BlackBerry confirms that the Passport will indeed come in white

BlackBerry confirms that the Passport will indeed come in white
By Joseph Keller on 23 Jul 2014 03:38 pm EDT

BlackBerry has officially unveiled the BlackBerry Passport in white. Sure, we may have gotten to the white Passport first, as they freely admit, but it's still an official confirmation that the most-hotly anticipated BlackBerry of the season will be available in more than just basic black.

Designers Brian Paschke and Joseph Hofer talked a bit about the design of the white Passport. For instance, the shade of white was chosen because of how it worked the the steel frame of the device, while the coating on the back is designed to be smooth while still providing a solid grip.

What do you think of the BlackBerry Passport in white? Let us know below in the comments.

Source: Inside BlackBerry

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BlackBerry confirms that the Passport will indeed come in white



similar to BlackBerry z10 screen of passport is a bit yellowish ( base on leak picture s)

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It's nice. But I think it would stand out more if just the keyboard was in white and bezels on the sides of the screen and top bezel where in black!

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The white models just don't seem to have the same Wow about them as the black does. I treated myself to a gold edition Q10 and to be honest now I have it, it would have been much better in black and gold....... it looks to be the same for the passport. I hope the do the iphone thing with some classic colours.

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You can change that :) I prefer the yellowish for browsing. Still bright enough for the day but not burning my retinas off. It's a feature I just found the other day (I'm slow)

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You know you can change the "yellow" colour to the cooler blue.

Via The BlackBerry Z10 Experience.

Just thought before hopping into the comments section, is this rather a cool white?

(Probably depends on my Q's screen setting)

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Me too. So long as big red releases it...

Posted with a Verizon Z30 running and CB10. [URL="bbmc:C0004F9BB"] My channel with zero subscribers but has Frenchie pics :) [/URL]

The passport will just continue blackberry's downfall. They continue to try to be cutting edge & failing miserably. They need to stick with what they do best. I hate the passport & really think it is going to fail so bad in today's market.

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What, you mean like the q10? Doing the same thing and expecting different results isn't going to save them, although a crazy outside the box design just might.

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I actually think this is the right time for BlackBerry to do something BOLD and maybe call it CRAZY such as this keyboard phablet Passport thingy. BlackBerry can't continue trying to compete with iOS and Android with typical consumer devices. This looks like a serious WORK, email and messaging device with so many other business capabilities we know from BB10. The form factor is weird.. but that's the perception we feel today. Once we see them out in the wild, it will definitely turn heads and get people to reconsider BB.

You know, I agree that they should find other means of returning some consumer base. And I really like the idea of the passport. It's actually nice and I think people will realise that, if their carriers would even show it in stores.

But seriously, unless they fix the fat fonts in those keys and make them slim just like on the Q10, I won't buy it.

This pic just confirmed that they weren't going to update those ugly characters that have absolutely no finesse characteristic of the BlackBerry. I guess I'll upgrade to the classic.

Posted from my BlackBerry Q10 on AT&T

Everything is fantastic about this phone except for those ugly fonts on the keyboard. Looks stretched unevenly. Can't imagine BlackBerry chose those font on the keys.

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well jtiger23 then why are you here, just to be a negative?

I think it is going to be a hit and the fact you have to use two hands if you look at all the other 5" screen phones people need to use both hands just like I do with my Z30. No big deal there! Yes the Q10 you can use one handed but it was made to be that way.

I'm here for the same reason we all are. I love BlackBerry & want to express my opinions about their products. Just saying - this will not do very well with its current design. Can you imagine 50-75% of BlackBerry users walking around with this device in their pocket? No. That's the thing.

This device fills a very specific need & is a nice addition to their line-up. I feel they need something more to be competitive, design-wise.

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They will have to hope a lot of people will look past it's very questionable aesthetics and see its productivity value.

The large screen + physical keyboard + battery life + virtual trackpad alone make it a great tool do real work on quickly without having to put up with many of the issues of working on a touch-only device.

The market will tell us soon enough if there are enough people willing to sacrifice looks for function.

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personally, I think it looks great. I'm sick of the rectangle norm that everyone is sporting these days...

Maybe this will be a huge hit with the hipsters.

I don't get how the aesthetics are supposedly questionable.

How many other phones have sharp edges which seem to be the main complaint. Let's see the z3 to start and then sony's and nokia's. Is it just the square screen that makes it questionable? It looks fine to me and I like it's not just another generic slab phone that all look alike.

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"Hate" is probably the wrong word anyway...

How about "dislike" or "have a lack of appreciation for".... ?

Some people are just a little harder to love than others :-)

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Not sure how this is a failed attempt at trying to be cutting-edge.

Also, stick to what they know? Just making new Q10s and Bold 9900s isn't going to cut it. They are making the Passport to push the rest of the industry, the classic will be the "new Q10".

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Tell us more what else you hate so we can avoid buying into fail products that you so accurately predicted. Please tell me your mad talent didn't get unnoticed by giant corporations that lack the skills of seeing into a future. Could save them tons of research money.

I can't believe how many trolls there are in this forum it's kinda funny. When someone has a different opinion than the majority of the community everyone FREAK OUT AAAHH lol!

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Ha made me giggle i'll give u that. But really nothing else to say so let's rhyme? Camon! I've been married 9 years I could do this all night.

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Making practical & attractive devices. This device reminds me of the very first HUGE mobile phone. Can you imagine holding that thing to your head?! Lololol

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BlackBerry is not TRYING To be cutting edge they are cutting edge and turned the phone from just a phone to a social communicating device before anyone else. They also have the world's best security for mobile communicating devices. Not to mention many other inventions and breakthroughs. BlackBerry devices are top notch quality and as far as companies go I would trust the reliability of a blackberry over any device out there

My thoughts exactly! I wanted the Z30 and would have purchased 4 from AT&T but no luck. Still rocking my Z10.

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The verizon z30 is factory unlocked, I am using it on Att right now. Only draw back, I don't get let everywhere.

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Good idea. The "market" there has decided they no longer want BB, now they have a hit, so let'em beg for it...

:-) Chen, give it to 'em.

Pasted via CB chen

Pick a weekend and come on up and enjoy Canada. Sightseeing, picking up a Passport or two, try some poutine and smoke a couple of doobies.


For the first time ever I might consider getting a white phone. This is easily the most dynamic looking phone on the market, truly setting itself apart from every other phone.

The fact that some will hate it is not a bad thing because people will be interested in checking it out just for curiosity then might end up liking and buying it. Whereas with the z10 no one was interested other than BlackBerry diehards .

Even if it may be for the wrong reasons this phone will get non BlackBerry users going into a shop and asking to see a blackberry.

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And Derek. Wow. You follow Phil from place to place, or does he text you from his Moto watch to let you know he just commented on something? Oh well, I understand, I had a retarded brother who used to follow me around too. Have a nice day.

Your big bro, AE.

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Don't you have some cases to write articles about?

Perhaps this screen is too big for you Phil (I actually think your stubby cheeto laced fingers might benefit from something like this?). I can understand how sending a text on this, versus your smart watch would be different, but why the hate? First on twitter, now here, and this is the second time(the BlackBerry blogs about bloggers blogging about BlackBerry was brilliant). Very professional.

Your friend and admirer, AE.

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I do say, I think Blaize when underground and is hiding in an old Russian bunker with Putin. I like both the black and the white Passport but will go with the white. I will fly to London to pick-it up personally.

I've never been impressed by the white options. The Q10 looked pretty good in white but its just not for me. I'd much rather they bring back the old gunmetal look from the Curve 83xx. The would look bad ass on a monster phone like the PassPort.

I hate white phones but this looks interesting. I will still likely get black but it's the first one to make me even think about it.

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I'm waiting to hear more on it as well. The suspense is killing me!

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

Man I don't know, it took me at least 5 months to really fall in love with my Z30 after trading in my Z10 at Telus because of issues (for free might I add)... I originally had the white Z10 and looking at this phone, it feels luxurious and high-end. We've been asked quite a few times already about an "all-touch" higher end phone.

As odd as this is going to sound, every day that I come on here, it seems that Blackberry users are becoming like iPhone users wanting a new phone every 6-months. I was happy that Blackberry wasn't going to make any new phones until 2016/2017. I thought we were different from those who used iPhones and Android devices. I guess we are not. I mean, how can we complain about wanting each device when Blackberry is trying to find a device that fits everyone's needs and personality? Every phone in Blackberry's history has made a person feel important, or compatible with whatever device they have.

From the Curve, to the Storm, to the Z10 and now Z30.. I feel as if I am losing my ground as a Blackberry phone owner who has to change my comfort level because of how many phones keep coming out based on what they are capable of doing. I don't fancy the Passport much because I feel as if it is lacking something that connects to who I am or what I would use it for. Business yes, games like Sonic or Real Racing.. I mean it's not a device that's meant for those who enjoy an open lifestyle of fun and games; but if Blackberry decided to make an "all-touch" passport... okay then maybe I would go that route.

Just curious, how many of you out there feel that the phone you currently have by Blackberry defines what you do and how you go about yourself? Be it the Q10, Z10 or Z30.. I still see lots of people and even teenagers half my age carrying around old Blackberry curves.. I wonder how those teens would define themselves?

I have played the whole game with getting new phones. I own a z10, q10 and z30. As for defining, the way I use the OS. The z30 is the one for me. Now saying that, the passport brings everything I enjoyed about the q10 and combines it with the z30. As someone who has access to a multitude of devices, I will be getting a passport.

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Ah okay, the OS. Forgot about that one :) I would have to agree with you in terms of the combination of what the Passport has built-into-it. I'm sitting here looking at this device trying to convince myself that what I have is good enough. It feels good, and I think once I get the Surface Pro 3 I will have two devices that will work well with one another.

The Z30 definitely feels like the phone people should have had in their hands well over a year ago and possibly transitioning to either the "Classic or Passport" within two years. This should have been the route for Blackberry but who knows how well the Z30 would have been received if it came out first?

I have the Z30, and I love it. The typing experience on BB10 is just so amazing, and the OS is the best on the market. It's a shame people don't give it a chance. I've given Android a fair shake, and don't like it. Maybe it's just Samsung, but the number of totally useless bloatware apps that come with samsung phones is the deal breaker for me. I had a galaxy tab 3 and gave it away because each and every day some app I never use, and can't uninstall, updates.

I don't mind apple products. I think they look nice, but as has been said a number of times, the OS is dated, and I REALLY REALLY REALLY can't stand iTunes. Here we have another program that almost forces the user to install updates for devices he/she does not own, and I can't get with that.

Blackberry, on the other hand, doesn't come with a lot of bloatware pre-installed, BBLink is pretty small and easy to use, and my Z30 feels like a well manufactured device.

I really like the design of the Passport, and I think the touch sensitive keyboard is a REALLY neat idea. I'd love to be able to pick one up, but realistically I probably won't. My Z30 does what I need and it's still in great shape.

I don't think BB should be putting out phones twice a year, but I'm still under the impression that the company is still finding its groove after such a long restructuring and transition to BB10, so perhaps they're still trying to figure out the form factors they'll update year-on-year? Three high-end phones in the lineup seems a bit overkill considering the smaller user base, but from a BB fans perspective, damn I love reading about them all!!!

Was already in love with the Passport, now I'm absolutely obsessed with getting a white one. Looks fantastic

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I'll probably get white. Sexy in both colours, but more people will ask about it in white.

...or maybe if we're lucky, Colorware or D-Brand will pick it up :D

It doesn't look like a calculator because a calculator would have a one line, monochrome screen, and a solar strip across the top for power. Plus, a calculator uses digits, not letters. So, in conclusion, no - it looks nothing like a calculator. Good day.

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If you look closely you can see a slight sculpting, mostly on the right side because of angles I believe but it looks like it's there

Z10 10.3 Straight Talk

So it looks like the Glass Weave back cover is not going to be used because I've heard nothing about it in regards to the new devices. Combine that with the non removable battery that has already been disclosed and it just spells 'Deal Breaker' for me. I truly believe the Passport will do very well in sales, but I will stick to my Q10 which I still enjoy with the Glass Weave back, removable battery which can be changed after 2 years when the battery I have ultimately craps out, and my Stainless Steel frame.

I hope the Glass Weave back can still be implemented because it could really give BlackBerry that signature unique look. A removable battery is just simply imperative.


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Would so pick one up if I didn't have 1.5yrs to go on my current contract by the time the Passport releases.

Posted using a DroidBerry Z10.

If I have the choice I would buy the white, otherwise black is still all right.

Sent from my Z 30

What's catching my attention here is the green UI buttons.

If, in 10.3, we really do get customizable colors for the UI (the red, the blue, the green) i am going to be in love with it!

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It's nice, but I want one in black so I can order a gold plated kit for it like I did for the Q10. Black and gold is very classy.

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Can i have it now please...
Z10 in my Hand
Z30 still in the box
Now the passport on my mind all the Time

I wish they would remove the Blackberry logo from the front, because the design of the device/ form already makes it recognizable without mistaken it for something.

But, other than that, I'm exicted about this phone and so is my wife!!! lol

As a formerly die hard iPhone Apple geek I must say I'm falling in love to BlackBerry Z10 and actually Z30. I transformed six people to BlackBerry in the last six month and looking forward to the white passport :-) I hope I won't have any problems with real keys instead of the virtual keyboard.

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All Black > all white. The earlier version of the white keyboard and Black screen was more stylish.

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So ugly, I guess blackberry thinks if they keep showing it it will get prettier

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I am beginning to look at the blackberry forum as I have looked at so many other forums - Full of unnecessary negativity. Yes, I know everyone is entitled to share their "opinion" but I've noticed that so much negative have been initiated about things that are not that profound. There was more I was going say but there is no need.

For those who will comment on my post as an attack, save it. Trust me I won't see it.


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Pootermobile's concept was the best. I would buy it if it looked like that. Just in aesthetics alone. Now I will wait and see

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Guys pleeeease! make the bezels and the top black. This phone is already taking stick just for its shape, at least make it beautiful. Why is it that blackberry never goes all in when it comes to aesthetics.

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I will be due an upgrade from my z10 I am leaning towards the z30 but I am still on the fence with this phone, I want to stick with BB10 I just love the OS, but I am wondering will there a z50 my main importance is battery life, z10 battery is atrocious the battery is just too small for this phone, that is why I have two batteries ,

I never really understood the "white" preference myself. I am good with Black.

As long as it sells more than costs, whatever. But wouldn't it cost more to manufacturer 5million black and 5 million white than to just manufacturer 10 million black?

I love it! It is, in one sense, out apple-ing apple! This is the phone they should have made... but didn't!

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Who says the Passport is ugly?! I never liked a white phone but that looks good on the Passport.

I wasn't a white phone person until I purchased a white Z10. Really love the look of the passport in white. As someone said earlier it will be the new classic Blackberry.

Don't really like the Passport to begin with and definitely not in white. Maybe if the corners were rounded.

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I bought the white Z10 and I was disappointed that it didn't have as nice of a texture on the back cover as the black one

Posted via Z30

The more I think about and look at this device, the more I think that there is so much amazing opportunity for unique games on it, think about it, being able to control with swipes without having your fingers covering the screen.

Posted via CB10

The good thing about the Passport device is the big square screen, which is awesome. The only thing that is attracting me to the device is the combination of the big screen with a physical QWERTY. Now the question is the new BB Classic or the Passport? Despite being touch devices the Q10 really lacked the trackball, one of the reasons I am still on 9900 It makes life so easy for users while using with the track device. Lets see how things go now. But I wish BB all the best and I am going for one of the new devices for sure. Which one time will tell?

Cant help myself but the passport is just ugly. I wish that one day i look at the blackberry device and say silently to myself wow. Z10 is a nice device but the z30 and the passport are pretty ugly.

Posted via CB10

Will it come with a keyboard that works for more than 6 months - I'm on my 4th q10 now and I won't use it incase it goes again - I'm on me 10.2.0 z10 daily now (which is soo cool btw)

Posted via CB10

I want green accents to replace the stock blue.. hell I just want to be able to customize the stock blue to any other color... wrong place to post my feelings? maybe, but I see the green on that calender and I like it

Via My z10 and CB10

If it has an AMOLED screen i'll take black. If it has a IPS or similar screen i'll take white! Overall I really like how the white one looks.

They have no choice but to offer in white because no normal person is gonna buy this as ugly as it is.

"Once You Go Black You Never Go Back"

A red passport would be amazing. I always liked red on BlackBerry phones since I got my torch. Now I have a red Z10 with the help of Phantomskinz. I just hope that if there isn't a red passport, at least there are skins or customizations to make it red.

Nice looking. Give me one in RED please.
Black looks the best with RED and White in a very close second.

Posted on my Q5

Then you certainly wouldn't be buying it because of how it looks. You forget how functionality is more important.

BlackBerry clearly wants to control their own marketing and message when it comes to significant pre-released information. But will CB listen...

Powered by BlackBerry Z30

Anyone else notice the green agents to screen. Wonder if we have the option of changing color. Everyone hates the red,loves blue. Green looks nice too

Posted via CB10

Black looks better...but white is acceptable as well, it's a matter of personal preference, supply & demand! One thing BBerry/J Chen should do is create some form of visible marketing instead of just relying on word of mouth from current users and also discount the Z30, which is still quite expensive at $400.00/white and $500.00/black. This would help some still on the fence to make a decision to at least gain more users stay with BBerry products before jumping ship to IPhones or Droids.

I am glad to see the Passport in a woman's hands to get an idea how big it is. I was so startled by the sharp corners the first time I saw it ... but it is growing on me. My worry is that the general public might have an initial negative response. I don't know. This really could be a game changer if public perception can be influenced. Mine would have to be white as I love my white Z.

Posted via CB from "Z" best

I don't think Chen is concerned with the general public at this juncture. They're looking at lawyers, doctors, writers and the like who will appreciate having a large screen with all the functionality that comes with owning a BlackBerry.

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The classic is out to convert bold owners to bb10. Witch I see as kinda a waste. I have the 9900, and the classic looks the same as the 9900, just with bb10. Don't know if it will really work, but fingers crossed. Personally I will get the passport, hmm black or white?? I have to see both in person to decide. But as I said before, I think no carrier will carry this phone. It will only be available online at the BlackBerry store. So be prepared to pay full price. I will get the passport either way. But mark my words that is what is gonna happen.

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Call me crazy but I would like to see a revamped version of the 8700 but with a much bigger and better screen. I loved that phone.

Posted via CrackBerry App

I think it's totally great that it's in white. You need variety anyways. ..posted from my bold 9900 via opera mini.

The more and more I hear about the Passport, the less I find myself wanting the Classic. Probably because not much has been said about the Classic, as of yet.

Funny enough, I'm still getting the Classic!

Posted with no typos using the Q10

I'm not buying a passport but I know it will be successful For now I'm happy with my Z30 and tell Hi - end all touch comes out

BB Z30!! running 10.3

Passport just another q10 just wider glad chen fixed that app problem about time blackberry is improving

Posted via CB10

Omg Omg Omg Omg! Lmao I can't wait. I want one so bad. Originally I really want a phone that is like the Q10, but have seen no such news of the device. And then I just fell in love with this device. I can't wait to own it.

Ojani Noa

I was sold on the BlackBerry Torch 9800 - white.. then the Torch 9810 - White.... and now the Q10.... guess what.... also in white!!! I kinda like it

Posted using my BB Q10

I think white is classy....have a white z30..its the bomb

Posted from my awesome spice country. #pure Grenada

I noticed the colour on the screen. It's green instead of the blue.. does this mean we get to choose the colour in 10.3?

Don't care! Where are the new Z10 and Z30 replacements?!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

Many people many opinions. My company is not big by any means compared to huge conglomerates but we still have about 100 blackberries and our company has said no to build and no to apple and Samsung. Blackberry only and the company pays for it so I get something for free. Also we are currently upgrading all to Z30's and have already put in a pre order for about 20 passports. Looking forward to getting passport.

Posted via CB10

I love blackberry. Prefer black phones. Passport looks too square but until I actually handle one I can't judge. :)

Posted via CB10

Are those the longest thumbs ever holding the passport.

Brought to you by...My sweet Z30

Ha! HA! I hadn't noticed the long thumbs. Could this be the evolutionary result of too much messaging? Anthropologists are already shaking their heads because humans have never used the thumb as a full digit before now. Just to grasp.

Posted via CB from "Z" best