This BlackBerry controlled train makes me wish I had of asked for one as a gift!

By Bla1ze on 24 Dec 2013 08:45 pm EST

Over at the BlackBerry Developer Blog they're celebrating the holidays and doing so in some very fun BlackBerry ways. Rob Williams, Application Development Consultant at BlackBerry has taken some time to demo his BlackBerry controlled HO rolling stock train after having recently helped Tim Neil with Bluetooth control for parts of the BatBerry. With some Arduino code coupled with a BlackBerry Cascades application, Rob was able to set up a number of operations that can all be controlled via BlackBerry.

Using the BlackBerry app, my family can now send the train either direction or stop it completely. The train also automatically reverses after a gentle delay when it hits the limit switches. I also built in controls for the lights in the four houses, with the choice between steady or a pretty flickering setting, plus a brightness setting.

The model functions without being connected to my BlackBerry as well; however, when I do connect, I have dynamic instant control over my train from anywhere in the room. It’s a lot of fun for the family and it will definitely be a new annual holiday tradition! 

You can check out the quick video above to see it in action or head on over to the BlackBerry Developer Blog for a further look at the story behind it all. Totally awesome! Shame I'm a bit late to ask for a train set for the holidays.

Read more at the BlackBerry Dev Blog

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This BlackBerry controlled train makes me wish I had of asked for one as a gift!


Yeah that's pants. Poor grammar grates. A hot shot blogger like Bla1ze should be setting a better example than that.

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Can't get pass that "had of" to read the article. That grammar nazi OCD is "effecting" me right now.

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That train, featured in the picture, has three generations of family working for the business, and owned by the investment company owned by Alan Greenspan.

BNSF; Bullington Northern Santa Fa

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The title seems to confuse me....or had i just had too much to drink? The preposition "of" needs to be deleted imho...

Sorry, but spamming every single damn post won't gain any new channel followers. Give it up bro.

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Who doesn't like trains? Although if somebody were to give me this, I wouldn't even be able to control it. I want a Q5. :(

Check out free software that runs on Windows /Mac/Linux and there are iPhone and Android clients for control. I have the Android one side loaded on my Playbook connecting to my RaspPI...... should sideload to BB10 no problem....

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I wonder if it would work with the QNX powered engines running rail lines in US, Canada, France, Switzerland, etc. , or the QNX powered chunnel train?

Now THAT would be some good fun!

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I WANT IT!!! If this is real, we should be able to control any DCC train and accessories... Please have someone program it for all the train guys around!

You can !
In fact, I have started a train layout in N-scale. I'm using DCC protocol with Ecos command station from ESU.
Of course, I'm using Rocrail to drive my trains from my laptop or from a mobile / tablet. You can install a Rocrail client. I'm intend to write a native application with cascades.
Nicolas - developer of the applications : PlayCloud and PhotoWall 3D

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Sounds great.... a native BB10 client for Rocrail......

Currently running a Digitrax DCS50 with DS64's and additional block detection through mgv50. Server is on RaspPI. And client on PC and Playbook.

HO Trix/Fleisxann

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I read the Crackberry post and jumped over to his blog. Can anyone give us some more Information on how to achieve this kind of control? Is there a special Bluetooth receiver in the Train? Or do you just control voltage and polarity? I would be interested in getting more Information.


Hi, circuit diagram, Arduino code, and cascades code are on github, under cascades community samples, Holiday Train...