BlackBerry CEO has a plan to not be dependent on handsets [Updated Again!]

Be Sure To Read John Chen's Statement in Response to the Reuters Story (link at bottom)
By Sam Sabri on 9 Apr 2014 08:03 pm EDT

Speaking to Reuters, BlackBerry CEO John Chen said the company would consider dumping the handset division. This would only be the case if the unit remained unprofitable. The company is also looking at broadening its corporate reach by considering strategic partnerships and acquisitions.

Here's John Chen on BlackBerry's mobile phone outlook if the unit can't be a money maker:

"If I cannot make money on handsets, I will not be in the handset business."

He didn't clarify on when such a decision would be made, but did note that a time frame for a decision like that was short.

BlackBerry is also considering investments or partnerships with companies in various regulated industries. Healthcare, legal and financial services are all industries where John Chen thinks BlackBerry could leverage its secure communications products into a profitable future.

Update from Kevin: Hey All, OK... calm down. A few things here. We got this post up quick based off the Reuters story, but the quote in that story came from a longer video interview which was posted after and was a bit out of context (that's the problem with being fast on the news relaying - I've updated this post's title). Also, Chen spoke to Bloomberg as well and his interview there was along the same lines but put more clarity into his train of thought (Bloombergs post went up a couple hours after Reuters did). Here's a better quote from the Bloomberg interview:

“I don’t have a plan to get rid of handsets, I have a plan to not be dependent on handsets. All I need to do is replace the handset revenue, and this company will be very different.”

Chen saying this shouldn't come across as a big surprise. He has been very clear since he came onboard that he'll do what it takes to turn around BlackBerry. He was very to me that he wants to make BlackBerry handsets. When you hear the name BlackBerry you immediately picture a phone — so what's the BlackBerry name without handsets? At the same time, Chen has been very clear that he's looking at BlackBerry (the company) as a portfolio of businesses, and that he needs to make each profitable. Between enterprise services, handsets, messaging (BBM) and QNX, each business is unique, with its own opportunities and challenges. He's not going to let one bad "division" bring the company down over the longer run. On the handset front, Chen did take immediate action by partnering with Foxconn to help stop the losses on handsets.

Overall, it's really consistent messaging and that not big of a surprise. You should definitely watch the Reuters video below:

Source: Reuters

Also, kudos to CrackBerry commenters. See, even if we a headline goes up that's not quite right... the community straightens it out fast. You can't beat that.

UPDATE #2: John Chen wrote a blog post this morning on the inside BlackBerry blog, clarifying that he has no intentions of leaving the handset business. READ THE ARTICLE HERE!

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BlackBerry CEO has a plan to not be dependent on handsets [Updated Again!]



Let us be clear with ourselves... bb10 is fantastic OS, but it was an epic fail in terms of selling rate. BlackBerry only sold 5 millions devices after more than one year of releasing it.

Posted via CB10

I will be heartbroken if I have to stop using BlackBerry. I will buy all the BlackBerry phones in market if there will be any announcement regarding this in future.

Q10 \m/

just because BB can't make money on handsets, doesn't mean other manufacturers can't. They can always partner with HTC, Samsung, or Huweai and just license the OS cheaply. I honestly wouldn't like my choices if BB10 doesn't exist.

By 'cheaply' you would have to mean "for free" because otherwise they price themselves out of the market.

Yeah but why would any of those companies partner with BB? What does BB10 have to offer that they can't just copy into Android? Not to be negative but I probably wouldn't at this point with my money. Unfortunately we live in a world now where Apple selling 13 million 5Cs in Q4 is considered a flop.


I would buy a Sony Xperia Z with BlackBerry 10. I have always been promoting this way of making business. More phones with BB10 will improve the native apps ecosystem. And the value of the OS itself.

Posted via CB10

They have made the decision to sell hands for 2 years. This is beyond that. That is 6 devices were talking about here

Posted via CB10

Z3 is not the last hope. There's also the Q20 and I predict at least 2 more flagship phones. The latter two have to knock everyone's socks off in order for them to have a shot.

Posted via CB10

It's unfortunate for him to talk in this manner. The OS 10 is the best in town so far. And Z5 can't be the last hope considering its low specs.
BlackBerry still needs to be in the handset market. John Chen can only prove himself as a CEO if he remains in the handset market and succeed in it. Otherwise, he has failed.
And I will have to take over from him!

Posted via CB10

Your comment makes sense and I know that some of it is meant to be funny. But, keep in mind that Chen's objective is to make Blackberry profitable and at this point it is "by any means". I am not suggesting for Blackberry to consider abandoning the handset business but for the past 4 years they have just been making the same mistake and expecting a different result. By that I mean, when is the heavy advertising for BlackBerry products begin?

Posted via CB10

It just feels like shit that all other countries that have been with BlackBerry through thick and thin have to suffer not having these quality handsets anymore because they didn't sell in the US and those countries are powerless to do anything about it.

I know there's a ton of reasons for them wanting to dominate in the states but I wish they could just say "f**k those whoo refuse to be a part of this. We're good." ::sigh::

/rant off

 We have apks cuz we need 'em not cuz we want 'em 






Holy hellfire topdog, chill out. Nothing is set in stone, and i highly doubt Kevin is being paid by anyone.

And even if he was, so what? We have BlackBerry's and like them. Take a seat chief, your beloved company isn't cutting the cord.

Posted via CB10

Apart from the wording, he's quite right.

If anyone remembers, they struck a 5 (!) year agreement with the cunning Fox. This year won't be the end.

Being dependent on handset sales for survival (like in the old days) and just making them for the platforms sake to boost sales of other products like BES, BBM uptake etc. is a whole different story.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Continue to make money? What planet are you from because here on earth the handsets are not making blackberry any money

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

I agree that the headline is misleading. Chen said from the beginning, that the handset business needs to make money sooner or later. Therefore this is NO news. But headline suggests that this may happen soon and more headlines will follow in other blogs, where the term "soon" is removed. Huge damage for BB, again, and CrackBerry was part of this. Great work CrackBerry.

Let's remember that gross margin actually improved on Q4. This is the profit level before you subtract the overhead costs. They have made huge strides in their overheads as well. Hardware sales were still the largest revenue piece. They just need to continue to drive sales (some of these events like Paris and New York) might help. As well they have stated they have further plans to drive down the overheads. I don't see the need to exit the hardware business at the moment. They should have much better managed inventory under the new five year contract with Foxconn. This allows them to avoid large inventory write-downs.

Posted via CB10

Because when they did their taxes they got a huge refund. I would like to see this company - the one that is doing more with less - the one with market cap of 4 billion finally have its hard work pay off. Bb10 is out, most of the hardest work is now complete. Now we need some competitively priced handsets with just a little bit of advertising, not even required to hire a celebrity as global creative whatever, just tell the public what your product does and it can be had for the low price of $99.99. Your application developers will have more customers and people will be using your services.

One or two high end phones and only make them in numbers that the market will bear. The rewards are finally ready to be reaped after the long BlackBerry 10 development. Give customers what they want, a device that is not running apple or Google, let your customers stand out. That is why the mac vs pc commercials were so great. Use the fact you're an underdog to your advantage.

People like rooting for the underdog i.e Toronto maple leaf.

Posted via CB10

Well you know, that's cool. Best part of the CrackBerry community is that if you do occasionally get a headline wrong, the story will get itself straightened out in the comments. Can't beat that!

OK. Then, thanks.
We need to have a one on one, I need to k.ow what's going with you sir,im in Houston KICKING THE SHIT OUT OF , IOS, android, windows etc Everywhere I go.. the other os's are toys and kiddie shit to me......When I go TO pay my bill at Verizon, I have to set them str8 also with a. Phone war, Im killing (not literally) every phone they throw at me, I'm very passionate. About BlackBerry, ,,, everyone i show the z10 or z30 to they run out to get it, but i dont appreciate how the salepeople at the carriers bad mouth blackberry 10, my friend have to argue with them to get the phone,, sometimes it take me having to go with to dhow the sales person up, i mean break thier ass down , and kill everyphone in the store , then they finally shuts the phuck up and give my friend the damn phone , they end up telling that they just get bigger commissions from the other phone makers , "figures rite ", they dont care what people want or need ,,,they just need to meet thier quota-bottom line
so Kev. Hit me
334E03D9. I want to be an extension of BlackBerry and crackberry in texas


If you do any more updates, can you fix this sentence "He was very to me that he wants to make BlackBerry handsets."

very = clear?



Argh, it frustrates me how journalism can go this low. Taking interviews out of context just to make themselves look good. In a way it's called lying. It makes me feel like I can't trust everything I read nowadays. Go Chen go!

Before everyone gets all flustered, there is nothing if note here.

If a division of a company is unable to make money, of course that division will be dumped. It's an unsurprising, obvious statement.

However, he has also stated many times that he intends to do his best to get the handset business profitable again.

Did we all expect BlackBerry to lose money on handsets forever and still keep making them? Of course not. But Chen has stated that he wants to rebuild profits in the handset division. He hasn't given up yet. He's just stated the obvious: if all their plans fail, then they will have to exit the handset business.

Posted via CB10

Agreed. But it's still a shock to the senses to see it put so bluntly right before our eyes.

Darn. C'mon people, go buy some new BB10 devices!

Via CBZ10

In his very first interview with Kevin Michaluk, John Chen stated BlackBerry would continue making handsets because they were an integral part of the experience. Now he states the handset division could be scrapped.

Chen is the sharpest CEO BlackBerry has had to date, but he's a flip flopper like his predecessor. And many times he doesn't think before he speaks. Not sure how a statement like that can grow enterprise sales.

The jury's still out on this guy.

Maybe since that 1st interview with Kevin, months ago. He's had time to better assess the situation to get a better understanding of the position BlackBerry is in and what needs to be done.
I'm hoping he can make the handset division profitable again. I don't know what I'd do without my BlackBerry.
But the point is you can't take a comment someone made when just starting a job and hold them to it months later when he's got a better understanding of everything going on with BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

He simply said : when i cannot make money with it.
I think this is NORMAL... if BlackBerry continues to loose money on hardware, than they should consider it.
Every company would do this. They just want to make money :)

Proper context is Mr Chen will continue making handsets with the aim of making them popular/profitable again, and IF it doesn't pan out he'll pull the plug on the handsets. Basically he's saying "I'm going to give it a whirl, but I won't beat a dead horse."

Posted via CB10

They are not going to sell phones without carrier support. Over the last few weeks I've been sent leaflets from several carriers advertising their phones - not one Blackberry in site, people still think their dead!

Posted via CB10

Manufacturers probably pay carriers for that space. BlackBerry will have none of it until late 2014 at the earliest.

Agreed mnc76, john needs to build confidence in the brand as a brand that will succeed no matter what. If he can convince people of that, confidence along with share prices go up, and that is what they hired him for. Vision, strength, and creative solutions to a deathly problem. I believe he will succeed in all these things while also building a viable handset business. Not only a viable handset business, but a BlackBerry that's strong without having to depend on handsets. BlackBerry is becoming your digital secure transaction company, not an android company, or a jail broken IOS company, and it's becoming your secure os (QNX) for the medical field, it's definitely not a crashing Microsoft os kind of company! John Chen is going to realize the potential of BlackBerry, and it goes far beyond handsets. He has my confidence :)

Posted via CB10

Have you tried Windows Phone? It's very stable OS. You can go for months without rebooting. It's secured OS. No viruses and no antivirus apps neither.

I have tried WP, and it doesn't have the same capabilities as BB10 for messaging. Maybe the 8.1 update will fix these issues, but things as simple as

(1) its single universal volume control (e.g.: you can't mute incoming message notifications while you sleep without also muting your alarm), and

(2) the fact you can't send document attachments directly: You must first upload the doc to skydrive and then you can only send a Web link to the uploaded document.

(3) when you forward a message containing document attachments, it strips the document attachments before it forwards it. *

(4) It has no universal search

* She doesn't use, she uses Gmail and also has a private email server for her business (I've heard issue #3 is not an issue if you use Outlook email).

However, you're right that it's very stable. But like another poster mentioned, I easily for a month or more without rebooting on my Z10 as well.

Posted via CB10

For all those shortcomings of Windows Phone you mentioned, the fact remains that for the same amount of time, WP outsold BB10 by more than 5 to 1. With the impending WP8.1 update, that is bound to increase even further. So there you go...

What exactly "goes"? LOL

If sales = quality then Justin Bieber is the greatest musical genius of the last 50 years...

So there you go...

Posted via CB10

My point being is that sales figures of other phones don't affect my decision on what I buy. I think it's great WP is surviving, but I buy the phone that works best for what I need to do and couldn't care less how well my phone is selling compared to WP.

It doesn't make the last year my GF spent with her Lumia 920 any less frustrating for her, and doesn't change the fact my Z10 had all the features I mentioned for the entire last year, while WP may just be getting them now.

Posted via CB10

Exactly this. The handset business is losing money. He said he will try and turn it around. Ultimately if he can't then that will be the end of the handsets but he needs to try first.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Post the full interview then... this post is insinuating he's leaning to dropping handsets. any business person in their right mind knows this "can" happen but whether it does or doesn't depends on whether it's viable. Clearly the road map shows handset releases for the foreseeable future so I don't know what the real intention of this article is. Why post a miniscule excerpt from a much larger conversation? It has such a "tabloids" feel to it... just my 2 cents.

Edit: Not to center you out either. Many writers and tech sites do this, I just find it frustrating.

He did link to the article at the end of the post. Unfortunately, you aren't going to find much more information than what was posted.

Posted via CB10

The reuters article is once again an excerpt from an interview. Choosing to leave out information, in my opinion, isn't very indicative of the context of the entire conversation leaving plenty of room for extreme bias...

Thank you for getting it. It's a tiny exerpt from a longer interview with no context to help frame his answer. It looks like the typical attention grabbing headline crap,pose a hypothetical scenario question, then quote the response as factual. Just saddens me that I have to start avoiding "Click bait " type articles on CrackBerry.

This post Powered by BlackBerry

Why? The point is clear with a simple quoted statement. Would you prefer a caveat that he'll still sell them if 10,000 crackberry readers sign a 'please petition'?? Haha he's a business man, and a smart, no bs one at that. Love that he doesn't dance around on these topics.

Posted via CB10

I have no problem with Chen stating he would dump the handset business if they aren't selling. My problem is cut and pasting certain quotes and then extrapolating to have the general public read into it MORE than they would if they were to view the entire interview. Nothing more nothing less... I just disagree with it.

Journalism is about sensationalism. No one wants to read boring news. Unfortunately, the average public will think BlackBerry is exiting the phone business and will not want to risk being stuck with a phone that goes EOL shortly into a two year upgrade cycle. Sigh.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

Which brings me to the point of skewing the news... an excerpt is generally skewing the entire conversation to one perspective. I'm sure everybody here would rather read the entire interview than read that one comment... no I can GUARANTEE it. Also, at the end of the day this is still a BlackBerry fan site so being a BlackBerry fan I'm not all that impressed with news being distorted or "sensationalized" as bad, when I could have formed my own opinion based on the entire interview.

1, journalism is NOT about sensationalism (that's called the tabloids)-you seem to believe it's the other way around, and 2, because the "average public" is about 90%, they will skew and accept the sensationalism, which you seem to disagree with...

That said, this I'd not journalism, it's blogging

Posted via CB10

+1 I hate it when ppl write articles and twist an obvious response such as... if we aren't making $ on handsets, then we won't be making handsets... into the worst possible scenerio. As if they are considering abandoning handsets currently. Wake up ppl. The writer is just blowing this up into something it's not.

Not approved by the NSA. My personal Q10

Thanks for posting this. EVERYONE needs to see this. Seeing the full story changes the meaning of this thread.

It explains everything and renews my faith in John Chen's plan. He is an excellent communicator.

Posted via CB10

This is news (because reueters posted) it, but it's not really new news.. John Chen has been clear all along that he would assess each part of the business as its own unit. The news here is that he's sticking to his guns on that line still.

Not a bad thing.. shows he's consistent.

Agreed. Didn't understand why the snippet was re-iterated when Chen has definitely mentioned this before. Just felt regurgitated and unnecessary, but that's just me.

Wow! You sound like one big baby. You don't like the title? Then don't read it. I read it and didn't find anything misleading about anything he wrote.

Waah, waah...

That's exactly how you come across.

Waaaaaah... Waaaaaah...

I'd already read the article ass-clown. For someone who thinks themself sooooo intelligent, you seemed to have completely missed the message in my original response.

But I've learned that the guy who thinks he's the smartest person in the room usually isn't.

Now, where we're we...?

Oh yes!



Your original point is moot. It's an excerpt from a longer conversation skewing the context... but I don't want to use too many big words for you. Goodnight lol

So Mary is a man now? Yikes... I'll leave this alone. Good night to you sir/ma'am.

Nice try trying to call me his wife by the way. You just got pwned.

Actually, I thought maybe you were one of those female/female couples where one has too much testosterone and likes to wear men's clothes.

Not that there's anything wrong with that...

Wow that's original. Whatever you say I am, that's what you are. I'm assuming you are 9 years old Mary so just go to bed.

Soeasy pwned /thread.

Do you ladies take turns with the strap-on? Is it her turn tonight while you bite the pillow?

What's your lube of choice? Astro-glide...?

For the record, Drewcilla, my conversation was with your husband.

You put yourself into it.

We can end this whenever you like.

I already ended you 30 minutes ago. Now it's just getting sad for you with your adolescent comments. You are an embarrassment to this site Mary.

Then why do you keep coming back?

Oh, now I get it. You're one of those chics who absolutely must have the last word.

Go ahead. Have the last word.

Then go to bed and keep your husband warm.

He's had a hard day.

Now I really must get some sleep. The BB event here in NYC starts early tomorrow and I don't wanna be late.

Sleep well.


I think the news is:
"He didn't clarify on when such a decision would be made, but did note that a time frame for a decision like that was short."

This probably means that the decision is already taken and Chen is preparing the media for the announcement. It's impossible to sell phones to companies with this kind of uncertainty coming from the CEO.

"This page is temporarily unavailable. Our apologies for the inconvenience."

Looks like the article has been removed from Reuters. Am I the only one having a feeling you might get contacted by BlackBerry very soon? :)

Posted via CB10

The problem is that readers here are BlackBerry device fans. We love BlackBerry smartphones. I personally don't care about BES (that's something that companies do w/o emotional attachments). And don't care much about BBM (I could easily swtich to something else). But I do care about my personal companion.

Guess it wasn't "exactly" what he said. Great research though. Bet it feels great for someone to have to "update", back track and basically admit their writer didn't actually do any research.

He's from windows phone central.........I dont know whats going on with Mobile Central but as a Crackberry member I don't feel we're being treated well like before......very dissapointed.

Posted via CB10

Yes, he's been a core WPcentral writer (and a good one!) but MobileNations is having their writers do more reporting outside of their regular, core OS. There was a release about this somewhere within MobileNations just recently.

I don't even want to think about not being able to get BlackBerry phones in the future! Don't give up, Mr. Chen! Show the masses what a powerful OS BlackBerry now has! Get it out in the hands of the masses by any means necessary & people will begin demanding the best brand in mobile phones again.

Posted with my T-Mobile USA  Q10 via CB10.

If BlackBerry is going to sell their handset biz, at least sell it to me! We can turn it into a CrackBerry Co-Op.

Check is in the mail! (Cheque for the folks at BBRy in Canada).


If BlackBerry failed to make money from its hard-core hand set division, who are gonna buy that division and invest in it ??.

Posted via CB10

Heck yeah! Mr. M why don't you propose an offer. We'll see what a Crackberry is capable of. Hehe. XD.

" Initiated from my QNX10 "

Kevin I know it's business but BlackBerry is making a big mistake here. This bb10 is awesome and getting better and better. The problem with sales is marketing. On the books they need more than they have to make a run. Samsung spent 11billion last year in advertising. Crazy figures.

Posted via CB10

Couldn't agree with you more on this. As Mark Twain put it: "Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising."

Agreed - they will not survive without advertising - I still come across people all the time who don't know Blackberry has a new OS or that they have touch screen phones...they've been out a year now!

Posted via CB10

absolutely right ,but unfortunately blackberry doesn't have cash now :(
without advertising I'm afraid that also Z3 will fail….(i hope it doesn't )

Thanks for posting this article. John Chen's intent is much clearer here, while his comments are similar. It show the importance of context.

Posted via CB10

Has this one been removed as well as Reuters'? I'm unable to open it on my phone.

Posted via CB10

Please make me a motherboard for the Bold 9900 that has a chip set and enough RAM to run BB10. I will happily install it myself. Thank you.

Windows phone sucks :s
I think I'll buy an xperia z2 :(

[URL="bbmc:C001230B6"]C001230B6[/URL] Exclusive HD Wallpapers for your BB10 device.

He's a real businessman, and fucking hell how hard is it to make a phone that out shine that dumb apple brick dat phone useless

Z10 ... Bring on the Q20

It's so useless that they sell over 5 million iPhones a month, whereas BlackBerry sells 5 million BB10 units per year.

Well I don't blame him. They will not make any money on handsets as that time has passed long ago. The market share is under 3% does anyone really believe they could ever come back from that? The will make profits staying on as a enterprise/software company. I'm glad I already moved on from BlackBerry.

Just because I got rid of my BlackBerry doesn't mean I can't come on this website. I like to keep updated on the news for several different smart phone manufacturers. Who the hell are you to tell me to move on. Even the writers on this website own other smart phones other then BlackBerry and probably use their other devices more then their BlackBerry's. Damn BlackBerry users are so disgruntled these days. If your not happy with your BlackBerry or the direction the company is going then buy a different device.

i was beginning to like him until he severed ties with Tmo... way to go kill off most of your fanbase

Yeah but I don't think it was smart for BlackBerry to cut ties with T-Mobile. They need all the carrier support they can get right now. Even though they don't get much support from any US carrier

Ehh...I don't know. At some point, and this sucks for me to say as a TMO customer, you gotta do a cost-benefit analysis. How much effort is BB having to put in to provide secondary (post-carrier) support to just 42,000 or however many customers they got left on TMO? Support that goes beyond what they have to offer to the other three, because WiFi calling's involved here? Could these resources be better used in supporting the corporate customers they got on AT&T and Verizon? Plus, it's not like the TMO CEO did them any favors with his behavior.

Well... 1st, I am not quite sure if you can say TMO users are "most" of BlackBerry 's fanbase.
2nd, BlackBerry did not hang TMO users out to dry, they are offering unlocked phones in their own shopblackberry site and giving TMO users a $100 discount.

Posted via CB10

Seriously? You want a relationship with a company that doesn't want to sell your phones? There are a million better things to do with your time. John Chen realises that.

Posted via CB10

By waiting you're killing BlackBerry. If you want the handset business to survive then buy a Z30 now! Hell, buy 20 of them

Won't stop me from purchasing a Z30. I will buy one in the next couple of weeks. I love my Z10 but need an upgrade. Swapping batteries is OK but not cool. I like having the option but battery life of that Z30 along with other features I would use regularly. Awesome. I'm going to buy a couple of Z10's as well. Phone is solid had my Z10 since launch its only gotten better.

Posted via CB10

^This! The battery life will get you through the day no doubt. Am using it & loving it more and more each day. Can hardly wait for 10.3 to be released.

Same here, waiting for the Q20. Even if they decide to shut down the handset business, it wont be for another al least 2 years.. And they will support the OS for another couple. So relax people.

I want a qwerty BlackBerry phone for as long as I use a smartphone! I don't want to go to another platform ever if I can help it.

 BlackBerry Q10 

What makes you say it won't be for another two years? John Chen's goal is to get BlackBerry's balance sheet in the black. If that involves shuttering their handset division by the end of this year, he'll do it.

People have been saying the problem with Blackberry is marketing for nearly half a decade. Sooner or later we've got to just stop with that narrative. The reality is that the number one draw to a Blackberry is security and most smartphone consumers place that pretty low on the priority totem pole. BB10 is a decent enough OS, but the app selection is just north of nonexistent and because of that there really isn't a compelling reason for someone using Android or iOS to make the jump.

The app gap isn't a problem anymore, and the OS is awesome. People just think BlackBerry is still the same old dinosaur. Most folks I know think my phone is an iPhone and are surprised when they find out its a BlackBerry. No one has any idea.



When you own a restaurant, it's location, location, location.

When you own a phone business, it's advertising, advertising, advertising.

Posted via CB10

They are advertising to company's. JC said they have sales teams traveling the world showing companies the road map for the future. They are not advertising to the consumer at all aside from F1 and Maple Leaf Sports Entertainment.


True, but how else do you advertise to companies? Bad choice of words on my part. Are sales teams considered part of marketing?

We'll have to see how they market the Z3, that will tell us a lot. Once you get on BB10 you're kinda hook. The pricing of the Z10, Q10 were too high. They should have sold them at a loss and consider it marketing dollars.


Very practical statement. Not sure how that could have been taken out of context, so I'm sure he means what he said.

If handsets don't make money, I don't want to sell them.

How else can you respond to that?? If handsets aren't making them any money, and continuing to give bad press with dwindling single-digit marketshare, CONTINUE to stubbornly sell them?? After how long and how many attempts to revive? Good for him. THAT is what a smart CEO is made of. Focus on what brings the shareholders, his bosses, high returns.

I think as much as we all love our BlackBerries we need to remember he's not here to make the fanboys happy, he's here to make BlackBerry as much money as possible. End of story.

Posted via CB10

But how can they sell devices when they do no advertising (unlike their competitors) and they have no carrier support. Its just not going to happen...even though BB10 is amazing!

Posted via CB10

Well this news changes things! I guess I will wait a little longer before I get the z30. They will be dirt cheap in soon.

Posted via CB10

Why? CrackBerry got your click and then got you to breathe a sigh of relief once you read that it's really not as bad as the title seems. Win/win situation, wouldn't you say? ;)

What context is needed? If handsets don't make BlackBerry money, he's not going to keep selling them. I'm not sure how much more clear that could be.

Posted via CB10

"If I cannot make money on handsets, I will not be in the handset business. We have some new devices coming out soon and I will make sure the next batch will have the proper marketing push that was lacking. For example, the Z30 never got the push it deserves and it's a fantastic device."


"If I cannot make money on handsets, I will not be in the handset business. We're releasing some new devices soon and we'll see how they do in the market. If they don't do well enough, we may fold the handset business after that."

Context makes a difference.

It is a smart answer to a dumb question. Any company could say that about any product/division ever... "If X doesn't make money we will eventually stop doing X and do Y" :rolleyes:

Posted via CB10

I see where this is coming and I respect Chen very much as he is trying to make a difference but honestly didn't he say what would BlackBerry be without a handset division earlier? I could be mistaken... I like Android, I think iPhone is great, Windows etc. I just don't trust them

Posted via CB10

I just hope Chen does not turn around and try to force Samsung products on us with another name.

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If he was dumping the phone business soon, why would he resume production of the 9900? Plus the Z3 is coming out soon. No worries here :) #BB4Life

What would you expect him to say? He answered exactly as he should have. He is a CEO of a publicly traded company - he has to answer to the matter what (One of the reasons I didn't think BB going private was a bad thing).

well how can you sell more phones if the marketing is dead, the pricing competitiveness is dead? i mean come on, take for example q10 which was released almost a year ago in Indonesia is still selling at 5-6 million rupiah whereas a new flagship android competitor phones is also selling around that price figure? this has been the problem for BlackBerry for a long time, i think their market share in Indonesia is shrinking fast too

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“I don’t have a plan to get rid of handsets, I have a plan to not be dependent on handsets,” Chen said today in an interview at Bloomberg’s headquarters in New York. “All I need to do is replace the handset revenue, and this company will be very different.”


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It's nothing new. Chen has been saying this since the Foxconn deal was announced. It's funny how people keep asking him if he would pull the plug on handsets and are shocked when he says yes as if he is saying it for the first time.

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When he makes comments like that all that will happen is people will get wind and hold off on any future purchases. While I agree completely with his assessment of the situation and what he would need to do you don't go out and make announcements like that when your next product hasn't even shipped. How he will expect to strengthen carrier relationships especially in the US when he says things like this is beyond me.
As far as the os is concerned we haven't seen much as to how they'd leverage bb10 without a hand set division. just makes me shake my head.

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My reaction exactly. Some things are best left unsaid even if they may become fact. This statement was a huge mistake. Chen just shot BB in the foot. Nobody is going to read between the lines (if there is anything to read). They 'll just see that BB is on shaky ground - and decide maybe we should stay away from it.

John Chen say if he can not make money on handset, he
will sale it. Its If... He is very confident in himself that he cans make money on handset.

For the sake of BlackBerry's survival he has to speak truthfully.

If the handset is dragging BlackBerry down then it has to be jettisoned.

Foxconn deal was a way to help BlackBerry to increase the availability of the handsets.

The designs and the marketing is the real reason for lack of profitability. They are absolutely atrocious.

If you want profitability from hardware improve your design team and outsource the marketing .

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I was thinking the same thing. If he keeps this up, he's going to have to be hitting up the Inside BlackBerry Blog every week to post more "BlackBerrry is here to stay" open letters.

And then John Legere will hop on Twitter and welcome BlackBerry users with some deal.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

How can you have a secure communication system to sell to health services etc if the device isn't part of that, this sounds like a throw away comment to me which unfortunately will undermine confidence in BlackBerry, it seems irresponsible to me.

I'd hate for that to happen I literally could not tolerate in using another is except for BlackBerry 10 and their smartphone

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Now there's a great strategy to sell phones: "Buy a Z30! Best phone on the market, and soon to be a collectors item too!" Self-fulfilling prophecies anyone?

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Micro$oft is way too arrogant to to buy BlackBerry let alone keeping BB10 alive. That's a no go, despite BB10 being far superior to WP8.
Can both of these survive side by side? Had Micro$oft had a brain, they would join forces with BlackBerry and push out as much BB10 based devices as possible.

Microsoft is focusing on three screens OS. Which is why they all have similar homescreen and Universal Apps are now possible between Windows Phone, Windows RT, Windows 8, and even Xbox One. BB10 won't do them any good.

Like what he said. It is clear that he is doing his best to make money from hardware. But just in case it cannot make money, he will sell the handset business.

BlackBerry was # number one with realtors, we should win them back with the Q20 Classic and Z30

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Why say such a thing, no one benefits from such a comment, how are they to gain confidence from consumers...I'm speachless.

Z30 on 10.2.1 in Canada

John Chen said something similar a couple of days ago. He is the CEO and is responsible to the shareholders not to the users.

I (we) have a relationship with BlackBerry through the devices we use. I enjoy the relationship. If BlackBerry becomes like Cisco (or your choice of background systems developer) the relationship ends. Just like every other relationship in life, it takes two. Sometimes our futures just take separate paths.

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"Chen made it clear that the production run for the Bold and introduction of the Classic should not be interpreted as a wholesale return to the smartphone business. Hardware and handsets will be part of the equation for at least two years, but after that it is anyone's guess.

"I hope it's not confusing to others that all of a sudden, 90 days later, I shift gears," Chen said. "It is nothing to do with that. I mean software and services going forward are still going to be where the growth engine is going to come from, and messaging."

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I guess there are still people in a ship refusing to believe it's sinking while it's going down and deeper in the water.

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