BlackBerry CEO has a plan to not be dependent on handsets [Updated Again!]

Be Sure To Read John Chen's Statement in Response to the Reuters Story (link at bottom)
By Sam Sabri on 9 Apr 2014 08:03 pm EDT

Speaking to Reuters, BlackBerry CEO John Chen said the company would consider dumping the handset division. This would only be the case if the unit remained unprofitable. The company is also looking at broadening its corporate reach by considering strategic partnerships and acquisitions.

Here's John Chen on BlackBerry's mobile phone outlook if the unit can't be a money maker:

"If I cannot make money on handsets, I will not be in the handset business."

He didn't clarify on when such a decision would be made, but did note that a time frame for a decision like that was short.

BlackBerry is also considering investments or partnerships with companies in various regulated industries. Healthcare, legal and financial services are all industries where John Chen thinks BlackBerry could leverage its secure communications products into a profitable future.

Update from Kevin: Hey All, OK... calm down. A few things here. We got this post up quick based off the Reuters story, but the quote in that story came from a longer video interview which was posted after and was a bit out of context (that's the problem with being fast on the news relaying - I've updated this post's title). Also, Chen spoke to Bloomberg as well and his interview there was along the same lines but put more clarity into his train of thought (Bloombergs post went up a couple hours after Reuters did). Here's a better quote from the Bloomberg interview:

“I don’t have a plan to get rid of handsets, I have a plan to not be dependent on handsets. All I need to do is replace the handset revenue, and this company will be very different.”

Chen saying this shouldn't come across as a big surprise. He has been very clear since he came onboard that he'll do what it takes to turn around BlackBerry. He was very to me that he wants to make BlackBerry handsets. When you hear the name BlackBerry you immediately picture a phone — so what's the BlackBerry name without handsets? At the same time, Chen has been very clear that he's looking at BlackBerry (the company) as a portfolio of businesses, and that he needs to make each profitable. Between enterprise services, handsets, messaging (BBM) and QNX, each business is unique, with its own opportunities and challenges. He's not going to let one bad "division" bring the company down over the longer run. On the handset front, Chen did take immediate action by partnering with Foxconn to help stop the losses on handsets.

Overall, it's really consistent messaging and that not big of a surprise. You should definitely watch the Reuters video below:

Source: Reuters

Also, kudos to CrackBerry commenters. See, even if we a headline goes up that's not quite right... the community straightens it out fast. You can't beat that.

UPDATE #2: John Chen wrote a blog post this morning on the inside BlackBerry blog, clarifying that he has no intentions of leaving the handset business. READ THE ARTICLE HERE!

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BlackBerry CEO has a plan to not be dependent on handsets [Updated Again!]



Terrible thing to say....spoken like a true engineer. How can you expect people to buy the phones when he says things like this. BlackBerry let me down when I went to get a new phone a year and a half ago. They had an outdated OS, so I bought an android phone. I am planning on buying one of the new devices at the end of this year. Makes me feel like my new phone will end up like my Playbook.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

It's statements like these that take the piss out of even the most dedicated supporters of BlackBerry...

If you want to make a decision make it and stop fucking around with people!

These goddamn phones are NOT free. I had to pay for mine. And it didn't come cheap!

I've already got fucked with the PlayBook, so, please if I'm going to get my ass handed again, would you do me the courtesy of letting me know ahead of time! At least that way I can think about purchasing another device instead of looking forward to another BlackBerry!

You know, it's getting harder and harder to stand by this company, Canadian or not! Everytime you think they finally got their heads out of their asses, Chen or whoever, makes a fucking statement like this and takes the wind out of your sails!

Stop making statements and make decisions! You owe all the people that have stood by you at least that much!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

Chill dude. They are not even done leaning out the company. When they free up some more salary and sell off some property, they'll break even. Break even is the goal for the near future. Once there, investors will be more pleased. Stock will slowly climb and slight profits will trickle in. The key is not counting chickens before they are hatched. Heins did this. I liked Heins but he made some big mistakes. The largest of which I think was somehow odering $ 1Billion worth of devices he did not need. Better to sell out and order more for later I think than stockpiling 2.5M devices or more. Thinking that everyone buying a new BlackBerry would buy a completely new unproven OS right out of the gate in droves may have been crazy. Also, they weren't cheap. I'm not saying they need to all be $199 but the $700 for the Z10 was a bit much. This whole phone is plastic. No premium materials. No cutting edge/ahead of the curve hardware. No premium costs to go with the premium price. I love my phone. I love the OS. But it could easily have been cheaper. Plus I'll buy it because it's BlackBerry and I want to support them. The general public doesn't care and already thought BlackBerry was going down. Selling the phones at little to no profit and making crazy deals with carriers to get the phones out there would have panned out better I think. The deal with Foxconn could be the best thing to happen to them. They won't over produce. They can build very good quality phones. They have tremendous buying power to give BlackBerry better phones for cheaper. The Z3 is $200! It's not the greatest thing ever but it's $200 with good specs and a great OS. Imagine what you could get for 5-600 dollars? I think he's on the right path. Let's just hope it's not too late for the hardware.

Posted via CB10

Yeah...that is well and good, but they've been tap dancing around for too long around this point. You get a statement like this, which contradicts everything else they appear to be doing.

That doesn't inspire confidence in consumers. BlackBerry should be worrying about it's existing consumer base and maintain that and not loose any more! Don't worry about the rest. People who haven't bought BlackBerry devices probably won't anyways. Not yet.

Remember Apple, at first when they started their comeback they went after their hardcore customers, got them back and built from there! As someone pointed out, 10 years ago, in 2004 when Apple was still on its way back, and it's survival was not assured by any means, the company was worth only around $ 5 billion dollars! Sound familiar?! The difference between it and BlackBerry? Concise, clear action, strength of planning and execution of a well thought and conceived plan...and even with Jobs at the helm, Apple didn't revive itself overnight!

What BlackBerry has done is the complete opposite up to now, and sadly it appears to continue doing so...

I bough BlackBerry devices, including a Curve 9360, a PlayBook and a Z10 because they were the BlackBerry brand! I unloaded the Curve after less than 1 year and happily switched to BB10 and the accompanying Z10. I paid full price for my handset.

I bought a 64GB PlayBook in 2012, eventhough many counselled against it (luckily I got a good deal $199 dollars Canadian...) . But at that time there was still the promise of the free upgrade to BB10...and that didn't happen...and now tech support is over... but I still have my PlayBook and continue to use it...

In less than one year I spent about $1300 dollars on BlackBerry. Maybe for some that is not a lot...but for me it is! No one forced me, I chose to because I wanted to use BlackBerry...

Now if you as a company, after everything that has happened, start alienating people that have stood by you, not just with words, but actual dollars (I cannot even remember how much I spent on accessories! ) then you are screwed!

If your hardcore customers cannot believe in do you expect to attract new ones?

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

No actually he isn't! I wish he was! Everytime I check on Crackberry, or other sources (don't put too much stock in the mainstream news media, especially financial analysts) all news are contradictory!

One day is... BlackBerry will become a niche company catering only to businesses and governments as well as a small number of "prosumers", actually they will not abandon their loyal customers...then the PlayBook is officially dead...Another day they get a contract with Foxconn (or as I call them Apple Murder Central) to produce "new devices" with a look towards the future...then they place an order for more BlackBerry legacy devices using the obsolete day they say they will keep the company intact, the other they'll sell pieces of it, including the only one I as a consumer am interested in...does that sound to you like a clear message? If it does more power to you!

As for me I gotta start counting my money and continue to whether its still advisable to stay with BlackBerry...or wait until the Z10 I have will become also useless and get steamrolled again!

And here I always try to sing praises for BlackBerry for their originality and creativity...and then they go ahead and basically undermine themselves...and as a consumer I'm left feeling and looking like a jackass!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

Absolutely the most intelligent comment I've heard towards BlackBerry I've heard I'm months of not years. I agree with every word you've said!

Posted via CB10

John Chen's comment has been taken out of context. He knows as well as we all know without the BB10 handsets, the Enterprise dream will never grow. They both go hand in hand.

Studying pretty much all of his interviews, the worst case Scenario would be to "Licence" BlackBerry 10 to manufacturers such as SONY & LG for example.

Anyhow, way too premature. If the Z30, being the best smart phone on the planet does not give us an indication that BlackBerry is awesome at handsets, then what will. The Culprit? Garbage Marketing. Fix that and they will fly off store shelves. Don't believe me? Ask Apple and Samsung.

This is an insane statement....if you are going to sell it then sell it don't make the same mistake that Heins did..He should keep his mouth shut and do publicly saying this he will hurt future sales.

Posted via CB10

Does it mean the Blackberry is exiting device business all together or will it outsource the device manufacturing to thirdparty like foxconn?.

The OP was a bit reckless. The handset division is weak. We all know this. Lots of people that follow CB are waiting to hear another statement about the death of BlackBerry handsets. This just serves as fuel to the fire. Please don't feed into it. If the division gets dumped, it gets dumped. But I still here one of the best devices (with the best OS) on the market. The OP could be trolling. Is the world renowned BlackBerry going away? Only time will tell. Until then, I'm good!

Z10 (STL 100-3) Superphone with vitamin

I'll wait 'till the Q20 comes out. Maybe that'll be the last BlackBerry made, as long as I can my hands on it, BlackBerry can rest at peace.


This could very easily mean Foxconn will produce future devices only.

Congrats on your first article Sam.

What they need is a stainless steel "Porsche Design" Q5 with a ruby keyboard and gold leaf lettering.

Posted via CB10

Don't you actually have to TRY SELLING handsets before you throw in the towel and say "we can't make money."?? Unbelievable....

Posted via CB10

You're who BlackBerry is looking to captivate! Proof that BlackBerry is still alive! Thank you for your post!!!

Z10 (STL 100-3) Superphone with vitamin

It is really interesting that some people say things like "The End is near" when Chen tells truth. There is a time frame and there is a number of devices that has to be sold. Chen made a simple statement. And the Numbers of devices that need to be sold are possible because Z3 is there and a "Belt One" is around the corner. No need to be scared.

Any further insights or thoughts on what they're thinking about in terms of verticals and security software? That sounds interesting... BlackBerry is the only one I'd trust to manage regulated industries. I think they could do a bang up job there.

Curious to know more about what they're thinking there...

BRON: a cron-like scheduler for BlackBerry 10.

Kevin : this is not news...

It's akin to saying - if the world ends the BlackBerry will no longer sell phones.

Posted via CB10

You have to market to sell. If that doesn't happen, they can't make themselves be profitable.

Posted via CB10

I don't think it is the right thing to say at this moment when you're trying to sell to business and they will ask are you there on the long term with software and devices!!!!

Posted via CB10

Plan the next step...I have a Z and the states where I live nobody wants them. I am also on T- Mobile...this has been a rough few months...

Posted via CB10

Dang just like hp with pre line phones lol I guess I will have to eventually get another IPhone :(

Posted via CB10

I'm thinking the same thing, and u really don't want to. I enjoy the structure of BB10 and as far as I can tell iOS is the closest. I used to have an iPhone (3G) and I switched to BlackBerry for a reason. Don't want to have to go back.


Let's all face it...the end is nigh.

We'll all be sporting dreaded droids in a couple of years as there'll be no choice.

I love my Z10 but in 2 years it'll seem really dated and although it'll still work I can't see anyone not jumping ship UNLESS BB release a handset upgrade.

It's so tough loving BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

My response to that is:

If you do not market your products, you will not sell your products.

Posted via CB10 on my beautiful Q10

Same here! The Z30 is great! I had hoped to see what the Z50 might be like. I hope BlackBerry continues to make handsets, or licences someone to manufacture them.

Posted via CB10

Totally agree. Lack of marketing and lack of a Z10 replacement one year later is not helping. If you want to sell handsets, try!

Posted via CB10

My word.... dump the keyboard handsets and move forward with a kick ass all touch series.

I know the blackberry faithful love their keyboards but no one else does!

John Chen needs to commit ASAP to all touch phones to stop the droid and iPhone users laughing.

By all means, make a keyboard series but please.....move with the times...
Give us and the unconverted top all touch phones......Now!!!

Posted via CB10

And pay the shop carrier staff outrageous commission to SELL the handsets!!

Posted via CB10

In all the time since the Z10 came out, not once have I seen even an inkling of decent marketing by BBry. I think we all agree the OS is excellent and still evolving. The handsets are leagues ahead of OS7 devices. So whats lacking..???

Well most believe BBry to be dead and gone, no ads, no marketing, NO Presence least in EU and NA. Its as if this company has for intents and purposes died already.

I just hope I can get my hands on a pair of Q20's - with proper care, should last me for a long time.

...and so goodnight...keep the faith my bro's and sisters.

Via what's really, a BOLD X....on X.II.I

Such statements from the CEO are irresponsible.

It's back to the summer of 2013 when blackberry was put for sale and everybody stopped buying phones. Even I was hesitating to buy a Z30 last fall because of the public statements coming from BlackBerry.

Smart companies like Nokia first arrange the sale and then announce it, not viceversa.

BlackBerry is making money mostly from phones.
Nobody buys the software (why isn't QNX making money?!) and certainly selling software without hardware is not secure.

I am surprised that 5M B10 phones were sold because they have been practically impossible to buy even in Toronto, let alone elsewhere.

You cannot sell phones if no carrier supports them and sells them.

Posted via CB10

I think this is a great move for BlackBerry. Chen is making a very solid choice for the company to keep it afloat. He's letting people know he means business and will anything it takes to secure BlackBerry's future.

Posted via CB10

People people getting out of the handset business means getting someone else to do it like Foxconn or something doesn't mean no bb10 phones..... .you need hardware to to run the don't worry but not having any more blackberry 10 phones...personally I wish they could have Foxconn make all their phone just apple uses them to make their iPhone makes perfect sense and still maintain the blackberry quality the z3 and q20 won't be the last of blackberry phones made by Foxconn there will be many more and remember he said eventually they will use Foxconn to make high end phones. it's a 5 year contract with them so people stop fretting lol

I think this states the obvious. If handset sales don't start treading upwards in the next two devices it's time to rethink. No point in being in this business if it's a loss as much as I love the device. I'd ride out my latest BlackBerry 10 phone for a long while in that case lol.

Aka S.Jizzle Z30STA100-5/

How else could they support BlackBerry if they stopped making handsets? I mean, you can run the current ones in to the ground, but once it goes the way of the PlayBook people will have to switch to something. Personally I am going to wait as long as I can.


The easiest customers to sell are the ones you already are doing business with. Why does BlackBerry not market directly to those who have stood by you?

Posted via CB10

If they make phones like the one's I have been designing, they will definitely sell millions of them again...

Even if BlackBerry stopped selling handsets tomorrow, my z10 ain't outdated or isn't rendered unusable. It's a good mp3 player; a good camera; good voice recorder; a good library of apps; and has a fast browser. And if my carrier continues to support my phone if BlackBerry decides to stop handset production, I still have BBM for texting and superior voice calling. Me worry? Nope.

Posted via CB10

But still BlackBerry 10 OS is the superior than any other mobile OS.

Mobile OS should remain instead someone like FOXCONN Should make all the future hardware for BlackBerry handsets.

BlackBerry Z10 Rocks

Wtf! BlackBerry is going into health care!!!! We are poor little lambs, who have list our way, bah,bah,bah

Posted via CB10

I agree with the context statements. Posts like this border on sensationalism and spread rumors. Out of context spin on the title and should not have been posted on CB that way. Maybe CB is turning into CNN? :)

I'm sure Samsung and Apple would say that exact same thing.

And any other company.

If I can't make money selling the iPhone, I won't make it.

it's common business, I don't think he's going to mail it in just yet.

Posted via CB10

It's this kind of stupid comment that keeps folks from buying their phones.

This is NOT what BlackBerry needs.

Strike two!

Posted via Verizon Z10 - OS v10.1.2.2174

Watch the interview before writing this garbage CB. Time for your readers who actually like BlackBerry to move on. Bunch of useless garbage articles.

Posted via CB10

Defiantly not N4BB. But do you mean to a place that actually reads and listens to the interview before writing a completely off base traffic grab article that is absolutely false and only picks apart part of the story. Clearly you didn't listen to the interview either. Apparently can't think for yourself and just take what CB tells as the gospel. Listen to the interview before you spew the same garbage the author of this article did. Maybe you and him should learn how to get the whole story and not just pick and choose and edit for your own purposes.

Hahahaha you are hilarious birdman. The only butthurt is you constantly saying that as though going to another site (and actual fan site) is a bad thing for true fans. Heaven forbid someone should not enjoy your precious CB lol. And the REAL butthurt is likely from this writer and CB who basically just admitted there was absolutely ZERO effort put into this article. Great work. I bet it feels nice to eat some crow. Maybe next time take 5 minutes to actually do some research before you bash the company that made you who you are. Anyways, done responding to you birdman. The update and admission in the article is enough for me. Enjoy this and I'll go enjoy the only place that actually watched the video and reported accordingly. And yes it's UTB.

As a shareholder I am happy to see that he is doing what is right for the business but as a fan I am saddened and shocked. If there is no BlackBerry Phones around, I don't know what I would do. It doesn't speak confidence to developers and phone buyers if you plan on ditching the handsets. 5 million devices sold is still more than the PlayBook. I would say it is still developing and the lower price models will help

Posted via CB10

It really depends on how you interpret the sentence : "If I cannot make money on handsets, I will not be in the handset business". We need to read the sentence(s) before and after this quoted one before making a conclusion.

In my opinion, he means he is sure he will be able to make money from the handset business as he is now putting his feet on it. Logic: there will be some new handsets to be rolled out soon, and he just won the case against the keyboard thing. ????

""If I cannot make money on handsets, I will not be in the handset business."

Since when did he own BlackBerry!???

Now I am really concerned. I almost want Mike L back. Ack!

Posted via Verizon Z10 - OS v10.1.2.2174

They need to stop making 82 phones and make 2 models at a time: touchscreen and keyboard. Stop wasting money.

Posted via CB10

Must be a slow news week if Crackberry has to write an entire article regarding the obvious.

Development and manufacturing of devices costs $$$. If you don't see a return on that investment over time, then you have to cut your loses in order to sustain other sections within the company that have a higher chance of being or becoming profitable.

That’s just logical and straightforward business 101 Mr. Chen is putting on display if you ask me.

Posted via CB10

Some people just don't like hearing the facts. Mr Chen said he envisions profitability soon. Please do yourself a favor and stop taking things out of context.

The FACT that the title of this post had to be changed should be proof enough of the poor journalism

If the Z3 and Q20 flop, it'll be the end of handsets as we know it. In March 2015, John Chen wants to announce BlackBerry is profitable. If anything is preventing that he'll evaluate and act accordingly.

Sounds reasonable to me, but since I'm not a member of the board I'd rather not speculate in areas outside of my expertise.

I don't like this direction. These are all subtle hints that I don't like to see.

Let's just cut to the chase. Make a deal with Google and go full Android. I don't want these BlackBerry 10 devices going the way of the dinosaur

Posted from my Z30 on CB10

Well, I was kind of disappointed that BlackBerry is making another Keyboard Phone as a Flagship. I predict that will be as successful the Z30 (insert sarcasm). I own a Z30 and love it. I also own a Z10 and like it, but I am losing faith. I see Samsung making a move before too long. Microsoft had its chance and has chosen a different path. Guess I will dust off my Lumia 920 again after 8.1 Update hits.
I wish Blackberry would get their Marketing going, that is killing them.

Rocktauber Approves This Post

Spoken like someone who has served as CMO or CFO of a multinational for many yrs. Maybe Mr Chen should have hired you to help with the turnaround as you seem to have so much insight into what they're doing wrong.

IMO, 1. Advertising and 2. Apps, is what is lacking for BB. So now there's all this negativity about BB. Also, the majority of people have already gotten accustomed to their new brands of phones. Yes we can now get SOME ANDROID apps, but not all and they are mostly buggy. So as long as there is that, it's going to be hard to get people to switch. If it is safe to say BlackBerry will continue to be lacking apps, then it will be hard to sell phones. And if there isn't a demand for phones, then popular apps won't come to BB. And it just keeps going round and round. BlackBerry needs something else to entice people to switch...but what?? And if they do, then they need to put it out there in a big way. I have been with BlackBerry for years, so I don't necessarily go for the latest thing right away. Most of the time it's exciting and new but then you don't use it anymore after awhile. I stick with what works and is practical and I stick it out to give it a chance. But I think a large part of society wants the latest and greatest even if it doesn't make sense. I am in no way as smart as some of you guys, but just wanted to give take. I believe in BB. They have a great company, people just don't want to pay attention. :/

I read the article on Bloomberg and this is absolutely not a statement that the handset business will be ended, far from that. John is stating that he is in the handset business to stay and he will generate additional revenue streams.

Posted via CB10

Thank you Bruno for trying to inject some reality into this thread. You're right - people need to read/listen to what John Chen actually said.

Posted via CB10

Then stop making dozens of different phones Chen! How the hell are you supposed to be profitable when there are dozens of dam BlackBerrys? Make the full touch, Qwerty and something for "emerging markets" and promote the hell out if then!

Posted via CB10

Gratuitously worded title. The quote clearly mentions a conditional statement, which is obviously reasonable.

The title of this article, on the other hand, appears to be intended to grab (undeserved) attention.

Read my post with the link if you want the truth. Only reason I came here was to discredit this shabby writing

These news may please shareholders but scares customers... and without customers how do you pay shareholders? Catch 22...

Posted via CB10

Bottom Line: NO MARKETING = NO SALES =NO $$$. If BlackBerry had advertised the Z10 on TV, print, Internet ads, etc, they would have sold more than a handful of phones. Carriers would have been talking up BlackBerry instead of ignoring it. Carriers would be carrying the entire line. They wouldn't be losing outlets, ie T-Mobile . The situation is dire and the hole gets bigger. Bringing back "classic" phones is ludicrous. Maybe he thinks this will turn the clock back to when BlackBerry was making money. I don't see a Z50 uber-phone coming out. BlackBerry used to be a top phone company. Now they want to put out cheap phones.

Posted via CB10

They actually advertised the Z10, but did so very poorly (see failed Super Bowl commercial).
The "Classic" is Chen's attempt to correct Thor's oversight with their business clients.
Low end is where much of the market is heading. It's BlackBerry's last hope in consumer.

So I see mr. Chen would possibly be willing to sell off the handset division of blackberry, but what I don't understand is if you aren't making money why continue making newer versions of phones when you see your competitors making one or two phones and adding a bit more storage and changing price, but of course let's keep blowing more money on more phones that may get some sales or may not but what's 100 million to us when we could possibly lessen the blow to the bank account and get someone to make one full touch screen in three different memory sizes along with some cool additives and one full keyboard version also with 3 different memory sizes with some additives, which would probably keep everyone more interested like apple and Samsung has but hey what do I know I just buy the products and buy the stocks

Posted via CB10

Looks like the phone business is going bye bye. BlackBerry has a dismal global market share. Sorry guys.

How do you sell more phones without any marketing, which has been going on for some time by now?

Posted via CB10

Hey Kevin I just have a quick question in regards to when you guys sit down with upper management or the big man himself Mr. Chen do you guys ever bring the Crackberry community into your conversations like what we talk about on the forums or when we post comments like we are now to help voice our opinions so that they hear us loud and clear?

Posted via CB10

Ok, found it on bloomberg:

While software and services may be the focus, “I hope nobody thinks we don’t take seriously our handset business,” Chen said.

Cool down, people

Posted via CB10

This is why the Z3 must be a success. This phone needs marketing all over the world, an LTE version for developed markets and a price tag under $200 US. If all of this is done then BlackBerry has a chance to start gaining back market share.

Go BlackBerry!!

Posted via CB10

At least Chen tells it like it is. We won't find out how serious he is about giving it his all until we see what is in store for Indonesia. I never believed inball the hype when the press stated the Z10 was BlackBerry's final shot. Unfortunately, I now believe this is true in regards to the Z3. Strange how the company's last shot is dependent on a sub $200. 00 device. It does have a good chance though. To me, it's one of the best looking BlackBerry's to date that packs the most for the buck. Mr. Chen did say any smartphone company in trouble is always one great device away from greatness.
Crackberry, can you please get some coverage from Indonesia? I think many on here want to know if BlackBerry is at least taking this Z3 launch seriously.

Powered by BlackBerry

They ain't even pitting in the work to make it successfully no promotion nothing. Smh #blackberryZ30 is a great phone and no one knows about it but yet they upset upon the sales

Posted via CB10

That would be the most ridiculous decision. To dump the handset business. They have a 5 year deal with Foxconn. Whatever, I've just about had it with all this crap.

Posted via CB10

Sam, go read the transcript and quit posting BS! You took out one small snippet from his answer to a hypothetical question. Is CB that desperate for hits?

I'd just like to know how BlackBerry expects the handset division to ever become profitable when they don't advertise the phones the division produces.

Please don't lecture me on etiquette. From your posts you obviously are not a fan of facts, just inflammatory, anti BlackBerry drivel.

1) if you listen to the Reuters interview around the 3:07 mark you will hear what Chen said.

2) you call other sites shady yet offer no proof.

3) CB failed to perform it's journalistic responsibility by listening to the audio and accurately reporting on the facts.

4) a blogger from Mobile Nations writing for the first time on CB may be looking for controversy to increase the hits to his post

5) telling another member to leave and go to another site is an infraction if memory serves

Finally I acknowledge the right of free speech so feel free to continue bashing BlackBerry on this site or any site of your choosing

If you have a problem with my realism, that's fine. It's amusing to see how someone can so easily get under your skin.

If you have a problem with how things are run on the site, you should take it up with Kevin.

You call it realism, while others call it BlackBerry bashing.

News flash, Kevin is an absentee manager, most of his time is dedicated to The android and iPhone side of things, that's why CB is in such a shambles, allows haters like you to continue posting, and had to change titles of articles d/t their inflammatory nature

Oh Birdman, REALLY, are you allergic to reading? Look at Kevin's recent posts where he admits his time has been spent at the sister sites. Also was I wrong about the title changing? Also read your posts and honestly ask yourself are you giving constructive criticism and trying to build the brand as a fan, or pointing out problem after problem with no solutions?

I'm done wasting my time on someone with such limited abilities

Kevin must realize BlackBerry is moving away from the consumer market. In a year he might not have much to report on. That could explain why he has focused his efforts on the other sites. Also why CrackBerry writers like Chris Parsons are contributing to sister sites.

Damn like seriously until mow I have not considered a world without a physical blackberry...

Posted via z30 sta 100-5

Everybody wants Z3 to be success. But when new customer in Indonesia read this news like this, no want will buy new device like Z3 if this device will end up like playbook.

Posted via CB10

Ouch! I'm sure I'm not the only one who goes out of the way to promote BlackBerry especially with bb10

I'm disappointed that is how he feels about the phones

I flick!

Sadly, this is why I sold my Z10 and Q10 and purchased a Lumia 925. I loved my BB10 phones but came to an understanding it's a losing battle. I hope I am wrong, though.

This type of news will sink this company. I've been loyal behind blackberry and confident with time this could turn around. But at this point I'm now having my first doubts about continuing to buy devices, accessories and apps if the support looks like it won't be there in the future. If I feel this way I don't see current non-blackberry users trying to decide what brand handset to buy being willing to change and give BlackBerry a try. I understand the need to make a profit but this is not how to restore confidence in this brand.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry must improve camera, hardware and other. It will attract more customer. BlackBerry need to build device attracts young and business consumers. Look at others phone makers how they attract with their hardware and features.

BlackBerry OS superior then other OS but we need more than that.

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I made the mistake of commenting on this before watching the interview. Really unwise. Two things Mr. Chen said......
1. He if fixated on making money on handsets.
2. He has to make handsets work no matter what. If that means getting others to produce them for BlackBerry and so on.

Sam, with all do respect, you have this completely wrong. Why would you mix his words and leave out the most important parts of this interview? This is either on purpose or just plain lazy reporting.

Everyone, I would recommend watching the interview before commenting.

I can't believe this Crackberry article was approved before press??????

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Because he is a WP Central writer what a absolutely piece of rubbish article that was if BGR had wrote if everyone would be up in arms about how twisted it is

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I would like to add that Reuters got it wrong also in the written article. I don't get this? Amazing how they can have someone come in for an interview and twist their words like this. Again, watch interview and don't read the article.

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I am hurt after seeing this post. We blackberry fans didn't make the company run under loss Chen. It's the company that's responsible so why we have to bare the blunt. You just can't kill the handset business as there are millions of fans like me depend on our phones to be productive every day. Remember you have huge corporate companies using your handset too. How can you think in these lines. It's been just 9 months I started using a BlackBerry phone and you don't know how much I love it. Rather than thinking in this direction think in lines to fix the company strategy and ideas to make the BlackBerry phones live forever. Nothing comes foor free so struggle and win the fight rather than getting a LOOSER tag.

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That's what Mr. Chen said in the interview. He said he has to make the handsets work no matter what. Crackberry and Reuters have this wrong.

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Hope it does not happen. If it does avoid Apple at all costs. Do not let the evil empire win.

Apple, The New Evil Empire

What's kinda annoying on a slow news day is the big story out of nothing. I am sure Chen got the simply question how long does BlackBerry keep making phones when they are not profitable. And any good business man would say if it keeps not making money they would have to stop. I think they are going to focus on markets that could get a lot of BlackBerry phones in people's hands like selling out of z10 in India. Z3 coming soon for a smoking price.

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This is like escaping forward. This is like avoiding obstacles instead of defeating them. This is losers talk. John chen have done nothing ever he took leadership to think of dumping handsets! BlackBerry handsets are the media image of the company so dumping it would be a stupid thing to do. Its as if GM when they were in trouble after the long time ago crisis would dump car business for making gearboxes for example! GM are back now as second in world car industry. BlackBerry is originally a handset company thats what it has been known for so Chen has to change the company name also not just dumping handsets.

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Watch interview. Do it not read the Reuters article about the interview. Don't even believe Sams lazy reporting here.

WATCH interview. Look what you did Crackberry. Everybody's commenting on the wrong facts. Insane.

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This is one of main reasons I'm about to abandon CB after visiting it every single day for the last 3 years. Who did approve an article like this here? And who in the world is Sam Sabri with his lazy writing? Guys, you did an awful work here!

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Thank you. Crackberry members have grown to trust the articles and rightfully so. This Sam guy did not watch the video and just copied what Reuters said. Biggest mistake in journalism.

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I don't think this will happen.. he isn't going to dump handset business... bb10 has just started.. let's wait sure the day of success is soon... z3 will be a flop for sure there is no doubt in it.. hopefully we can see good handsets in future :)

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I think this is an unwanted statement by John Chen. .. most will assume that he is going to shut down handset n sure by this statement many can think why should we buy a phone which is gonna be dumped soon.. so no negative statements Mr john chen... do not disappoint us

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Very true, but he didn't say this. He said he has to make handsets work no matter what. He also said he is fixated on making it work.

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You can't blame Chen for making the statement. What competent CEO would stand and let the company continuously lose money on a product that can be nixed? I would hate to see BlackBerry leave the device business but it would only make sense if they decided to...

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True, but he did not say this. Watch interview and don't read Reuters article while on that site.

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Thank you! Someone else that actually reads and doesn't follow the pied piper over the edge. It's amazing when the whole article is read what info can be found instead of reading a half truth from a previous fan. A half truth may still be called a full lie

Please do not stop the handsets. Instead, market it more. Places in Singapore where there is a huge market for handphones. But due to the lack of marketing, no one knows how awesome bb10 is. The Windows are already pumping up their marketing and sales are going up.

We have an awesome product. Just lack of the marketing to justify it.

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I checked the source for this article and it's one sentence from Mr. Chen, which means it's not a source. It's odd that Reuters didn't post the entire interview or maybe they did. Does that mean that Mr. Chen just called up Reuters and said, "If I cannot make money on handsets, I will not be in the handset business." *click* Probably not.

Common BlackBerry os10 it's the best os I've ever used, it's amazing. There's BlackBerry users all over the world, there's a whole community like this one, crackberry. We still believe BlackBerry is the best one!!!! It's just a matter of time to get people back.

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No, it's sad Crackberry didn't watch the video and then give you the wrong information.

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Can one of the Crackberry writers try to clarify all this with another post?

There is a lot of confused and misunderstanding among the members here. I think a lot of people have misinterpreted what John Chen has said, myself included at times.

John Chen's recent interview with Reuters has cleared a lot of things up for me, but from the comments I've been reading there seems to be a lot of embroiling. This is where the Crackberry writers need to step in and do what they do best.


Would be a shame if blackberry stopped making phones. OS10 is amazing but the phones are underrated. Most people I know went from blackberry curves, bolds and torches to iPhones straight away. It's the hype that the iPhone is the best that let's down bb's sales imo. iPhone is a good phone but I'm not sure if I'd choose it over my z10 or getting a z30. It's just spoilt kids who want what's popular. In my skl at least :P

(Sorry for rant. I should probs sleep now, it's 5:45am)

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Ah!!! come on now!!! I finally upgraded to a "Q10" and Sprint just barely rereleased 10.2.1 and it ROCKS and now this??? P L E A S E...

BlackBerry will build phones for the next 5 years, they have a commitment and if blackberry is smart they gone talk to Nokia if they are interested in blackberry 10. Another company would be Samsung. I mean if 100 samsung android will be on a bes12 server why not 100 Samsung BB10 phones.

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Now his personality is clear as water.

I guess all the companies and institutions dumping the BlackBerry phones are correct. It does not matter how secure is the phone if the phone has no future.

If the CEO can imagine it as a possibility. Why would not the customers?

Seriously, bad, bad bad....

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If you are not able to get money from BlackBerry handsets, then better you go somewhere else! And you can hardly think that you can make profit on anything else, coz you proof you are a looser. It is so easy to make some money, especialy if people are telling you what are their needs... Or, yes you should undergo this job to somebody with real bussines mind.

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 FACT: Z10 is the best phone I've ever had. Bb10 is the best OS out there. I convinced a few friends and family to go with it too. PROBLEM 1: ALL my friend's Z10 phones have problems, from speakers , to batteries replaced to dead phones. Not one wants to go with BlackBerry again. PROBLEM2: nobody here in RSA (once one of the largest BlackBerry markets) knows about the great Z30. It's available but no carrier punts it. They punt legacy BlackBerry phones at best! What now...? 

 Via Ze Ten 

So does this mean, Mr. Chen, that all of us loyal handset users are going to be left blowing in the wind? If so, it's your business and you can do so if you choose. But don't look to us to support your BES or any other product when we can't depend on you for this. The way I see it, if you are willing to walk away from one customer line,why would you hesitate with any other line?
When my contract is up, I'll switch to a business that gives a damn.

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We are back to for sale signs. Of course if you don't make money you can't continue. But for the CEO to raise the prospect is a bad move. Heins found that out. It is literally why BlackBerry did not sell. Some things you just do when you need to. You dont make the market nervous or it s wallows you.

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I live in Italy, and this is one of the biggest smartphone market in Europe, if not the biggest : I never saw a BlackBerry commercial of any kind, I just saw 3 z10s, 5 q10s, 2 Q5s and 2 z30s around in the last year and a half.

Dear John Chen, I guess, being the bass, you are the one who has to make your product appealing.

BlackBerry seriously needs to take the marketing factor as more than important. Otherwise, it seems to me BlackBerry really isn't interested in ketching up latest awful years of bad sales.

Me?! I keep movin'!

Ohh i can't believe whats happening to crackberry guys! I think it's not blackberry who will be discontinuing their product, it's crackberry becoming iberry! This is a nonsense article and sam: even if this was an on april fool it would be not acceptable. Ur next article should be an apology and announcing resignation. Find urself any banana and slip off please. U made us tyrannise mr. Chen by ur lie

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People, I think we are overreaching and putting words in John Chen's mouth. He made a logical statement based on the fact that hardware costs are hugely expensive and the returns are questionable. That's reality.

The most logical option for BlackBerry is to form partnerships (which they are doing) or to license the platform. Certainly BB10 has reached a level of maturity that companies would be interested. Just look at the Android market. All the profits flow to one company. Sort of sucks if you aren't Samsung. Selective licensing could expand the reach of BB10 and it minimizes the hardware costs. Isn't this what we want?

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Personally I don't have much faith in BlackBerry anymore, I don't see much new innovation coming from them in the near future, the future is touch screen but Mr JC have decided that BlackBerry should focus on Keyboards phone I'm not going back to keyboard phone not after using a Z10 for more than a year.
I have been hoping the BlackBerry would come up with a superb phone tablet but that very much unlikely.

There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

It got the desired result for Crackberry though. So I'd imagine Sam got quite the pat on the back for this article. God knows an editor approved it for publication, so don't presume it was a first timers fail. ;)

So I should return my q10 I just bought? Seriously, honesty or not, you don't say shit like this. This is just gonna tank future sales ... chen needs to clarify...

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Either that or the blog needs to clarify "his comments" if the interview didn't insinuate this...

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Say what? Did you watch the video? It's not your fault though. Crackberry confused everyone for a reason I can't pinpoint.

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So no Octacore 4GB RAM Dual Boot Dual SIM Gorilla Glass 4 flagship device in October with 21MP Cam?

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Can't imagine any other phone than awesome BlackBerry.
BlackBerry keep producing the great phones.

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What Chen has said is truly a damaging statement and further strengthens that the company is leaving it's R&D Hardware roots behind. In my opinion Chen as CEO has not been a success. His statement should in my opinion lead to a revaluation of his position as CEO by the governing board of directors.

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Sad story but I'm confident in the future of the BlackBerry. The phones are the the best in their class..

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BlackBerry 10 was one of the greatest additions to the handset market,
But let's face it the name blackberry has been unfortunately tainted with poor app support and of course being late to market with the BB10 OS,
The USA have also not made things entirely easy for launch since they purposely wanted their versions to have proprietary software included which caused further delays.
The list goes on with the failure of what I believe to be one of the best tablets the world never knew of course the PlayBook.
John Chen has truly had is work cut out for him since he has had a huge amount of reshuffling to do which can be no easy task.
The really is no reason to reinvent the wheel just observe what the masses want and give it to them in a timely manner which I am sure will happen in the near future.

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John Chen is driving BlackBerry against the wall. You really think he cares? He hates BB10 fulltouch devices because he would take 20 pictures and call 15 people by accident every day LOL

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That sounds like me! My Z10 calls people and snaps pics of nothing all day long.

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My contract ends next year I will be able to upgrade, I do like the z30, however, I do not want to undertake another 2 year contract with a phone that will be a brick, it is sad because the BB10 system is brilliant, just poor marketing has been Blackberry's problem,
I can see myself next year jumping ship to another brand if Blackberry decides to leave the phone world , I can assure this is it will never be an Apple IOS but lets see what happens,

Easy way to make money, BB10 But pleeaseee some design. People want luxury, details, some out of the line, any of the concept posted here will sell like hell.
Porsche design at that price it's absurd. Phoenix XD, S50, zero1, and too more beautiful ideas out there pleaaaaasssseeee

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One time, I was approached by this gorgeous lady and asked me if I want a "good time"? For certain amount of course (I'm not George Clooney anyway). Since my money is reserved to buy Z10 (during that time which is quite expensive), I politely turned down her offer but still asked her of why she is doing that? And exactly the same phrase... "If I cannot make money on handsets, I will not be in the handset business."

Just replace "handset" with "prostitution"...

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BB shoould team up with manfactures like SONY,HTC to make handsets with great specs like snapdragon 810,808 processors,3 gb ram,full hd screens,5 inch screen(Minimum).same way Google does with Samsung and LG.World has moved on comparing the phone by hardware specs not by software.When you cannot make good phones,there is no point of being a Mobile OS Company.

BB standards of making phone are not up to the mark.look at HTC ONE( 2014 ) edition.thats the way to go.If you cannot make a phone like that,have patnership with the companys who does it.When facebook cannot make an chat app like whatsapp,buy an app like whatsapp.Same applicable to BB.

That was a reason why I left bb Z30 and went to Note3 because of new ceo negative speaking. And yes bb 10 is much better os then android but bad opinions of new ceo took me away..

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I use Q10 and used Bold 9900 which I still have. Q10 hardware is fantastic. On software side there is huge improvement on social media and Internet related incl Browser. However, on productivity and PIM and phone side 10 is a big downgrade from 7. Wish they combine best of both

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Damn this article was brought to BB Vietnam causing many to be panic :(

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Why don't you just keep releasing phones for the fans but also concentrate on investments too?

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A great place to start for BlackBerry is the cars. I am talking about the in car entertainment.

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I just watched the video from the Reuters interview and Mr. Chen never mentioned that they will exit the handset business. What he's fixated on is to earn through it and he's open for partnerships on this (e.g. Foxconn, hand set design, licensing). He even acknowledged that the BB10 os is a strong software.

I'm not sure on how the article ended up with this headline.

Guess damage control needs to be done or at least a clarification post on what Mr. Chen really communicated in the interview.

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So - the very first CrackBerry blog post by someone who apparently hasn't used a Blackberry for years and who lists a Lumia and MS Surface as his owned devices, is an inflammatory one suggesting that BlackBerry may be abandoning the handset business.

Color me surprised.

I had a feeling this was what we were going to be "treated" to, with the "new improved Mobile Nations newsroom".

I haven't read the prior comments here and I imagine it's probably been said many times by now - but the interview from which the Reuters article was extracted left a VERY different impression about BlackBerry's handset plans than the article did. I suggest everyone watch the ACTUAL interview and see if they agree with this:

So a blogger from Mobile Nations got paid to write a derogatory piece about BlackBerry? Doesn't surprise me, guess I should know better considering this is a BlackBerry Fan site (sarcasm)

It's so stressful when you hear this kind of news! I love blackberry but lately considering moving on to another brand just to get rid of all the negativity. Not sure if or when they sell the handset off. Just got my Z30 so I have to wait before moving on, let's hope things work out for them if not then it's time to move on!

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The John Chen quote about handsets is taken out of context, and is thus misleading. It is from a very short Reuters article. However there is a 10 minute video interview with Chen from yesterday in New York (Wednesday) that is upbeat and positive about BlackBerry in every way, including the comments about handsets. The title of the video at is:

BlackBerry CEO says his handsets will make money by next year (10:38)

This erroneous, speculative article can only hurt BlackBerry. It's bad journalism. Shame on you Crackberry.

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Someone just told me "you can't hate something you didn't love".
Did some of you joined the dance or is it just a nitpicking contest ?

Chen is leading to the direction of 70-90% services margins V.S single digit (if any) on hardware and explains that with the same level of revenues, it'll lead to profit. The option to drop hardware (read : make hardware under another brand) is possible (only a fool won't note that) yet clearly not favored.

Why is that some seems to jump on three words without the context ?

Watch the interview and make your own mind.
BlackBerry CEO says his handsets will make money by next year | Video | :
Reuters title is not clear enough ?

Just chill out. This is nowhere on the roadmap.

Mr. Chen's goals for the handsets are very achievable. I don't understand what all the fuss is about. If not profitable this time next year then I'd be worried. Those of you who second guess Mr. Chen lack the ability to appreciate a true genius at work. They'll be making movies about this guy... ; )

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