BlackBerry Curve 3G now available from T-Mobile

BB Curve 3G
By Bla1ze on 8 Sep 2010 04:08 am EDT

As announced previously, the BlackBerry Curve 3G is now available via T-Mobile. You can place your order for one right now for only $79.99 with a new 2 year contract. If you fancy learning more about the BlackBerry Curve 3G you can check out the unboxing video Kevin did up as well, the full review of the Rogers branded version I have the privilege of doing up. Anyone on T-Mobile gonna be picking this one up? Better yet, anyone still upset that T-Mobile hasn't gotten around to picking up the BlackBerry Pearl 3G?

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BlackBerry Curve 3G now available from T-Mobile


i have no clue why anyone in the U S hasnt picked up the new pearl. its not like its anything special...Hell, they been talkin about it for like a year now.. So actually its aleready a year old when you get it..

AT&T has the torch a way better phone that failed to do numbers...I aalmost guarantee if it was on T-mobile more people would of bought it, people aren't going to leave their trustee iphones for a Blackberry touch screen....idiots

I would have loved to pick one up had the released it back when it was a new phone. It's just what I need (as long as I can put a otter box cae on it) but now that all the major us carriers have taken their sweet time it's not what I'll get.

At this point RIM developers have to start asking their Marketing team. "What is the draw" I love Blackberry and I have the storm, but I can atleast say its a different type of phone. What is the real difference between a Pearl, Curve and Bold? Time for some new ideas.

I agree with many of the comments so far.

As far as the Pearl 3G not being released by a major US carrier, I'm guessing Blackberry had a problem with too much old inventory. They simply had too much of the 8100 sitting on the shelves and wanted to get rid of it before bringing bringing in the new Pearl.

If you look on the ATT website you'll notice many of the old clunker Blackberry phones are gone. No more 8100, etc. However a month or so ago, that wasn't the case.

The fact that the 8100 series is no longer on the ATT website might be an indication the Pearl 3G could be on the way.

I'd say this inventory issue is a serious issue for Blackberry. They should not have such huge inventories built up such that it delays the release of new phones.

I also agree with some of the "Whats the Draw" comment. There should only be two Curve/Bold type phones. A high end one and a low end one. That is it. But again due to built up old inventories there are so many versions sitting around stores now.

My wife would love to have the Pearl 3G. She prefers the small candybar style phone, does not mind the suretype as she spends almost all her time talking and reading rss feeds. She used the e-mail on the phone, but not much, and for her one word responses like "OK", "5:30", and "pizza" are sufficient for her responses.

She is still using her old 8120 as we have not found another phone that meets her desires for that candybar style.

It is not the correct phone for me, but I am still amazed T-Mobile does not carry it. I know it will not be the biggest seller, but not every phone can be. The Garmin phones never were. Why is it that carriers need to seel 10 million or none, as if a few to each store would be burdensome.

Maybe I would be happy with a pearl if I was a soccer mom. But the Curve 9300 is better for the working women who actually contribute to the economy. But I bet she spends more money on shopping and shoes than I

1. NO! I don't think ANYBODY would be picking up the Curve 3G, cause it's no different from the 8500's. If money is a problem, they would get the 8520. If money isn't a problem, they would head for the 9700. The Curve 3G is just a waste of phone.

2. YES! I think EVERYBODY is upset that T-Mobile didn't pick up the Pearl 3G. IMO that is 1,000,000x better than the Curve 3G.

Does this even count as news? This bb is garbage... Now, give me info on the 9780 and I'm all ears.. Lol :)

Blahhhh is right...where the 9780!?!? Where os6? I said it once twice here go three, Sony Xperia X10 mini lol. I would replace android with windows just 2 make android fans mad.

Pearl 3G on tmobile would have sold lot more than the torch I bet. I swear if I see one more curve I'm going in tmobile, look everyone in the eyes and throw this 8900 at somebody feet and run out screaming lol. I don't want 2 see any more bolds either.update software and sit is all rim needs 2 do. Any refreshes or whatever need 2 be big steps not baby. Storm 3 should be released as storm 4G if they smart if not scrap the storm and work with torches lol.

I guess I don't get the bashing.

It's a 3g phone, bigger keys, more memory. PURPLE.

Not everyone needs a touch screen to feel important.