Revamped - Love What You Do

By Adam Zeis on 14 Oct 2009 11:23 am EDT

I first noticed the new "Love what you do" (or "Do what you love") BlackBerry campaign while watching the MLB playoffs. The broadcast was sponsored by BlackBerry so there were a few commercials touting the new tagline. I have to admit I love the new ads, aside from the fact that none of them really even show a BlackBerry. In addition it looks like has had a bit of an overhaul as well (nothing major - just a bit of a splash-screen update and some funky colors). There are a few variations of the new commercials floating around the airwaves, but the video above is the only one we've been able to track down. Head over to to check out the new look.

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Reader comments Revamped - Love What You Do


I think its what people will remember heading into the store, and it keeps in their theme of BlackBerry loves U2

There's also the contest on the blackberry site "Blackberry Storm: Touch it, love it, share it, win it".

Is it just me or do the colors of the new BB logo remind you of the MasterCard colors? When I first saw this commercial this weekend I thought it was a credit card commercial. Maybe Im crazy! Whoooooo....

The first few times I saw it, I didn't know what it was for.. it wasn't until the end of the commercial that I found it for blackberry.

If you look closely towards the beginning of the commercial, the band's manager is in his office talking on a blackberry.

Better than U2' ad's which happened to be a shareholder of Palm.. I strongly believe they are moving in the right direction.

Stupid commercials to attract stupid people. It just made the telecasts worse. It was bad enough they ruined a Beatles song but to ruin the baseball games, too, is unforgiveable!

Strike three for Blackberry.

They play the commercials every damn commercial break during the MLB playoffs and I want to jam ice picks into my ears when I hear that god awful butchering of a great Beatles song...

It's just a cover, nobody is trying to be better than the Beatles. Chill out O_o it's just a different sound.

Theres nothing that even suggests its for blackberry until you see the logo at the end. I love blackberry but this commercial does nothing to promote their product.

Its like a a music video for this song. At least feature a phone/phones a bit more. I feel like commercials like this are a waste of marketing money. You need to either show the features of the product, show why you need/want a product, or create something (a joke, an image, a lifestyle, etc) that you associate with a product. This does none of the above

Im sorry but I HATE that commercial for no other reason than the song. I love The Beatles, but NEVER put a cover of the song in a commercial.... No band will EVER sing ANY of The Beatles songs better than them, so all covers are going to sound bad. Besides that, cool idea. :p