Curve 8330 Release Updates: Verizon, Sprint, Alltel

Verizon BlackBerry Curve 8330
By Kevin Michaluk on 1 May 2008 11:52 am EDT

A quick update for those of you on CDMA carriers in the United States waiting to get your hands on the BlackBerry Curve 8330.

Sprint: It looks like Sprint's Press Release saying the 8330 Curve would launch in April and the most-recent rumor stating it should still launch in April are apparently wrong as April has come and gone. Best thing to do here is keep up to date on our Official Sprint Curve 8330 Coming Soon thread.

Update: Check out this forum post - May 7th availability of the Sprint Curve?! 

Verizon: Word dropped yesterday by Engadget Mobile suggests the 8330 Curve will hit Verizon's B2B, web and telesales channels on the 9th of May, with it being available everywhere (aka you can walk into the store to get one) come May 12th.

Update: Apparently Verizon Curves are available NOW - check out this forum thread >> 

Alltel: May 1st is here. That means NO MORE WAITING and Pre-Ordering. Head over to and you can buy your BlackBerry Curve 8330 right now! 

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Curve 8330 Release Updates: Verizon, Sprint, Alltel


I'm happy with my Telus 8330. It's been out for awhile up here as everyone knows. Too bad that GPS bug isn't fixed.

Just got my 8130 a few weeks ago and Im liking the size and having a camera again coming from the 8830.
Im going to wait till my NE2 in Sept to see what pricing is then and to see what bugs if any are happening w/ the phone and see if itll be worth going back to a lil bigger phone w/ full QWERTY KB.

Call 611 from you verizon phone, place your order and it will be delivered to your door on Tuesday, May 7th. I upgraded my Q and my wife's EnV; just got off the phone with the rep a few mins ago!

I just received a call from telesales that it is available and would ship out tomorrow. I'm told it's high $100's to low $200's depending on your plan. If you want it here's the contact info for the telesales rep who can order it. Won't be in stores until end of the week or next.

Justin Badger
Telesales Rep
Phone: (866) 745-4679 x9464
Fax: (412) 266-3571

Spoke with Tele-sales rep on 5/05 and the Curve will be available on 5/09 via tel-sales and major cities, every where on 5/12.