BlackBerry Curve 3G coming to Bell Mobility August 12th

Bell Mobility Curve 3G
By Adam Zeis on 26 Jul 2010 10:41 pm EDT

It looks like Bell Mobility is all set for the release of the upcoming BlackBerry Curve 3G (Curve 9300). The carrier is ready to drop the HSPA device on August 12th and should be getting units in stock as early as next week. We did see this coming a few days ago, and the "Curve 3G" name looks to be the winning moniker for release as well. The device will carry the standard features including 256MB flash memory, a full QWERTY keyboard, Bluetooth and the fleet of native apps. No word if the Curve 3G is headed to any other carriers just yet, but it's safe to assume it won't be long before it lands elsewhere.

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BlackBerry Curve 3G coming to Bell Mobility August 12th


why would anyone be excited about this??? it has 256mb of flash memory...OS 6 comes out in less than 2 months and CANNOT be run on this phone because of the lack of memory. If you buy this phone...plain and simple, your a dumbass. RIM, get your act together and stop releasing phones that are old before they come off the assembly line.

Since OS 7 is in the works, Rim should just stop putting out phones altogether until OS 7 devices are ready for release.

I heard from a very "reliable" source (the janitor at a verizon store), that OS 7 will be skipped altogether and that RIM will be working on a 3-D OS (codename "Huggybear") and will be released 6 months after OS 6 drops.

Do you have a valid source where it states OS6 will not be available, at a later date, on this device?

No?... Didn't think so...

if you honestly believe that OS 6 is coming to this device, i feel for you. You must live under a rock to not know that the storm and bold are both getting a "refresh" to accommodate OS, in saying that...the only way os 6 is coming to a pearl device, is if it sees a pointless tiny refresh just like these other 2 waste of space devices. They just need to release phones that have a shit load of memory so we all can stop doing battery pulls and watching that little clock go round and round when our phones lag

Some people don't know or care about os 6. The people I work for are both running os 4.5 and have no idea about upgrading. For them this phone would be an upgrade.

Some people don't know or care about os 6. The people I work for are both running os 4.5 and have no idea about upgrading. For them this phone would be an upgrade.

I'm glad you were able to tell us it won't run OS6 without any evidence to the contrary.

You should write for Crackberry since you got so much Blackberry information that nobody else has.

I think it is probably safe to assume that this phone will not run OS6 ( at least not a full blown OS6) from what has been speculated and documented here on this site. From what has been written on this site and others OS6 will take up about 260mb of memory. Also, with news of the 9700 and the S2 being revised with more memory it is looking like 512mb is the standard for devices to run OS6. Maybe this phone will be able to get the webkit browser or a light version of the OS6 but really everything right now is simply speculation. Maybe it was a little harsh to state that if you buy this phone you are a dumb**s but i can see where the author of that post was going.

A lot (A LOT!) Of sources have said that the blackberry devices will need 512mb to run os6. So that would be why everyone says it won't run it. However in a recent post by bbleaks (I think) covered by ---> it shows that they may have some kind of os6 for 256mb devices. Would love a slimmed down version of os6 for my 9700 even if it was just the webkit browser. So yes we to clarify one more time. We have heard the hole 512 for os6. But just a few post back we got some insight for a possible os6 version on 256 (new?) Devices.

os6 looks good, but i rather have that on a touchscreen phone, i personally dont care about os6 on these kinda blackberrys

Well aside from the point if this device would or would not run OS6, why would rim even release a device with the outdated OS? With that being said, they might release a stripped version of OS6 for devices wit 256mb ram otherwise it would be a very stupid move on rim's behalf to release a device that will be outdated as soon as 9800 comes out...

Hi there,
I was able to run 5.0 on my 8330 in many hybrid versions even though it wasn't supposed to happen.
I got the 8530 yesterday, bell assured me no new device was being launched anytime soon (liars)

However, I'm already running an OS with 6.0 files included, so I imagine there will be many beta/hybrids for the 9300 aswell.

I'm not impressed that Bell has no knowledge of new releases.

I want the 9800, but who knows when that will be released...