BlackBerry Convertible Case for the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Adam Zeis on 18 May 2011 11:09 am EDT

I have to admit that when I first picked up the convertible case for the BlackBerry PlayBook I was totally in love. It showed everything a great case can do. It was multi-functional, stylish and just all around awesome. I could carry my PlayBook in a "low key" way, keep it protected and use the case as a stand. I loved the overall design and feel and was a happy camper. As the days went on however my love started to fade. The power and volume buttons became increasingly more of a pain to press with the case on - sometimes not working at all. I realized that I enjoyed the "naked" feel of my PlayBook more than while it was in the case as well. So I've since moved on to try other cases that better fit me, but I don't think the convertible case is a total loss. It has some downsides that some could easily overlook. Word on the street is that RIM may actually be revamping the case due to various other issues as well so we'll see what happens on that front. 

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BlackBerry Convertible Case for the BlackBerry PlayBook


This is the first and only case I have so far and I really like it. It works great to pack around and good for quick access. A couple of my observations: buttons are indeed tough to use. i took a knife and cut the ridge on the inside of the frame to free them, now they work fine.2. i hate a dirty screen so I carry a small cleaning cloth behind the PB and case,works great !

I had the same problem I took a piece of 12guage electric wire and stripped 1/8 inch piece of the insulation placed it on the cover nipple between it and the Playbook you could glue it to the cover but works great as it is. Should not have to fix things this expensive, but it works.

I tried this one but didn't like it since there's no way to keep it closed, like a snap button, velcro or elastic band. So I went with the Targus Truss for $35 and it's been awesome.

I have it and I love it! Gives it a professional edge! I also have a gel case but that just makes it feel too much like a "toy". I guess it just depends on taste.