BlackBerry Curve 8320 Coming to ATT This Month

By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Sep 2008 10:56 am EDT

AT&T's BlackBerry Curve 8320

Back in June we brought word that AT&T would soon be adding the BlackBerry Curve 8320 added to their device lineup. Of course, at the time, it was rumored to be coming in July. The BoyGenius posted a sweet slide on AT&T's 8320 yesterday, which shows a release date targeted on all channels for the last week of September. Other news? It's going to ship with OS4.5 and be offered in an ohhhh sooo sweeet Sapphire Blue color!

To Bold or to 8320 Curve... that is the question.

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BlackBerry Curve 8320 Coming to ATT This Month


Does anybody know how much on board memory the 8320 have? Also I want to upgrade my 8310 but I don't want the BOLD, Is it worth it to get this 8320?

Am I the only one confused by this? Doesn't AT&T have turn by turn directions, why does this phone need an accessory?

The 8320 only has the Wi-Fi... whatever type of curve AT-T already has got GPS instead of Wi-Fi so you'll need a bluetooth GPS to get full GPS unless you just download Google Maps then you can hope it reads your signal off the right tower.

I think they would get along I think it's just a matter of fitting them both together and keeping it in a good price range. The bluetooth device is pretty well priced and it works great with any gps app you might have. The wi-fi is a pretty cool for t-mobile who's service is so so but ATT is basically everywhere so you really dont need the wi-fi unless you go somewhere that has scretchy signal strength... t-mobile also has wi-fi calling and thats another reason why its a cool feature for t-mobile I don't understand why att is getting it.

SHOULD being the key word most of the time I don't notice a diff in the time on EDGE and Wifi but on my campus I don't have a signal at all so the Wifi is a life saver!

i have had my eye on the bold for a while now, but just started looking at the curve. i dont really need gps as i have one, and 3g isnt available in my area so that isnt a huge factor. all i will be using it for will be texts, email, maybe pic messages, some web browsing (thats why i want one w/ wifi) and brickbreaker. o btw i have att.
any advice would be great.

I'd wait for the BOLD then play around with both... also have you looked at the iPhone I know I know I have a Curve but I really like the iPhone too it's a personal taste.

I think i will have to move to canada, germany, england, or venezuela to get my bold! why are we always last to get new phone technology!? this is rediculous! AT&T will not even give us a firm date on the release. At this rate MetroPCS will have the Bold before AT&T gets their act together. enough already...just release it AT&T!!!

i think all the countries that you mention are GSM carriers and that is the most predominant in the the USA we have GSM and cdma but the phone manufacturer's like to sell in the countries with the most markets and that would be GSM world wide. just my two cents worth.

My birthdays this month. This months birthstone is sapphire. Looks like a no brainer to me!!! Would love to get this and am really thinking about it. I have the red 8130 but the wifi and color is very appealing to me. How many blackberrys are too many blackberrys. With my eye on the javelin and this one I guess we will find out!!

i rather have WiFi than GPS! if this comes out before the Bold, i'll definitely be getting this new curve. not only the wifi, but i'm loving that blue color.

Nice unit but no 3G makes me wait a little longer for the Bold. Too bad that the Javelin does not have 3G either, because that would make it the device of my choice (even over the Bold), with a higher es display and 3.2 Mp camera.

Yeah, I like the Curve. If only it was 3G. In anycase, I bought an iPhone last month so I have my "New Toy". I can now be patient and wait on the Bold. Then I will have two really cool devices!! Why do I need two? Well, I'm middle aged, married and I quit drinking. Technology is all I got left! Lol! Oh By the way, since the 2.2 patch the iPhone has been very sweet! I don't even use the WiFi anymore. Not even at home.