BlackBerry Curve 8520 SKU Shows Up for AT&T in Best Buy Inventory System

AT&T BlackBerry Curve 8520 Coming Soon?
By Kevin Michaluk on 30 Sep 2009 09:36 pm EDT

Back in May Engadget posted an AT&T presentation which showed a bunch of upcoming BlackBerry Smartphones, including the onyx (Bold 9700), magnum, Pearl 3G and gemini (Curve 8520). While the word is the magnum project has been scrapped in favor of dakota (half touchscreen, half keyboard, plus trackpad), the photo above taken from a Best Buy inventory screen shows the Curve 8520 might just be the first of the bunch to launch. The begin date listed in the photo is actually September 8th, which is long at past (date the SKU was added?), but as of yet we haven't seen the device go on sale and the inbound/intransit details are still at zero. Regardless, this is hopefully still a good sign that we'll see AT&T roll out the BlackBerry Curve 8520 soon! 

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So who will the 8510 go to, if it even exists? I was under the impression that the last generation Curve & carrier matches would hold with the new generation too...


It's not a screen shot from AT&T it's a best buy screen shot. and you cant rely on those. There are things in the system (RSS) that the company will never carry and they are in there way before product launch so it could actually be a while before we see this berry

Kevin Michaluk

Hey Yeah, My bad... the tipster who sent it in clearly stated it was best buy... accidentally just put AT&T (blogging while sick = not good).  fixed now.  Hopefully it will launch sooner than later though with AT&T regardless!


i work at bby and you are correct about our rss system it says a whole bunch of junk on there that is not true anymore we never recived the 8520 on 9/8 and i happen to work in the cell phone sections and will tell you that pic earlier of the storm two appearing also isnt true and you can tell by the updated pic in that forum so this is coming from a BESTBUY EMPLOYEE WHO WORKS THERE AND USES THE RSS SYSTEM EVERYDAY do not that those snapshots to seriously sucks but its true sorry


Dekota? I thought the magnum was the half touch half qwerty? I guess dekota is with touchpad? Or for cdma?? Ai yi yi.. Too codenames...


Sorry.. I read it again and now I understand.. I'm such an addict I'm drunk checking crackberry...
I hope it comes out for gsms aka att and hopefully sometime next nov!! Upgrade time!!!


While the word is the magnum project has been scrapped in favor of dakota (half touchscreen, half keyboard, plus trackpad)

How stupid is it to add that ugly touchpad to it? What would you use it for if the screen is touch? AT&T should just be smart and get the Storm 2. But we know they wont be smart about it.


Do not want....Call me when the Storm 2 drops on blue...