BlackBerry Curve 3G arrives at Rogers locations

BlackBerry Curve 3G
By Bla1ze on 13 Aug 2010 02:06 am EDT

If you're not feeling the BlackBerry Torch and just want a straight up, no frills BlackBerry; Rogers  will gladly offer you a BlackBerry Curve 3G. Previously only available via their website, the BlackBerry Curve 3G has now arrived at most retailers and can be picked up in store. Traditional Curve style exactly like the BlackBerry Curve 8520, preloaded with OS for which, will eventually be replaced by BlackBerry 6.

As BBCool notes though, no case or holster is offered with the new BlackBerry Curve 3G so you may wish to consider picking one up. As it stands, you can grab the BlackBerry Curve 3G from Rogers on a 3yr contract for $79.99, 2yr for $299.99 and 1yr or no contract for $399.99.

Source: BBCool

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BlackBerry Curve 3G arrives at Rogers locations


It's just the Curve 8520 but with 3G...

I don't see why anyone would even want 3G on this phone with the pitiful screen it has. Sure it will get os 6 and the better browser, but the screen is terrible.

I don't know what RIM is doing. I guess there is a market for those who want a low-end 3G phone, but why not release a decent upgrade from the Curve 8900?

Better yet, where is the original Bold refresh? I'd prefer it's bigger screen, bigger keyboard to any other phone. Think about it, with it's size, it can get a 1750 MaH battery (needed for improved processor), at least a 640 x 480 screen now(VERY DO-ABLE), at least 1 gb ram (Os6 requires close to 240 mb and so this way you still have around 700+ mb for apps) 5-8MP camera (with at least 720p HD recording), at least a new 700 mhz-1ghz processor, and since it's got plenty of room, why not a small 1-2 mp camera on the front for video conferencing?

Think about it. While I wish RIM would keep the length and height of the original Bold, it can definitely be slimmer now since mini-usb is out as well.

I'm sure no one here would ever say no to a phone like the one I described above. And it's quite possible to do. I've looked at the FCC internals of the iphone4, the Bold 9000 and Torch 9800 and the added size of the Bold allows for many things.

Plus roughly one million on this, the Bold 9000 was one of the best Blackberries ever, it had an amazing form factor, keyboard, everything. RIM poured tons of money into it's design and ergonomics, and now they seem to have scrapped that and moved onto making all their phones as small as possible in all ways. They need to stop this 3-year planning "we know best" crap and listen to what their customers want NOW, we've been asking for it for bloody ages.

Typed on my Bold 9000

wouldn't say no to the Bold refresh you describe...or similar full qwerty BlackBerry with:
a better processor (1GB), 4 GB eMMC(onboard) + 512 MB - 1GB flash memory (512 MB - 1GB SDRAM), WiFi B/G/N, 3G (all bands including HSPDA+), BB OS 6, Trackpad, 5-8MP camera (don't forget the flash). A full qwerty BlackBerry with these specs is not alot to ask and it would be in the best interests of RIM to make it happen!!! ...if they know what's good for em, lol.

I'd buy that proposed Bold refresh in half a second. I'm still using my Bold 9000 and I'm waiting for a decent upgrade to come along. All these "Bold" phones that are basically rebranded Curves are just pathetic. At this rate, I'll be moving on from Blackberry if they don't bring back the 9000 look.

I'm also typing this from my launch Bold 9000. I will use this as long as I can. If RIM doesn't have a decent Bold replacement by the time this is done, I'll move on elsewhere which is shocking because I've been using BlackBerry for nearly 8+ years.

Crackberry did a poll a few months back and nearly 10000 people or 75% said they would love a bold 9000 refresh.

So RIM, if 10,000 people on a blackberry fanatic site says they want one, why aren't you making it? Instead you're making the 9670 clamshell which is univerally despised. Also, why does the Bold 9700 get a refresh coming soon bu the 9000 doesnt?

All you guys wrote would be the best BB in history!

There is only one thing I would add:
A touchscreen besides the trackpad.
Not to write anything - more to navigate, like:
Pinch-to-zoom on webpages or scrolling around, that would be such a comfortable addition to the trackpad.

And the trackpad would be awesome, with helping to write emails...

wow those are EXPENSIVE prices. I'd never pay 400 dollars for a curve!!! On or OFF contract! My bold2 in January cost me 320 euros, less than 400 dollars, OFF contract unlocked, brand new.... 400 dollars for a curve? mmm... No thanks.

Bla1ze, can you or anyone at CB offer some insight as to why os6 will be available on the Curve 3g but not the Curve 8530? They're exactly the same from what we can see.

I'm pretty sure whether a device can run BlackBerry 6 depends more on the chipset rather than RAM or anything else. That would be why the Pearl 3G, 9700 and now 9300 can get it with 256 RAM. Need the new Marvell chips.

when the Curve 3G here costs ~$300CAD w/ 2 yr contract,
the Torch might cost ~$400CAD w/ 2 yr contract.

hope I'm wrong (and that it's lower)...

If only Canadian carriers would be so nice to their consumers :(. Since the Bold 9000 and the 9700 were both around $600 off contract when they launched, I'm predicting the Torch to be about the same when Rogers gets their greedy hands on it. If we're lucky it'll be $149 on a 3 year contract (after the $50 instant credit and $50 mail in rebate of course).

First thing I read this morning and don't know what I read (or expecting) I tought it said BlackBerry Torch 3G arrives at Rogers Locations... my mind is somewhere else :-) aiming for another device than this one

Those are crack prices!!! This is a curve for god sakes. Should be no more than $29 with 2-yr, and $79 with 1-yr!!! Canada may be the only place where phones and plans are MORE $$$ than the US! And a 3-yr contract?!?! That's a hell of a long time for ANY device. I would sign a 3-yr contract to get a BlackBerry rocking OS7 TODAY.

a bit like apple when it comes to leaving out stuff like holster/cases. I hope they didn't leave out a charger :P

Seriously? Who cares about this phone???
Where is the logic behind the Curve series?
First generation was very successful (83xx series)
Second generation was great (8900 series) which had a better camera and flash (3.2mp), better resolution than the Bold 9000 at 360x480 nicer design, more memory etc...
Third generation was like wtf???? Downgrade from 3.2mp to a 2.0mp with no flash and downgrade the resolution to 320x240???
How does this make any sense?
Maybe Balsillie is too busy thinking about his dream team coming to Canada or better yet "Global Sustainability" UN Panel. Maybe if he focused half his attention to his company's stock price that has tanked down from highs of 140+ (pre-market crash) to now mid 50's, he would see that the company's mindset is not where it needs to be!!!!
Proof is this, Apple stock was at about 200 around the pre-market crash that had then plummeted down to about 78. Apple is now sitting at about 250+ per share. I don't think it's a coincidence, I think Steve Jobs is listening to what people want. The Apple iphone is proof that you don't have to always change the look of a phone that people like. You just need to make it better each time. 1st generation had no bluetooth or cut/paste or flash or even mms capabilities. Each generation got better and better.....Guess what? people kept on buying and buying.....

People buy iphones because they're toys that keep getting better and better. They aren't designed to be solid cell phones but rather good media devices with creative interfaces. All the apps and the waaaaaaayyyyy better browsing is what has killed RIM and their lame line of phones. How can Android be in the game for a lot less than Blackberry but have 70,000+ apps compared to Blackberry's 9000 apps????? Stupid RIM get it together. WOW a that's game-changing technology. Gone are the days of making phones with wifi and no 3G or GPS and no wifi or whatever combos they think of. That worked 4-5 yrs ago because there was no iphone and no android to kill RIM and their market share. RIM could've kept the Bold 9000 for years and just made it better and better. Guess what? I would have kept buying and buying the damn thing. I had the 9700 but hated it because I would make so many mistakes tying cuz the keyboard was too small.

As for the 9800 torch, I have seen multiple Rogers reps in Canada and they all have said the same thing that we're looking at October as a projected date for them to sell the unit.

blackberry is a big market in america, that is why, most carriers offered 2 yrs contracts and canada gets 3 yrs contracts, so you see blackberry sells in america first then 2nd in canada.

Looks like rim is definitely making the curve series their low/mid range phones. Basically the curve 2 was a very nice upgrade over the original curve. Now this one goes back a bit. Obviously to really separate it from the bolds.

Anyways I like many others would like a 9000 refresh. Or better yet bring out the magnum but instead of being the size of the 9700 make it like the 9000. Think that would be huge.

And yes 3 year terms are the norm here. It sucks. Basically the carriers give you $50 off for a 1 yr term. $100 off a 2 yr term. Then a huge discount on 3 yr terms. This is how they get people to sign that long. And yes, 3 years is just too long especially when theres carriers that dont offer hardware upgrade offers and such. Whos really going to keep a phone for 3 years? 2 years should be the most.