BlackBerry Curve 8530 Now Available on Telus

By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Jan 2010 12:26 pm EST

Telus 8530

Well, well, well... it looks like the BlackBerry Curve 8530 has finally made its way to Telus. The latest CDMA device was destined to show up in Canada at some point, and today it finally appeared on the Telus site. The Curve 8530 is available with a 1-year contract for $299.99, a 2-year plan for $249.99 or the "sell your soul" 3-year contract for $49.99. The latest addition to the Telus lineup is available in a cool new silver or red colors, so you won't be stuck with the standard black or scream'n purple we saw with Verizon and Sprint. Head over to Telus for all the details.

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BlackBerry Curve 8530 Now Available on Telus


Yes that is pretty pricey, darn Canadian Carriers just don't give you a break, mind I don't think the American ones do either.

It's nice to see updated devices on Telus, my girlfriend needs an upgrade from her POS 8330.

Just install the OS 5 hybird on that thing, like I did with mine, the thing will fly. :) Plus you save a couple hundred dollars.

So Canadian folks - without contracts, how much are BB's usually? The price gap between with/without contracts tend to be huge here in the US so not many buys new BB's until the contracts are up. I know devices are more expensive over there but if the price gap is smaller, there are more people who just get one whenever they want it?

Mine is Tour but for design, for some reason, I like Curve so much better actually.

To me the new curves look like a plastic toy phone for a kid. I know it's suppose to be a low-end, younger person phone, but eek!

why would telus do this? They just converted their networks to HSPA(GSM) and then they release another CDMA phone? doesn't make any sense to me...i thought they were trying to phase out CDMA? And yes, us Canadians pay WAYYYY too much for phones and even more for rate plans(3rd highest in the world)

Probably because there is no HSPA version of this phone (at least to my knowledge)? The GSM version is only EDGE meaning it won't work on the Telus network. Also Telus is selling this phone at $349 outright, which isn't bad since they are selling the 8330 for $429 outright.

Once Telus dumps their inventory of 8330's, I'm certain that the 8530 will become their entry level Blackberry.

Since Telus is dedicated to CDMA for now, I wonder if they will also release the Tour 2? Then there will be a firesale on the original Tour as well!

Just looked on the Telus site and it's listed as 3G+ like the Bold 9700 and the HTC Hero. That would indicate that it runs on the HSPA network. Is this an error?

Yeah, I have seen plenty of stuff wrong on the Telus website before. If you click on the details tab and scroll down to Specifications you see this:

Technology CDMA EVDOr0 800/1900 MHz

Who would ever sing a 3 year contract? This is why I like Verizon. With the plan that I have I can early upgrade every year for an extra $20 on top of the two year contract price. And it still isn't $299.

What rip-off.

Ideally all consumers would LOVE to go for a month-month or 1-2 year contract, but the price gap between Retail, 1 year, 2 year and 3 year is overbearring to an average part-timer(even full timer).

For instance, lets say, "Hey I want the bold 9000 from ROGERS (Canada"

Okay, well, to purchase it outright its retail, plus taxes , plus $25.00 activation fee.
649.99x12%= $727.98. Oh, yes, and...activation fee.

So, that's not an option. Hm, so I don't wanna be tied down into 3 years! I will go with a One Year contract, so that's, $499.99, activation fee and taxes, hm, erm, maybe 2 years?? $449.99 - a 50 dollar difference for a year??
Well my option for 3 years would be, $99.00. WOW thats a great price!

Lol, so that's pretty much how it goes in Canada and with most people, sure the Data plans are WAY more than the cost of the phone(in like 6-7 months time) but that's what we pay instead of a chunk upfront. Realiastically we can't all go onto a 2 or 1 year plan, that's almost ..inconceivable.

Now I don't know anything about US, but I think they have 2 years as a bare minimum? Sounds great, Lol, and their cancellation fee's are about 175-300 some odd dollars for Voice and Data.
Canada loves to add onto the huge billing by slamming you with 400 Voice, 100 Data so a whopping 500 in total. (About cost of the device, huh?)

Anyway.. that's why we take 3 year plans, and that's why we are ranked highest in mobile billing...


I feel pity for my Crackberry friends in Canada and the US.
In the UK, Paying for the handset is rare. Its usually free. Our contracts are 12, 18 or 24 months.

Per month on an 18 month contract I pay

$57.20 USD or 59 CAD

that with 1400 minutes and 700 text and 1 gig data.

Here's a link for a UK 9700 from Tmo UK as an idea.

Mines like,

Mega Promotional Plan - $10.00

6PM Early Eve. Calling Option
250 Wday/Unltd Eve/Wkend

Additional Services
Call Forward/Trans.Pay Per Use
Partial Detail Billing
Unlimited Network Calling
Unlimited Text Messages
Unltd Picture or Video Msgs.
BlackBerry (BIS) Svc 500MB

So in total thats Data at 40, voice 10, taxes, "access fees" no longer named "access fees" and its roughly under 70 dollars if I haven't added additional Internation texts(to us, Australia, etc).

So... Hm, 1400 mins of talktime, thats kickin'. I had to threaten(Legit actually though) to cancel on the basis of my mom bill being 200+ dollars(Her plan was 25 + tax.....) so she now has 550 mins, an a data plan at under 80 dollars, but still, its crazy high.

I think anyone who has "Unlimited Data" should count their blessings.

Well this is sad.

I just dropped my Telus account no more then two weeks ago to pick up the 8520 from Rogers. Of course I should have waitied lol.