BlackBerry Curve 8910 Pictured Looking Identical To "Atlas"

BlackBerry Curve 8910 Pictured Looking Identical To "Atlas"
By Bla1ze on 12 Jan 2010 12:58 am EST

As we mentioned, over at BerryReview Ronen got his hands on the above pic of the BlackBerry Curve 8910. After our intiial posting of the device being registered with the Bluetooth SIG we speculated that it was most likely the unreleased BlackBerry "Atlas" that has shown it's face before but was never released.

With the new pic showing up seems that speculation was pretty much on target as it looks identical to all the pictures we have seen of the so called "Atlas". No 3G, 8900 keypad, 256mb, 624mHz processor along with a 3.2mp camera and finally, a trackpad and  just like a 9700 without the Bold keyboard as was all outlined in the spec sheet we have also seen previously. Putting all the latest news together, the specs, the pictures  all seem to lead to an official number branding of what was formerly known as "Atlas" which once again, we do not feel is intended for the North American market.

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BlackBerry Curve 8910 Pictured Looking Identical To "Atlas"


I love my 8900 and would like to try it with a better processor and a trackpad! So if it's not coming to NA that would make me sad.

You could likely import it in and end up paying less for it then you would if it was released in NA.

Its like the 9700 but worse with no 3G.

Still this is gonna be a good phone for RIM in China and whatnot.

I dunno why either...but, some people really do not like the 9700 keyboard and would prefer a 9700-like device with the 8900 keypad.

This follows the Bold 9700 look and is very sleek. Removing a lot of the chrome for slick black gloss.

Besides, this has a better camera, trackpad, newer processor, 3g etc and is better than the curve 8900 in all aspects.

You're right but it says 3.2mp camera and that's the same as the 8900. If they're going to make a new 8900 it needs to be 3G. The processing and all of that is fine but the 8900 doesn't have many flaws in those areas. My only(only!) issues with the 8900 are 3G and the trackball.

Looks nice, almost sounds nice but seeing as sprint is y carrier & they're pushing for 4G service unlocking it wouldn't be worth it so those commies can have it in china. Gimme my tour 2!!

Since when does the About screen show a device name, like "Atlas" and not a number like 8910 as in the other pictures??

Question.. Why are there still BBs that lack 3g? Better question.. Why would anyone in their right mind buy a smart phone without 3g when they are paying for the exact same data plan as people with 3g phones? Is this a BB for people that like the look of a modern smart phone but hate all those pesky benefits of one?

OR its for a market that doesnt have 3G like idk Eastern Asia and China.


Many countries don't have 3G or there is very little of it so there is no reason to release a phone with a 3G radio in those countries.

True but the new curves are here as well and has 3g coverage over a good portion of it. My girlfriend was about to buy one at at&t to replace he old one but is going with the bold instead. another edge phone would be pointless when paying the same data plan. If carriers would release a scaled back data plan for slower phones, that would be another story, totally worth it then IMO.

Nah, this phone still has better physical features i.e. Camera, screen size...but it is comparable because it has no 3G.

So many phones are now offering 1ghz processors (snapdragon, at the moment) , 5mp and above cameras and BB is still toying around with 624mhz and 3.2mp cameras?

With the competition on the market these days I am expecting a lot more than I am currently seeing from RIM.

I have an 8900 and I love it...It doesnt have 3g but the signal strength is very mom has the 9700 and we both have service in the same areas 99% of the time...and if I dont have service she doesnt have service...So i dont think 3g is that much of a big deal...all my phone needs is the o.s 5 and it would be the same phone minus the trackpad...and i like my trackball

Honestly, the designs are becoming so similar... why bother even naming it Bold and Curve now. 9x series offers 3G, and 8x doesn't... they should just leave it at that. There's little to no exclusivity owning a Bold since it looks exactly the effing same anyways.

Cmon RIM, be creative and think of a different design. It's always the same style with or without a trackball and just a little bit better of a processor. Make a splash, be different.