BlackBerry Curve 8900 OS Found Online

By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Apr 2009 02:26 pm EDT
BlackBerry Curve 8900 OS Found Online!

What a week for BlackBerry OS 5.0. On Monday we brought you a video sneak peak of 5.0 (app version running on a BlackBerry Curve 8900. A few days later, OS 5.0 leaks for the BlackBerry Bold 9000 (Michael just gave it a nice screen cap walk through). Now OS has been found online for the BlackBerry Curve 8900 (big thanks to sliderz for sending in the link). It's going to be nice to see 5.0 get rolled out. 

*OS Disclaimer - Please Read: Keep in mind this is NOT an official release and as such is not supported by RIM or your Carrier. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). Follow the links below for more information and instructions. *

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Now it would be GREAT if you find a new os for my curve 8310!!!!


how do you get it for the curve8310


DAMN... i like my .206.... but this is 5.0 WHAT TO DO :"(


it would be nice to see one for the storm.


Does it have the same issues as people are reporting with the Bold leak? (Applications not working).

I been waiting for 5.0 for my 8900 ;P


Someone get a blog going on this so people can download/share!


I'm liking .206, but I can't ignore this one!


I just upgraded to .206, so i think I'm going to wait this out until its official and seeing .206 was just released as official, I don't think this will be any time soon. Hows the battery life so far?


I still remember when the OS 5.0 been post by the evil BGR last September on a Curve 8310.( Now that even the 8350i has been updated to OS 4.7 (unofficially), then why my 8310 can not taste the sweet fruit? RIM I'm not complaining I'm just wanna know a concret answer that when is the day 5.0 OS for Curve and 88xx will be released.


Has anyone installed it? Feedback please..... I was anxious for this one :)


i am gonna rip the nuts off of someone at RIM if they dont force VZW to release 5.0 for the storm NOW!


Blackberry Changes their OS more than i change my underwear.....


Can you upload this with desktop manager 4.7 or is there a special DM for 5.0?


when will a upgrade for the 8330 come out


I cant wait to read the reviews


I'm sure I read just a week or so ago that you must have DM 5.0 in order to install OS 5.0 ... so where is the DM 5.0 ???


Geez! I just upgraded to .206 just a few days ago and was lovin' it. Cur dog and we go again. I was waiting for this like so many others. Finally here. :)


i just got .206 yesterday, and i can not resist! updating now. fyi - no idea why some of the megaupload links had an 86MB 8300 version labeled 8900, but the real deal is 126MB for those looking for the downloads.


is anyone gonna tell me how they like it. i installed it in my pc but i havent put it in on my phone yet. Whats up let me know or else imma eraseit. Not that anyone cares


OKay i downloaded it on my 8900 fot Tmobile. Everything sweet. pretty much people want to know bout problems. cant boot up Viigo.. big problem there cuz i love viigo. 2) Myfaves aint working? can anyone tell me whats going on there.


I am running it and I like where things are going I know this is a early build and all but things are headed in a good direction.


Just upgraded to .206 and I think I'm gonna give this one a pass til a more stable build (in terms of app compatibility) is out.


I am already install that; but actually for Browser Internet Not Function; please solve that problem....


I've installed the new os and everything works fine google maps, even my 3rd party themes, cant fault it its like a brand new phone definitely worth upgrading to


Even though RIM is evidently trying to lure the consumer markets now with all these new BlackBerry devices with cameras, I sure HOPE they won't forget that the majority of their clients are still in the corporate market...

And I am speaking on behalf of those who are working in the security-sensitive environments (banks, military bases, oil refineries, etc.) stucked with our 87XX and 88XX and can't upgrade to these newer devices because cameras of any kind are not allowed.

Never mind that RIM won't make a camera-less versions of these new devices. Just don't forget us when it comes to OS Upgrades! We deserve it, too..!

So I'm calling everybody with 87XX & 88XX: Say "Hell, Yeah!" if you agree with me! :-)


Your BES admin can disable the camera functionality on the phone from his end. No reason why you can't have these new devices and still have "no picture taking" security. If they don't know about it, tell them to talk to RIM about setting it up.


Nope, cameras are not allowed, whether they are disabled or not...

I'm here in Abu Dhabi, UAE, working in a natural gas fractionation plant. Security is very, very tight. The UAE Army guards the plant's gates & perimeter. The reason for the "no camera" policy is to avoid a would-be infiltrator to take pictures of the plant's interior & give them to would-be terrorists..

I have also talked about that to our BES Admin. He said for his and the company's part, no problem, but it is the UAE government's security rules when it comes to "critical infrastructures"...

i just finish the installing it running well just some problem with my app i still have windows live installed but i cant fin it can anyone help me


Still Problem with Default Browser Configuration :
* Nothing Internet Browser;
* only Hotspot Browser and Provider Browser.

So we can't browser untill now.


Hey there! Does anyone know if can I upgrade my 8900 unbranded (engineers version) from to Do you recommend it? I know there are always risks but, do you think worth it? Thanks in advance!


where can i find the app to get the .206?


i have the storm 5.0 os update on my unlocked 9530 and its the shit everything runs soo smooth and not laggy its great


does this version have the threaded sms feature?...thats the main thing im concerned about, my current o.s works perfectly fine


i have the 8900 and it works great but i definitely want the threaded sms and conversation texting. is the new 5.0 OS and safe download and does it have problems? feedback from downloaders please.


i just downloaded it this morning and i would like to downgrade,someone please help, im ready to throw this phone out the window. ITS TERRIBLE! i guess it didnt do it right or it just sucks? i see some modules on my download folder i guess because those modules are missing that some apps dont work such as BlackBerry App World and facebook, so far.. i wiped my phone twice thinking it would help, it did not.


I try every possible solution in these forums nothing worked but I didn’t want to wipe out my device:
This is what I did in You Tube is a video-tutorial that shows u how to upgrade:
• I download it from the MobiTel Bulgaria, the other ones didn’t work for me
• The I follow the YouTube tutorial that tell you not to use the BDM
• In the same place where you erased the Vendor is a little cell icon that says upload, once u double click it shows a more practical version of the BDM, just follow the instructions and then finally it showed OS 5..0.0.461
• After 30 minutes I am all set and happy with the smooth new layout and some extra features
• Enjoy after putting back the icons the way you like it 
Is like changing from XP to the 2007 takes time to get used to but once is done you can see the improvement


I tried to installed this new OS, but this is what I got a screen saying "to enjoy the latest functionality from the selected blackberry device software upgrade, , you'll need an active blackberry service subscription, visit

how can i install this new os without having to subscribe to blackberry

thanks for your help


i really want the new texting that looks similar to bbm


Whats the difference between OS and this new one that just came out All i know is that the threaded sms on the OS freezes occasionally but i tried upgrding to but when i open it, its the same exact dm and there is no upgrade available.. i dont kno whats wrong


i just ugraded to the OS 5.0 on my blackberry curve 8900. but for some reason, the text messages are not threaded as the update describes they would be. any help???


OS 5 for blackberry curve 8900 stuck up the whole device. Its not working on curve 8900 blackberry. I had to downgrade to previous software version.

Naspa Osiipa

so wic os did u downgrade to and pliz send mi the link thnks

Naspa Osiipa

i ve failed to download the latest os for the blackberry curve phone has a bwhite screen with error 552