BlackBerry to consider making a phablet to drive growth

BlackBerry CEO John Chen
By Harish Jonnalagadda on 11 Jun 2014 06:05 am EDT

BlackBerry CEO John Chen indicated that a phablet may be the next growth driver for the Canadian manufacturer as it looks to regain its market share.

In an interview with Indonesia's Jakarta Post, Chen announced that BlackBerry aims to sell 1 million units of the BlackBerry Z3, a $200 handset that is available for sale exclusively in Indonesia (for now). The Z3 is the first device co-created with Foxconn, with which BlackBerry has entered into a five year partnership. Under the terms of the deal, Foxconn designs, manufactures and stocks the devices, which BlackBerry provides the software.

Chen mentioned that he was optimistic about the device performing well in the Indonesian market despite the recent increase of Android and iOS devices in that region.

"They [Android and iOS] are very focused on consumers. We have a very strong hold in enterprise. We do compete in the consumer space, and the product we launched [the Z3] is a very competitive product, especially since our brand is really big here in Indonesia. I hope to sell the Z3 a lot, like a million units or something. But I am actually more focused on market share. I want to increase our market share."

When asked about the next big growth driver, Chen stated that a phablet might be the answer, stating that there is a lot of potential for such a device.

"If we will do another thing, we will probably go to phablet. I think if you look at our strategy and if you look at where the market goes, there is definitely a good market for something between a phone and tablet. I think the phablet could be early, the tablet is already late. That is not a bad thing, because you can bring new technology. But, if I have the opportunity I will go to phablet."

Although BlackBerry is starting to focus once again on the consumer segment, it is not abandoning its enterprise users, with Chen stating that an enterprise version of BBM, called e-BBM, will be available in June this year. He also mentioned that the manufacturer is intent on building "infrastructure that connects everything: mobile, Internet protocol [IP] addresses, everything."

Source: The Jakarta Post

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BlackBerry to consider making a phablet to drive growth


Yes, They should think fast now for phablet, tablet, wearable things, Cheap phone etc.

because time is running out for Blackberry...

I mean I guess this is good for them, but phablets are hardly new, I wouldn't consider them an early adaptor to this doesn't Samsung have 4 versions of the Note?

I agree and was going to say the same thing. While Phablet's are not really "new tech" , I would still consider a BBRY version. For growth purposes they should create a market instead of following it. But I trust that Chen has his reasons.

Blackberry keeps Johnson National LLC moving

I'd say they should hit their marketing department to scream loud and wild, that Blackberry rocks more than ever before. On TV, on radio, on paper... everywhere!

Best product ain't nothing when nobody knows them...

But for the rest I agree!

Posted via CB10

Agreed, BlackBerry sucks at marketing their products currently.

Posted Via CB10 on my Zed 30

I'm partisan...but they really need a good PR initiative more than a Marketing one. (Disclosure: I'm a PR person.) They've got significant branding, credibility, and other issues that need to be tackled at many levels (consumers, enterprise, and investors).

John, I can only say, 'any port in a storm'.
PB was much to late and defective in software when it was released.
Is this your plan for a 'ptablet' too?
BB can not afford another embarrassment like the PB.

And, where will the important apps come from?
IPad's and Android's are sold (in large numbers) based upon a wide range of 'useful and useless' apps (to say noting about extensive and expensive ad programs). Will the devs give the 'ptablet' adequate support? I think not based upon prior BB app availability.

".... aims to sell 1 million units of the BlackBerry Z3 (in Indonesia alone)". Humm, I guess this (hopefully) translates to hundreds of millions of BB handsets when it (and other new BB's) are sold world wide. Certainly, 1 million new sales will increase the BB market share above one percent.

In order for those sales goals to succeed BBRY will have to sell roughly 1 phone for every 242 people in Indonesia.

Posted via CB10

As you say, only 0.4% of the Indonesian population will have these phones.
In the US, what % of the population have iP and Galaxy?

Thats a pretty lame and petty assumption to make. Playbook OS was brand new years ago.....this is 2015 years after BB10 has been optimized. What OS do you think will go on the phablet ? Playbook OS? We have just met but your asking some very dumb questions.

Regret that you did not understand the analogy. One reason BB has had a decline was because it did not produce quality goods in a timely manner. I did not say the coming project was to use an old PB OS. On release, the PB was missing key functions that were essential to capture the minds of the press and buyers. It was delayed and very late to get to market. PB to get an upgrade to OS10 was a failure. Such was the history of BB in that time. Now BB has reduced staff; how can they fare in new projects?
In short, the company shrunk, they replaced their President, reduced their staff, and currently have a miniscule portion of the hardware market.

Don't you think they can learn and have learnt from the PB fiasco? Must we take out that old hymn book everytime the company undertakes to do something new?

NO... They did not learn... It happened with the Storm... Storm2... AND Playbook... so No, they didnt learn not to: Over promise, over hype, deliver late, weak incomplete devices.

Time is not running out on BBRY. I believe the company will be leaner while occupying a niche space but I really don't believe BBRY is going anywhere.

Alot of "ifs".......if this if that.......which probably means the Z3 is not selling as well as anticipated.......

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If they do something with Foxconn again...

If he gets the chance....

That doesn't sound very 80/20 to me.

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Sounds to me like they are evaluating their options. Early Z3 sales are seemingly strong, the question is whether that holds up over time. When the Z10 launched it was snapped up by people who'd been waiting for BB10 but sales petered out quickly. The company manufactured far fewer Q10s as a result, so it wouldn't be stuck with a ton of unsold inventory again.

When it is June already, it's a little odd to say "available June of this year..." Just saying.

Posted via CB10 from my Z30

There was a lot of potential for a tablet when you introduced the playbook. Now I have a $500 paperweight that you neglected and abandoned. No thank you Blackberry, I've lost all trust.

All technology has end of life. The PlayBook does all it was promised to do. BlackBerry can't be bothered to update your 3 year old tablet forever.

Posted via CB10

No it does not a everything promised. Never got close. Perhaps you should research the introduction of the product and what Mike and Jim said then, and then what TH promised for it after taking over.

Posted with a BlackBerry Z10

Promises were broken with the PlayBook, no doubt about that. But it's hardly a paperweight. Have you put Origami Browser on it? That one app makes the PlayBook a lot more useful. Also, the integration with BB10 devices has been improved.

I understand end life, but the playbook was given promises that it never fulfilled, then just abandoned by blackberry. I really liked the device too. I still use it every once in a while, but I'm still disappointed with how they left it.

Not sure about this, to this day I use my PlayBook (I was an early adopter) ,it still does everything I need it to do, but alas it is old now and realistically I cannot expect it to compete with a brand new tablet.
I mean come on you buy a desktop today in two weeks they release a faster version, technology is like that.
PlayBook wasn't bad, it was decent ,it did the job, and to some extent it still does, the OS still is fluid as hell and is impressive, but let's be honest, it cannot compete with a 2014 product.
Nor should one expect it to

Posted via CB10

@felixlives, agreed. I still use mine daily for things that it can be reasonably expected to do; stream media from my NAS, read e-books, browse the net (decent browser still)...

It sucks that things were promised that were not delivered, but seriously, the broken promises hardly turn the pb into a '$500 paperweight' :P

I also agree. I actually still use mine today for the same things I always did. It's still small, convenient and the easiest thing besides my phone to pick up to check something out online with.

It's slow, sure, but things rarely speed up with age. It's only a paperweight if you choose not to use it.

Posted via CB10

You are missing the point here. The complaint is not that the product got old. The complaint is Blackberry over promised and under delivered on the product.

Blackberry always.....

Agreed! I have a SG Tab 2 and believe me, but for a few apps, the PB is a much better tablet.

Wearable gadgets still provide nothing of great value in the areas BlackBerry is competing in. Even among consumers there's more of an interest in wearable tech than their is in full adoption.

Posted via CB10

Wearables are overhyped. The market for wearables isn't as big as futurists think it is - at least not now. Smartphones have taken off in part because many people - particularly in developing countries - use them in place of computers. And for young people a handheld is a must-have. It doesn't have to be the latest model. Older smartphones are generally not very hard to get. You can pick up an older iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry handset for not much money and then get a little prepaid service, supplemented with free Wi-Fi. Then you have a way of staying in contact with others and the ability to do all the snapchatting, whatsapping, and BBMing you want.


I am out personally on larger phones. Personally when I want bigger I go for my tablet. It happens to be a playbook and would be happier to see a new version of that!

Posted via CB10

Me too. With BlackBerry's intent to "listen to what their customers' want", I would think polling their current customers would be very welcome and informative.

Most likely posted via CB10 from my amazing Z30, but may have been posted from my awesome PlayBook.

Yes I agree, wish my PB was not so irritating, if it was sold as a test model that might not make it to next gen OS, I would be totaly satisfied and maybe buy another tablet from them. I don't want a phablet my Z30 is as big as I will ever go for a device that is also my phone.

I agree. The whole world appears to be obsessed with making mobile technology bigger and less pocketable.

But ask people why they choose iphone 4s and BlackBerry Curves and they'll tell you otherwise.

Posted via CB10

Your point doesn't hold up though. If a much larger iPhone is launched, in the phablet category, it will sell in millions and millions of units. And Curves? Because they're cheap as dirt? I haven't seen a Curve ever, that goes for BBRY phones in general too, outside of a store anyway.

I read ths yesterday elsewhere I think it's a great idea,

Classifieds Canada and GeoYeo App all the way!!!

Small steps. Remember, they are barely selling 1 million bb10 devices per quarter worldwide. So to sell a million in one country is significant.

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By the time BlackBerry goes to market with a phablet the BB10 OS will be into 10.3 with all the added features we know it has hidden in a hat somewhere.

Unfortunately BlackBerry is usually too slow to market with its products, BlackBerry seems to miss the bus more often than not.

I was a 110% BlackBerry 10 fan/supporter and I was convinced that I'd be with BB10 till the end of me or the OS. Now I can feel the cracks starting in my once cast iron support. I can't be 100% sure that an iPhone isn't in my future.

I love my Z10 and would love a Z30 even more but a 6 inch iPhone may just be too much to resist.

Posted via CB10


You know you will regret purchasing an iphone, and you will miss that integrated hub.

Also I feel once you go bigger than a z10 the phone is harder to use for everyday stuff.

I just sold my sony z2.. great phone but no integrated messaging, and size was to big to carry around.

Also both myself and my partner find the call quality on the z2 poor

Posted via CB10

My move from z10 to z30 saw improved daily use. A z30 imho is not that much bigger and would venture to say seen like an optimal size increase.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

Same here. I went Z10 to Q10--loved the keyboard and battery, just screen size was tiny. Then Z30, which I originally thought would be too big (the Z10 seemed huge to me), but it's not that much bigger than the Z10. But, with the increased battery (over the Q10), it's my daily phone now. The only drawback, for me, is lack of a physical keyboard. While Z10 is probably a better "size" for me (small hands), I couldn't deal with the poor battery life, and no, I'm not hauling around an extra battery or charger with me everywhere. The increase in size in the Z30 was not too bad, but any bigger and I personally wouldn't want it. It would be harder for ME to use and the Z30 just barely fits everywhere I need it to for transport.

The Z30 is beloved by those who have got one. It has five star reviews on Verizon's site. With its ability to run most Android apps, it is vastly superior to Android handsets. It is a perfected larger version of the Z10.

bang on. I feel the same way. but apple would be my last choice. if not blackberry then Samsung. I really hope Blackberry continues to build and keep this momentum. unfortunately they tend to sit back and admire what they have done and the next thing you know its 3 years later. right now they keep hitting singles and getting on base its time for a home run. I bought a Samsung tablet for my 10 year old. she waited as long as she could for a new playbook and couldn't wait any longer. Samsung continues to hit doubles and get everyone home.

I agree that after using the BlackBerry 10 OS it will be difficult to live with any other OS but I think I need something new to keep me excited. I don't need razzmatazz and fancy speeches, I want the next great feature from the OS/UI. Maybe 10.3 will sweep me off my feet again.

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From the looks of it, the Windemere will already be close to a phablet, albeit square...

Posted with my Q10, SQN100-2, Radio

That's what I was thinking, just a rectangular iteration of the Windermere minus the keyboard = phablet. Seems pretty easy.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

Take my money BlackBerry!! I rock a z30 And a Samsung Note. I love the size of the note but want bb10!!

Posted via CB10

Thinking the same, envying the size of the Note 3 but don't want to leave BlackBerry's great OS. Z30 is too close to approaching old tech for me to commit to a z30 on a new contract. Off contract isn't in my budget at this time... with 2 kids in university, something's gotta give!!

Posted via CB10

It may be a good idea to try a phablet.

BlackBerry has done a tablet that very few people bought. Smartphones have been done in qwerty, 2 sizes of highish end touch screens and now a budget touch screen, all with debatable success so far.

Once BlackBerry has done a phablet and can see the market reception John Chen can choose to keep or dump the smartphone division of BlackBerry with the numbers to support his actions.

I've bought and owned a WiFi PlayBook, 2 Z10's and a Q5 and bought apps on all the platforms. I've loved all of them and I find it baffling that the market has shown so much hate for BlackBerry devices.

Posted via CB10

Well, the company's marketing has been no good and BB gets almost zero love from the tech press. BlackBerry fan sites are the exception.

Last night they were talking about Eric Cantor's defeat and someone on NBC joked that John Boehner probably got the news on his BlackBerry. The company needs to figure out how to un-become the butt of jokes in order to rebuild its reputation.

They should support this Phablet for the next 100 years. Not like the PlayBook... #sarcastic

Z10 STL100-1/

There are things that the PlayBook does that still no other tablets can, keep that functionality while improving the consumer experience and you can count me in!

Still better than my Z30 at streaming live TV and needs no app to do it like other tablets.
Straight from the browser in HD.
Last week on Air Canada, I used it for the entertainment system (no more touch screen displays on Air Canada Rouge). Everyone else had to download the Air Canada app.
With the world cup starting tomorrow, I'll use my PlayBook rather than my Z30. Better screen resolution.

Posted via CB10

Exactly. The PB's flash-enabled browser is still more useful to me than the competitions browsers. Also an update was pushed out for the PB not more than a couple of months ago...

Cant believe how many people still have their panties in a bunch over no BB10 on playbook. Its done, get over it.

This so called enterprise bullshit talk from Jackie Chan aka john Chan, must have to stop how else will blackberry see growth if they totally focus entirely on enterprise?

The man with executive ability wins always in business.

First profitability then growth. Given the anti-BB media and carrier environment among other things one can understand the stepping stone approach.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

They could make an 8 core super phone with 3 days of constant usage battery life, and it's the same size as the Note 3, and is faster in every aspect.

If there's no big name software for it, the average consumer isn't going to consider it.

Posted via CB10

The average consumer thinks BlackBerry is out of business. There needs to be a focus on smartly using all available means to change that narrative.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

I love blackberry BUT after leaving me high and dry with my tablet which still has an unusable camera why should I invest in a phablet

Posted via CB10

I think blackberry is still making the same mistake...They have some very good new devises and very good and stable os and they continue to spend money here and there to compete other companies......let's see the Q1 results in 19/6 if there is any profit first

Posted via CB10

I see a lot of people sport phablets. Size doesn't stop most from carrying them around. So, I think it would be a good idea as long as it incorporates really high end specs.
However, I also think that BlackBerry needs to be much more agressive in the consumer space. They have to come out with devices that appeal to people and go all out. Advertising here is close to zero except for only one store that I've seen in Milan.
They have to appeal to families and the younger crowd. Young people like high end devices. I also feel that if they put out a playbook 2 a lot of people would go for that as well.
It's a shame that they just don't keep up with the rest of the market.

Good idea! I'm tired of using iPods to enter my notes. I either want a desk/laptop or a iPad.

Posted via CB10

Don't understand how people say "never again" and being burnt by blackberry before whenever they start talking about tablets or something similar. You'll at least know now that you'll be getting a device with a complete fully functional OS from jump as opposed to the half-cocked experiment that the playbook was with all the potential but no execution.

Pimp slappin iGeeks and Droinerds with my Q10

I think wearables are a waste of time, but a phablet would be great. So long as the devices are specced out and sexy, I think they're going to fly this time around.

Join the Cause @ BlackBerry Bootleg Marketing Channel - C003483F4

Blackberry's "phablet" will be the Android market's flagship phone unfortunately

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

I was "burned" by the Playbook and learned the lesson well. I bought my Z30 after several months it came out. I am switching from the Q10 (suffering the double typing and other minor glitches) and the Z30 which works flawlessly. All this means, that not until one year from now will I consider buying anything from Blackberry.

A ready-to-go Z50 is just an improved larger Z30 that you already have, with a stable, useful OS, Android app support, not too much that could go wrong with a phablet. ???

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Like I said before: more and more satisfied with the Z30's quality. It has never failed, not one single time at all! The Q10 I use because of two things: the keyboard, which is constantly bugging me with the "double-typing" and the LTE from the damned AT&T.
I am determined to play a "wait and see" attitude towards the new products and not until next year is in my plans to buy anything.
The Z30 size is the biggest I intend to go. I loved later the Z10, but I wish it had a better battery.
One of the reasons that helped me to decide to get the Z30 is the sound quality, since I have more than 7000 songs in my SD card (and my classic music collection in another that I connect externally through the OTG). The Z30 is the product that keeps my trust in BlackBerry.

Sorry to hear you have the double-type drama. Hasn't developed here (yet), thank God....

Yeah, I'm tempted to give that Z10 to my bro overseas and get a Z30, so we can BBM Video the heck out of it and see his little ones grow up.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Lucky you! I am using now the Z30 for my BlackBerry Messenger and the Q10 for the rest. You will not be sorry with the Z30, but maybe your brother will start giving you the complaints about the battery! Do him a favor and give him another Z30! :-)

It would seem John is going to float through until he can get bes12 out and some more software related products, he knows that is where they can make money. Everything else is just window dressing. They know hardware is tough and need a bigger uptake in order to continue with it.

Posted via CB10

I think it is wrong. That's one of the problems with BlackBerry: they forgot his origins. What's make BlackBerry number one was innovation, something that they miss.
Some years ago there was a concept video made by BlackBerry, when they present the future of BlackBerry. In the video there is no PC, just mirroring of the phone display. If BlackBerry start using very high-end technology they could be at the top, and then use monitors or tablets as a mirroring of the BlackBerry.
BlackBerry need to stop following the leader and start acting as the leader!

God Bless You!

I agree with you here.

They need to fulfill the promise of mobile computing before anyone else does. Until then, they are just treading water (or worse).

There is still space beyond the iPhone, beyond android. That's where they should go.

I agree. My phone should replace my laptop but somehow nobody wants to implement the software, even though the hardware is better than that of a laptop 3-4 years ago.

Posted via CB10

My IPhone 5 using friend said my z30 was "like a mini tablet"

Posted using my VZW BlackBerry Z30

He is right since the iPhone 5 is really small... iPhone 4 had a better look and feel in terms of screen size...

Z30 and the z10 have a good size...good for typing :)

Posted via CB10... and my awesome Z10

Not sure what the news here is.

A strong segment of the market is going towards the phablet, of course they are going to make one. Some might say that they already have, the z30. Maybe he meant a phablet with foxconn for the emerging market.

Sure you have to be aware of the market. But, you also have to innovate. And, I don't think that a phablet is innovation. If they came out with one 3 years ago, that would be innovating. Now they are just following samsung. Which is fine, because they have to meet the consumer's expectations. But, don't think that this is going to be some big turnaround strategy.

I am starting to think that Chen likes to be wishy washy on purpose. "Maybe we'll do this, maybe we'll do that..." stay in the press, get a little attention, but not too much. Meanwhile (hopefully) his other hand is doing something that you aren't aware of.

Just waiting for the next revision of the Z30. I am currently on a Z10 and love it. this unit has held up better than my previous phones. There are more OS updates. every update brings new or expanded functionality. the device has gotten far better over time as opposed to the old devices that would get slower and not be as useful.

My Z30 is all I use now. Right size for carrying, browsing the web, reading a book and of course messaging of all kinds. I admit that I would like a larger screen to browse the net every now and then but would I sacrifice the ease of carry for those times I need to search or read something? I don't think so. I still have my PlayBook and it sits on my desk in it's nice charging cradle only to be used once in a while. The Phablet would have to WOW! me to the extreme to make me drop my Z30

A Blackberry Phablet would be awesome for business users. Put me down for one!!!

Posted with the brilliance of my Z10!!!

If and when blackberry decides to make a phablet, it better come with a pen. This allows for greater flexibility in fulfilling current and future needs of consumers regarding flexibility in the use of available phone features and apps. For instance, when MS OneNote finally comes to blackberry OS, using it on a phablet with a pen will certainly be better than otherwise. That's my opinion though. Otherwise, Chen might very well just release an upgraded playbook. After all, there already a Z30 with a decent screen size. Screen size for instance should not be about "cool for watching videos", it should also be about how you can work on the screen.

Posted via CB10

Personally I seriously dislike "Phablets" they are too bulky to fit in a pocket or in the car door. You can't make a call without your hold hand stretched open as wide as possible. I believe that people are loosing sight of what a phone should be. A phone should not have more than a 4.2" screen and a tablet should be no smaller than 7 inches.

Laptop, Tablet, Phone, TV. I hope these 4 sections stay in their respective sections. As a business person I love my Q5 it's a really nice compact size.

All the above is just my opinion. I'm sure it will differ to many but I'm sure many will agree :)


I have a 4.2inch phone and 10.1inch tablet. Couldn't be happier with the size of either. I have no interest in a bigger phone or smaller tablet.

Posted via CB10

+1! My Z10 is just the right size for me and my 3 year old laptop still works just as good! I must in the minority of this phablet craze too!

 OS 100-4/Verizon Z10

The largest phablet on the market with some exclusive never seen before features could create some demand. Unfortunately BlackBerry has lost its "cool" factor in the majority of markets. Therefore has lost retailer/carrier support. Until BlackBerry creates an exclusive phone and then they actually market them, BlackBerry's device market share will stay stagnant.

Posted via my fancy BB10 pager thingy

Just some random observations:

1. iOS 8 is supposed to be compatible with the iPad 2...a device that was the contemporary of the PlayBook in the marketplace. So the age of the PlayBook really is no excuse to end updates. Specs (insufficient memory, for instance) would be. But how do the PlayBook's stack up against the Z3?

2. If Apple releases a 6 inch iPhone, will they release an iPod with the same form factor as they have for the last few iPhone? Will this cannibalize sales of the iPad mini? I suspect it will.

3. The future of blackberry is touchscreen. The future of everything is touchscreen. People who have learned mobile computing on a touchscreen device aren't going to be migrating to a physical keyboard anytime soon. For diehard legacy users an updated q10 with a track pad and belt is sufficient. The windermere should be keyboardless.

Posted via CB10

I think it'll be a cold day when apple releases a 6" iphone. A phablet from apple would kill their ipad 7 business completely and likely seriously eat into the ipad sales too. BlackBerry doesn't have a tablet so making a phablet would makes sense because it wouldn't cannibalize current products.

They should do a tablet. Enterprise will use tablets. One thing BlackBerry does better than ios is document management. That becomes even more useful on a tablet. Foxconn could easily make BlackBerry a nice cheap tablet that office workers could use through their day and leave at the office at the end of it.

Posted via CB10

The Blackberry Phlaybook. Yeah that'll sell.

Let's see who will buy another BB tablet... Retail stores will NOT sell it. Telephone carrier outlets will NOT sell it. Probably 90% of people who bought the PB will NOT buy it.

The company so desperately needs more billion dollar write-offs. Bring it on.

They already have 5"+ phones.. the playbook tablet was 7".. what room is there for a phablet? 6"?

Posted via CB10

Phablets typically have screens that measure (diagonally) between 5.01 and 6.9 inches (130 to 180 mm), which complement screen-intensive activity such as mobile web browsing and multimedia viewing. Phablets may also include software optimized for an integral self-storing stylus to facilitate sketching, note-taking and annotation.

That was taken from Wiki after searching "Phablet". I'm not saying you wrong but I believe more than 4.9" is entering into "Phablet" territory. As I said in a pervious comment phones should have a max screen size of 4.2" to remain portable and easy for 1 handed use :)

Let's agree, phablets start from around 5 inches. So the Z30 would already qualify.

But bigger is better, if you want to move towards near real tablet size (under 7 inches).

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Seems this is about the norm these days for a phablet, I see a lot of them in the wild; It's so funny when I see someone with a smartphone the size of fast food cup.

BlackBerry 10

E-BBM nice!!! I actually am looking forward to that! And yeah. I have a BlackBerry PB and it's decent but an android tablet will blow it away

Posted via CB10 via my BlackBerry Z10 ;)

Well BBRY I do not think 'probably' 'thinking of' will work in the fiercely competitive market. If they really intend to they should just do it!! Market shall certainly welcome it

The idea of a phablet is not something new or emerging. Releasing a phablet would not put them ahead of anyone else.

Yeah, I use the 5" Z30 and it's awesome, if they came out with a 5.5" or 6" I'd be in. I have a nexus 7 (2013) that I never use because I do all of my work/browsing/reading on my phone. I think if given the choice most people would rather just have one device to maintain.

...just don't call it a "PlayBook"!

Also, why would they be tempted to make a Phablet when we cannot yet get an AT&T Z30?,....which such an item has sales chomping at the bit!

Posted via CB10

Yes, please! Make the playbook 2 run with bb10. I will buy it for sure.

 Posted via CB10 by Z30

So wait, they're going back to The Classic and wants a phablet.. what kind of strategy is that ?
Let's be honest, he has absolutly no clue about the market.

Wouldn't buy a phablet if you paid me. Still waiting for the so called playbook were sorry deal. Like that will happen. BlackBerry is a day late and a dollar short to the party. No sense releasing another dead product.

Personally I don't want a phablet from any manufacturer. Rather have a laptop.

Posted via ZedTen

BlackBerry needs to slam the market with low cost, high quality / Spec devices and sell them directly online like OnePlusOne. Then they must back up thier devices with a direct through BlackBerry "formidable" warranty.

On the app side of things they need an agreement with Google so that you can buy directory through Google Play (BlackBerry gets a cut for any purchases for referal), have the Android apps run in a secure sandbox.

The above will resolve 3 issues:

1. Apps.
2. Device Market Penetration - cheap devices
3. The warranty carrier policies are a nightmare

Posted via CB10

If they make a phablet it needs to be a high end phone. They cannot afford to do it "half way". If Chen is truly going to build what the market wants he can't just think about the size. The specs have to meet the market's/consumer desires. that is a high end all touch phablet

Posted with none other than the Zed 10

Well at least the people here who desperately want an Android but also want to tell everyone they have a BlackBerry are going to get what they want so badly.

The Z30 is perfect so far for me , and if there was a successor for it in terms of updated specs and features, I would go buy it as soon as it come out.

From my  phone

A LOT people would throw money after them for a real flagship device. Myself included. But it seems BlackBerry not want our money, we have to use outdated hardware. Dual Core 1.5 GHz, lol specs from 2011 but we have 2014!!!
RedBerry Z10 #00167

It needs to be a FLOGship device that hits the competition hard, in OS, usability and specs.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Nice, looking forward to it.
Somehow i feel like LG G3 stole the design of z30. iOS stole the interactive notification from BB 10 OS.
Blackberry still got its innovative DNA, surely will be great again! Keep innovating and come up with better design! :)

No matter how you play it, forever i'll be in it.

A) Isn't the z30 already a phablet? What is adding another half inch in screen to a phone going to do to help turn around BlackBerry?

B) Producing a phablet would be "early" to market? Really?? There are numerous phones out there that are 5+ inches (including the z30). Samsung is on iteration FOUR!

My opinion, produce a phone the same size as the z10 with top of the line specs i.e. a new flagship device and market the crap out of it.

Posted via CB10

Talk is cheap ... little action from Chen. Show us something via a significant marketing program. Too much of ..... "maybe this or maybe that" about stuff that is already out there by all the current big players, so to speak. When was the last (or first) marketing effort by BB on any product??? Frustrated to say the least.


But just not atm

To avoid another fiasco, they'll burn the whole fireworks in or around November, when everything including the new phones is ready, BBM Video cross-platform after proper testing, BBM for Windows Phone, 10.3.x and BES12.

Let it cook and simmer. I can smell it already....

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

If u want a high-spec phone we have to pay the money for it. Just the way it is.

As many of us are coming off contracts in the next year or so, we need a new device. All touchscreen is where the phone market really is at nowadays, with a small portion in qwerty physical keyboard devices. BlackBerry better start ramping something up soon to keep up. Sure it costs money to make phones, but looking at people who will be replacing their Z10 devices in the next year, BlackBerry needs to keep up with this. I bought my Z10 on two-year contract last year April. I'm ready for a new device come spring time. What will I upgrade to? I want specs, I want something good, I want something that's gonna last another couple years. BlackBerry has got to start planning and thinking now, no "ifs". All touchscreen devices, and yes I will say that people do want bigger phones nowadays, the phablet is very realistic for the consumer...this is the way the consumer is! Look at Samsung and the Galaxy series, one of the most successful and bought devices in the market...and it's gotten bigger and bigger over its generations....

Posted via CB10

"If we will do another thing, we will probably go to phablet", doesn't sound like they have much of a plan of attack to me

C00121953 channel for car freaks!!

If I cannot have a new Playbook, then I want a 6" high spec phone. I am willing to pay for high specs. High specs are needed for the enterprise user. I want to connect to the tv as a monitor, log into my office server, hookup a BT keyboard and mouse and download files or work on my office computer remotely. These all need resources past what the OS uses. Give me the horsepower.

The Windmere is the phablet. coming in Sept and October. No way that can be sold as a regular phone lol! He will recognize it as the first phablet with keyboard. Now that's innovative.

Posted via CrackBerry App

Although BlackBerry is starting to focus once again on the consumer segment, it is not abandoning its enterprise users, with Chen stating that an enterprise version of BBM, called e-BBM, will be available in June this year. He also mentioned that the manufacturer is intent on building "infrastructure that connects everything: mobile, Internet protocol [IP] addresses, everything."

What? When did this happen? Now we're consumer focused and *not* enterprise focused?! Confusing much?

Posted via CB10

I would live to see blackberry come out with a phablet. I like the of the galaxy note and the mega, but I love the blackberry operating system. Give me a note or mega sized phone, with blackberry software and I'll be happy

Posted via CB10

Blackberry sould make a tablet with a nice attachable keyboard which also is cover and killer specs. Good ones with keyboards are rare...If they want to play a role in the medical sector they need one. I can see a lot of use as I work in one of the best hospitals on the world.

RedBerry Z10 #00167

Yep a next-generation tablet (7-inch) with a case and keyboard with micro-HDMI, Bluetooth, WiFi, 4-8 GB RAM, 128 GB system storage and support for 128 GB microSD card, and of course full integration with BlackBerry 10 smartphones via BlackBerry Bridge. Please Chen no phablets.

Posted via CB10 on BlackBerry Q5

It's a good idea but who will carry it? Seriously I'm not a troll or such. But after this last dish two year stint I have to throw in the towel.
When my wife has apps I have to side loading to get and mist times that don't work it's time to throw in the towel.
And trust I've done the amazon app store thing and non of the apps are responsive after download. I tried snap got a virus on son PC both times. It shouldn't be a chore to get a simple app.
If BlackBerry doesn't improve by my next upgrade stage I'm getting a phablet and it won't be of the BB kind. I need ease of app use. Not a developer tool to get it.
And also I need updates to download globally. Not 4 months after release date. I'm just fed up period.

Posted via CB10

You know honestly its not that hard if they release a extremely high specs phablet....quad core or octa core 3gb or 4gb ram with 1080p or 2k screen with a min 3500 battery a 16mp back and front 5mp with stereo front and back speakers with super amoled and z30 quality finish with a bit more modern look it will sell no doubt with the proper marketing and 10.3 and push the ability to the install android apps.....

LCD would probably be much cheaper to manufacturer if they were to sell it as low cost, high end.

Posted via CrackBerry 10 (CB10) application using my BlackBerry Q10.

If it's made by Foxconn you can keep it BlackBerry. If they really want to make a phablet they should at least match the quality of the Z30.

Posted via CB10

I still use mine everyday. Works great watching the Milb baseball games I can't go to. I use the note app store all lyrics for my bands songs. Flixster seems to work from the website. Still wish they had given it the 10 update. Still don't see why they can't.

Posted on my Z10

I looked into getting an Android, but the hub is a deal breaker. None of the other manufacturers OS even come close.

Posted via CB10

Hott, however - most people that aren't BlackBerry users will not look to BlackBerry for their phablet.

Posted via CB10

SLIDER! Make it a 6" portrait orientation slider with the "Belt": at 6" diagonally, it could have a larger keyboard even than the Q10, and it could replace a lot of people's ultrabooks, I bet. A device that size being able to run Android apps WILL win over a lot of Android users.

Give it time, be patient and I think the media made a mishap with "June of this year", I think they meant next June, being in 2015.

Posted via CrackBerry 10 (CB10) application using my BlackBerry Q10.

Nope e-BBM is scheduled for launch sometime this month of this year, I have regular contact with BlackBerry UK enterprise guys.

So it's not long to go to have a new product to hear and learn about.

Posted via CB10 on Z30 STA100-2 / on O2 UK - Activated on BES10.2.2

Haters gonna hate. They can go suck up to apple, iOS, windows phone if they aren't blackberry users. :D

Posted via CrackBerry 10 (CB10) application using my BlackBerry Q10.

A 6" all touch BB10 phone would placate most of those calling for a second PlayBook. The main difference would be that, as it's just a very large phone, it would be mainly used in portrait orientation rather than landscape like the PlayBook. Chuck in handwriting recognition at OS level and a stylus and you could have a good product on your hands.

But BlackBerry please please please forget physical Qwerty. It's not the lack of physical keyboard phones or the "tool belt" holding BlackBerry back. Right now in the UK you can buy a brand new P9981, 9320, 9720, 9790, Q5, Q10 and soon the 9900 (again). That's 7 different models with a physical keyboard and some even with a tool belt and still BlackBerry's phone sales are dismal. It's the software ecosystem and the marketing currently at fault.

Posted via CB10 on Z30 STA100-2 / on O2 UK - Activated on BES10.2.2

Posted via CB10 on Z30 STA100-2 / on O2 UK - Activated on BES10.2.2

Typicall BBRY! They will CONSIDER it till everyone else has already gone ahead and done it.

By end of the year, Apple will have a phablet, Amazon will have a new device with 3D something or another, and Samsung and Microsoft will have also released new devices in this space. And the plan is that everyone (that is not on crackberry) will flock to BBRY's phablet because.......???

I still rock my Q10 for my main driver, but I jumped ship and switched my Z10 to a Lumia 1520 and absolutely love it as a tablet I can carry in my pocket. However, it is very LACKING in basic email and music playlist features, that I would have returned it the next day if I didn't have my Q10.

One million z3 expected to be sold...sounds good if it happens and I hope it will.

Using Z10, wanting Z30, eyeing Windermere

A phablet is something to look forward to even though I thought the Z30 covered that segment. There will probably be a version for the medical profession as BB are now aiming for that market. I wonder if it will have the stock BB10 OS or a phablet OS. Maybe the PlayBook OS? Either way another BB10 device is most welcome. BB need to extend their range greatly. Just look at the number of Lumias Nokia has brought out covering many market segments. Maybe that's why they are finally getting some traction.

I wonder if (1) this will really happen and (2) if people would actually buy it? I know many BB enthusiasts will, but how many "others" will??? Hmmm...

I'd buy both the tablet and phablet should BlackBerry decide to make one. Though isn't the Z30 considered a phablet already? My concern is that there are people who have decided not to opt for the Z30 because of its size, should they go for anything bigger, would that help?

Posted via CB10

Phablet is the bandwagon of today, not the tomorrow... sorry Chen, still showing how BlackBerry is lagging.

Posted via CB10

"If we will do another thing..." doesn't sound very much like leadership. BB needs to get off its a$$ and get moving...a phablet in time for the Christmas shopping season (which means available by late October), along with a refreshed Playbook, an updated keyboard-based phone and some kind of new touchscreen phone should all be available. You can bet that Apple and Samsung won't miss that important season and will both have new models out by then. But of course this is Blackberry we're talking about, so they will make a product announcement and then the actual product will arrive late, after the Christmas shopping season is over, and the hardware specs will look outdated compared to everything else by the time it's actually available.
Posted via CrackBerry App

Do it! But do it right! No more aborted product launches like the PlayBook!

Make sure everything is up-to-date and top tier, because if I end up purchasing a device like that I don't want to end up with a half baked product that will end up as an expensive paperweight!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

Sounds like BlackBerry wants to make a Samsung Note 4 or some kind of Galaxy tablet. Let just hope they use the same technology that their competitors use or better or BlackBerry will be in the dog house.

Blackberry already has a tablet prototype device. I would trick it out with high end graphics, processor, camera, and make it compatible with the BB10 devices and 10.3. Don't re-invent the wheel! Enlarge the screen just a bit too. PB is in use in my home daily

STA-100-3 v

No phablet, No fulltouch Flagship Octacore Z50 device until november ( x-mas shopping $eason ) then BlackBerry is done I think. Now or Never.

RedBerry Z10 #00167

I think a BlackBerry phablet would be a good move. Mr. Chen is very much focused on enterprise; however, he made the statement the he would be satisfied with selling 10 million phones a year. Remember, it only takes one phone to become popular that would put BlackBerry back on the map.

Posted via CB10

I'd still like a new playbook... my Q10 is amazing but a new 7in playbook would fit my media/entertainment needs.

I don't want a phablet.. just to Damn big

Posted via CB10

A Phablet is definitely in-line with professional consumers and corporate clients.

Tablets are silly IMO. My phone and laptop are the full-meal-deal.
I do want to see more integration between the two said. One thing would be BBM for desktop, as stated by many. Better 'Link' software, Android services connection from BlackBerry, to name a few.

Too late / nothing new
If BlackBerry continues to be follower they will never regain market share.
Do something surprising again! Perhaps your kids and your customers would have ideas and fantasy enough if your product department doesnt. (I still like the OS though)

Posted via CB10

Funny thing, some 15 years ago, when skis first started getting fatter, I said, I'll get skis a little bigger (probably 75mm under foot), but that's big enough, anything bigger would be ridiculous. Some fifteen years on I ride on 115s under foot, and there are many days I think, I think I would like a fatter pair of skis.

A phablet? Sounds brilliant.

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If BlackBerry CEO's would read sometimes through some BlackBerry forums ( like here) they should have enough inspiration no need for a product department. People want buy high spec smartphones with good OS.

Dual Core 1.5 and 2MB Ram not enough. When I plug my Z10 via hdmi on my tv and connect my bluetooth keyboard and mouse and want use "same" a desktop.pc and play some browser games it is lagging.

A Z10 with up2date hardware would be awesome..and of course Intel Wireless Desktop/ Miracast

RedBerry Z10 #00167

Yes, the lag is there. Older Nexus 4 quadcore definitely smoother (not the OS, but on the hardware side)

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

A BlackBerry phablet...

Comparable specs to Note 5, better battery life, latest BB10 OS + built-in apps optimizing the use of the stylus.

Dreaming on...

Posted via CB10

I find it interesting how some people disect every single word out of Chen's mouth. As CEO, some of his statements have to be guarded and others have to ooze optimism. The man is no fool and knows what he is up against. He is privy to far more information that the average blog user could ever hope to have and so looks at a big picture we can only begin to imagine. Yes, most of us love our BlackBerries and we want to see it do well, but let us give Chen a chance and if he's sounds hopeful instead of bursting with exuberant optimism, well, give him the benefit of the doubt. It's nice playing armchair CEO but he is the real thing and is dealing with far more than any of us could ever manage.