BlackBerry considering breakup if Fairfax doesn't pull through

By Adam Zeis on 10 Oct 2013 09:08 am EDT

Bloomberg is reporting today that BlackBerry may be turning down a different road should funding from Fairfax Financial not pan out in their original deal. Fairfax has agreed to purchase BlackBerry in a deal worth around $4.7 billion however they may not be able to come up with funding to complete the transaction. If that's the case, BlackBerry may look to break up the company into the most valuable parts instead.

Companies like SAP, Cisco and perhaps even Google may be willing to snatch up various pieces of the company including BBM, enterprise assets and BlackBerry's extensive patents rather than buying the entire company. If that's the case, BlackBerry may end up actually getting more than expected as opposed to a solo deal. BlackBerry's patents could be worth about $1.6 billion and their enterprise services between $550 million to $1.1 billion. 

“If you break up the company, you’re going to get more than the company is worth right now,” said Sachin Shah, a strategist in special situations and merger arbitrage at New York-based Albert Fried & Co.

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BlackBerry considering breakup if Fairfax doesn't pull through



This is great news. Unlock the value. Dispose of non performing business units and their people. Start over.

Can't lose 4500 folks and look the same. Great job RIM Board of Directors and C suite.... you've shown everyone how to completely shit the bed.

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Start over......there is nothing to get started, everything will be sold , and the phone section is useless, the patents will be sold also to Samsung and some other party's, so this definitely means the party is over for BlackBerry

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Agree, this isn't a strategy for continuing the business. Its' a shut down and dissolve strategy.

But has a company ever sold all of it's assets and then redistributed those assets among shareholders before closing the doors? If I were a shareholder (which I wouldn't be right now - I would get out), this might sound better... but who knows how long it will take and how much money it will take to do this "shut down".

What's worse is this continued news doesn't help sell phones. Instead, it causes people to not want to buy phones. BlackBerry needs desperate help in Communications and Marketing. DESPERATE HELP. I feel sorry for the developers who worked so hard to bring us great phones with a great OS. I absolutely love my phone; these people worked so hard but are let down by poor execution.

Yah the announcement of the strategic alternatives was the point any success for phones in the market and in the pipeline ended.

All success rides on after its figured out. Or sold

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Exactly. Once media outlets started reporting that BlackBerry's days were numbered, it hurt sales even more. They need an end to the negative headlines. They need a resolution.

Ueah i totally agree with your comments. You stand a better chance of selling ice water in hell now than selling Blackberries at this point. I really enjoy this phone and was looking forward to keeping it and having software developed to demonstrate it's potential, now, not so much. While I'm keeping my phone until i can no longer use it, i guess i may eventually be pushed to apple. Damn, can't believe i typed that...

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It could drag on for a very long time. Best case scenario is one major technology leader comes in and purchases BlackBerry as a whole in one fell swoop. They need to just get it over with already.

If that was going to happen, it would've already taken place. Truth is, no other tech company wants BB as a whole, because there just isn't much value there. They'd sooner take some of the pieces and add it into their collections to further enrich their portfolio's.

I agree though, time to put Lassy down already and be done with it.

Wrong. The longer they hold out the LESS Value the parts will be.
The Industry does not stand still for BB. If BB hold on for another Yr or more , then they will pretty much loose much of whatever it is worth today if sold off in parts.

A major technology leader? How about HP. They have the cash and willingness to make a successful run.

As a shareholder, I've already lost my keep...

I'm not going to drive down the value now by selling - I'll maintain my investment, if it gets sold - i'm certain management will get me anywhere between 6-9$ per share (which is a painful loss, but one I've come to terms with)

By maintaining my investment - as should other shareholders, management will need not force their hand so quickly, and seeing that they are still in the process of "right-sizing/down-sizing" the company, i'm certain they would have no problem if they didn't sell...

Remember, they still produce a significant revenue (yes even with handsets), just not the amount of revenue shareholders were hoping for... If they down-size production they will have no problem maintaining their market cap.

If I were you I'd cash in Now before you are left with little of what you have.
But hey , keep riding the train if you want. It's your Money.

I think there's at least an outside chance that if there's enough outside interest that there could be a bit of a bidding war.

And believe it or not, there might be a player out there who actually wants BB10 and knows what to do with it. Not holding my breath, but it could happen.

Selling is realizing the loss, which is pointless to do especially considering my intention was to invest in the company, value investors like myself invest in something they feel should remain in market and has future potential. In this case, I see that the potential value of BB10 has yet to be realized.

I've lost big before on such behaviour, Hydrogenics and Biomira... And also gained alot, Nokia gave me more gains than blackberry brought loss this year, and ironically so did Palm a few years back.

I'm not going to pay attention to stock jumps and drops egged on by market manipulation and the general public's failure to appreciate technology.

Finally, it's never a good idea to sell before a potential bidding war. When was the last time you heard the price of something go down during a bidding process? yea, i thought so.

They could buy Wind and emerge as a new carrier. Would finally shut up some of my fellow Canadian fanbois who want RIM To remain in Canada.

Otherwise yeah... break it up... the current team can't compete. Mike can start something over or any of the CB base. Chuckle.

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Fantastic news. At least this is the first time that the board is thinking of the shareholders. It was pretty evident that the sum of the parts was always more valuable than the whole. Sad that it's come to this but it's good to see that all avenues are being pursued and that even small shareholders like me are getting the option to get some of the worth out of the company rather than PW getting fat on a slanted deal.

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I would say so. No BlackBerry sources are noted in the article. Also, I believe that BB's statement when acknowledging the Fairfax offer said that they would not comment further until the 6-week period had been completed.

What else is new. It could turn out to be true, but I'll reserve judgement until an actual BlackBerry source is given.

Sure it is. Unfortunately though, all the BBRY speculation for the past year or two has had an uncanny record of coming to fruition.

Just because it's speculation, doesn't necessarily mean that it should be discounted as unlikely.

From my recollection, those weren't speculation. Those were op-ed "what if" pieces based on stated options. Take Lenovo for example... The CEO did indeed state that he was eyeballing BBRY and would weigh options before offering a proposal. Whether he spoke out of turn or not is irrelevant, since what was reported was indeed stated by the company.

Lenovo might simply have considered BlackBerry along with other as now there is word that Lenovo might make a play for HTC. They might simply think that HTC is a better value for them and won't have to fool with a disapproving Canadian government.

I thought those were BlackBerry approaching these other corporations with 'business plans' for what their buyout of BlackBerry (in whole or assets) and those corporations considering the proposals (i.e. not just disregarding them outright).

Everything must go wrong for BlackBerry to take this path. I think everyone is banking on Fairfax's deal to go through, and Mike L may become a key player in case Fairfax fails to get all the financing they need.

Problem is the more people review the numbers the more they don't see BB worth $9 a share. There is clause in the offer letter that basically states that they need to look at BB Books to first verify they are worth the $9 per share they offered. If they are not worth that amount then they reserve the right to back out. So if they back out BB is screwed since no one else wants them at least "all of them".

He did read it, he said not equal. "Greater than" and "not equal" are true statements, his comment is valid.

Gone forever...

NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!! NONONONO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yeah, this will ruin my whole day. Android UI is UGLY, and lets not mention the non upgradable Memory iPhones. Damn it. everything I like always dies.

Just fyi, if you think Android UI is ugly, then change it.

A definite strong point of Android is the customization. In this case, a new launcher changes the entire look and feel of the device (think themes on BBOS)

This would be a move done by a company that is under heavy debt and going bankrupt which BlackBerry is not.

^^^This!!! Too many people keep talking as though BB is cash strapped. That couldn't be further from the truth. It wouldn't make any sense to break up the company and sell it off for parts. What in the world do all these "speculators" expect to happen with all the cash on hand?? They're going to sell off each division and throw in an instant cash rebate?? Get real, people.

They're on pace to burn through that money in under 2 years. So what they have on hand now is not really safety net because they aren't making a lot to pile on top. Writing off inventory, bad sales figures, etc.... That money will be gone.

The worst is that BB management is currently not doing ANYTHING to generate sales or bring money in to even maybe try to survive on its own or give a better position to the next buyer and encourage through numbers and stats to persuey the next buyer to keep the company all together! Wake up people! This is not a bad dream, its the REALITY!

BB management F****ed up ROYALLY!


The Board, C SUITE and execs are solely responsible for leading RIM into this option. At least a new streamlined, focused company can finally emerge and compete in the market.

And as a bonus: hardly ever hear fanbois ask for a slider and Porsche variant. Those fantasies have finally died.

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Not true. You can't extrapolate from a single big bath quarter. They will return to positive cash flow in less than 2 quarters and with more than 1.5B on the books. It may not be a publicly listed stock by that point though, so you may not see the reports.

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So you're saying that this is unlikely just because you'll be surprised if this happens. Logic level "king" here ladies and Gentlemen

Life or Death it seems on this Fairfax deal. The sharks are circling........

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Wasn't it Adam who stated the Fairfax deal was a certainty? Or was it Simon? Now this??

Anyhoo, the Fairfax deal is nothing but ploy to entice other offers to purchase the company as a whole. They don't even have the financial backing yet. Should nothing happen by November 4, it will have also served as a lead-in to BlackBerry's breakup process.

Actually the Fairfax bid was just a ploy to ensure that the company's value didn't bleed into nothingness considering that Fairfax owns a sizable chunk of bbry stock. so right now the way it stands is that any potential bidder has a bench price below which it cannot go (between 9USD and the market price per share in the days leading to the bid). So basically this was just a strategy to ensure that PW was able to ensure minimal loss from the date of the bid.

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Is there a Blackberry source for this, or is this just more speculation, drama, and bullshit from news sources? Don't know about anybody else, but I'm growing tired of seeing garbage without confirmation, and growing tired of sites that keep spreading it ...

Agreed. We keep getting updates, the z30 is about to be released and then you have some Apple hired reporter write a Bullshit article.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

I couldn't agree with you more! On my own blog I stopped posting this type of crap months ago after I noticed that none of these "expert" opinions were happening, and I absolutely refuse to re-post anything I read, because as you said, most of it is written by people with no current Blackberry experience.

Sorry if my next statement makes you reach for the tinfoil hat but seeing as all three competitors have granted backdoor access to the NSA (see: , couldn't we entertain the idea that certain players would want to see BlackBerry fail due to their non-compliance?

I'm not saying the NSA can't break into your personal BB device; I'm just saying Waterloo didn't hand over the keys. Doesn't this say anything to anyone?

No conspiracy....Media feeds off of bad news and Blackberry has a bulls eye lately. The reality is that our beloved Blackberry as we've known it may be coming to an end and it's sad...but it is happening.

Good lord...please stop, just...stop. An update on lines of codes in the system doesn't mean anything. The Z30 requires the tooling of a factory and is planned ahead. They are merely producing what they have on long term contractual requirements.

I'm surprised how many people still speak of a conspiracy, it's the media, it's the sheeps, it's the puppeteer working in the shadows. This makes people look like plumbers commenting on a mission to Mars.

I'm in a finance guy in a multinational that dominates its market and we do acquisitions all the time and occasionally sell units. The fact that Blackberry is assessing a breakup scenario is just very *very* basic common financial sense. There are probably 38 scenarios being worked on and looking at the financial statements any one and his mother would be doing the same.

I too feel depressed about BB's fate but Apple really doesn't need to hire anyone to kill BB, the company digs its own grave very well by itself. Matter of fact it's even worse, Apple can afford to completely ignore them.

Guys, please, cut the conspiracy talk and stop with the "its the media". There are many companies in this situation: Nokia, Palm, Motorola, HTC, etc and they are all failing. Blackberry failed because it was doing one thing and one thing only: cell phones+network and it failed to do well the only thing it had. Google has diversity, Microsoft has diversity, Apple has diversity, Samsung has diversity and even if they were unsuccesful they would still survive. Blackberry had one thing and it failed. Period. Not the media, not isheeps, nothing. This is a very common case of bad business decisions over a long period.

We can bitch about it, we can be pissed, we can cry but we can't blame anyone but Blackberry.

*EDIT* people who talk about shorting the they even know how this stuff works? This is so laughable to hear sometimes I just wonder if some people just add a buzzword without having a clue how the stock market operates.

Wow! Are you for real? People have been saying BB is in trouble for the last year and may here said this was bullshit. Over the last few months it's been apparent that it wasn't infant "bullshit". The people who run this site will tell you that BB has had little to no interest from outside investors and it's so bad that know one knows what will happen. When you have a company people "want" there is less confusion. Leaks would be all over the news about the big names circling. We aren't seeing this. There is a reason. Hopefully your trip back to planet earth won't be to jarring.

Sure hope it doesn't come to this. I shudder to think of having only iOS and android to choose from...I need my BlackBerry

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There is always Windows Phone too. Although I'm not sure that is even an option. Losing BlackBerry would probably not be good for them either. That would put them back on the bottom at 3 of 3, and then they will be the worst instead of second to last. Changes the whole outlook.

BlackBerry 10 United

Of course BB going away is good for WP, there is no advantage to saying we are 3 of 4 instead of just 3. MS/Nokia are doing what BB should have done by coming out with low cost phones and increasing market share. The Q5 is ridiculously overpriced IMO for its target audience

I love stock people, they only ever worry about money now, cut and run, what if the Google guys couldn't afford the rent on the garage? BlackBerry might be worth more in parts, but it has more potential as a whole!

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I truly agree with you on that. I think that in parts BlackBerry will have no synergy & alot of its potential is truly lost.

In other words in my opinion, BlackBerry may be worth more in parts but it's earnings potential will be lost if it's parted.

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I agree with u too but unfortunately this is the price of success. When blackberry became successful, they went for a listing. Now that they are in dire straits, they need a white knight or else it's curtains.

It's really sad though. Unfortunately there is no good alternative to what blackberry has to offer so if this happens we're screwed.

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A break up would be the worst that could happen...

And if Google bought bits then it would be like trusting a known thief with a key to a safe...
I.e. Goodbye to any security...

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Oh gawd. Get over it already.

Have you heard of Samsung Knox? If not, I suggest you educate yourself. BlackBerry is not the only secure mobile device line on the planet.

Just more speculative drivel. These fuckers are quite intent on seeing the demise of BlackBerry, aren't they?

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Put on your glasses Josh, the writing is on the wall. Saying it aint so doesn't change the truth. People are talking about this because they want it. They are talking about it because BB hasn't said anything so reporters / bloggers and finding sources to answer the question which is what is going to happen to BB.

Being Rational: All is speculative at this point. All discussions by BlackBerry are confidential so take what the prognosticators are saying with a grain of salt. Being Irrational: NOooooooooooooooooooooooo!

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I pick rational you :) ... I'm getting tired of following these forums that just propagate bullshit - they are as irresponsible as the sources they quote.

Why is this news. The strategic review is supposed to consider ALL options. Including folding shop or breaking up.

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news noun plural but singular in construction, often attributive \ˈnüz, ˈnyüz\
: new information or a report about something that has happened recently

: information that is reported in a newspaper, magazine, television news program, etc.

: someone or something that is exciting and in the news

Per the definition of "news" this is in fact news. (new information or a report about something that has happened recently)

Exactly! The BlackBerry nation beating on Rogers was good news out there. It showed there still are BlackBerry users, and that the z30 is turning heads. We need more of this.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

BlackBerry is the flavor of the month to media just like Rob Ford has been. Poor journalism and speculation to sell papers

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Hellz yeah we would. The leaders of this company cannot compete and we want our value / investment to be unlocked.

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I still want BlackBerry to be it's own. I don't want BBM to be bought by Google because...Google is too mainstream and they might fuck up BBM by adding some shitty features.

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Google is known for taking things and screwing them up by not leaving it alone. Even things they have made as well. They just screw it up further. Just look at what they did to Postini.

Yep. They make things "free" which people think it's actually free, but that just gives Google autonomy and can change whatever, whenever, data mine, and etc... Smart when it comes to tricking the masses, but no thanks.

Meh, when Facebook does search (and you can be your life they are working on it) Google stock will drop faster than a lead balloon. All their careful on-line advertising with free stuff plans will explode before their eyes.

"They make things "free"

You forgot something else Google make that BB doesn't...

MONEY! All you guys and this conspiracy nonsense doesn't change the hard cold facts. Those being GOOGLE is making money hand-over-fist.

Ask a BB exec, any of them I'll let you chose, if they wish they were generating revenue the way Google was and tell me what they say.

Take your time...

I'll wait...

Whoa, calm down buddy. No conspiracy here at all. Google data mining of user information is public knowledge. Read up on it some time. You're welcome.

I'm glad that Google is making you money. We all wish BlackBerry was doing better - but poor management and resiliency to changing with the times is what started this mess.

Keep on waiting though, because your useless drivel is boring me. Instead, can I have your full name so I can Google your whole life and find all the information I'll ever need? I'm sure that'll keep us all better entertained.

Geez Knee Jerk, it took you three paragraphs to say absolutely nothing? And learn to read. Nowhere did I say that Google wasn't data mining. Did I? My point was that regardless of how you feel about what Google does, the company generates revenue at numbers BB wishes it were.

So sing on all day about data mining and the information apocalypse that ain't coming.

And who is the "us" that will be entertained? The 6 others voices in you head?

Google won't buy BBM. Per the Times of India
NEW DELHI: Google Hangouts will soon get SMS and MMS integration. According to a report, in Android Police, "Hangouts, which has so far only successfully unified Google+ Messenger and Google Talk, leaving Messaging and Voice to co-exist, is finally getting SMS and MMS integration."

As per the report, Google Hangouts would be receiving the update in the upcoming version 1.3. The report further states that Google Hangouts will also feature a video sharing option with the new update. However, there is no report of voice integration into the messaging app so far.

Messages sent via SMS will appear as "via SMS" next to the timestamp. Users will also be able to request delivery reports for SMSes sent as well as opt out of Hangouts through SMS.

Hangouts last update allowed users to see the people who are online, apart addition of few other features.

So far, there has been no confirmation from Google regarding the update.

Too bad we couldn't get every BlackBerry user to put hate on Netflix and instagram like we did Rogers. Also hate should be put on these people who report irresponsible. We need to start fighting back if we want to keep our BlackBerry devices and stop taking all this crap from the likes of Rogers, Netflix, Instagram etc.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

They r American companies so what worked in Rogers wouldn't work on them.

As to whether it really worked with rogers is debatable. Remember the PlayBook fiasco, we could'nt even impact RIM/BBRY. So all this backpatting on Rogers is at best debatable.

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Yes, but the underlying tones were that there are still BlackBerry users that still want BlackBerry devices even with all the bad press. That in itself produced a positive scenario. Would Netflix change its mind.....well if 60 million BlackBerry users started filling up there Web site and Twitter feeds for the next while, showing our disapproval of them black balling BlackBerry users, they just might. That in turn gains BlackBerry a huge app, that helps close the App gap and BlackBerry sales go on the rise. If we want BlackBerry phones in the future, then perhaps the world wide BlackBerry nation should start fighting for our future. I think it would work.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

Yeah if 60 million users demanded it they would but the problem is there aren't that many BB10 users in North America and the UK which are the only regions where Netflix has its operations so there no hope of convincing them the "way" rogers was convinced. Remember 60 million is round about the total number of blackberry users worldwide includes countries like India, China, Saudi Arabia and covers customers on BBOS7 and BB10 with the ratio slanted towards the former so it just wouldn't work.

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You are an idiot. Good luck running netflix on BBOS. Majority of the 60 million devices(which are legacy java crap) are in the developing nations with paltry Internet speeds.

Posted from my Last ever BB

I will add the Rogers thing was the best advertising BlackBerry got in years!

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

Does this give shareholders more reason to vote in favour of the Fairfax deal? What would a break up and sale mean for shareholders? To be cynical - is it possible that this news has been put out to help blackberry garner shareholder support to drive through the Fairfax plan, if they can come up with the money?

Keep you hopes high but spend a few years in a big finance department and I can guarantee you they are looking at it very seriously. I've built business cases for deals like these more than once and there's always 30+ scenarios for maximizing ROI, impact on working capital, etc.

This scenario is very, very much being analysed by BB at the moment, even a student fresh out of business school would do the same. Analysing a scenario is cheap and this is being analysed. May not materialise but for sure it's being considered.

For sure it is being considered. It is the board's responsibility to determine if there are alternatives superior to the present proposal from the Fairfax consortium. That can include a breakup, sale, partnership, but most importantly it also includes no change in business structure at all. Where is the headline "BlackBerry Considers Plan to Keep Moving in its Current Structure"? Not much of a story but equally valid. And far, far less likely to spook potential customers and erode business.

Because that's not a story LMAFO. That's like waking up in the morning and seeing the New York Times headline go "The sun is still shining". We a know that. But assume that the sun goes out - that becomes news. Its the same in the case of bbry. If the status quo remains that's great but that won't make news. But the alternative is news.

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Of course "The Sun is still shining" is not a story; that's my point. But ask yourself this, every night when it gets dark do you think to yourself "The Sun and Earth are Working Together to Ensure Darkness Prevails Half the Time From Now On"? It sounds like you're okay with a newspaper leading with that. While it may be true it sure makes the Sun look like it's not doing it's job. Maybe I won't buy any solar panels after all.

Of course BlackBerry is considering options - it is the responsibility of every board of directors to do the same. How is cherry picking one side of a story that adds no value to readers - but tarnishes a brand's prospects by contributing to uncertainty - considered news?

Whatever the answer, BlackBerry has displayed a sore lack of leadership as they increasingly lose control of their message. In fact, what is their message? "We have a lot to think about right now so don't disturb us while we try to figure out what we are trying to accomplish... or not"? I think it is safe to say the message for their vision has been lost. You know it's bad when a site like CrackBerry is jumping all over stories like this.

The highest realisation of warfare is to attack your enemy's plans - it's strategy 101 - and BlackBerry has been getting clobbered with no signs of understanding what has hit them. The board needs to wake up and clue in quickly. Their incompetence - through both commission (making public statements that allow articles like this to be written) and omission (letting articles like this flourish without comment or clarification) - is destroying value.

Until November 4th it's all hearsay unless official. Too much money to be made/lost by those shorting the stock.

CB10 - Z10 -

Don't do that, because BlackBerry must live, they have to stay together as one piece! That's the strength of BlackBerry!

It's much more complicated than this guy makes it sound. Selling BlackBerry as a whole company or in pieces to foreign companies isn't going to be easy.

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Yup, reading the article now. Enjoy your Q & Z kids, it's the last if the BlackBerry smartphones. Next upgrade, you'll be rocking a kiddie or spyware phone.

Posted via my BlackBerry Z10

Then I must stock up on z10 and z30 devices both at work and at home. BB10 is the best. On a side note I think the Canadian Government will block the sale. They just blocked a telecommunications sale to a foreign country in Manitoba I believe. It is a much smaller scale. I could see Fairfax reaching approval as it is within Canada. I am for free trade and world trade, but I also believe each and every country should maintain certain aspects under their control. It's not good for the people of a nation to be foreign controlled on all aspects from resources right through to communications.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

Are we reading the same article? I'm not finding any BlackBerry quotes, or really any quotes from anyone. Reads like pure speculation to me. Just like what we read in the forums daily. Heck, I think some of then forums trolls have better written articles than this.

I don't understand why this made it to front page of CB. Is there more to this article somewhere? Because there's not much substance to the one this is linked to.

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You also gave to consider the possible Canadian government veto of the deal for national security interest reasons. Like with the Altell deal that just got nixed.

CB10 - Z10 -

BlackBerry considers break up if Fair fax falls through... well obviously if I am selling you something and you can't afford it then I won't sell it. Bloomberg just wanted to write a stupid meaningless article.

Fair fax and BlackBerry are destined to be.. the company won't be broken up, the Canadian government won't let this happen. All this silly article is stating is the abvious, if they don't come up with the money BlackBerry may break up the deal... duhhhh lol this is all publicity crap..

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Wrong on multiple levels. The Canadian government may block Potash for a sustainable company but BB is very obviously in a death spiral. If Blackberry is financially unsustainable then the government has no option but to accept because the "national security" argument falls if the company cease to exist. There is no national asset if the said asset is bankrupt...unless you want to add a hammer and a sickle over our red maple leaf then the government wont pump public funds in it to keep it operating.

It's simple, BB survives by itself or goes out of the market.In this case our government's approach will be next-best-thing which is to accept the sale.

In either case, BB has already ceased to exist as it did. As for publicity crap...not sure what you consider publicity here.

Take it easy. Went from BB to Windows phone, you don't want to do that. Hate to say it but, you'd be better off with and iPhone. And I've had Android, BB and iOs. Blackberry was always my favorite but, thought I'd try something different for a change and went with Windows....big mistake. Always swore I'd never have anything with the Apple logo....but, bit the bullet and got the 5s. Hate to admit it, but it is good. You'll do want you want, but I'd stay away from Windows...

Speculation! Still hoping big company will buy the BB as a whole and develop,market the platform better. Does't matter if its Samsung,Sony or Cisco but not Google please.

Another day another story. There are probably less than ten people that know what the outcome will be.

Did you see the billions the Ontario government is spending to cancel the gas generating plants in Missisauga just to move them elsewhere. Now the Liberals say they made a mistake, it is on them and again they apologize. How is it on them. Oh you mean it is on the backs of tax payers and we should vote these loses in again. They could back BlackBerry in the short term, maintain the jobs and allow BB10 to gain traction and it will take care of itself. BlackBerry has a very viable product now, it just needs time to get to the masses.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

I would be surprised if Fairfax comes up with the financing. Besides, even if they did I'm sure it would still be broken up eventually. Googleberry, eh!

That's mean fellows on the south does not BlackBerry to be exist, but you get to ask why? They keep on making gossip to hope Fairfax cannot finance the whole project..... just because of the money... hm.....

What if we raised 1 million more than Hiens is going to make on the sale of the company and pay him to turn the company around. Easier than getting 4.71 billion and he would probably be all about saving the company then.

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We see the iceberg from 15 miles away, the captain orders the ship to stay the course. The next thing we'll hear is "rich women and children first!!"...

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As shareholder I keep my eyes on BlackBerry for a quite long time.

I'm almost fully convinced that it's time to sue BlackBerry for MISMANAGEMENT.

Here are the questions the Court should ask BBRY executives and Board members:

1. Why BBRY voluntarily decided not to pursue billion tablet market?
2. What BBRY exactly did to promote Z10, Q10 and Z30 worldwide? What was the budget of the marketing campaign? How many consumers did buy Z10, Q10 or Z30 on the grounds of marketing campaign?
3. Why BBRY decided to set Z10, Q10 and Z30 price so high when the majority of consumers buy phone below $400?
4. Is BBRY planning any compensations for those consumers who in good faith bought Playbook or Z10? If not, why not?
5. Why BBRY decided to release all-touch Z10 before qwerty Q10?
6. How many BB10 license agreements did BBRY sign with other handset makers?
7. What BBRY did to bring BBM to competing platforms? Did BBRY ever seriously negotiated with carriers to bring BBM to devices sold by the carriers as SMS replacement? What BBRY did to monetize BBM?
8. What BBRY did to bring some big name apps to BB10 (Netflix, Instagram..)
9. How many car makers do provide their vehicles with QNX? Is the number increasing or decreasing? If the number is not significantly increasing, why?
10. Why did BBRY file SEC complaint against Detwiler Fenton when it had to know that Detwiler's research was based on correct facts (Z10 sales were low).
11. Did BBRY took any legal action against media controlled by/(in)directly connected with News Corp., Google and/or Apple permanently spreading negative news on BBRY (The Wall Street Journal , Marketwatch, Forbes, Allthings D., BGR, C-net, Phonearena, Engadget, Seeking Aplha, StreetInsider, The Street, The Globe and Mail, TechCrunch, THE HUFFINGTON POST, ValueWalk, CNBC, The Motley Fool, INSIDER MONKEY, The Canadian Press, Bloomberg, Reuters)? If not, why not?
12. Did BBRY took any factual or legal action against stock price manipulation? If not, why not?
13. Why BBRY publicly expressed its willingness to sell itself to Fairfax Financial at half of book value when the "transition" of company is not finished yet?

The views expressed are solely the author's. Author is non US based individual investor losing approximately 70 % of his investment in RIM (now BBRY).

So you want your full investment back, naturally.

I believe there a lot other folks with more money, more power and better lawyers lining up for their cut before you do.

I'd rather cheer for the Fairfax deal to succeed and get the 9 bucks they're offering. BlackBerry is finished as a consumer device.

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BlackBerry is the worst run organization other then the US Government.

Valid Points.

If I was a shareholder, which I am not, I would push for the break up.

At the end of the day there will be limited handsets sold going forward but if the ecosystem doesn't get built with more apps or I can't get what I need with 10.2 through Google then I'm probably with BlackBerry once I come off my Z10 contract.

As for BBM they need to release the complete version with video chat to compete against face time and allow people on DROID that option. I don't think you're going to win as many people back from Apple (integration with ipad oops mac etc.) as you will from Google especially if they can bring with them their apps.

How BB went from cool to stool will be studied for years to come. I wish them the best and always root for the underdog.

In the end I want a BlackBerry phone with apps that I use. Other then that I don't really care about servers, and enterprise or QNX.

I'm not a programmer like most in these threads I'm just a dude with a phone. And proud to say a BlackBerry.

I would like to know this too! Chris, any possibility of explaining this???

I think that we get a percentage of the total value of the company, but I'm not totally sure. Very curious though!

Five "ifs", several "coulds", a couple of "maybes" and a "perhaps" thrown in for good measure. The only thing missing is "a source close to the process" to make it a complete speculative home run.

How is this responsible journalism from Bloomberg? Oh, that's right, they don't cover the news as much as they cover Wall Street.

And of course BlackBerry would be looking at other possible scenarios. That makes sense but isn't news. Anything to keep the chattering classes chattering and the stock price moving around. I can hardly wait for the company to go private (or whatever) so this type of speculation can stop.

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Breaking up BlackBerry will break my heart, only if I can come up with 5 billion!

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Nothing abnormal here, IF Fairfax does not pull it out, BlackBerry would prefer to be sold by parts. So we can only hope FAIRFAX will manage to pull it. I am pretty sure they will. But then again, I have no clues. lol.

The article is based on the assumption FairFax (edit : or any alternative bidder) won't raise the funds.
I do believe Prem W. will handle that, he even has a plan B (use the cash and credit).
So, the scenario is interesting, yet very speculative, IMHO.

In other words "fairfax cant raise enough capital and are short a few billion so they leak this and push blackberries value down..."
If that were to happen we can kiss any future updates goodbye.

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I've been one of the biggest supporters of BlackBerry for 6 years, but the writing is on the wall. Sadly I believe that the Z10 will be my last BlackBerry. I don't think the funding will come through and they will be sold off in parts to other companies.... I think it's best for everyone to enjoy the little time we have left with them, live life to the fullest with them. What stage of grieving are you at? Denial, anger, bargaining, depression or acceptance. It's taken me forever to get passed denial, anger and bargaining. Went threw depression rather fast, and now come to acceptance.... after this puppy dies I'll be shopping for a Samsung G 5/6

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And there is the reason the stock has no value. If Ottawa said they wave any right of review, you'd see the stock jump.

The one who laughs last laughs the loudest... all the bull abt bbry going down the pan is all old news... everyday the same o same o crap... they need to change the dance record now... getting bored listening to the same old tune...

Sent by Bbry Zed10

This is where I'm going once BlackBerry folds. Notice I'm not saying if any more. They are done like a turkey at Thanksgiving. It's just a waiting game now. I suppose if I was to look at the bright side, at least I can say I got to own and use the technology of the future. The BlackBerry 10 OS is like none other. It's truly a shame that it will die off before it even had an opportunity to succeed.

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My family love their PlayBooks and BlackBerries. BB10 and the corresponding hardware are awesome. My 25 y-o son is waiting to be able to replace his iPhone with a Z10 or Z30. I am so angry with how the powers that be totally bungled the release of BB10 and devices (and the PlayBook) - timing and marketing. They essentially left the marketing of BB10 and devices to the BlackBerry haters and media sharks. I so very much want BlackBerry to recover and continue. Somehow, please BlackBerry, find a will to live and act accordingly.

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This is not surprising news. BlackBerry has been looking for a buyer at least since first part of August. Fairfax has been the only one expressing interest, but several companies have considered buying parts of BlackBerry. I just hope Fairfax can come up with the money, and hope they can right the ship.

P.S. Hey Prem, if you need some $$, give me a call, I can chip in a few grand.

This is probably why no one else is bidding. They know that either Fairfax won't be able to pull it off, or will have to part it out after they do buy it. Sad that the management team drove the car straight into the tree.

I remember when I was a bbry diehard. Trust me, when bbry completely implodes, you will be just fine with an Android or iPhone.

I don't think so. Some of us do actually value the security BlackBerry provides. Also, you probably should try BlackBerry 10 OS. It's leaps and bounds better than anything iOS and Android have to offer. Yeah the apps are limited, but with enough time that would have improved as well.

So no, some of us won't be just fine.

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Android security "issues" are majority result of user abuse, mainly "oh look here's an apk I found on awesomephonedotcom, I'll just go ahead and download it. Never mind the warning from the device saying this isn't a trusted source and can cause issues.

And I have used bbry 10, not long enough to really dig into it, but long enough to say, for me at least, it wasn't "leaps and bounds" over jellybean.

I think we can agree to disagree. I too have used all camps and I stand by what I said.

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I think the expected release of BBM and the resulting hundreds or so of Malware clones that appeared on Google Play shows that the security issues of android lay with Google itself. Personally I think that exposed something huge which was much more news worthy than this authors take on what may happen if this doesn't happen.

Realistically, how is this any more factual than the articles CB was posting for a bit there of "what if 'insert company here' buys BlackBerry"..... speculation.... that's all it is. Could it happen? Yep. Is it happening, well, I think if it was, there would be some sources listed.

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Google only scans the apps for virus type behavior. They could care less if I build an app called iCould or anything BBM because they know BB or Apple will send a letter to me to stop or be ready for court. Your point is invalid. Also if you happen to be really worried about this you can get "Lookout"
Also most people want big name apps. That's all I use. You never have to worry about any big name apps or apps that have lots of reviews having any issues. I've been on Android since the HTC G1 (1st Google phone). I've never had any issues. I guess if you like to trash Android with FUD like people say BB gets trashed be my guest. You'll be the one missing out. Also Nexus devices are the way to go.

At the end of the day, which ever way they go, I just want to know if there are still going to be BlackBerry smartphones once it's complete?

In the event of a breakup there will be no more BlackBerry 10 smartphones or any BlackBerry smartphones at all.

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Liekly true, although not certain. Since most phone has the same tech specs (don't yell at me, I mean generally) I'm not sure why a company like LG, wouldn't take BB10 and put it on Android phones as an option. Keep refining it for the slim possibility that it becomes a hit. The only real cost is building the hardware but offering BB10 as a bootable option reduces those costs considerably. Also they have to fix the App thing, I'd just make it so BB10 can run Android Apps.

As I once heard... a loaf of bread is worth more sliced up.

Halifax BlackBerry office closed. 350 people out of work. - Mobile: Monitor. Manage.

Fun with numbers, we now know with great certainty that BB's patents are worth $ 1.0 billion, or is it $ 4.0 billion? Their enterprise is worth $ 500 million or is it $ 5 billion? How about everyone stop feeding the media, they are after clicks and don't care what the claims are. Quoting guessimates from the media is a waste of time. If Prem thinks he can finance a purchase entirely with BlackBerry assets, one could conclude that there are a ton of assets there to begin with.

That would blow. Breaking up would more than likely mean things would go completely away at some point.

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So should I tell everyone I know not to buy BBs and not to use BBM when it finally launches? This kind of news make me sick. BBRY is not dead but everyone thinks it is. This is a classic media-fulfilling prophecy.

We as Blackberry users should form a consortium, pool our money and make an offer!

Posted from killer Q10

Who says shareholders will accept this, or does this type of breakup have to go before shareholders?

What choice do the shareholders have? The executives are pretty much doing everything they can to close shop: laying off employees to probably the point where future projects aren't feasible anymore (brain drain), settling lawsuits even if it meant bad terms (Wi-Lan), taking a huge write-off instead of just lowering the price (Z10's... even Apple realized the original iPhone was too expensive only 11 weeks after release and lowered the price by 1/3!), and no advertising.

The company has to be sold. Not sure if all of it will be sold in this case. Why would he get that money if he just sold parts of the company?

If this happens, what are the odds that someone will buys the rights/patents to the bold form factor (9900/Q10) and run a different OS on it (i.e.- if BB goes away, what are the odds that someone (Android/WP8) would put out a phone with a physical keyboard)?

I sort of understand why the statement makes sense, but when you think about it logically it does not make sense. They are saying the sum of BlackBerry's parts are worth more apart than together. That's essentially like saying: 1+1+1+1=3, which each one being a separate part of the whole.

It makes sense in the fact that the individual pieces are worth more to certain buyers than the whole thing. IBM may care less about the device side and would be willing to pay more for just the patents.

Morgan,I read that BBRY will get near $500 Million in tax refunds next year and that it has negotiated its commitments to build phones down so those liabilities are much lower now, something like 15 cents on the dollar.
Does this affect the company's viability going forward?

I would speculate that the authors of this speculative article are speculating about a speculative outcome. But then again that is mere speculation on my part. Two weeks ago I had a garage sale but no one wanted to buy ALL my stuff. Not one offer. This past weekend I decided to sell it in bits and pieces and everything went! Who are these genius analysts at Bloomberg they could have really helped my garage sale.

Reading these articles makes me want to punch some BlackBerry executives in the face. How do you even DO to a massive company, what these morons have done. It's like they went to school on how to be terrible at their jobs.

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I expect more from CrackBerry... They should not be posting this type of crap... I know... We should do a post like this just as the Z30 comes out, That should help kill the sales. Ideas!

It's not like other, more mainstream media outlets won't be running with this story either. So for CB to ignore it would be just sticking their heads in the sand. As for hurting the Z30 sales, well, i'm pretty sure BBRY and their pricing as well as the product itself has already started that ball rolling..

Well, some weeks ago WSJ was "speculating" about layoffs and writedown and all the speculating turned to be correct. It is not the speculating, it is the spin that one gives.

It would in fact be pretty shocking if BBRY was not "more open" to breaking down the company, or winding down. If a vulture fund came with an offer ready to chop it, does it not beg the question, why should the shareholders sell for a song and a dance only for the fund to get all the upside?

BBRY needs plan C, if PW's offer is a no-go, and carrying on is a no-go. This is the prudent thing to do.

The news should be welcomed by shareholders (not that things are great, but that at least someone at BBRY is paying attention to value for shareholders).

If this is a for telling of the future of BlackBerry, the phone market will suck. I can't stand Apple or Microsoft so it will be Android probably a Samsung next BUT dear God I hope Blackberry finds the path to continued success

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What will happen to the current millions of BlackBerry users? Will the OS still be able to use??

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Well all expectations but like others mentioned. This doesn't help sell the phones they already made... wtf I'm getting cheesed off

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So how much is Apple and Samsung paying some media writers to write this drivel?

Pure speculation. They don't even have a source. Sure it's a sad possible option but completely unconfirmed. My guess is some "analysts" know that the end of Blackberry would boost stocks of certain companies that these "analysts" probably hold.

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