BlackBerry considering the possibility of going private?

By Bla1ze on 9 Aug 2013 01:06 am EDT

A new report from Reuters suggests that's the case according to some of their infamous sources familiar with the situation. This isn't the first time we've heard such a thing either. It's been a topic of discussion for quite some time now but nothing has ever really come of it. However, if Reuters sources are correct there could be something to it eventually:

"There is a change of tone on the board," one of the sources said on Thursday. No deal is imminent, however, and BlackBerry has not launched any kind of a sale process, the sources said. Even if it tried, BlackBerry could find it hard to come up with a buyer and the funding to go private.

For some folks, taking the company private is seen as a great option as it would allow BlackBerry to operate out of the spotlight but it's easier said than done. Additionally, the report also notes that BlackBerry has had discussions with Silver Lake Partners about potential collaboration in enterprise computing but the talks with Silver Lake did not involve any buyout or other transaction-related discussions.

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BlackBerry considering the possibility of going private?


Going private can simply mean somebody buys every single share of blackberry. If you hold one blackberry stock that stock would be purchased away from you. They work out a fair price. Not necessarily what its trading for on that day.

One can refuse to sell but that might well scuttle the deal and your shares would most likely plummet. However, if you owned the one remaining share, they (the buyer) might give you $ 100K for it.

Once they get to a certain threshold they can compel the remaining shareholders to sell for "fair value". I don't know what the exact numbers are for BBRY but it's generally around 90% of the shares.

Yes, I agree more restructuring needs to take place, but the argument is that they could transition more easily given wall street isn't scrutinizing every decision they make.

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Exactly. This would typically drive the value up as more people hope to cash in on the "fair value" buy-out.

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BlackBerry shares rose in pre-market trading amid reports that its chief executive officer and board of directors are warming to the idea of taking the company private.

The Nasdaq-listed shares were above US$10 at times, gaining more than eight per cent since the close of trading on Thursday.

A simplistic answer is the company or a third party or a combination of the two will attempt to buy back all of the shares held by the public. They will offer a tender to the shareholders saying "We will give you X amount of dollars for each share you hold".

Other parties can counter this offer as well by offering more money or by offering better terms and reasons why they want to take the company private.

They don't need to buy all the shares, they just need to take the shareholder count below 300. They can shake out smaller shareholders that refuse to sell by doing a reverse split and thereby eliminating a shareholders stake and give him a cash payout for his holding.

But they like to avoid problems so they try to find a "fair price" for the tender.

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have you ever seen what happens to the stock of a company that bids to go private? it goes UP just like when a company buys out another company....they offer shareholders a premium so they will be more likely to approve the deal. Going private essentially means that BBRY is going to buy YOU the shareholder out

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Chuckle. With a premium on our original purchase price?

As a shareholder I feel I have some credibility when I state: keep up the good governance Board of Directors!.

^^ sarcasm.

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yes, a premium above CURRENT stock price....those of you still in the stock from anything above $25 would most likely still get very screwed. If that is the case, I doubt that you EVER get your money back

No snark towards w0lfgang, but just some alternative viewpoints on gains, losses, and investing:

On the other hand, you don't get to clone the company and let each clone play out a particular alternative history, and then pick the outcome that you like the most at the end.

It could be that a take-private deal at a premium that fails to get you back to break-even is *still* better than a long drawn-out process of watching further price declines that increase your loss from here. There's no way to know in advance - no way to know for sure "what could have happened" had the company taken a different set of forks in the road.

The simple act of extending one's time horizon out to "until I make a profit" does *not* make one a great investor, someone who deserves to be rewarded for their vision and patience. Taking losses is unavoidable in investing - it's part of the process.

with what money? it will cost more than $3B to buy the shares...which financial institution would give a dying company money?

That's why going private incurs sizable debt. For most companies, the debt is worse because they burn through their cash and THEN try to go private. BB could avoid MOST debt if they do this BEFORE cash reserves are gone

I think it's a bs story made up by the longs to trigger shorts to cover nervously. It might work. But the market also knows how incompetent bbry/thor is and will hammer out the worst possible deal. Bbry needs to be accountable. They think hiding behind their own doors is a good idea? Are they trying to become as irrelevant as possible? Keep on moving?

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Going private would afford BlackBerry refuge. As it stands now the company could be bought by a competitor and be eliminated from the scene.

That would require company to actually want to buy out BlackBerry. If I were a big company, I'd just wait till BlackBerry is killing itself (which is what they are doing now) and just buy them cheap.

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Agreed. I don't want any other phone. Lol. Private or not I just want to know there will be more Blackberries in the future

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And going private might just give them the chance to do this without being pulled in a million directions...

Dealing with thor must be a nightmare. Trying to get a straight answer from him must be nightmarish

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Executives and politicians can be very similar :)

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

If the A10 (or Z30) isn't wildly successful, then maybe that's a good option. Better BlackBerry survives than be taken over by some Borg-like big tech. Look what HP did to WebOS. But how difficult would access to capital be if they do go private?

In fact, that would not stop an enterprise from taking over BlackBerry, just from taking over parts of it. It's all or nothing (except if a group fund buys it, which is another thing).

The Z30 won't be wildly successfull. Think of the regular joe out there, if they got excited about BlackBerry 10 already, they would have picked up a Z10 or Q10 by now.

Given the size of the Z30, you're now in phablet territory and the king of this domain right now is the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. To make matters worse, the Note 3 is scheduled to be announced next month. The Note 3 is going to overshadow a lot of devices.

I think BlackBerry should be expanding on what they do best. Make a great keyboard device with a large screen that is not a slider. Create the best of both worlds. The Q10 was a transition device for those coming from legacy devices but time to go one step further.

Agreed! The stock is having a huge part in making the public very hesitant to buy a BlackBerry phone. Everyone thinks "they're going bankrupt". Lets go private!!

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If potential customers want to know whether BBRY is going to be around for the long haul, they'll just have to take Thor "BB10 coming to the PlayBook" Heins' word for it instead of getting to see the financial performance firsthand. What could go wrong?

The cash is cash. There's no "value " inn that. The important issue is revenue and potential. And buyers will see the real books not the bs we are fed by thor. If bbry is such an amazing target for a buyout how come nobody is stepping up? There is a reason why they are shredding workers and other costs. They are not adding more wood to the fire,just blowing more air on it. They will be burning out if they can't load up on profit.

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The patents alone would be worth the market valuation. I think that the major players don't want BlackBerry to fail just yet. Something akin to Microsoft and Apple where the former wanted to avoid any anti trust concerns by eliminating the latter.

Reminds me of dell's struggle. But BBRY still have some money left in the bank, stock is all time low. A chance to get rid of prying eyes and loud mouth of investors?

It would mean that they would not be at the stock market anymore, therefore not a public entity that has to meet public shareholders and always trying to convince them AND the media (since all infos are publics) that they are going the right way. The only persons they will be attributable to is their owner, which could be a big company, a fund owned by several persons. After that, this group will choose how they disclose information to the public.

It would then mean that this company would buy all stocks currently on the market to the thousands of shareowners so BlackBerry can be exclusively theirs.

That's one way of going private, yes. Otherwise, they would have to find a very good reason if the management team wanted to buy the company themselves and become an Irving Oil-like, since they would be ridden with debt afterwards and they are in a critical phase of market development. Doesn't mean it would be bad in the long term though, if that long term exists.

And anyway, who really owns BlackBerry in the current state? Thousands of shareholders across the world, not BlackBerry itself.

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While I would love BlackBerry to be a privately held company while they continue to launch BB10 and future mobile computing exploits just to keep the haters silent... but I don't think it is a worth sacrificing a lot of money that could be spent on marketing or r&d

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They spent $450 million in the last quarter alone.

They just didn't spend any in the US. Largely because there's no point if you don't have a distribution network. And US carriers are too busy trying to sell iPhones to avoid billions of dollars in penalties to sell BlackBerry.

It's just bad timing. They couldn't have picked a worse time to launch a premium smartphone range.

Going private??? Why??? A company is in a difficult conditions yes but a going concern status is still there, i think! BBRY should just continue to invest and innovate and see what happens..

I would say reconstuct it for better results but a coy is under no debt obligation to pay nobody.

10.1 MR Speaking

I would not list "just seeing what happens" as one of the top possibilities for MY business...I hope BBRY doesn't either...I like to eliminate as much chance/luck as possible and calculate my decisions, not roll the dice...that's for Las Vegas


Because every quarter short sellers in the market manipulate the stock price. First by buying to get the price to a certain price level. Then selling just before the top (no idea how they work that out but they do). Then shorting all the way back down.

It happens quarter after quarter. The last quarter was a phenomenal success.

The problem being that BlackBerry is constantly in the news for a falling stock price, which damages it's reputation among enterprises.

Thing about enterprises is that managers spend someone else's money and are judged on the results. They get spooked very easily. Hence the somewhat slow take up of BES10 and BB10 in enterprise. It will come when they see the advantages, and if BlackBerry has even a modicum of consistency of message.

Could be good. Actually. Whatever works to keep BlackBerry moving and make shareholders happy with a buyout, could be very good for everybody.

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For a hedge fund to take BB private, it would have to be much lower than the current share price as the cash will be burned in ongoing restructuring while the company is dismantled on the premise the parts are worth more than the on hand was about $6/share leaving about $3/share for patents and private subsidiaries like QNX, TAT etc.....

When i was Siemens fan, Siemens die(Siemens Mobile). Now with BlackBerry, why good things must die so soon? ...

I really don't know what is behind this report but if getting BlackBerry out of the stock market is the result, it's probably a good thing. I mean how many other products seem to be defined by their stock price and not the product itself? It is ridiculous to me that people quote the stock when they make a decision on the phone. You don't see that happen with any other product do you? Perhaps folks would stop evaluating BlackBerry devices on their merits if the company was privately held. It can't hurt can it?

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Going private would be great been thinking this for couple years. Takes the microphone from the analyst.

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Europe's oldest and most successful companies are private - some made bad choices along the way (Leica) but in the end, if you are looking for the best products in Europe, make sure the company is either private or owned by a foundation.

Private companies get the focus on the long term goals rather than short term money extraction for profit.
What did I see in news about the US recently? Companies taking on debt to pay out money to "shareholders"?? That's worse than lunacy and a sign of how Md the system has become.
The sooner one disposes of "investors" the bettet for a company. (Look at Bosch, Zeiss)

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In a lot of cases, companies take out debt to pay dividends, so they can keep their cash offshore. It's cheaper than bringing it home and getting taxed. See Apple.

Many people are asking what this means so I will add a little to what has been said. If the board decides to take the company private it's because it thinks that it can buy back all of the outstanding shares for less than what it thinks they are worth. Basically, it means that the board believes the market is underestimating the company's value. Who has the best information about BlackBerry's value? Of course the board does.
One benefit of going private is the elimination of the reporting requirements that are imposed on public companies. This means that BlackBerry can go about its business without showing everyone their numbers.

Good points. I'd be disappointed, as a shareholder, to lose my stake, and lose the possibility of recouping share price losses. I love the feeling of being an investor in BB. But, as a user, and lover of the product, it may make the best sense. I don't want to see the company parcelled off, piece by piece. BlackBerry has a superior product, the best security, marvellous technology and patents at its disposal. Almost all the right ingredients. Now we just need market acceptance and sales volume.

While not a desirable move it would eliminate much of the negativity that BlackBerry faces from the media and could give them the chance to focus on rebuilding.

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Exactly the purpose behind the decision...give the media another target to destroy....believe it or not, I think they are itching to attack Apple....but Apple keeps putting up the numbers, so they can't

But please not being bought out by a private equity firm who only care about profit - this would really not be good

It would have to be a P-E firm that uses, understand and appreciates Blackberries ;-), not droids or apples, to keep the quality and innovation of the product(s) going forward. If the product gets cheapened, that would be a turn off here.

Great move if it's true. It will keep their name out of those negative stock articles for a while, allowing them to get on their feet at a more realistic rate and stop confusing people(who are not market watchers) who hear bits and pieces of those articles to find out low stock prices does not necessarily mean bad product.

"...according to some of their infamous sources familiar with the situation."

What exactly makes their sources "infamous?"

I think it would be a good move. The stock analysts are mostly bearish these days, what negatively impacts sales I think. It would also give BlackBerry the time to execute their vision, without investors that demand the impossible in terms of profit and sales.
Even if an investor could only buy a part of the company, it will be good because it would lower the amount of shares sold short.

BB may not have to disclose earnings if they go private, but their market share can still be roughly calculated. To me, staying public is better as a firm can raise cheaper capital for expansion by issuing shares assuming BB10 picks up. I prefer a strategic merger with maybe a firm that can serve as a manufacturing base or components supplier (ie. Lenovo, Acer, even BenQ).

Blackberry has an amazing product, and the right vision but they need to keep up with competitors and the times by investing in better technology (i.e better processors)..what people really want and what most of their competitors have in common. Their next flagship model WILL determine blackberry's future, and with all the negativity from the media lately, its going to take alot of effort to get back on track. Blackberry needs to realize this is a consumers world and start providing people with what they really want. Blackberry stop being so conservative..

Time is very short. Blackberry is on life-support as it is. IF someone can raise the capital to take BBRY private, it'd almost certainly mean the end of the hardware division anyway. i.e. No more phones.

The most ridiculous post in the entire thread,
I sometimes wonder about the IQ level of some posters on this forum.

If they're going to get out of NASDAQ, regroup troops and return with 'a new offer', this is a brisk idea of squeezing much more out of the financial market. If they want just to get out of the NASDAQ and play on their own, this is bad idea, very bad. In about three years they wouldn't KEEP MOVING so fast, they wouldn't...

[...] new mobile hero:

Silver Lake and the other firms that are in the space are probably on an elephant hunt and in a deal doing mood, but I want to see $25+ before I would be happy as a C/S investor. If it takes coinvestment and collaboration from several firms, great. Even at depressed stock prices, this is a pretty big deal after the premium, and the track record on these kinds of deals isn't the best. With that being said, I think now is a better time to take it private than a year or two from now because options then may be more constrained.

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I'd be happier if they were to initiate a buy-back and destroy program, with all that cash laying around, it's the best option in my opinion and the timing couldn't be better.
It will increase the shareholders value by reducing the float and create a negative value for potential companies that want to take over BlackBerry. By buying back shares, they will not only bolster the stock price, but they will get rid of some of that stale cash on the balance with the added benefit of being less attractive for a possible takeover.

BlackBerry is being traded under it's intrinsic value, it's vulnerable to a hostile takeover and any of BlackBerry's market activity is unlikely to move the share price significantly. A buy-back program is the only thing that makes sense. Wether they destroy the shares or keep them is up to them. Personally I'd like to see them create a mix. Destroy some, keep some and profit from the undervaluation of your marketshare, wait until the market corrects and profit.

There has to be at least one guy on the financial team that has coined this? If not, it's time to switch it up on the exec board again Thorsten, I'd start with your CFO.

COME ON BLACKBERRY. It's time to profit from your own undervaluated stock and strengthen your position in the market, shielding yourself from hostile takeover bids.

Buybacks increase shareholder value assuming earnings remain constant. If BB continues to post more losses, the buyback effect is nullified.

The Offeror will need to put up a price per share to the Board of Directors. Then there will be an opportunity for anyone to make an offer. Once they are received the Directors will need to evaluate each and then make an appropriate announcement. Then the merchant banker (or investment banker) advising the transaction will then put up their recommendation to the shareholders through a circular. The document will inter alia carry the advisor's recommendation to all shareholders. The offer can be conditional upon receiving a minimum percentage. Then once the number and percentage left out in the market is within the threshold (this differs from exchange to exchange) the Offeror will then thence force the balance to give up their holding at no less or no more a consideration than what was offered to others. Then the process of delisting will take place. The Company becomes privately held thereafter. I am not a shareholder of BBRY. Just clarified the numerous queries in this column with my little knowledge of the capital market!

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I strongly feel that BB management should not get distracted with going private stuff rather focus on making BB 10 products and BES 10.1 solidly profitable. Also they must continuously focus on MUST HAVE apps.You create a value in your own business then big players like IBM and HP will crave for your business and be willing to pay even upwards of $10 billion. Imagine if HP paid $10 billion for software maker Autonomy then they can easily do the same for BB. @ 10 billion value per share of BB works to be $20 per share. ATLEAST!!

As an investor, I don't really want BB to go private, but I do want to make BB Devices and OS as strong as possible. However, dealing constantly with the distraction of market results deflects from building the image of the pre-eminent device and OS. As a devoted user, a privately held BlackBerry In the right hands, those of supportive owners who believe in the products, retail and Enterprise, BBM, OS10, QNX, and the marvels hidden away in the patent portfolio, would be a very positive result.

I've suspected for some time that strategic decisions like release dates were being made to protect shareholders by spreading performance around the calendar or providing a rationale for under performance. Does anyone really buy the refrain after each quarterly earnings report that "the new blockbuster phone was just released and this quarter's results don't capture it's potential?"

I like the idea of going private if the group buying includes Mike Lazaridis and other big existing shareholders, so that the price isn't astronomical and the new ownership isn't more of a burden than the current ownership. But, I can't get over the cost. I want to see BlackBerry invest in talent to help build BB10 into a great platform for computing on smart phones and in smart meters. I'd guess that the NSA controversy might make some cloud computing prospect much cheaper than 3 months ago and more tempting right now. And it's not like the cloud is going away...

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Thor becomes a director and within weeks of that, a 'rumour' starts about BBRY going private.

Something tells me that someone in management wants to sell of all or part of BBRY operations in the very near future - especially as BBM is going cross platform and hardware is not exactly flying of the shelves ( due to a less than stellar advertising push )

It's even better when that someone has a major toehold on the board :)

Course - i'm an ex-customer so I know nothing :)

You usually go private for two reasons. One to protect the stock from a potential buyout. Or two ... you wish to hide performance from the public eye.

Neither is a good scenario as it either distracts the organization as it protects itself and/or hides what's really going on. Plus the loss of working capital alone will impact R&D.

I certainly hope this is a rumour to short the stock.

Just get 10.2 done! The compatibility with Android 4.0 alone will bring so many apps. That's the solution!!!

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I absolutely hate the Android runtime on the BlackBerry 10 platform. It is NOT the answer. While it is a solution for the tech heads on the Internet here, your average joe does not have a way to easily get the app they want. The boycotting of app development on BlackBerry 10 was a planned event.

This kind of news kills the short trading. I would expect either this to gain traction as truth, or good news to hammer the stock up some more to follow as the rumor goes away.

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If they go private. Who will be a good owner. I hope not a private equity firm. I would like to see someone who is a true believer in Blackberry's future. Equity firm might sell the company in pieces and we will never see BlackBerry ever again. Prem needs to get others on board and buy this puppy.

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A win win for BlackBerry. This will make the shorts second guess themselves, and their risks will go up - should see the stock go up if there is truth to this. Secondly, if they do go private, it will allow them to be somewhat free from a most of the negative media surrounding them. We hear enough negativity about BlackBerry from the media, and it always seems to spark from a q result. Friends of mine won't buy BlackBerry because they think the company is done, all due to what they hear on the main headlines of the news. Won't even try it out.

BlackBerry for leaders, not followers.

This is the second best news I have heard all week. First was the approval from the pentagon. I love where BlackBerry is heading.

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I'm not giving up my shares unless they offer me a really good price for them. I'm long BBRY and I have a positive view on their future. That being said though, I agree this is a good time to take BBRY private with the stock price so depressed and in the middle of a turn around. I'm divided.

BlackBerry has to be in the app business as well. All the hardware they've developed is meaningless without a competitive app market...which they clearly don't have.

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I think this is the best idea they've come up with in a while. The market has such a negative view that they should just focus on producing great products without having to constantly report financial news.

The only thing i do worry about is the money it would take to buy back all the stock. I also question the lack of transparency we'll get as users once they go private again.

BlackBerry do not have enough cash on hand to take the company private - few companies do really, if any. They will need to find a partner. Preferably someone who shares their vision of the future and is willing to share Thor's vision of the slow walk to profitability.

There is potential downside to this. Most likely the partner will be a fund. Could even be Fairfax I suppose who already own a large piece of the company. Funds answer to investors.

I have seen in my own industry, funds take over companies, grow impatient with the restructuring, or find things just don't go as planned, and then start shopping off pieces of the company they don't find goes with their overall view of the future and sometimes just dumping out. What was harder when you have to get a large majority of shareholders to agree, becomes very simple when the majority owner of a private corporation wants something done.

Of course there are plenty of examples of funds who come in and restructure and reinvest in a company and turn them around and a few years later sell them back into the stock market and make a killing for their fund investors.

Would be interesting to watch such a scenario play out.

I'm a shareholder. Where do I sign up in a class action lawsuit that this business has been mismanaged with this endpoint in mind?

I'd like to get Umi's take on this to see what this will mean for the stock. My guess is that the stock will jump a bit and then we would be forced to sell at a certain price?

Ever wonder who bought all these shares just after the latest quarterly results came Out??? Think about it, buying millions of shares at a bargain price...

BlackBerry has amazing technology patents, partnerships etc. They have a great smartphone and someone out there may have a bigger plan to get their 90% share possession while the rest of the BlackBerry community is on the sidelines saying "wtf just happened"

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This really needs to happen. They simply have burnt the investor pool too much and it would free them of much of the negative scrutiny over stock price. Silver Lake could also create some synergies with their ownership of Avaya, and possibly make a much stronger company with the two combined. All of BlackBerry's competition is much more diversified and can take swings in market trends easier.

Heins was the wrong man for the job to begin with and these distractions from getting BB10 into the hands of consumers.

Yep just read a Globe and Mail article talking about much for charting their own course...

This also comes on the heels of yet more proof and new numbers that BlackBerry is indeed falling to fourth place behind Windows Phones...

As if that is not enough I'm getting that sinking feeling that the Z10 is going the way of the PlayBook...I don't even see the Z10 advertised anymore, anywhere, and all the major carriers on Canada now only sport pictures of the Q10 on their in store advertising...

I'm trying to stay optimistic, but I'm quickly running out of patience with bullshit like this!

BlackBerry, wake the fuck up! Unglue your head from your ass and stop making soo many goddamn mistakes and abandoning your clients.

I paid full price for this fucking phone and if it ends up being an expensive doorstop, the first BlackBerry rep I see, I will shove the Z10 up his ass, maybe he can make a better use of the flow and peak features that way!

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Yeah. I think what's troubling about it is that BlackBerry 10 was intended to regain ground in North America. It requires more expensive hardware and doesn't have the same cheap data advantages of BB7 for "emerging markets" where BlackBerry still competes. Basically, it was BlackBerry's shot at the big market with big margins.

And, it's failing in the United States. I'll occasionally see a Lumia Windows Phone, but I've yet to see anyone else carrying a BlackBerry 10 phone in the U.S. I think Canadian sales accounted for more of BlackBerry's North American sales than anyone expected.

The new 10.2 leak is great and I love my Z10, but everyone is making great, great phones right now... it's an unbelievably competitive environment and BlackBerry is simply saying, "Sure, we don't have the apps, accessories, and cool factor that the other platforms have, but our messaging hub is great and our UI looks like our competitor's UI used to look, but is snazzier and makes multitasking easier." It's just not enough to distinguish them -- not even among the business niche as enterprise is being invaded by ipads and apps for business cloud solutions often aren't available for BB10. Going private might allow them to work on something disruptive and awesome that would be too out of the box -- at least the BlackBerry box -- for Wall Street to accept as anything other than an abandonment of their position.

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This would have been a great move if Blackberry had a great, competent creative team that could take the company private and do something great. But, if you believe that by going private that they will suddenly become geniuses and do the right things as they should have been doing with Thor and the current heads of the company guiding them, then you can start making funeral arrangements for all your BB10 devices as well as legacy devices, because the company with the current leadership and minds will burn through the remaining cash they have and die a sudden death with the Z30 in their hands.

At least stockholders and being in the public eye put pressure on Blackberry to compete better. If Blackberry has shown incompetence in the public sector, what do you think they are going to do behind closed doors in the private sector where no one can hold them accountable? The blind leading the blind!

Android makes a HTC one! for Google! Why can't android make BB10 for blackberry! I think blackberry did a awesome job on the Z10 and Q10! But there playing the guessing game! how do we keep a blackberry in the market! That's sharp and intuitive! Keep the name and the idea and the layout! And let someone else manufacturer the phones! Will this save the company? Will this save the share holders?

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Making the company private won't sell any more phones. DELL is trying to go private, doesn't seem like it's any easy process.

Please don't, I'm coming back to blackberry from an iPhone. I bought a Q10 yesterday & I really really love the new phone & the new OS!

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I don't blame them for wanting to go private, less scrutiny and ppl watching. And every time you do something they don't live it reflects in the stock market. And it bends public perception when it's only a half truth

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I'll second that! I think the BB10 platform! And the Z10 And Q10 are brilliant phones! The Mobile market changes so much!! and it's very fast these days! Also! It might be a little hard to keep up! BlackBerry is a brand that's needed! I'm sure someone will run with it! If the purists give up! If someone else made the products and blackberry went private will this make things easier to compete and stay in the game?

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Let's not forget to factor-in the point that whoever may be an encumbent to acquire BlackBerry, must first meet all criteria laid out by the Canuck Government, as national security would be on the front-line of the decision making process.

Well of it makes blackberry a better product! With the same superior emailing system! And the same superior security system! Keep the brilliant platform! Keep the HUB the same! And a solid OS! With mobile industry standard apps! And the new BB10 apps! And build on the Z10 /Q10! Create a Solid BB10 bridge for the playbook! ONLY available in "LINKS" the os7 berry's are secure Already! Make sure the Q5 and A10! Are solid also!!! Will going private fix these issues! Will letting someone else manufacturer the blackberry products! Fix things?

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I think if you take the average price for the last 3 months,which works out to around $12,add a premium of 30% , that's what they will offer shareholders in a buyout to go private.$15.50 a share.