BlackBerry comments on prolific developer

By Simon Sage on 22 Aug 2013 11:48 am EDT

Many of you are familiar with S4BB - they've been around for a long time, pumping out apps for legacy BlackBerry OS and have been busy on BB10. Lately S4BB has been getting a lot of flak for exactly how many apps they've put into BlackBerry World, and BlackBerry themselves have been criticized for letting a single developer publish 47,000 apps in the market. That's a pretty massive number, considering at last count BlackBerry World was host to 120,000 apps.

There are two big worries here: that a single developer is seriously padding a number that BlackBerry uses to demonstrate the health of their app ecosystem, and that the apps being introduced are by necessity low-quality - it's hard to pump out that many apps and make them well, right? BlackBerry has released a statement on the whole issue.

"Developers in all app stores employ a number of different monetization tactics. BlackBerry World is an open market for developers and we let market forces dictate the success or failure of these tactics. Discoverability in overcrowded stores continues to be an issue affecting all developers. This is why we have worked hand in hand with developers on the Built for BlackBerry program to help showcase apps and games that exemplify the power of BlackBerry 10."

So, BlackBerry is saying that people will talk with their wallets by picking up the apps that do what they're looking for. The moment that making this many apps isn't economically viable, S4BB will stop doing it. To be fair, it seems like the vast majority of these apps are city guides that all follow the same framework, and simply have different map and points of interest data plonked in. S4BB also has a smattering of audiobooks, and basic, single-use apps in their gigantic collection.

Despite the ridiculous number of apps they've submitted, I don't think anybody's seriously grilling S4BB for being spammy - after all, they're offering apps that do what they say on the box - and even as far as originality and innovation goes, I wouldn't bust their chops too much. The guy in charge of S4BB is also the one making that super-sweet camera module for consumer-grade drones; BlackBerry's own Alec Saunders is even involved in the project. Some of S4BB's more popular apps include a QR barcode scanner, a silent camera app, and a photo-to-PDF converter. The vast majority of S4BB's apps haven't been rated, but those that are tend to get pretty solid reviews. To be honest, my biggest question would be about where S4BB is pulling in data for all of those city guides, and if the rights to use that data are covered by the $2.99 pricetag. Hopefully we'll get some time with the S4BB CEO at BlackBerry Jam Asia next month to hash all this out. 

What do you guys make of the situation? Should BlackBerry allow this many apps into BlackBerry World from one developer? Is it reasonable to expect that they've adequately tested all of them before approval? Outside of the "Recently Added" feed in BlackBerry world, does this volume of apps clutter your app browsing experience?

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BlackBerry comments on prolific developer


Bigger Problem in APP world is letting developers just pull their paid apps out and preventing you from re-downloading them. EA is the biggest culprit here, but there are others.

That's right you could buy a $10 app this morning, do an OS update this afternoon and not be able to re-download that app when complete. No refund, no warning no recourse. Welcome to BB's world.

1. "BlackBerry World is an open market". Thanks for letting us know that quality control is non-existent.

2. "Developers in all app stores employ a number of different monetization tactics." Spamming may be a good tactic for the unscrupulous developer, but in no way does it benefit the customer or BlackBerry's reputation.

Re #2 above. If you truly believe that a developer monetizes by releasing THOUSANDS of apps, test that. Charge a $10 fee for each app beyond the first 100 apps submitted.

And BBRY won't do this because something tells me that BBRY actually encourages the spamming of the App World (and possibly provided incentives to do so).

Btw, the "open market" argument is ridiculous in this case since the marginal cost of an additional app submission for the developer is zero (or very close to zero).

It's just like email spamming where the sender incurs the same cost (close to zero) whether he sends out 100 or 100 million emails. But no one argues that spamming should be left to the market forces to be sorted out.

Should have said 'I was familiar with the develper. I was to busy taking to myself as I was posting.

Should really stop doing that.

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I don't mind it. I check out the top apps and every so often I'll scroll through the list. When I'm in the app store on my iPad I see a huge number of apps I don't care for. I find the showcases on BlackBerry World to be a good measure to find the apps that interest me most.

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Other app stores are better structured. It is frustrating to access 'New Apps' and scroll through pages of gps/map apps to find anything relevant.

And...where are all the 'tools' I've heard about? All this site seems to review is games for example...

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+1 For where are the tools comment. I would really like to see more productivity tools and less games. In fact I'd like to see a filter in BlackBerry world that would filter out all games.

Developers who develop Built for BlackBerry applications should get paid for doing so. Developers who develop a large number of not Built for BlackBerry applications, that not free, should have to pay per app listed beyond some threshold and that way it would be self limiting.

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So people criticize BB for lack of apps, then people criticize BB for allowing developers develop a lot of apps for the... Yes, I'm familiar with this situation. It's called damned if you do and damned if you don't...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

I think I would have preferred if they initiated a different kind of app store, one where they aren't scared to turn away poor quality apps, and instead take the focus away from the overall number. If it was marketed right, it would take away some of the power of numbers, of course this is just my opinion.

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I like the thought and agree, if marketed correctly it really could take the focus away from the numbers.

Yeah, the Built for BlackBerry designation is what that is for. To try to seperate poorly developed applications from good ones.

Tell that to all those people criticizing BlackBerry for not having enough apps. I never hear these critics say anything about quality...keep hearing them demand large numbers.

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If developers that want to develop then let them. We see the stance many developers have taken on BB10. If S4BB wants to and others don't, they are ones losing out.

It's not the number of apps, but the way S4BB has gone about it. Many of their apps are just repackaged free Internet downloads: books, maps, papers, etc.

A few of these are ok, but pages and pages? Gimme a break.

At this point I've learned to avoid S4BB apps.

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interesting point, exactly my view of s4bb... and did anyone take the trouble to check what permissions do s4bb wants (me) to let go?

47,000 apps are from one developer?! I read this in a forum post recently, did not really believe it. I guess it is true. Holy $hit is the only thing that comes to!

More on topic, I don't agree with this many apps being published by one developer. Rather, I don't agree with this any useless apps being published by one developer. This in my opinion is abysmal screening, but if I had things my way the app store would always look for quality and never for quantity.

I guess that 120,000 is really more like 70,000. Far cry from the massive growth BlackBerry World has supposedly experienced.

I really love my BlackBerry 10 device, but this app business has got to improve.

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At last some one saying it like in is. I had raised this issue in a recent post. To say I was shocked when I got to know this fact would be an understatement. Its time that honest people plunking down good money to buy a phone know the truth about apps in the app store.

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Yes, in my opinion you've come to the crux of the matter. This is a material issue in the sense that it bears upon the quality of the claimed number of apps in BAW. And that claimed number of apps is important because BlackBerry's eco-system of 'add-ons' (including apps) is a primary factor which has and will continue to help decide BB's prospects. Any notion that only half of the apps in BBRY's already diminutive World are actually by only one developer, is a further point against the solidity of BBRY as a smartphone maker that's supposed to be going against much more together competitors with real teeth. It might be an issue which would in itself lead to stock downgrades, but it's certainly not a plus point, is it?

Really? We all gonna whinge and complain over a developer creating apps unlike the fact that others simply are taking a wait and see approach? Really? Everyone who complains should be hung out to dry with an apple in their hands or even that droid. Oh well. BlackBerry for life. Quite yer..........

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True and I'm sure on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, the same thing happens too but it's let's pick on BlackBerry time again (probably BlackBerry's own fault too).

What's BlackBerry to do? Limit the number of apps a vendor can release? Start policing App World, adding more restrictions, making it harder to submit? That's the last thing they should be doing. And what they are doing is promoting the Built for BlackBerry apps, which is great. So yes, people will speak with their wallets and if people don't buy the crap apps, then vendors will stop making them.

+1 Thank you!

That is the whole point of letting the market decide. You can't deny applications from a developer when it reaches a certain number.

Some days I feel even this site is anti BlackBerry. You did up the crappiest story to ignite the bitching

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

This is only news because BB10 is still lacking certain "big name" apps. If those arrive, the app mudslinging will be (mostly) over. I'm sure there are similar situations on the App Store and on Play.

I think we should support S4BB by featuring one of their city guide apps pee day. That ought to keep the Crackberry team busy years!

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Some folks are using this to try to discredit the entire BlackBerry World app store. I have over 200 apps installed on my Z -- all I ever need.
BlackBerry has done an awesome job in getting many quality apps in BlackBerry World, plus a lot of quality content - a huge selection of movies and music.

No issues what do ever. Once you are over 200 or 300 you have to use the search functions. But I would rather 5 killer apps that 1000 okay apps. My suggestion would be pour some money into the really needed apps - there are several threads of things people would really utilize. Monetize 5 killer apps!! Give me something the other platforms don't have.

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Ok, as I see it we need both, quality and quantity. If we don't have a big number to show then the platform is doomed. If we don't have the top apps, then the platform is doomed. The way I see we need about 10 more S4BB-like devs to get us going. We also need like 10 times more top big name apps. I understand that the most of us is happy with what we have, but when a new user think about coming to BlackBerry, these are the questions: How many apps are there? Is x one of them? What about y? I truly believe BlackBerry should be throwing devices at devs as cupcakes in exchange for apps, no matter what.

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In that case the apps with less than 100 downloads within 6 months should be automatically archived and removed.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

I gotta say, I live and die with their Amazon app on my Z. City guides, not so much.

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Ironically, there is no filter for "Built for BlackBerry only", so after some time, you'll basically be unable to find Built for BlackBerry apps amongst the thousands upon thousands of small, low quality apps.

I mean, shit, $2.99 for one city, and more for the next? I can get the info for free from checking out travel websites, and there are tons of travel websites. What I'm saying is, that many low-quality app shows how BlackBerry has quantity over quality, and that's never good

STL 100-1

I go onto the BBWorld all the time just to hit the 'Built for BlackBerry' link on the apps page and the run through the list that pops up. Not sure what you mean. No there isn't a specific filter but there is a link that gives you the list. Same end result.

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Free market, let developers develop. These types of simplistic one off apps are very normal in all app ecosystems, if not worse in the larger two...

Agreed. Or at least split off into a separate new arrivals section for that kind of app.

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Bb's comment contradict itself. How come BFB, dictated by BB, is a market force.

This bad developer should be regulated.

That has been said, I am really interested to see what is this number in Apple App Store. If it is the same, then be it.


This Whining and Angst about apps sounds a lot like a 4 yr olds whining. Come on eh?

What is so life and death that is missing? NOTHING.. InstaGram? Netflix? I could care less about those 2.

I Would like to see Kijiji, PCFinancial & Sun News with native BB10 apps.

DilBit Powered Q10... 10.2 where ya 2 bye??

People like you care me up...

"Stop whining about apps! Who cares about Netflix and Instagram!"

...and then...

"I just want the apps I care about!"

Really? LOL

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Wow always something to bit€h about. Do you want more apps? I certainly do. Why is BlackBerry the only one being criticized over this. At least they still have some descent apps.

I'm for it so keep up the great apps!

Posted via the best phone ever. The white Z10.

When they're pumping 60,000 registered developers and 150,000 apps its a little deceiving not to mention that 47000 of those are by 1 spammy developer and a combined 83000 are by 39 SpamDevs combined.

Any of the apps I have gotten from them have been great both on my Z and on older BlackBerry devices least someone is making an effort

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People gripe about not enough apps. People gripe about a developer making too many apps. People gripe that they want a gripe app. People gripe that their apps ate their homework.

Now they got me doing it! :-D

I think that's a new phenomenon from the introduction of BB10 blackberry has pushing the envelope on many ways not only on system software the sinergy of the advocates that energy put by passionate BB executives reflected on some new paradigms as a creation of big Asian app-manufacturing operations like their hardware counterparts

Wtf? I read your comment five times and I still don't get what you are trying to say lol

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Another thing I noticed with app world is quality and quantity gaming apps surpassed Non gaming apps. Ex. No chase app, no shazam, no Spotify. No Starbucks. But we have ea, gameloft, etc on board.

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No Body force me to spend money for crapp apps.... So im happy they can bring 3 million apps and i don't care... Im buying a lot Off apps and from 90 paid apps only 1 was Bad ... Lot of great developers out there !!!

I think they fill gaps where other major developers don't. True enough, there might be a lot of useless apps out there, but the apps that I've downloaded such as the Amazon browser and the QR code app are decent quality.

Hate will be hate, but who cares how many a single developer produce as long as it is good quality and useful for my daily routines. What is more important is more apps for our daily life , like operating our home automation systems, alarms,home multimedia functions, banking, automobile functions etc. so far BB is lagging behind

I use just one s4bb app, and this is Wikipedia reader...

The stuff, that really piss me off, are the masses of offline navigations one app for one city... oh no.. one app for each house number...
Need a better search to cut them out...

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The problem is visibility of new apps. if S4BB release 40 apps in one day, well, it takes a lot of scrolling in BB10 (PlayBook has a very short limit of new apps) to get anything other than maps. So for a dev, getting some exposure that way is borderline impossible. If it's not meant for exposure, new apps section doesn't need to exist.

A decent app for maps would be to make one, and inside you download for whatever area, not make one per. Same with audio books...

The problem is simply one of fraudulently misleading investors into believing that developers had 'embraced' the BB10 platform. Forget S4BB, clearly Blackberry pursued this strategy aggressively and pile their app store with junk.

I suspect there are many other 'dubious' developers in the mix, we just caught the most flagrant violator.

There can be no trust from the investment community in BBRY management. They have lied too many times. Heins is fraud and he is now exposed as such.

I cannot imagine he can remain CEO much longer given what he has perpetrated.

I loved this company and its products, but I loath the men who have destroyed it.

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I don't care if the apps come from Uranus, as long as the app-freaks get what they are pounding about.

So, what about it BlackBerry?

47000 is going to draw more then just our attention.

BlackBerry padding BlackBerry World Numbers!

Nice headline.

Verizon Z10. Running Posted via CB10

Yes they should allow...atleast some one is submitting some Apps...they would not have even reached 100k without them

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I just hate when an APP requires access to all the information on my BlackBerry in order to function! I understand a map requiring GPS but all personal information?

Posted via my sex black zzzzzzzz10

Frankly I don't give a rats *** whether one developer produces that many apps

BlackBerry damned if they do damned. If they don't

It bothers me that BlackBerry gets flack for this when other ecosystems have a 5000 fart apps and 5000 flashlight apps and nothing is said just that they have 1 million apps. Just more mud slinging

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Nobody is submitting that many apps because for every 1000 cookie-cutter apps S4BB submits a normal developer could make and test one or two good ones.

This. By all measures, NeverMaze and Alpha Memory are simple games. Yet they easily take 100 hours each to make. That's weeks of work.

-- @marc_lepage developer of Alpha Memory and NeverMaze

We need a private BlackDevList and a FavDev List for everyone. So we can better search.
Looking on the Tab new Apps is crazy and unusable.

If S4BB is putting in time and money while other developers sit on their fat collective arses, then tough. S4BB smelled a great business opportunity based on the irrational biases held by a lazy developer community. HaHa, they get to cash in while the rest lose out. Don't come crying to CB because you are 6 months late to the party.

What I would like to see is the amount of downloads S4BB apps get. What I think BlackBerry needs to do is really pull in the big developers, give them a Z30 with 10.2 loaded and show them BlackBerry is here to stay.

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How about a little racism to go with their 47k apps of which most are just web launchers?

go to their site and look at the photo of people in About:

Now go check this Fortune 500 company's main page where you choose location:

Anything look familiar, only without 4 black people in the s4bb photo?

I wonder how much ca$h money money they're raking in? As far as my opinion on the whole deal? "Don't hate the player, hate the game".

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

Perhaps S4BB could do a Royal Bank app.

I would pay for that for sure.

What's up with RBC?

Posted via CB10

I think it's a little disappointing when you realize that most of these apps aren't quality apps that add new functions. They're serviceable apps that are mostly RSS feeds. It exposes the app game that is apparent in BB World.

I don't see how this is negative to anybody? Just because their is a large volume of apps developed by one developer it doesn't mean that you have to download all of them or any at all. I don't think I have one app from them but the option is there.

Oh and for the people saying that there is no quality control or that there should be a native/premium section on BlackBerry World, isn't this what Built For BlackBerry is about?

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The number of apps is all what BlackBerry is focusing on lately and anyone can realize this !
I dont Think BlackBerry users cares about how many apps does BlackBerry World have 100K or 200K, because even when its 500K we don't care unless the big names are there like Instagram for example.

even users coming from other platform, I believe they will not use Blackberry device anymore after buying it and realize that all the 120K apps are just crap.
We just care about Quality

An audiobook style app is not an app, but that is neither here nor there as BlackBerry World itself needs a major overhaul to begin attracting different developers, the right developers. Look at the BlackBerry World website...

I find it hard to believe that this is the first I've heard about this. Apps has been a big topic around BB ever since BB10 was released, has Crackberry written about this before? I get the feeling that this has been suppressed intentionally. The fact that one developer has 47,000 apps should have been common knowledge by this time, yet that doesn't appear to be the case. Simon can you link to where S4BB has been getting "flak", or where BB has been "criticized" for allowing this to happen?

S4BB has really been pi$$ing me off. I was searching for an offline navigation app and instead of giving me like 10 apps to choose from, app world showed me about 10000 city guides (at least it felt like 10k). The could have made one city guide app and then let the user choose the city in app, instead of making 10k city guides. If a user wants more cities charge him another 2$ via in-app-purchase.

I don't understand this way of publishing apps. From a developers standpoint it would be much easier to just update one app instead of 10k - I mean you need to compile every city version and send it to BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

I happen to like the S4BB apps I own. I think that the city guides could be reduced but hey, I find their apps work as advertised. 47,000 is a lot from one vendor but it is the way BB went with App World. Let's be glad that some vendor is willing to write for BB10.

I don't mind what they're doing. Most apps are well-produced as android ports or native, they're active in Developer forums and stackoverflow; an asset to the Developer community. They're not Zynga-quality, and I'm not sure of their BlackBerry Development Partnership status, but I see nothing wrong here.

Posted via CB10

It's fine. It's one tactic, used by many other developers.
BlackBerry is all happy to have a large number of apps. It doesn't matter if they're fake or not, just like on other platforms.

CrackBerry what do you do? S4BB trying to help BBRY, because people from other platforms looks on quantity too! Latest CB Posts have lot of pessimism. Do things right or don't write! You harm BBRY too!

Posted via CB10

Blackberry world does contain a lot of useless apps that do feel somewhat spamming the user experience. With that said, I don't think most of them are S4BB, it feels as of may other ones are an issue.

Posted Via BlackBerry Z10

No wonder they can't get the notes app, Action Pad, Task Master, Next Action, Task Report and other great apps they developed for BBOS together on BlackBerry 10.

They've been focusing on non productive blah blahs instead. Waste of time.

bcuffy. Q10, 9900, PlayBook 64gb, Iphone 3gs.

S4BB has been around for a long time, and I purchased many of their BBOS apps, but if S4BB accounts for 47,000 of the 120,000 apps in Blackberry World, that is somewhat disconcerting. On a similar note, S4BB has an "app" in Blackberry World for their Action Pad app (one of my favorite BBOS apps), but it's really only a survey of the interest in the app. One would think that if S4BB had time to make 47 THOUSAND apps, they would have the time to make a simple (easy for me to say...I'm a lawyer and don't know the first thing about app development) note taking app. It just seems odd to me. I'd prefer 1,000 of the "best apps on the planet" than 120,000 thousand ho-hum apps (no disrespect to some of the wonderful app developers in Blackberry World). Sadly, it seems as if Blackberry has gone for quantity over quality in their apps and therein may lie the problem with BB10 gaining traction.

If a developer takes the time to write many "similar" apps, it seems we have been given choices. IMO. Not necessarily a bad thing at all. Maps for instance, my room mate uses one map, I use another that suits me. Both work equally well.

Rockin' 810 Runtime

". The guy in charge of S4BB is also the one making that super-sweet camera module for consumer-grade drones; BlackBerry's own Alec Saunders is even involved in the project"

So a BB executive is connected to the Dev who is artificially inflating BB's app count. Hmmmm?

S4BB+47000 apps+Alec Saunders = pure corruption.

If the CEO of the S4BB and Alec Saunders are involved in other projects outside of Blackberry the rest is obvious.

Show me any big name apps that showed up in the Blackberry World in last 2 months. Almost none. Now I see what Alec Saunders was doing since the BB10 launch.

Fire him ASAP!!!!

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By limiting how much one individual or company can contribute is the basic foundation of communism. And while our great country has a prime minister wiping his arse with the Charter of Rights, regulations on commerce ate being slapped on many large companies. Free enterprise and trade among our own people and citizens has gone down the drain. If you support communism, then I guess S4BB will naturally be your enemy. Otherwise, you as a human deserve the basic fundamental right to equality, and can submit as many apps to BlackBerry World as you desire.

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Who cares? If they want to develop for BlackBerry, I say let them. You don't have to buy them. I usually search for what I need or apps recommended by CB or friends.

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Another nail in BlackBerry's coffin. This situation has been in the news worldwide and most don't interpret this in a positive way.

Posted via BlackBerry Z10

I don't think there should be a limit on the number of apps that developers can publish to BlackBerry World, but when BlackBerry sees that there are thousands of apps that could easily be put into one app, they should obviously do something about that.

Why download one book app at a time, when you can download an app that let's you read and store all of your books within the same app? The same question goes to city guides; they can be implemented into one app, and users can choose to purchase them individually within the app.

Posted from my BlackBerry Q10

This situation is not new. The fix is easy - give us app filters so we can more efficiently search for apps.

Posted via CB10

I rather have a store with 1000 solid good quality apps than kabillion low quality ones and it's ridiculous having a single developer with so many low quality apps that crowding the store making it like a sleazy flea market. The argument that of being open and let the market decide the success of apps doesn't stand here if you want to build a good reputation for your app store.

Posted via CB10

Personally, I don't mind developers doing this sort of thing, all that needs to happen is that BB need to fix sections like 'new arrivals' to ensure that they do not show more than a single app by any one developer, that way you can have a wider variety of apps visible to you.

An example of the problem would be the current situation where if I look in that section in bb world right now, I can see 4 apps, then several dozen gps/city guide type of apps from a few different companies before I see another single app in there.

The bottom line is S4BB has been making most of the applications for the BB10 device than it's clear that no one really wants to develop applications for the BB10 device or there is some issue with the process in which BBRY is using to get more developers online creating applications for the BB10. Either way it makes BBRY look bad!

Most of these apps were probably created at the "a-thons" where there were big numbers reported as coming. What was it - $500 a pop for each app accepted at the time? How much of BlackBerry's money that could have been used to woo the devs they need in the portfolio - spent on these myriad of city updates etc instead? Just another milestone on the road of mistakes made by BlackBerry.

Has anyone looked into Google and Apple apps store to see if they have a similar or a few similar prolific developers there? I'd like to see the whole picture before I say anything about BB.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Another BB scam. It is not a wonder people hate this company. Padding your app eco system and then admitting awareness. So sad.

i dont think there should be a limit of app submissions in the space as long as there is proper quality control before submission. I am sure the other app ecosystems have the same "spam" developers and that is why they show such a high number. while 47k is really high, it will be interesting to see what sb44 has to say about it. do they have a strategy to this madness or is it just a lift and shift they did from all other areas.
the data point on maps was also interesting. are they using existing data sources without the right license? hmm.. then does it mean that the upgrades are not correct?

any one used and found it to be so?

To be fair the apple app store is fill of endless fart apps so complaining that people are filling a need is a bit on the "who cares side". I think what they are doing is fair doos considering people judge by how big the app store is haha

Mwahahahaha it's the Z10

If BB think they can just shrug their shoulders and say "let the market decide" they deserve to fail. App world is a retailer and is obliged to ensure that what they are selling is of an acceptable standard.
How are consumers supposed to make an informed purchase when app world lets devs remove any reviews that are less than glowing? Does anybody really think that someone that buys a BB phone thinking that there are lots of apps availlable, only to find that the apps they want are not there isn't going to return it and/or warn their friends not to get one? Any company that thinks it can do business through such obvious attempts at trickery can't last long.

As someone who watched the demise of the Amiga I'm getting a strong sense of deja vu. With reviewers praising mediocre games, and people being told to shut up about unethical behavior by Commodore and some developers, in the hope that the Amiga could be saved. It didn't work then and it wont work now.

Can someone please ask the CEO why they can't just make ONE app for maps, and allow in-app purchases for different cities/regions (that get downloaded to your device for offline usage)???? Wouldn't that have been a more efficient way to do things Personally, I use Osmand and download regions as needed for offline use.