BlackBerry Curve 8520 to also be Offered in White?! **Should** be Available in Early August

By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Jul 2009 07:25 am EDT

White BlackBerry Curve 8520

Update: Errr.. maybe it's more of a silver than arctic white. Either way, it's definitely another color option other than black. We've also heard (not confirmed) that the BlackBerry Curve 85xx series will ultimately be available in a variety of vibrant colors - think Coke label red, blue, etc.. I guess we'll see with time if this pans out or not, but hope it does! *

T-Mobile must be busy this week bringing partners up to speed on the upcoming release of the BlackBerry Curve 8520, as last night we received multiple tips from individuals who caught a glimpse from T-Mo of the BlackBerry Curve 8520 in white (click the image above for another photo).

If you think back to the earliest photo of the "gemini", it actually looked white in that image (though it was a black and white looking photo), but all pre-release devices that have surfaced to date (including T-Mo branded ones) have been in black. I'm not sure at this point if they'll offer it in white at launch or if the second color option will be phased in at a later date. As for release date, there's nothing concrete yet, though it sounds like T-Mobile has been saying "early August". Now for the big question... would you buy the Curve 8520 in White or Black??!

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BlackBerry Curve 8520 to also be Offered in White?! **Should** be Available in Early August


White, the most neutral colour in the world, is a girl colour!? Not really. Even if it was, I would like to point out that girls do own BlackBerrys, I am a girl and I have one.

Can someone tell me what the little contacts icons are on the home screen.

I've seen it, but don't know what it is??

Weren't there rumors before that these berries were going to have interchangeable faceplates? Maybe this is a naked berry? I didn't know if you had heard anymore on that, because the image you posted looks like an "early" leaked image where they were talking about faceplates.

Good question... I shot that down back in a blog post and forum post a while back. When that first image leaked, we were told by some sources there'd be changeable faceplates... but then it turned out that was just the "lens" covering over the display/front of the device that "looked changeable". However, the battery cover is always removeable..which is a faceplate of sorts. So I'd say that it was half right/half wrong dating back.  The big news was of course the optical trackpad...which going back to those early photos still showed a trackball. So things definitely changed along the way through development a bit.

Thanks for the response... It would have been nice to have interchangable faceplates, more crackberry bling bling to sell :) Good work keeping on top of everything Berry related, thanks.

RIM: "Let's offer 10 different blackberries that all have the same core functions, they'll keep buying/upgrading/switching, and pouring money in our pockets just to get the same email lol"

I don't see why RIM doesn't make the trackpad white or silver, according to the device color. That black trackpad looks odd in the middle of a light-colored device.

I don't like it when Blackberrys are in another colour, I believe they look best in a dark colour or black.

White is just...urgh no!

In any color. Wouldn't want to downgrade from the 9000 or 8900. I will check out a T-mo store or kiosk to try out the track pad though.

Where is the Driftwood? I see plenty of pics/news of this BB bottom-feeder and the Onyx but nothing on a 3G BB that's "supposed" to be out in less than 3 months?

I would really just like the damn thing to be affordable, and for TMO to not make me extend my contract for another decade to get it. I would not get white.


That phone looks very very cheap.

Boo BlackBerry, keep the black/titanium look.
Red wasn't bad either.

But white? No way.


I think it is the Frost color, like the BlackBerry 8120 that T-Mobile has. There sure are a lot of blind people. How is that white in anyway? Anyways, it's no better than the Curve 8300.