BlackBerry cleans up in the list of top mobile video devices

By Adam Zeis on 20 Sep 2012 11:58 am EDT

BlackBerry isn't known to be an amazing mobile video device, but according to the second quarter report by mobile company Vuclip - that could be argued. The list shows off the top 30 devices for global mobile video use. Not surprising, the iPhone takes the top spot. What is great to see however, is that BlackBerry devices occupy the number 2-7 spots. The BlackBerry Curve 8520Bold 9780Curve 9300Bold 9700Bold 9900 and Torch 9800 all made the list. Even the Bold 9790 landed down at number 23. 

Now keep in mind this isn't just North America and takes into account all devices across the globe. Given the high use of BlackBerry in Asia and other areas, it's not a shock that so many BlackBerry phones are on the list. Overall it's awesome to see them doing so well here.

You can learn more about Vuclip or check out the whole list at the link below.

More information about Vuclip 

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BlackBerry cleans up in the list of top mobile video devices


It's great to see that BlackBerry smartphones are valued across the globe! It might be beating a dead horse, but if RIM's CMO could capitalize on reports like this it could keep some of the critics off their backs and hopefully improve their marketing efforts for BB10.

im from philippines. and i can say that compared to about 2yrs ago, i can see alot more people with blackberry's on their hand. i guess those entry level devices of blackberry made it to more people who loves wireless communication. i know bb10 will be the device to compete with android's and ios's high end devices, but i suggest that atleast provide upgrades/updates for their entry level devices. we are still one of the so called 3rd world country, so i guess blackberry will profit more from their entry level devices in a country like mine. but its sure that those who can afford bb10 will be amazed and will take a taste of the new device.

It's funny to hear all the ios users talk trash especially when ios 5 is rolling out because their negativity towards other smartphone increases. Give it a break trolls, We all accept where BlackBerry is or isn't, but it's not comparable in theses type of categories at this time. Now when BB10 comes out who's going to be all quiet and not have anything to say? You know who you are.

CrackBerry Is My Choice Of Drug

Now if they release a statistics for "all iPhone combined" and "all BlackBerry combined" - would iPhone still be the #1? ;)

I'm sorry but this is a total rubbish list the 8520? Really? My 8520? Really? #2 for video? Really? Really?????? You telling me out of the thousands of smartphones A discontinued Blackberry from 2009 with QVGA video recording is #2 ???????????? not even 720p ????? And the Nokia 6120 made this list? Really?????? Come on guys better than that you in bad shape but rubbish like this will only hurt your image!

Hey, I got news for you buddy. There's more to the world than North America. Not everyone around the world is rich and I believe most of the rest of the world doesn't use subsidized devices locked into long term contracts. Just because the shiny new phones get all the press doesn't mean that's what people are actually using.

I myself am using an old Nokia, released 2009 and frankly if it weren't for carrier issues, I'd be running a Sony Ericsson from 2008. (But yes, I do intend to get a BB10)

What would be more interesting to me is to see consolidate results for everything from a common platform. i.e. all BB7 devices lumped as 1 group, all BB6 devices as another, any identical S40 devices, etc.

Actually a lot of the world has subsidized devices the caribbean being one of them and we actually do have people using OS7 devices, iPhones, S3's etc we not as backward as you think and we learned how to make fire! Yay us! Unfortunately you fail to see this list for what it is pure BS the 8520 has the worst video recording im sorry but I call a duck a duck this list was done for PR purposes thats all no truth to it I mean the camera on the 8520 beat the camera on the Galaxy S2 LOL come onnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You sir, seem to have a wrong impression of the article.

It says very clearly the number of devices that accessed VUCLIPs.

8520 may have bad recording, but it doesn't discount the fact that it DOES and CAN play media (videos) irregardless whatever format.

and allow me to point out, these are VUCLIPs accessed. BlackBerries can do that, and VUCLIPs don't have to be 1080p.

They are talking about number of users accessing it, not what phones that can view VUCLIP the best way.