BlackBerry Curve 8980 simulator shows up quietly

By Yousif Abdullah on 23 Dec 2010 11:28 am EST

BlackBerry Curve 8980

Although details on the BlackBerry Curve 8980 are slim, an important piece of the puzzle has now been found: a BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator. This mysterious device is not designed for North America, but for Asian markets instead. One could describe it as a fusion of a BlackBerry Bold 9700 and a BlackBerry Curve 8900, probably with better hardware specifications as well. But the simulator does not sport BlackBerry 6 - no word on later BlackBerry 6 compatibility either.

Outed by the FCC last month and seen earlier with China Mobile branding, the BlackBerry Curve 8980 is now one step closer to becoming reality. And given the recent changes in China Mobile's offerings, chances are looking good for the BlackBerry Curve 8980 to excel in Asia. So, what do you think? Superb idea or total flop?

Via: BlackBerry India

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BlackBerry Curve 8980 simulator shows up quietly


I would be all over this phone if it were available in the US. I loved my 8900(except the trackball after I tried the pad)

Wow I was so ready to buy a new phone as soon as I read the title. Then my heart sank when I read I'm on the wrong continent. But then again, Pacific Mall isn't far away.

Saying the Curve 8980 would be a flop would be pretty foolish, RIM has shown that Asian and Middle Eastern markets want BlackBerry, and so the 8980 should fill a void quite nicely.

When the largest carrier in China isn't compatible with our 3G, it doesn't make any sense to sell phones with 3G support.

And really, the phone can still thrive because often companies gives cheap Curves 8520. This can be a good replacement for those devices.