twitter.

This should be sold at $200 retail price, without contract. The 2009 Curve 8520 is STILL AVAILABLE in Indonesia for $199. And I think Samsung also made a cheap-ass phone in $120 Galaxy Y, which sells like crazy over here in Indonesia (the wet market for cheap ass phones).

If RIM could manage to hit the magic $100 price point, EVERYBODY will be BBM-ing like a mothafvcka.

You are exactly right. People, this is for EMERGING MARKETS. Think outside of North America...then again, I suppose we are shielded from the lifestyles/cultures of other countries.