BlackBerry Curve 8530 Arriving In Red To Sprint?

By Bla1ze on 5 Mar 2010 10:25 am EST
BlackBerry Curve 8530 Arriving In Red To Sprint?
*UPDATE- Gizmofusion has the launch date pegged at March 14th*

Remember the days when you could pick up a BlackBerry Curve and Pearl in just about every color of the rainbow? I certainly do. The crimson red 83xx was a sweet device that I always wanted but never actually bought. Seems like Research In Motion is keeping up this tradition with the Curve series as they have been releasing a multitude of colors for the 85xx devices. This time around rumor has it that we'll see a red version show up on Sprint at some point. The red color isn't exactly a new one for the 85xx series though, TELUS in Canada has had it since their intial release but if all pans out we should see it on Sprint any moment now. Sadly, it doesn't appear to be that sexy crimson red of devices past but rather a different shade of red. Rumor also has it that we'll see the 9100 show up in a few other colors as well for different carriers with Pink/Black headed to TELUS as it stands.

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BlackBerry Curve 8530 Arriving In Red To Sprint?


I'd say no. The Tour is on its way out yes, but the 8530 is not a solid replacement, it's more of a step down. Hang tight for the Bold, yes Bold, to replace the Tour mid summer (hopefully sooner!).

Not worth the switch from the Tour. The Wi-Fi is great but screen resolution is low, camera is worse (no flash or AF) and the hardware is cheap :-( The Tour is a way more solid device

I completely agree. That was the biggest mistake I made: downgrading from the Tour. I returned the 8530 and went back to the Tour. Now I see why everyone was saying the 8530 feels like a plastic toy; also, the camera and screen on it are horrible.

What a cool little carrier....I need one, will be perfect for trips to the doctors office, grocery store or need for a giant handbag to carry along:)

*SIGH* -- RIM really needs to get smart on the releases. Although the colors are kind of cool we would rather features. Get a good camera with AF and a flash. Get good high res screens. Let's stop with the gimmicks and push forth the features. Okay RIM?

Confused about the release date. Walmart in portage wisconsin already has them for sale..maybe they don't know they are supposed to be released a certain day?

I also saw this curve out in new jersey. A walmart employee was texting on it. While in a 7-11. Seems walmart has released this curve.

I love the wallpaper on the post image! Does anyone know where I can get it? I'd be interested in downloading a copy. Thanks in advance!

March 14th has arrived..anyone have a new release date on this phone? My wife is bugging me about it...'s on their website now!