BlackBerry Classic still on track for November release

By Bla1ze on 19 Jun 2014 08:27 am EDT

During the BlackBerry earnings call, BlackBerry CEO John Chen laid out plans for the launch of the next two BlackBerry devices. The device known as the 'Windermere' has now been confirmed to be launching in September and will be known as the BlackBerry Passport. Aside from that, John Chen also noted the already announced BlackBerry Classic is targeted for a November release timeframe. November has been rumored and mentioned before but it's great to actually hear it's still on track.

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BlackBerry Classic still on track for November release


Where is my Z50? And why the change of naming convention again?

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maybe this is a sign they will actually try in the future lol..

i hate the Letter-# naming theme, it was stupid.

BlackBerry Passport. BlackBerry Classic. BlackBerry Communicator. Three great new devices a'comin round the bend...

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Still waiting on that Z50 news release. Things are starting to happen all of a sudden.

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That would be like God releasing Satan on anti security loving A::; F$!; on other OS trolls .

And reversing the BS damage done to BlackBerry.

BlackBerry Lead.
Do Not Follow

Looper Back Make Corleone Offer for TrackPad on BB10

This works well for me. If the Passport ends up being something I just don't care for, the Classic is still an option.

Great timing for me.

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Xmas and birthday present sorted for myself. :-)

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I'll take that classic out for a spin.

That Passport would have to be seen in person.

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Agreed but something tells me initial response will be a niche player. This device may just be a sleeper hot one - but will need special attention in advertisement. I got a feeling this will debut and Co exist in a more larger BBM Money release un UK, Canada (we're all set here, big time), and the USA.

I also see BBM Money with Z3 getting great attention in Mexico, Brasil, Colombia, Sao Paulo, etc.

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We/you are not alone in this. It will take some getting used to, but if the 1:1 screen ratio actually works better for those "fine print impaired" , I can see this becoming very useful. The wider screen will make looking at documents easier, negating the need to turn the device on its side for landscape.

I know when I turn my z10 on its side, I gain lateral view but loose on vertical. A bigger screen like this actually may negate that. I too will have to see the resolution and quality of the image before making any calls on this odd thing called the Passport, but definitely intrigued by it.

Exactly same thoughts, mate. Left some comments on that earlier today a few blog posts further up, this is gonna be *the* PDF reader for all sorts of trades and professions. Imagine, with pixel count 4x that of the Q10!

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Big news!

Suggestion: split the "News & Rumors" article tag/category into separate "News" and "Rumors" tags/categories? :)

Chen continues to show and prove that this is indeed a new BlackBerry company. No more delays, broken promises, falling short of expectations on a regular basis, etc.

Now I need him to have the company be bold and make one of these concept BlackBerry phones become reality. A completely different approach to the look of the overall device would truly show the masses that, "The King is back" / "The Ruler's back". They could have commercials sampling LL Cool J saying, "Don't call it come back! I been here for years...." lol

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Broke. Promises - bbm video / sharing for all still 6 myths delayed.

You need to recheck your statements against facts. ;)

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Was there a confirmed release date for BBM Video / Screen sharing for iOS, Android and Windows Phone?

Nice! I am holding on to my Bold 9900 and am looking forward to swap it for one of the new qwerty devices.

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While I hope this phone is a big hit I think it will not sell as well as they hope.

JC seems to be ignoring the event that caused BB most of it problems in the Enterprise world. BYOD.

Didn't address it in the call. No one asked about it. Its the elephant in the room no one is asking or talking about. No one is going to choose the current or near future phones from BB when Apple and Samsung
are kicking BB in the consumer arena.
Now BB comes out with a half baked Droid alternative.


If your a BYOD shop why use anything with the BB name on it? Doesn't make sense.

I think this phone will sell better then the Q10 but will not put money in BBs pocket.

I'm glad you are just guessing. You should just wait like everyone else to find out how the Passport does in the market.

I'd like to prove you are wrong and you're missing the point...

But I can't :(
I love BlackBerry for the QWERTY devices but hearing the excitement of my colleagues as Apple announced something lately , I know I'm pretty alone with my opinion and BlackBerry does not have the standing anymore.
BB10 is great - but nobody believes it and since Apple invented Toast notifications, ...

"Why use anything with BlackBerry's name on it? It doesn't make sense."

A quick search found a couple articles that go into the hidden costs of BYOD programs.

Add to that the incentives there may be for purchasing BB's when you sign up for or renew BES licences, and the peace of mind knowing that the hardware waa designed from the ground up with security in mind, the I think you could come up with a compelling case for certain users / businesses to use a BlackBerry.

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I'm interested in the passport. Since my first BlackBerry Bold 9000, I've always waited and wanted a large screen with a physical keyboard.

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Damn 2 phones??? who will pick them up in the USA, Verizon and AT&T? Sprint? Because t-mobile is no longer in the picture and I'm from t-mobile. And un carrier 6 s about music.. that's SO smart. So I'm not leaving t-mobile

Fat Mexican with a Z10 in CB10

Really looking forward to this one! Hopefully it's early November...

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Ha ha! I wonder if i could swap the internals with my non-camera 9900... or will this have BB10 that's scaled back to run on a 9900 CPU?

Are these release dates when I can buy them? Or just "announcement" time frames where I still need to wait 8 weeks for its official?

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The time that this is released will be around the same time that my mobile phone contract is due for renewal. I am looking for something more geared towards getting the job done. If this "classic" is like the previous bold phones then I am happy.

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Great news seem to keep getting better and better news from blackberry keep it up.

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Why oh why another one of these devices? How is this moving forward?!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

I am waiting for the Passport (not such a lovely name). That phone is just a step above my Q10 in every way except the non-removable battery. Oh, how I wish they could come up with a version with a removable battery.

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As long as there's no delay on launch date, it is all good. I'm still waiting for the next full touch. The virtual keyboard is too awesome to give up. Lol. Keep Moving.

Sent from the best touch keyboard, the Z.

Classic device for me when it comes, if I can afford it, or this Q10 will be used for the next 3 years (I bought it outright anyways) or 5 years, or better yet, MAKE THAT TEN! ;)

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2nd to that, but I think I would give this Q10 to my cousin in Nigeria.

Still got aa trusty 9900 though!

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Good deal...although I do wonder why they're staggering the releases again?
In seeing the Passport I think it makes more sense aesthetically. Still puzzled by the keyboard though. How can a space bar be inserted between v and b? They're going to disrupt normal QWERTY use with that placement.

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How much for a classic,and if I buy it unlocked from shopblackberry,will it be able to activate on t-mobile as a carrier? Presently unlocked q10's from shopbb cannot be connected to tmo gsm carrier

I am new to Blackberry with a Q10 which I really like. What are the advantages of the Classic over my Q10

If the Classic does brings back all the os7 features I liked on my 9900 PLUS the apps I use constantly on my S4, then MAYBE I will consider it ..... love the look

This is really amazing to find that Blackberry is coming up again with the physical key pad phone. I still use blackberry only for the physical key pad features as with physical key pad I can type while I am moving talking buying and doing so many jobs and it works absolutely correct.
Will be happy to receive any blackberry key pad phones ,still waiting for the company to launch the handset in Asian market.
I am a great fan and will always be a happy user of BB.

I hope company should launch phone with latest features on priority as most of the other companies launches handsets on a greater pace.

I hope i can find a place to get my hands on both and figure out which one i want. The Passport looks like the cooler device, but the Classic as a slightly larger Q10 would feel more comfortable and less of a learning curve. I think i am set on the Passport, but will want to hold it in my hand and play with it a bit before making the jump. I am sure it won't be cheap. If only BlackBerry had some retail space... Instead, have to rely on AT&T or Verizon as disguised foes.

Love the Classic for sure. Hate that I haven't seen much Passport advertising in the Tri-State area (U.S.). Slated for September launch..well we're midway through. I should have people asking me, the guy who goes back and forth, if I'll be getting the "new BlackBerry."

I tell people BB has new phones and they just have a blank stare. There should be more "images" around the area. For real...

I have the Q10 and didnt like it. Went back to my 9930. I want to move up to the Classic from my 9930. Sprint! Are you listening? I hope you carry it or I'll have to find a carrier that does. I'll be taking the other 12 phones on our account with me too. :p

I can't wait to get the Blackberry Classic!! So excited! I'm an iPhone 6 owner but also a blackberry lover. Looking forward to working with emails on a keyboard again while i use my iPhone for social.

I love BlackBerry..
Yeah I have iPhones and Samsung Note3, but everytimee I'd leave from home to attend to my business, I'd always make sure that if there's one phone I'd be working with, it's my Blackberry.. Fast, functional and reliable. The feeling of holding it is also more pleasing to the senses I must say. :) can't wait for the classic!!

If the Classic came that Natural Sound Technology currently in the Passport, it would be so awesome. I use the speakerphone quite frequently, whenever my BT headset is not around.

Bb should just spec up that device (quad core, 3gb ram, Natural Sound Technology, IPS display, 13mp camera with OIS, etc). Maybe a little more cost upfront, but in exchange, the company would get a massive influx of new and returning Bb users! Time to expand the Bb Universe! hahah

Does anyone have information on the ACTUAL release date (like a date I mean lol, I believe the November thing)? And howabout pricing? *I've looked EVERYWHERE for pricing...