BlackBerry CMO expects BBM to launch on Android and iOS 'within days'

By Adam Zeis on 14 Oct 2013 07:15 pm EDT

Earlier today it was revealed that BlackBerry will be heading to print media to clear up some of the headline misconceptions we've been hearing over the last few weeks. Part of the letter includes a note that cross-platform BBM is still very much a reality. 

As the letter states:

We are bringing the most engaging mobile messaging platform to all, with our BBM launch for Android and iPhone.

There are already around six million customers pre-registered to be notified of our roll out. This number is growing every day, and speaks to the tremendous opportunity we have to expand BBM beyond BlackBerry smartphones to make it the world’s largest mobile social network.

In addition, BlackBerry CMO Frank Boulben spoke with Reuters and also added that he expects the launch of BBM "within days". He notes that the original issues have been sorted out so it's likely we'll see a release any day now. BBM was originally set to launch over three weeks ago but was pushed back due to various issues.

So once again - fingers crossed that cross-platform BBM isn't too far off. For real this time.

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BlackBerry CMO expects BBM to launch on Android and iOS 'within days'



I don't trust any time frame BlackBerry says officially. Within days in BlackBerry terms means before Christmas.

That's how it has been over the past 5 years and will be - at least as long as the management team stays more or less the same

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But if Frank said must be true!!

This is how far RIM has fallen they have Mr. I Shit The Bed Frank speaking to the media now!

They must be trying to shake off Cerebus and Lazardis and take the stock down a little more. Prem must be passed.

Haha. The CMO trying to calm fears. Chuckle. Oh my. This really is hilarious...

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Don't believe anything this exec says. The launch was haulted at the last minute to keep the value of the company low. This is just a delay tactic so BlackBerry can be sold to a group in the USA for the lowest price.

Frank has accomplished nothing. He is riding a gravy train while the real workers shoulder the burden.

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FB don't know anything about what's going on at Blackberry. TH, FB and BOD are multiple scrooges. They should be fired. BBM will be available for iPhone and android phones before Christmas.

Door hasn't hit anyone on the way out. Pretty much everyone's left.

BB has become a tiny market losing $$ and users everyday faster than they can make it. But - yep, keep telling people to leave. You and BB management = perfect together. You must be the CEO of the entirety of your mommy's basement.

the best comment ever. people are leaving , they wont realise it until there's no one left in the room except the fanboy(read: blind fanboy). im a blackberry user whose gonna sell his device soon as bbm hit cross platform officially, well i mean the real official statement this time not a "release for one day and than called it off" statement.

Why you mad? Because those 'couple days' have come and gone and still no BBM4All?

Maybe the next couple days? Or the next couple days after that?

No? Nothing? Can you hold the door for me and everyone else? Oh yeah... there isn't much anyone else left is there?

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They are idiots with the timelines. Just do it!!! We are tired of all the things that are coming soon. Just do it!!!!

Addict for 10 years, but it may be time to get off this drug.

Just like OS6 on all OS5 devices. Just like theme studio on OS7. Just like BB10 on Playbook. It's coming. Any day now...

Oh boy.... Fingers crossed for stealth launch, THEN announce it when it's already in the respective stores.

I don't trust Mr. CMO at all...

+1 for goodness sakes! Lower the expectations and hype up the over achieving success.

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I'd be happier if the statement was made by Andrew Bocking.
Not to take anything away from the CMO, but is it really the marketing officer's place to be announcing such an update?
This comment from reminds me of the days when the older CEOs would make announcements that weren't particularly in line with what the engineering teams had in store...

Good to hear BlackBerry finally addressing the issues head-on. Hopefully his estimation remains true.

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Exactly. What a load of BS. Bbms twitter account hasnt been updated since Sept 30th....another launch botched successfully.

Why do they even bother with these ridiculous statements. Just release the app when it's ready. BlackBerry "keep waiting".

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That should really be their slogan

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Hmmm, I have over 130 bbm contacts, most of them important business contacts. And some very good friends.

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Heard Thursday from my contacts. Hopefully they're right.

Join the Surge Co. BBM Channel! C001213C9, follow @surgecoapps on Twitter for the latest news!

I'd very much like to see BBM as a success and some +ve BlackBerry news in the media!

A UK Z10 Owner

+1. How many times have we heard that since the BB10 launch and it either fails or is followed by bad news.

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I hope they don't blow it again. So embarrassing last time after getting all my non BlackBerry friends excited.

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This was definitely the worst part. They have to stop smacking their loyalists in the face.

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This is exactly what is killing BlackBerry....miss timing and not following through with time lines. they to start reacting quick and following through

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Good news, glad to get this chapter done so everyone has a pcs of this nice BBM Cake...? next up Z30 in Canada....

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Let's hope. I won't be telling my ios and Android friends this time until it's released.

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I won't be telling them untill it's released and tested. And a decent enough feature parity. Such as file sharing which apparently was missing with the last IOS version

Whoohoo! Now they can finally start to reverse the decline and show some damn growth SOMEWHERE!

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Ah, the USS Boulben, the world's stealthiest submarine, has finally resurfaced. Probably a good sign that BBM will actually launch.

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I'm hoping this time be truth, cause I don't want to change my BlackBerry z10 to another device for calling back home for free , I can talk back home for free by using BBM,

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Would you have believed it more it Thorsten had said it? BlackBerry has nobody in the management chain with any credibility. Mike and Jim were the same way, apparently it is part of the corporate culture in Waterloo.

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I would believe it if Vivek or Alec Saunders(amongst other people I can't remember) would've said it.

From his lips to God's ears... I am tired of group chatting using SMS and whatsapp... they don't really cut it

Within days generally means less than a week. Let's see what does it mean in BlackBerry World. Seeing is believing.

ChannelX C000D3759 We feature top channels

Exactly... within days means less than a week and to believe they are going to release on a short week (Canadian holiday today) is highly unlikely in my mind...

Here we go again. I wish they would just keep quiet and then spring it on us at the last second.

I don't know about you guys, but I went around telling everyone last time around, and then I looked like a fool.

I won't say a word until it has been out for a week without issues.

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In loosing faith and not holding my breath.
With days means anything more than 2 days. Could be 10, 100, 200.
I can't wait until Blackberry can stick with its commitments and deliver on firm promises.

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My BBM Voice and BBM messenger worked like a dream with the Rogers Wireless outage across Canada !

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Maybe they can deliver before the US defaults on their debts so we can all BBM about it....

This is great news for sure. The only thing I'm worried about is something that Kevin and the Crackberry staff have brought up lately. Every time we get a few good things announced (three today) we get a huge negative one soon after. Let's hope this is not the case. Come on BlackBerry, have a great week without any unpleasant surprises. I have faith. (I think?)

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in Canada some people who have iphones and androids now feel a little guilty for trashing BlackBerry. I know many people who swore they would never use BBM now saying they will download it to support BlackBerry. What ever the reason, they will be getting the best messaging platform in the world.

Rather incredible that he can not say exactly when if in fact it is within days. This is the media guy. If he wants to build buzz he needs a plan.

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Watch out people Frank B is talking, is his nose growing.?....

We've been here before......

Actions Speak Louder Than Words.....

BlackBerry..Get it done!!!!

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Nobody cares. I exoect another disaster. I just laugh at this company b/c they never do anything right. Don't commit to a deadline Just drop the item. 3 years late to the game. Most ppl don't even care about x platform bbm anymore.

BlackBerry is dead. My S4 is so much better than your flopberry 10.

Your here because BlackBerry must interest you, glad you're hanging around to see the show, but you should try to be happy because you want to live longer than what you hate.


I noticed that your post has multiple typos...have you tried a bb10 device? The keyboard is the best on the market. If you're sending texts or emails to important clients or business partners you can't afford to be sloppy.

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Come on will definitely be released in a few days. If there are problems, they will just claim another leak and then retract it again. :)

But seriously, I can't see them screwing up this release again.

Let's hold on tight, this could be a rough ride. :)

I'm sure BBM will come out as stated by the CMO. The real questions are, will he finally be able to run a good marketing campaign for it? If he can't, will BlackBerry just decide to lay off another couple thousand people to make up for the crap job he has been doing?

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I hope it happens this time, I have quite a few BBM Buddies that have left BlackBerry but miss BBM. It will also help me with my decision concerning the GOLD iphone5s

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Frank Boulben's alive! I was worried about him, since, you know, he doesn't do much. Out of sight, out of mind.

It better, I was talking smack about the other message platforms leading up to the original launch only to have the launch cancelled. Not cool.......

Quick question for anyone that knows. When this thing does launch can I send an invite through BBM to all my friends that jumped ship the same way I can with BlackBerry users?

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Not going to tell a single person about this until it is actually available this time. Sorry but a BlackBerry exec stating this if anything adds doubt, not remove it.

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Day 6 after this statement: we want to give the best possible service to our android and ios users. So we will be pushing our cross platform a few more weeks!

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Hopefully it's a good launch and BBM doesn't have any bugs. It might catch on if they can do this. :-)

Mon Dieu, Monsieur Boulben, "SIX (6) million users interested ... WOW!! PLEASE don't WOW us with the real number, in case it's - you know - MUCH higher! Remember: you want to UNDERpromise and OVERdeliver!!!
Newsflash: your #2 competitor sold NINE (9) million not-even "new AND improved" gold & plastic phones in ONE WEEKEND!!!!"

I think the now long-deceased Billy Mays, may he rest in peace, could still sell more phones in 1 month than ALL of Boulben's efforts over the last 2 years have produced.

Bolben's legacy at BBRY makes his compatriot Inspector Clouseau seem like an Einstein educated genius in whose shadows none of the Greats of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries DARE to be seen.

This imbicile was silent and nowhere to be found for nearly TWO YEARS as his ship crashed, listed and began sinking and NOW - NOW!!! – on the brink of disappearing below the waves he STARTS doing his job with a ridiculous, feeble and measly BBM announcement ...?!?!?!

So, merçi beaucoups, monsieur Boulben ... saying ANYTHING - NOW after 2 years of deafening silence and an absolutely monstrous, epic clusterfcku that was the ENTIRE BB10 Launch and Marketing Campaign - is like the Titanic's Captain calling everyone to the lifeboats only as the ship stands vertical just before disappearing below the waves.

WHEN will the BBRY BOD - who are ALL smart, credible and experienced business leaders in their own right - take their heads out of the sand (I'm being kind here!), sniff and smell the coffee and just send this guy back on the next trans-ocean cargo-freighter!?
That is, IF France will even take him back.

And, just in case anyone dares suggest that ANY of the Launch, Marketing and Communication actually bell on TH’s shoulders, then it’s time they BOTH were dismissed – sans Fanfare, Accolades or Bonuses, but rather like ALL those poor employees worldwide whose jobs THEY BOTH are personally responsible for losing … with a security detail from the HR-room to the front door.

THAT's MY 2 cents from this penny-less country.
Cheers & Keep Moving!

How many did Apple sell the second weekend? How many phone did they sell the first weekend to non-iPhone owners? The questions no media outlets ask.
I'm not supporting the Boob Boulben but people just need to get Apple off the brain and stop falling for their relentless media hype. Their market share is going no where but south and outside North America they are barely on the radar.

Also, mind you, this was a TWO model release AND with China on board. This tells you how bad the numbers are by Apple standards. Plus the 5c is discounted upto 55% on contract now.

Absolutely, guys; couldn't agree more. BUT the 5S is "barely more" than a rehashed "5" and the 5C IS a plastic "5" ... so essentially about a year old already.
As for China, there were SO many 'imitation and knockoff' iPhone devices available that the China #s "might" add - IMO - maybe 2-3 million, in essence making this release of a YEAR-OLD PHONE equal the previous release of the slightly older version (i5) at about 6 million.

You guys ARE correct that we need to get the Apple-monkey off our backs AND that their numbers - relative to the market - are actually declining.
UNfortunately, though, there don't seem to be any other comparable #s for the other platforms, except that Samsung seems to be selling more than all its Droid peers combined.

For ALL measures of longevity the ONLY thing that matters is how many devices are sold and in circulation; and when BBRY - under Boulben's direction and leadership - CANNOT sell MORE NEW phones than existing OS/7 devices, then there is ONE and ONLY ONE course of action that follows.
I can tell you that I have heard all the measurement requirements and demands FROM C-level guys from their own staff, and if ANY of the subordinates were to deliver a Boulbenesque performance over just one week, they would be escorted into the interview room and then out the door without hesitation.

Once again, this just smacks of "one performance level" for the big cheeses, and an entirely more stringent one for everyone below.

There was NO - and I mean Z E R O - plan or thought process about how to position the new platform or how to communicate it to the market. And BOTH guys at the top should have known better than to stay silent or make promises they (probably) knew wouldn't be deliverable. With a guaranteed $56 Million golden handshake if the company fails in its turnaround, I suspect TH wasn't "AS" committed to making it happen, and hiring the wrong guy was, both, a guarantee that it wouldn't work while also providing the perfect fall-guy to blame it on after-the-fact.

What I'm saying is that BBRY released a revolutionary platform with some pretty awesome features and benefits, and TWO (supposedly) smart and capable guys couldn't even sell half as many phones in 3 months as their #2 competitor did with a not-even-barely upgraded rehash of their year-old phone did OUTSIDE of China.

Vince Lombardi once said that "If you aren’t fired (up) with enthusiasm, you’ll be fired with enthusiasm" ... and - IMHO - THAT is precisely what must be M. Boulben's next step.

THAT's MY 2 cents from this penny-less country.
Cheers & Keep Moving!

The BoD is also useless and the majority have slowly applauded as RIM steered directly into the iceberg. To borrow your analogy.

Best part?: one of the BoD is quite involved in a Canadian B school and so is responsible for training more great thinkers /leaders to also shit the bed the good ol RIM way. Which is... completely.

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I think they're going to come through for us, they got what it takes. And it will be a good sign that those job cuts were necessary and that they didn't mess with the overall output. I'm counting the days starting now.

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Frank..... why have I not seen a BB10 or Z10 or Q10 sign in an ATT, VZ, TMOB or Sprint store in the United States of America?

Frank... you "assured" us when you got the CMO job that you knew how to develop relationships with the U.S. carriers.

Frank... you are supposed to be an "Expert" in messaging, but lost the "BlackBerry doesn't have Instagram - so if you buy a BlackBerry - you are a loser" war.

Frank.... you didn't get cut with the 4,500 Layoffs at BlackBerry? Why not? Certainly because you are not doing a better job than most of those people who lost their jobs.



Should we expect more of the same for Z30 launch????

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I can't believe BooBoo Boulben is still with BlackBerry...I feel like he single handedly burned BlackBerry to the ground. How many times do I have to say the US Marketing Campaign was by far the worst I've seen for a mobile platform ever!

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When Galaxy S3 launched there was, seemingly, an ad for it everywhere you looked. Its hard to find a Z10 on display in the states, much less, a sign.

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S3 was a breaktrough device for samsung, they really kicked on with their device sales after S3. They know they have a good device that's why they are confident enough to spent huge marketing costs..
Blackberry still don't have a device as powerful and as marketable as S3.. IMO.. maybe some day..

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Days, given its the cfo I believe it, if the half baked bean CEO announced it I would be thinking Xmas... Nice BlackBerry are shutting out baked bean because no one really likes his take on things, ie lie after lie, good to keep him away from BlackBerry in public announcements.

If it was released and acted like healthcare.Gov every one would complain. At least they are trying to make it a positive release of the software. Then if you don't like it then don't use it...

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Why can't they just shut their mouths and give a release date when it is ready :/ this is the same thing that has gotten them in trouble in the past so many times.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

Finally! Crossing fingers so I don't look like a fool to friends pumping them up about the cross platform release.

Posted via Q10

I've done that with bbm since BBOS, only difference is the government didn't know about my messages. Can't say that about yours.

Your play foolish one.

Hopefully this release goes better than the last. Build the brand and have BlackBerry on every phone and in every home and you'll have success.

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agreed .. this could be the beginnings of very positive momentum for Blackberry .. coupled with the Z30 and rollout of 10.2 .. all great stories.. blackberry execute!!!!! .. and good things will follow!

Bring it! Can't wait. Need BBM NOW! ( for my niece and nephew) I have a Z10 ..... going to get a Z30 .... I love long battery life!

Bbry has lost all credibility at this point. Really?!?! The cmo suggests huh? This is what they have left to try and maintain a buzz for their failed attempt at becoming multi platform? And no, I don't care about the registration numbers, they will soon follow with uninstalls when the hype wears down. So glad I jumped ship when I did.

CMO Boulben is one of the most incompetent person to have lived on this planet. He played a big part if the latter half of Blackberry's downfall. These EWuropeans: German, Fench and Swiss (Heins, Boulben and Tear) completely ripped off shareholders and destroyed Blackberry.

That's a peculiar take on the situation ...

So you're COMPELTELY ignoring the fact that Balsillie and Lazaridis jointly allowed the company THEY built to derail in the first place and are BOTH (still) partly responsible for the position the company and platform are in 'now?'

How would you then classify/describe the same recent happenings at Nokia which was run - ironically - by a Canadian (who was possibly still covertly working for an American Co.; i.e. Microsoft)?

Fact is, incompetence (Boulben) and potential conflicts of interest (Heins), etc., aren't characteristics of ANY regional or ethnic/origin group. Characterizations like yours aren't accurate, helpful or conducive in looking for causes or finding solutions.

Just MY 2 cents from a penny-less country.
Cheers & Keep Moving!

Hey BB/RIM, How about concentrating on getting some of the old standby apps (BlackBerry Traffic, decent Device Manager, like OS 5 had, some more options like OS5 Had), eg, clock face colors, ability to hear both phone call ring tones and message ring tones while listening to music with ear buds AND in bed side mode. Options and more Options . My Torch had way more user configurable options then this Z10 thing has.
Let's look after the people that pay the bills at BB/RIM. PAST AND PRESENT BlackBerry owners! Not owners of the competition! If BlackBerry goes down, it's your own dam fault!

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Frank Boulben is the worst CMO in the history of time.

Why is he still employed at BB? He is clearly blackmailing someone in upper management.

Frank Boulben is satan.

I support BB10, NOT BB Management!

WOW, mnc76, I thought I was blatantly hard on the guy - and deservedly so - ... but I got NOT'N on YOU.

BB does a press release stating that even though they keep cutting jobs, everything is great! And cross plat BBM is coming but no release date. Then Frank Boulben, the most unreliable source ever, says it's coming within days. Boulben has no cred. For all we know, he's trying to somehow manipulate the stock.

Last time Boulben told JG of bgr that Playbook was getting bbm too. He said it was coming soon. I'm still waiting.

Blackberry has never kept schedule in the past few years. It's been one fiasco after another. Let's take what they announce with a pinch of salt until we actually see the app.

BlackBerry doesn't seem to have learned that consumers hate promises which are never held. The only company so far who can give promises without backlashes are Apple - since they actually deliver what they announce, and on time. The rest? Not so much.

Just shut the **** up and release it (or not release it, but just remain silent).

Whatever. #BBM was trending on twitter 4 weeks ago. The hype has died. Marketing sucks. Was the open letter all the marketing department could come up with? They'll let the z30 crash and burn too. Again. Whatever... on all fronts. Won't hold my breath for anything from this company. Not even sure if they have a marketing dept.

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For the very first time im going to post something very negative about blackberry. Why does this cmo srill has his job? BlackBerry has lost countless amount of talent and this idiot still retains his job. Throughout blackberry's troubles hes been extremely quiet and all the while collecting his fat salary. What in the holy hell has he been doing to help the position of blackberry. NOTHINGGGGGGGGG. And now he decides to speak up. Why not use someone whos more associated with social media than this idiot. I hope you are reading this Boulben but you, sir, are a sad excuse for marketing officer. And i use the term xtremely losely.

They are losers who don't stick on commitments,shame on them.
What this time lag has done is that it actually hurt the credentials of bb as an organisation

Why we are so hype up about BBM when we already have it on our BlackBerry phone?

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Theses guys never learn do they... I can't believe he said that. just launch the thing secretly.... then publicise and market... damn...

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This BBM business is absurd. I have used Blackberry for years, but I moved away from BB to Android and iOS years ago. I was REALLY hoping that RIM had changed its tune when they announced its release for Android and iOS. Then they dropped the ball. Now they had such a terrible problem with the app that they had to pull it and redo something. I don't care what the cause is, but it's been <takes out fingers... and counts> more days than fingers I have to fix their own problem!

I'm looking forward to BBM, but I lost all enthusiasm to actually use it. I'm just saying. My partner wanted to throw a Playbook we have in the house because BB promised updates, and it's dead in the water. I wanted my 9900 to last a full day with good usage, it was lackluster at most. BB is disappointing everyone left and right. :-\ what can I say?

Launch BBM and then announce it, not the other way around.

What does within days actually mean? Within 6 business days worst case? Note to BlackBerry marketing: Announce a product when a shipping date is confirmed within 1 week's time.

I can't believe there are a lot if people that just remember the problems that blackberry had with BBM. And they say BlackBerry is bad.
But nobody remember the problems that Iphone had with their maps?
That was embarrassing too.

I wish all of this would be just a nightmare.

OK, be honest now: WHO hasn't messed up something,even just "ONCE"???

Apple: Maps (i5), Antenna (i4), Slave-like Labour, Siri (4+), User Location Tracking
Google: Keystroke Logging (ALL), User Location Tracking, NSA data-sharing
Windows: NSA data-sharing ... and I'm sure there's more, but who cares: it's Windows.

Now, I WILL grant you that BBRY effed-up SEVERAL Times and 'gravely' at that. BUT that wasn't YOUR beef here: YOU said "ONE SHOT," and I take issue with that.

The point is, if you can't overlook even "ONE" eff-up, YOU better be better than perfect yourself!!

Just MY 2 cents from a penny-less country.
Cheers & Keep Moving!

Fair comment and its not like i hate bb i was/am looking forward to bbm. But I almost ran a mini campaign on fb and twitter for bbm, and when the launch failed, all my friends that i urged to download bbm got up my a** about it. Its gnna be tough to convince them again, hence my comment about "one shot". So hopefully u understand my anger loll emotions got the better of me!

Frank Boulben still has his job with Blackberry. That's just insane. Of all the people who should have been let go, he'd have been my #1 choice.

Put up and shut up you are a embarrassment to loyal BlackBerry users who defended the indefensible

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It's getting laughed at it the worst of it still.using BlackBerry? They going out of business. Launching a app when you have job cuts demolished work force

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Dangerous statement there Frank. BlackBerry couldn't afford themselves to screw up their first attempt, so they definitely cannot afford for a second botched launch.

It would have been better to stay quiet until everything was sorted out and release it, then announce it!

Still, I can always hope that Boulben is simply right haha

Great! It's coming as soon as bb10 for playbook instagram and viber for bb10. Thanks BBRY for defining the phrase "coming soon" for me.

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