Upgrade Your OS Via the Web: BlackBerry.com/upgrades

OS 4.5 Upgrades Now Available from CrackBerry.com!
By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Sep 2008 12:04 pm EDT

Update: HOOOOLLDDD your Horses. Don't get too excited clicking and hoping to update anything just yet. Apologies to the frustrated members of CrackBerry Nation who were excited to update to the latest release of OS 4.5 officially. Our buds over at BerryReview have summed up the situation nicely so I'll borrow from them on this:

Looks like the Web Upgrade for OS 4.5 we mentioned before is limited by your PIN # and its association with your carrier. If your carrier does not officially support OS 4.5 then this is useless. In essence this Web Based option just helps people to upgrade their OS officially. Talk about a letdown... 

To check if an OS upgrade is officially available for your device, go here: https://www.blackberry.com/hhupgrade/

For more info on this slightly messy information, click here. Sorry all... back to waiting! **

Been jonesing for OS4.5??? It looks like your day has "officially" come! RIM has made made OS4.5 BlackBerry device upgrades available via the web at blackberry.com/upgrades

Assuming you're using Internet Explorer (you'll need IE to get the ActiveX Control to work), just visit blackberry.com/upgrades and click the Upgrade button. Follow all of the instructions and you will soon have yourself the latest offical OS for your BlackBerryd device. I haven't had a chance to check into exactly what version of OS4.5 it will spit back yet (and whether or not all devices/carriers are supported), so if you give it a go be sure to report back in the comments with your findings and experiences.

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Upgrade Your OS Via the Web: BlackBerry.com/upgrades


It looks like it's only released for "Blackberry." So far all the provider sites I've checked say 4.3 (for CDMA carriers) or 4.2 (for GSM carriers). Granted I haven't run through all of them yet....

Geez now I can be "official" I wonder if there is anything different from the french version that i downloaded months ago?

I tryed to download the upgrade and it says that upgrade is finished, but when i check the phone there is still the same OS 4.2, any help please.....

Tried it earlier like I was a BES user and entered my PIN. Not for you is what it said. I will try their little program and see what that rates.

So will this upgrade work with the individual carriers? Verizon and AT&T and so on and so forth?
This would help ease the pain of having to wait for the frickin storm

Tried it on various devices, 8700, 8707, 8100, 8110 on O2 and Voda in the UK, only one is on 4.5 but they all said they were running the latest version, it didn't mention that one was on a BES

Yep, I can confirm is does NOT work with AT&T. I tried and it tells me I am already running the latest software. I have a Curve running 4.2.

Argh! I'm getting so sick of AT&T being behind on everything. What about if my Curve is unlocked? Would upgrading the OS cause it to be locked back to AT&T whenever they get their heads out of you know where and offer the update.

The upgrade won't lock back your bb to AT&T as far as I can tell. I have an unlocked bb with a Tmobile SIM card, I upgraded it to 4.5.055 and it works perfect
(I didn't upgrade it through this page, though)

Its doesn't work on my Rogers 8310. I get a fatal error on their app screen when its verifying my OS and apps through my 8310.

I don't know about other carriers, but the Version on T-Mobile Germany's site is .69 ( to be precise).

So will it work on a T-Mobile 8320? I can't really tell from the site and I dont't want to connect my phone to the computer to try it because I'm afraid of ruining it.

It kicked back for me (which is the ver o2 UK have released on their site so i suppose it makes sense)

Why did I think it would work on Verizon. I followed all the steps, downloaded the Apps loader and it tells me that OS ver 4.3.0 is the latest version for my device. So just to let you know, If you have Verizon, Don't waste your time.

in news and rumors. so far no one has had it update. It will dl the application updater but then will say that you are running the current software...

After going thru the entire process and being excited to upgarde to OS4.5 I was informed that my provider dosen't support 4.5 yet and was asked for my email address to notify me when tMobile would.

Just tried it with my T-Mobile 8320 Curve and it said I've got the latest version, and to give my email address to receive notification when there's an update. Dang! WTF is wrong with these carriers?

I have been waiting on the Bold for FOREVER and was hoping that 4.5 would at least hold me over til that comes out. But now I can't even get that, I'm totally bummed out now.

It would make sense to also put in your post that this update does not work on any carrier instead of getting millions of people all excited that they can finally have html e-mail...

tried to update on my Rogers 8100 Pearl but the updater says I'm running the latest software v4.2.1.109

My Sprint-Nextel 8130 Pearl is still running after attempting to upgrade. All I got was a request for my email address. Bummer...

Ive never upgraded my OS before and only had my bb for three months - so Im almost certain this would be a result of my own personal error... right??

I clicked the linked, followed instructions, connected device - and I get an error message telling me Ive already installed the most recent software - but Im only running 4.3

Meh, I'll try again later.

"Here's something else that won't work"...should be the new slogan for RIM. They suck more than a Tijuana crack whore these days.

Just tried on my 8330 as a sprint customer...

"BlackBerry® Device Software v4.5 is not supported by your wireless service provider."

yeah, big surprise there.

I have loaded this on my pearl and even though most of all works I still have issues with the GPS and errors. I cant afford to lose my phone unexpectedly so i downgraded until alltel can support this

Not AT&T, T-mob, Sprint, VZW, Rogers. I can only hope that the surfacing of the site means we'll be able to upgrade soon.

how is this different from following the OS upgrade procedures in the forum? i did that a month ago and the version i have on my 8330 vzw curve is v4.5.0.56

I tried upgrading my 8830 (Alltel) and it indicated that i had the latest and greatest, even though the 8830 is listed as a compatible device.


I followed all the instructions and at the end of the application loader I got a fatal error. Now my blackberry screen is black and the blinker light is blinking red.
Tried a battery pull and nothing.

It's quite fixable, just google search "blackberry red light flashing black screen" and you will find your solution

Will not update the 8120. A check on the RIM site states that "This upgrade is not supported by your carrier (T-Mobile, USA). Hey, T-Mobile what are you waiting for 5.0

First - thanks to all of you on this forum, I appreciate knowing that I'm not the only one that couldn't make this work. Secondly, I'm so close to buying an iPhone today it's ridiculous (just kidding) but RIM, this is so not cool!

i ask again...someone please help me understand...why can't one just go through the upgrade procedures from the forum to upgrade their OS? i'm a newbie so perhaps i'm missing something...

yes you can... but through the website you are getting another carriers 4.5.. it is my understanding that this process (when available) will give you your carriers "official" release

Didn't work on my Sprint Curve or my Verizon 8830. Emailed my VZW Rep and he says it's "Coming real soon!" Usually that means about a week......here's hoping!

Followes all the prompts. All indications on computer and BB were that data was being downloaded. However, even after resetting computer and BB, I could find nothing that would indicate that I was now using version 4.5. Does this need to be installed via desktop manager? I thought it went directly into phone via usb connection when I was downloading. Please email me if you have any idees: imhis08@yahoo.com

go back into the same website and click update again.. All you did the first time was install the application uploader

Just search the net there are plenty of official versions released by different european carriers *hint*hint* Austria. Just download it to ur pc delete the vendor file (directions are on crackberry somewhere) and install. I've been running "official" .55 for over a month now on my ATT Curve

Tried the updater on my 8320 with v4.2.2.180 installed. Updater came back with no updates available. I wonder if updates for 8320 (tmo) aren't ready.

@tweet Yes, updating to 4.5 as per instructions on the forums can be easy for someone who knows their way around a Blackberry. But to many of the newbies out there who read about wiped devices and App error screens this can be rather intimidating. Most people would rather just go straight to the source (Blackberry) and have it done there all in one shot.

I had to go into ATT today, and i asked the rep "when will ATT release 4.5"? He replied "they are waiting for the Bold to come out" so i guess that those of us on ATT will either have to wait, or like me continue to use a "beta" version.

I thought this only happened for beta releases. I true rollout should only be done when everything is covered....

i tried to do the update for my tmob blackberry curve 8230 it wont work is it working for anyone else on tmob?

But why would I think otherwise...besides, RIM hypes and releases stuff without cooperation of Wireless providers...bloody wonder if anybody gets anything! Not smart enough or brave enough to get a Beta version from another provider...UK appears ahead of the times..guess I'll wait for Rogers to step up, still waiting for Unite!.

Called TMO customer care to ask why I can't get 4.5 onto my Blackberry. Quoth they:
"RIM hasn't released it yet."
"It's only available to foreign customers."
"It's in R&D now."
"TMO's software is proprietary y'know."
"They never tell us when something's coming out until the day of."
"Some of our employees have it on their personal phones (hmmm, not TMO phones??) and they don't like it."

Thanks to CB, I had all the answers I needed for these peoples' excuses. I did not spare my disappointment that TMO used to be rated #1 and was clearly letting its current customers down, and doing so with flimsy information that was contrary to my first-hand knowledge from others on the Net. They were "so sorry." Right. I responded that with a 2-year contract, "I'm so stuck."

i have a mac too...but installed parallels just to hook up my bb. i'm on rogers. the update took a while but installed with no problems.

So basically if you have a Blackberry that is listed in the compatibility list and a service provider in North America this doesn't actually work. Great. Brilliant RIM. I'm already screwed on new Blackberry devices by being a Sprint customer. And now you release a significant software update that doesn't actually work. Bad enough that the Bold has been pushed so far back for the US that Sprint won't get it until the next presidential election. Let allow the Storm. Now after patiently waiting for the latest OS update you screw me again. That Touch Pro is looking better and better. I will be paying a visit to the Sprint store next month to check it. I want to still like RIM but they have really been screwing up lately.

So basically if you have a Blackberry that is listed in the compatibility list and a service provider in North America this doesn't actually work. Great. Brilliant RIM. I'm already screwed on new Blackberry devices by being a Sprint customer. And now you release a significant software update that doesn't actually work. Bad enough that the Bold has been pushed so far back for the US that Sprint won't get it until the next presidential election. Let allow the Storm. Now after patiently waiting for the latest OS update you screw me again. That Touch Pro is looking better and better. I will be paying a visit to the Sprint store next month to check it. I want to still like RIM but they have really been screwing up lately.

I just tried to upgrade and was told my device was running the latest version. Apparently V4.2 is the latest for the Curve 8320

I have a USCC 8330. I was able to upgrade to 4.5 using the page posted. What's more, I was able to upgrade a wiped device. When I wiped my device for the heck of it, the new Application Loader appeared and listed both 4.3 and 4.5 as options. It had 4.5 marked as preferred. I was able to select which applications I wanted and all went well. I am now running on my CDMA Curve.

Can this be called a textbook case of how to botch a rollout yet? They told Dataviz "Q1 2008", now this.

Just talked to VZW tech support and they said that version 4.5 will work on the "BlackBerry Network, but not our network". They also stated that there is nothing keeping 4.5 from being put on VZW phones, which is not true. They suggested I wait until their version of it comes out to make sure its glitch free. The Rep stated that when tech support gets finished testing 4.5 they will release it. Based on that thrilling piece of information, I'd guess late 2009 for release on VZW. I dont know why RIM would even bother releasing a new OS if none of the carriers in the US will allow it to be installed on their handsets. Who knows? God I love our carriers!

4.5 works on VZW and other carriers (Sprint, AT&T) - lots of us have been running 4.5 betas for awhile. Its a bit more involved to do, but 4.5 is nice. Pop in on the forums - theres a ton of information there about how to do it. Their advice isnt actually wrong : nothing will prevent it from being put on your phone (other than the vendor file which is easily remedied).....

Now as to the difficulties you all are having with what should be a standard release, I empathize with. Poor roll out on their behalf I guess.

anyone on tmobile want to send a complaint about us not getting this update this is the vps email it works send an emaill and put a fire under them. i used it and i got a call bk the next day. post this all over till they let it go. rdotson@t-mobile.com this is real send an email and complain get it done.

This is absolutely hilarious! You guys have me laughing my %$# off over here. Look at it this way. You got an inside scoop that probably shouldn't have been released yet thanks to Kevin. Give it a little time and next time wait until the information is released (by someone other than Kevin or The BGR). You can't get pissed when you keep jumping the gun!!!

nothing for the 8310 just yet...

and by everybody i mean rim. I can't wait till the storm comes out. bye bye at&t - hello touchscreen!!

call me a cynic, but does anyone else think that US carriers (e.g., Verizon and AT&T) have a vested interest in NOT releasing 4.5 anytime soon?

Think about it, with the Bold and Thunder coming out soon, wouldn't that be a bigger sell? "big color screen!" "html email!" "better media player!" etc etc for all the non-geeks who don't know they can get [most of] this without buying a new device?

If most users could get a lot of the "new" software features on their older devices, I'll bet a significant number of people would hold off on upgrading.

I have a T-mobile and it works great i even put Iberry on it as well. I found the Bold Theme and it works fine.

I've tried to update the software on my 8330 (OS 4.3) to the OS 4.5. I keep getting a message that stated "your blackberry is already running the most current software". The update website states that the update is compatible with the 8330. Any suggestions?

I pre-ordered my T-Mobile G1 today. I'm not getting rid of my BB as soon as it arrives but there once was a time when I was completely loyal (7290 through 8800) and would never even consider trying another manufacturer.

Has anyone else noticed the hourglass from hell alot more lately? I feel like I'm trying to play Halo on my old Compaq Presario with a 333Mhz processor and 128MB of RAM.

I have an unlocked 8700C, running on T-mobile. As we speak, I'm upgrading it to 4.5 using the blackberry installer, but not the same installer everybody is using! How?
--- Please follow my suggestions at your own risk! It worked for me, but I make no guarantees that it'll work for you. You've been warned ---

The "Software" page on RIM's website only allows you the option to download the update to 4.5, which for most of us doesn't do anything. However, the support page has a blackberry device downloads link. (Click on Support -> Downloads -> Blackberry Device and Desktop Software). In the new page, under "Downloading BlackBerry Device and Desktop Software", click on "Access your service provider download site".
This link will take you to a page listing different providers across the world. I just went through each provider until I found one that had the update I was looking for (4.5), for my specific model (8700C). I didn't actually found any updates for the 8700C, but the update for 8700G worked just as well.
The carrier I chose was "Hong Kong CSL Limited", under the "Asia/Pacific" listing. The link lead me to a drop-down, where I selected my model (8700G). I clicked "Next", and there it was, "
BlackBerry Handheld Software v4.5.0.62 (Multilanguage)". I selected the multi-language package to ensure that I'd get english instead of chinese. After filling out the download form, I got the download file!
After downloading the update file, I followed the guide at
to install the update. So far, no problems.

This is actually the second time I'm doing this update. I downgraded my 8700 to 4.2, and now I'm going back to 4.5 the long way (since I don't really want to wait for T-Mobile to get going with 4.5 support).

Like I said, it worked for me, but your mileage may vary. You'll have to do some digging around until you find a carrier that provides an update for your own device. The link to T-Mobile Germany seemed to have updates for a varied number of devices, so that might be a good starting point.

good luck!

When running the apploader as instructed in link it says I already have the most current OS and the Verizon website says 4.3 is most current , OH well , guess I'll just keep rockin'

Tried to update my VZW Curve which has os4.3 and it came back as that I do have the latest version available. Any thoughts or suggestions?

This is the funniest thing I've ever seen. The only way you can use this 'official' update in the US is if your CARRIER releases it. I've been running beta version of 4.5 on my VZW 8830 for months, no problems. I love how everyone keeps posting "IT DOESNT WORK!! HELP" it does work, just not the official one. Try the beta or wait for your carrier to release it.

Currently I am running OS so I assume that this is different version. And will it run on ATT Curve 8310


Tried to update and got the same thing as everyone else... it came back and said my 8820 was running the latest software.

I have a feeling RIM had a mental fart on this deal. They heard all the complaints as to why the US didnt have OS 4.5 when 3rd world countries were on it already. What a stupid thing for RIM to do.. piss off their largest customer.. the US citizen. And of course, the update doesn't even work! What a joke.. This makes me think that even as bad as it is, the iPhone may not be a bad idea! Good going RIM!!!

Gang, RIM isn't to blame. It's your "carrier." For starters, AT&T usually releases upgrades for phones in October, and "especially" when they release a "new" phone. The Bold is slated for October, as well as late this month or early October, so is the Curve 8320 in Sapphire Blue. I am sure the upgrade for 4.5 will be released on carriers websites, especially AT&T, when their new phone arrives (hopefully the Bold.) AT&T likes to release platform upgrades with the release of their new phones. They like things to coincide. :)

For those who can't wait for our carriers to get off their collective derrieres, Orange UK site has the FINALIZED version (not beta) on their BlackBerry site. Version It's out of beta there, and released. :)

ok here is the scoops for T-Mobile customers. I just called T-Mobile today and they said that the OS 4.5 is not currently avaliable as of yet. Here is the web site they gave me to check for current upgrades www.t-mobile.com/bbupdates

I hope this helps

I know this has little to do with this particular post but my 8703e is dying and the next month is going to be painful until the storm comes out (if it actually does on Nov. 1).
I haven't found even a beta out there that will work on the 8703e? Any place I can look?

Just updated my wifes new PINK 8310 from Rogers and its now running Took a while to update but its working.

Why on God's green Earth doesn't RIM make the Blackberry software and phone itself compatible with the Mac?

It would be a huuuuuge help to a lot of people

I tried to enter the pin on one device from each carrier, and found that only my Verizon phone gave me the ability to update. I believe that at&t will launch it in the middle of Oct. Hope this helps.

I also got the same frustration so I followed a previous posters instructions. I got the download from Hong Kong, but followed the directions found in the forum thread "Proper Upgrade / Downgrade Procedure".

Worked great and now I'm checking out the 4.5 goodness!

I tried it out this morning on my Rogers 8310 and it worked great. Easiest upgrade yet. ended up with 4.5.081 on the phone. Problem is I lost all the themes that I had with the earlier 4.5 version I had. No chance to delete the Vendor .XML file during the process since it is all automatic. so now I am stuck with the rogers default theme until I grab another one (I liked the Vodaphone Theme)

It would be interesting to see what will happen to a phone using the original 4.2 software on rogers to see if it allows the pgrade to 4.5

the update worked on my rogers curve too. i was on the original software and it allowed me to update. took a while but at least it worked. looks like it's not about the phone...it's about the carrier you're with that's not letting you update.

did you back up all your themes before you updated? my themes are all intact...

This makes my beta OS (rel 108) look pretty good.
Guess I'll have to hold on to it for a few more years.

No v4.5 for Verizon. Like I'm suprised. Verizon doesn't give a !@#$ about whether or not they keep their phones updated to the latests manufactures updates, why would they, they'll just try to sell you the newest phone, like the Bold (not that the Bold is bad) Verizon just sucks for never updating their old (not so old) phones and for the disabling of thier GPS's.

I'm on Orange UK and the 'pin number check' said that it was not supported by my carrier so I tried the web update and it upgraded the phone to 4.5 anyway. The phone works fine so the Orange UK support people must be getting trained up to support the new OS 4.5 before the public get the upgrade – I presume...?!?

Are there any suggestion as to who or where BB users can generate a firestorm to get 4.5 released? There are so many business applications available in it that would make what I use the BB for much more functional. Also, it seems as the Verizon website hiccups and spews when one does some poking around about the release of 4.5.

I have the Curve v.4.3... and I am able to download the upgrade to 4.5 through Verizon. I did download it BUT I really do not want to lose my emails, programs, or have to set up my emails again? Does this upgrade revert the phone back to factory settings? Has anyone done this yet?

I doubt the above poster got the update from verizon...they havn't released it yet...and the post above him suggests they have???

I doubt it ...

When they release it...it will appear on their site

Hi Iam on orange uk , and had a fault with my Curve. The repalcement phone they sent came with v4.5 pre installed , all works fine and getting html emails . great

I'm an audio engineer, so one of the first things that I noticed was the sound of the speaker output has changed. There is a "compression" effect (audio compression, not data compression) on the sound. I'm not in favor of it, as my previous ringtone was really loud, and now it is not so much. My ringtone was a Clash song, and it completely changes the way it sounds. I have yet to plug the output into a stereo to test the audio out quality... I just HOPE that it doesn't have this audio compression on it.