BlackBerry Curve 8520 Now Available from Fido

Fido Curve 8520
By Adam Zeis on 23 Feb 2010 12:03 pm EST

We knew this was coming mostly due to rumors (and a slight OS goof), and the Curve 8520 has finally made its way to Fido. The device is just $50 with a 3/year agreement and matching BlackBerry Data plan, $350 with a 2/year contract, or $400 for just the device or prepaid service. Nothing new and exciting with this release as the Fido version is still the standard Fido-branded black, but maybe a lavender or red version will work into the lineup down the road. It looks like the device is only available by phone or in stores as well. For more information, check out

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BlackBerry Curve 8520 Now Available from Fido


All the Canadian carriers are like this for the most part.

My plan is decent though for $45 a month.

- 350 weekday minutes
- Unlimited personal Email access
- Unlimited Text Messaging
- Unlimited Surf/Browse/Socialize/IM
- Unlimited local and long distance calls between cellular customers
- Unlimited evenings and weekends starting at 6pm
- No System Access Fee