BlackBerry Curve 3G heading to Verizon in two colors

Verizon Rebate Form Curve 3G
By Adam Zeis on 4 Sep 2010 02:53 pm EDT

Today we got out hands on the latest rebate form from Verizon and from the looks of it the Curve 3G should be heading the way of Big Red. Much like the 8530 followed its 8520 sibling to Verizon, the Curve 3G will be landing on the CDMA carrier after it has shown up on Rogers and T-Mobile. The entry-level device will come in both Charcoal Gray and Fuchsia and although this rebate is set to end on October 31st no exact release date is available.

Device Image Court Of: @RichyRich

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BlackBerry Curve 3G heading to Verizon in two colors


What's the point? OS6? up for the 9650...for real...I already GOT a Curve that HAS 3g and a trackpad

Doesn't Verizon already have 2 3G Curves (8530 and 8330)? I wonder if these will be Rev.A like the Bold and Storm. Probably not.

The only purpose for releasing these, is they may be OS 6 ready.

FML I work for verizon & we already have the 8530 why not get us a
device that is actually new like the torch or maybe even that god
awful looking clamshell at least its new & not the same sh!t with a
minor improvement

They still have support for it. I broke mine 3 months after crackberry said it was at EOL and they gave me a replacement 9530.

The 9330, 9670, and the Storm3 (9580?) all look like they will be coming out around the same time (October/November)

Yes! Two different colors! Just what I wanted to hear...How about concentrating on getting us some new devices instead of colored phones. I really hope they have some good news coming up. Storm Trilogy please!!!

Has nobody noticed the model number says 8330? Thats the model number for the original curve. The new one is 9330....must be a TYPE-O.