First Look: Aries is the BlackBerry Curve 8530!

BlackBerry Curve 8530
By Kevin Michaluk on 23 May 2009 04:09 am EDT

It's seems there's never a shortage of codenames for upcoming BlackBerry devices floating around. Heck, I follow this stuff religiously and can barely keep up with it. One such codename you may not have heard of yet but shouldn't be too surprised to learn of its existence is Aries

Aries is a sibling to the BlackBerry Curve 8520, aka Gemini, and is really the same device but with CDMA guts (for deployment by carriers such as Verizon, Sprint, Telus, Bell, Virgin, etc.). Following the naming conventions found in the BlackBerry Curve 83xx series, it's pretty safe to assume that Aries will ultimately go to market as the BlackBerry Curve 8530. Two more photos and more info below!

We've already reviewed the BlackBerry Curve 8520 and shown you the features and specifications in detail, so if you're not up to speed you'll want to check those articles out. It's hard to impress on someone just how nice the Curve 85xx series really is without the person physically having it to look at and hold and use. On paper, the specs barely trump the existing 83xx series, but the actual 'experience' is just soooo much better. The processor is fast (must be the same that's in the 8900) and the optical trackpad is slick - going back to the trackball after using the trackpad for a while makes the trackball feel outdated. Though it may be low-end when compared to devices like the Bold or Curve 8900 or Tour 9630, out of the devices in my BlackBerry arsenal, believe it or not, this new Curve is my favorite to use. I simply love the look and experience delivered. It doesn't have a high megapixel camera, 3G or a high-res display, but it's simply a great basic smartphone and I really think it's one that RIM will sell a ton of when it hits the market, especially if priced competively, which sounds like it will be the case.

More BlackBerry Curve 8530, aka. "Aries" Photos

BlackBerry Curve 8530

BlackBerry Curve 8530

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First Look: Aries is the BlackBerry Curve 8530!


There is a lot of rumor about the 8520 possibly being a GoPhone. Is the prepay data market something CDMA carriers are interested in? I just don't see Verizon at least doing this. No particular reason other than a gut feeling. It will end up alongside their seemingly dozens of QWERTY phones and hopefully come up on top.

absolutely cdma carriers are doing it. verizon already has a major pre paid service going on..

In order for the big 4 (TMO, ATT, VZW, and Sprint) to compete with MetroPCS and Boost Mobile, they better add this BB to their PrePaid lineup!!!

I thought Boost Mobile was an offshoot of Sprint. It rides on their IDEN network and you can walkie talkie with Sprint users.

Boost Mobile is an offshoot of Sprint. It's a prepaid Nextel. Still I do wonder how long will it take for Sprint to get this particular phone considering that they seem to always lag behind the other wireless carriers (If they even get it).

Another berry omg there is so much lol im sticking to the Storm 2 "Odin" cant wait...if theres a berry 8530 there has to be a 8930

So I guess that leaves us with only one code name out there for which we still don't have any confirmation of what exactly it is....the "Atlas."

Enough of the leaks RIM, just release the devices or give us dates. It's like a new device leak every week. Frustrating for users who want to upgrade but know these devices are coming out soon.

This is getting really annoying. It would really be nice to have real dates and such. I'm eligible for an upgrade at the end of June and I have no idea what to do. I think I'm going to wait for the "atlas" though....

Hmmm.. So it's pretty much the same Curve I got now... With an optical TrackBall, Faster process, any idea how the on board Application memory looks?

If its a go phone, this will go for about $120, already seems like it has a SIM slot, so ill probably get it just for the hell of it.

Phone looks great! The optical trackwheel I'm sure is going to be awesome. Was hoping the Micro SD slot was on the side similar to the Pearl and the Bold... but I guess it will do. Got fingers and toes crossed that the buyer at the company I work for grabs this puppy!!

The store called and there's stock. Can't wait any longer and this phone will be free and I can update again when something new comes out that I like. If RIM decides to release anything good besides the same old same old. Nothing excites me more than what RIM has out already.

I just wish Rim would make an official announcement with release dates. I am trying to wait patiently, but crazy with excitement. To ur To ur To ur To ur To ur To ur

Okay, how many CURVE BlackBerrys is RIM going to produce!!??

Let's see. There is the original Curve series; 8300, 8320 and 8330. Then, there is the 'new' Curve; BB 8900.
Last but not least, now we have the the BB 8520 and 8530 Curve. We really do need a scorecard to keep track of them all!!

And RIM STILL hasn't introduced the BB 9630 Niagara/Tour. Not to mention the BlackBerry STORM 2.

I never thought the day would come when I would say that there are too many BlackBerrys. But it's getting close.

So RIM if you read this, how about slowing things down a little!!

- CB

What's with RIM releasing Blackberrys lately with no 3G? Here 3G is becoming more common in more area's and RIM is making non-3G BBs.

Not everyone wants a 3G BlackBerry you know. They have worse battery life. I for one would rather have an EDGE device with Wi-Fi.

And with businesses buying mass quantities, it makes the price cheaper.

I've been reading that each device following the Tour would have wi-fi included...wonder if this promise will be broken or not???