BlackBerry Classic targeted for November release

By Bla1ze on 21 Apr 2014 12:42 am EDT

Although the BlackBerry Classic has already been officially announced by BlackBerry, the device never really was unveiled so to speak nor did BlackBerry really put a timeline on its release outside of saying 'The new smartphone will be available in the second half of 2014.' A recent interview between BlackBerry CEO John Chen and USA Today finally lays a little bit more of an official timeline on it for those who've been wondering.

There's a new product called the BlackBerry Classic that's coming out. It's an updated and enhanced version of one of our most popular and successful products called the Bold. It will include a keyboard and a good touch-screen, very fast Internet, Web-browsing capability and multimedia capability. But also it will be very productive and very secure. So, all the familiar things that people love, with some new technology updated. That will come out in November along with the server that helps companies manage devices. Not only the BlackBerry device, but every device, the iPhone and androids and Windows and everything else. So, the new products will have a lot to do with the architecture . And we made some announcements of those at the Mobile World Congress.

That's a bit of wait for a new device. So long in fact it's already changed names, the device started life as the BlackBerry Q20 and John Chen went ahead and changed it to the BlackBerry Classic permanently. Here's to hoping that release date doesn't change as well and go out any further because most Z10's will be coming up on their contract terms and after that Q10's and Z30's.

While that was one highlight of the USA Today interview, there's certainly some more there you might be interested in reading as well, if so click on over to the source link and have a look. It's a lot of the same stuff folks have already heard from BlackBerry CEO John Chen but it's always interesting to see how direct and straight to the point he is, even when the questions are a bit redundant.

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BlackBerry Classic targeted for November release



Nothing is going to bomb. They definitely need a device out before November. That's an insane wait with the likes of iphone 6, galaxy s5, and new HTC One all coming out.

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They will have the Z3 for sure and given that he said 3 high end devices this year, there could be another one before November. If they have managed to clear out the Z10s, then an updated Z10 could be interesting. Maybe just adjusting for 16:9 screen and reducing the bezel a bit. A newer processor for longer battery life and similar speed as existing Z10 would work for me. Paratek antenna and Miracast would be cool too.

I think it's super smart to wait until then, get it right, and do it with BES 12 at the same time. They can take both to Bold 9900 / BBOS 7 holdouts to show that the executives and managers can have a BB10 modern device AND not have such a change in what they are used to. Plus, all their junior staff and whoever else can buy their own phone and have it for work too with BES 12.

Let's hope this is Coca Cola Classic all over again!

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They are almost certainly not going to do an updated z10, the market has moved onto these larger devices to such an extent that even Apple may have to move with the next iphone, so BB certainly won't be bothering with one.

The next all-touch BB to launch is probably going to be the LTE version of the z3 which will be priced to cover the pricepoints that the z10 are in now.

I think they should make the next version of the z10 with either the same screen size 4.2 with less bezels on the top or a bit bigger with a 4.4 and give it a design and feel like the z30.

As for the next all touch flagship phone 5 - 5.2 at the most!

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I love my Z10, and don't want a much larger screen. 4.5" tops with Miracast, USBotg and updated camera software. They can recycle most of the internals for all I care. Processor and ram are fast enough since BB10 unlike android is really well optimized and runs fluidly without a monster quad-core. What BlackBerry needs to focus on is the software integration and getting more developers on board. Maybe touch up the desktop sync a bit.

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I still wish that Sprint had carried the Z10. Wiith the keyboard problems I'm having now I'm reaady to switch to all touch. And if you ddont kknow about the keyboard issues plaguing many Q10 users, then just read thiss and you will seee the problem.

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Just had that happen on my Q10 the - sorry - first time today, but it disappeared again. No idea, hope I'm not in for a replacement....

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

But Samsung made the S4 Mini. So Sammy tthinks there is still a need for smaller all touch phones. Samsung, the maker of the biggest phones on earth.

Yes I'm a Bold 9900 "holdout". Good description. It's absolutely VITAL they get this new one right first time unlike the debacles of the past.

Can't tell if you're being sarcastic, but at least that's the way the phone is meant. Whether there will still be a viable niche market for QWERTY phones where it actually is in a league of its own remains to be seen. But the point still stands that this is the plan.

"Niche market" BB7 QWERTY phones are outselling BB10 phones, so maybe BB10 phones are the "niche market" ?

If it was released this summer, some people may wait to see if the iPhone 6 is gonna be a worthwhile update for them.....also, some people get cellphones for Christmas so releasing it close to the holidays is a good idea b/c I am sure alot of contracts end around that time period.....will also give it a month or so for any software bugs that it may have to get worked out. But hey, the fact that Blackberry is still putting out devices is a good thing....regardless of when it gets released if you ask me

"Regardless of when it gets released..." That's what killed them with BB10. Waiting too long will effectively kill a product launch. BlackBerry should know this by now. All of the major 2014 flagships will be out well before then and history shows what happens. People won't wait. I'm personally very excited for the Classic, but the majority will pick up the iPhone 6 or other major new release. Right or wrong, like it or not, that's what this looooong wait will cause.

Yes but so will a half baked one. There is coding that has to be done to make the 'toolbelt' work and no doubt other things. Not to mention carrier certification.

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You never know DB, it's not like BlackBerry/RIM has ever rushed products to market or released half baked phones/tablets before.

Oh wait...

I think he is missing the selling point of BBOS7 and that because BBOS7 now is the easiest to use out of any OS. Everything is just black and white with it.

I can only see this phone have a small niche. If they really want this phone to kill it, they need to bring have the option to go to BBOS7 theme then for the active frames have it like PBOS2 or have a PBOS theme. (which is best of both worlds anyways)


1. Open up the damn theme API!! (imagine themes and icon packs on BB10, i loved themes back on OS5)
2. make it possible to have a virtual 'Tool Belt" for other build owners which works just as good as the old one
[url= Editor - BlackBerry World[/url] just add the call, menu and end key.

Chen is doing an amazing job. He does need to look at these little things and integrate them to the OS TODAY!!!

Future is touch screen so he should just repackage the Z30 just like Samsung and HTC did with their flagships (with barely any difference) just to get the name out and make it a little better like camera, battery (3000mah would really pick it up a notch from 2-3 days to steady 3 days :P), better ppi and that's it!

What amazing job is Chen doing? How? Seems like you are ready to give this guy a Nobel Peace Prize for what he promises.

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I just stated what needs to be changed in the OS but he is doing good so far and said nothing about promises. I'm not praising him. Look at all the features I requested is missing and I'm not happy that there won't be another Z30 model.

I'm basically saying that the Q20 won't bring legacy people over just because of the trackpad. More stuff needs to change.

Not sure what you read but it must have been someone else comment.

I really have no idea what you guys are reading but I'm far from praising Chen. He is doing good things and that's all I can say "for now".

I think it's time for Crackberry to start teaching some english class'...

And that will effectively kill any major chance this has. Announced in February, launched in November. You'd think BB would've learned by now.

yup, to me the management of their product announcements is just as bad as the actual wait til November...

if it wasn't announced until now or early May, it wouldn't seem like such a wait.. or announce it when they did, and release in Sept at latest...

I was expecting a release around August. The excitement is RIGHT NOW. The buzz about the Classic is RIGHT NOW. It will be gone this fall, let alone November. This exact scenario has plagued this company for the last several years. It's really hard to believe that it's continuing.

I getting real sick of all these announcements months and months ahead of release. Really takes all the mystique out of what new devices are coming out.

Sort of eliminates the "wow factor".

BlackBerry needs to start looking at EVERYTHING they do from a marketing perspective. From what Chen says to what they announce to how they announce new clients to their R&D.

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Well, to be fair.... we've yet to see the device which is 98% of the wow factor anyway. Normally I'd agree with you but this one is well, kind of an exception in that they never showed it off lol. Like most other devices though, it'll likely leak at some point and then the announcement will feel a bit silly.

I feel like in this case it almost has to leak early to give something for those holding on to their Bolds to chart their path towards. They need to know whether it will address whatever gripes they have with BB10, and is thus worth waiting for over a new iPhone/Android device.

I recently visited some friends and family in the Caribbean and they were still holding on to old curves and Bolds. I asked if they had seen/tried BB10 devices (of which I had the Z10, 30 and Q10 to show them) and they said yes, but "they seemed so different without *the buttons*"). So I mentioned that there would likely be a new device that added back those "buttons". I'm just not sure some of their current BBOS devices can physically last until November (+ however many months it takes to roll out to the Caribbean).... And once they're gone from BBOS, they're gone.

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Interesting perspective. Keep in mind BlackBerry will release a BBOS device before then. That could take away from sales of the Classic for those with no knowledge of a BB10 belt device coming out.

Personally I dont see a wow factor anyway with this device, its new technology based on old hardware concepts. The Z10 update cycle should be a mute point anyway because I don't see this device wooing many Z10 users away, its not what people who are happy with their Z are looking for IMO. I would expect the next high end phone to drop Q1 2015 to be better right in line with the Z10 update cycle. Unless they try to rush it in before the xmas buying season. Which would be fine with me, as long as it is available to purchase direct from BlackBerry so i dont have to wait 8 months for the US carriers to offer it (if ever).

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It was said that it would be towards the end of the year. It's been on my Christmas list since it was first announced :)

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Wtffff.. if the classic is gonna take that long to come out then when are we getting the next "high-end" blackberry to replace my Q10?

Posted via CB10 for Q10

The classic will be "high end". This will be a premium device targeting executives and decision makers.
That is why he stressed productivity.

I am patiently looking forward to this.

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No it won't, this device is going to be mostly targeting the bbos holdouts and those people have been tending to buy cheaper devices for ages and will expect this one to be on the cheaper side too.

I would expect that one to have specs no better than a q10 in most areas besides the larger display.

The high-end model is clearly going to be covered by that larger display model that leaked a few weeks ago.

The classic is not "high end" it's "classic". You have four categories: Affordable, Classic, High-end, Prestige (very expensive). The classic has its own category.

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No. It won't be worth $1000. Prestige is the Porsche Design BlackBerry's.

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Dude, how do you want your Q10 upgraded? Or maybe it's just that the Canucks aren't in the playoffs...? Don't worry, trust in Trevor.

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This phone is not meant to blow people away, it is there to drag over the stubborn bbos users onto bb10.

Although I see your point I wouldn't quite say that all of us who continue to use BBOS, yours truly included, are stubborn about not moving to BB10. I will do so when a high end phone is released with specs that are up to par with the other top contenders. Until then, my Torch 9800 suits me just fine. The Z10 and Z30 weren't spec'd high enough at their released price points to have me invest in either of them. Personally I don't mind spending the bucks (euro) on a phone, but it's got to have higher end specs than what BB has put out up to now.
Despite other players being spec'd higher, I stuck with my 9800 instead of jumping ship. And by the way, I do prefer BB10 over BBOS.

The Z10 performs more or less on par with the latest iPhone and Android OS phones. I've done side by side comparisons with the different devices and BB10 is a powerful OS. Specs really aren't where it's at. It's all about the efficiency of the OS.

I'm sure we can go back and forth with this. I do agree that OS efficiency does factor in. However, compared to other phones at its price point when launched, the Z10 was spec'd lower. People who aren't familiar with the true state of affairs when it comes to OS efficiency and horsepower will generally be swayed by higher spec'd phones. Just to state one example, the Z has an 8MP camera. Other phones that launched at or around the same time had greater MP cameras on them. They could have put a radio in it, not because it was necessary, but, just to attract more people to it. Of course quality and other factors can be argued about. However, I do feel that BB, whether the higher specs matter or not, need to make a higher spec'd phone to attract people because people will always compare phone specs. That's all I'm saying.
If you've noticed, a lot of people on this site have expressed similar views.

Not stubborn BBOS users...stubborn if it don't have buttons I aint interested users. I have been a smart phone evaluator for several large corporations and the tool belt has long been the best use of real estate for a smart phone IMNSHO. when the Q10 launched sans tool belt I was disappointed and it appears I was not alone. If you want to know why the tool belt is so important to me it's the dedicated call/end buttons. I cannot count the number of calls I have missed due to a touch screen not waking fast enough to answer a call. I tell people if it doesn't have a call/end button it isn't a phone it is a mobile computer that happens to make/receive phone calls. In fact I would love to see the tool belt included on a Z near the bottom/top/side. I could actually live without a physical KB but those buttons...not so much.

What, people call then hang up straight away? I've never had that problem. How do you know who is calling if the screen isn't showing it?

Posted via CB10

If it's in your pocket/purse you have to pull it out first. It's happened to me on multiple iPhones and Android devices so it's not like an isolated incident. I obviously don't know who is calling until the screen finally awakens to the missed call notification.

The phones to blow people away are those categorized as "High-End" by BlackBerry.

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I love the BlackBerry classic. I think that it's a really great idea., that being said I love the BlackBerry Q10 I have two of them. Lol, I don't want to go back to the track pad and function keys... but it is good for those who want a BlackBerry 10 device with it's classic style.

Posted via CB10

I hope you're wrong and that there will be another Q device without the "belt" to replace the Q10.

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Problem is there is no market for an even higher end QWERTY device beside the upcoming Classic. BlackBerry should be hoping that there's still a Classic market to begin with.

Wrong. There are lots of people waiting for BlackBerry to "get it" when it comes to their qwerty devices. What these people, and myself, are waiting for is for BlackBerry to realize that the next qwerty device needs a taller screen and not a larger square one.

I wish they would. A 3.5 inch screen, similar to the iPhone 4S would work with a physical keyboard underneath, although in these times of larger screens... a 3.5 inch screen might not cut it. So I would even propose a 4.2 inch screen (Z10 size) with a physical keyboard underneath.

They key thing for this is to create a singularity for apps so that what ever is made on the all-touch devices will work the same way on the qwerty devices instead of people a different experience.

Here's what a 3.5 inch screen with a physical keyboard could look like:

That seems the logical conclusion here, they have had to simplify their product line so there won't be room for an updated q10 and the q30 coming out this year.

No Classic is not a high end or alternate to Q10.Its only targeted at 9900,9780 and other existing BlackBerry 5 - 7 OS users just to make them upgrade to BlackBerry 10 and increase the OS market share.

Q10 sucessor or upgrade should be Q30 with premium build quality, bigger screen,new keyboard technology and octa core processor.

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I just picked up a used Q10 a few days ago and I could see the toolbelt being useful, especially if the trackpad functions like it did on older devices.

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Although it's a little wait, it's good to see the next few plans finally coming to fruition on the device end. Chen knows what he needs to do first, and the devices will follow. Let's just hope he gets it right and can deliver a few stellar phones, while still maintaining everything great about BB10 already! The Z series in my eyes was special, and continues to be one of the best devices out there. Just need to sell, sell, sell if we want BlackBerry to continue to make phones.

Via The BlackBerry Z10 Experience.

No mention of the next high end touchscreen that folks might want to migrate to specifically after their Z10/30 contracts expire.... I highly doubt anyone would want to go to the classic series given that they had one of the amazing phones I mentioned above

Folks, the wait seems to be even longer for us touchscreen-ers. I hope an announcement for a replacement is made in the following 2 months TOPS

*fingers crossed*

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I would suspect that due to the more generic nature of all-touch devices, we might not see a high-end one of those for a while as it isn't something that would convince people to move to bb10 and if people want bb10 and higher specs it will be via the q30.

So far away! I think I will be rocking iPhone 6 by then. BB should bring it before iPhone6. Wat is the reason for delaying.....Hardware, software or Money problem?

Classic will be out a year after the Z30. New iPhones also come out once a year. Most people are on 2 year contracts. Nothing exceptionally long about this wait.

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just didn't get... because you can't wait couple of months to get device with keyboard you are going to get device without it and with totally different OS. Is it correct? or you think iPhone 6 is gonna come out with keyboard ;)

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Sounds like it'll be a big push into the enterprise space in about 6 months or so. Updated software and hardware at the same time. Good idea if it works. In the meantime I'll be keen to se how the Z3 does in the consumer markets.

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Hope it will create enough buzz, and the updated 4G version for Western markets might cut it as cheap interim... or not...

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Meh, I will replace my Q10 when the "Windermere" (sp?) see's the light of day- so long as it's as awesome as I think it will be!

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We are the most entertained generation in the history of the world. And our inability to show patience is an indictment if that. November is not so far away at all.

Posted via CB10 hit the nail on the head! Some folks on CB haven't even had their devices for 6 months and are already looking to move on.

Must be nice to have $500 to $600 bills to drop every 6 months or so on a new device. Let me know if some of you are done with your unlocked Z30's and wanna sell cheap cheap. Because you know......its an old phone and all that now.

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6 months can be an eternity for teens and pre-teens but fly by for seniors. All about perspective.

Posted via CB10

It's easier to buy unlocked. Less expensive contract and no reliance on provider re: updates and so on.
Unlimited calls, SMS etc. + 4G w/ 3Go of data at full speed for 25 e/ month plus a 430 e Z30 bought separately. Seems fair too me.
I would not wish to return to the old times of subzidised contracts - not subzidised at all actually.

And I am not modifying my first comment to comply with stupid anti-spam software. More likely I am never going to post again.

I'm not certain that I want another physical keyboard phone after all. My Q10 keyboard does the double typing (in certain apps), defeats the purpose completely imho. I am looking forward to what the Classic will look and feel like!

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No, beside the classic. There's another high end touch screen they are working on.

Posted via CB10

They are probably factoring the carriers certification process which was the delay in the Z10/Q10 here in the states

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It's interesting to read that the new Classic is not a truly new cellphone such as the Q20 would have been, but is an updated Bold cellphone. The question is of course what is updated and will it be using the OS10/QNX operating system. This is important because of its signal effect.

Personally I don't see the Classic bringing in new customers except for the present users of BlackBerry keyboard cellphones. It could even damage or at least hinder the present Q line devices from becoming popular.

I must say I am having problems with the company's logic. The industry is leaving keyboards behind for obvious reasons and in my opinion BlackBerry needs to focus on what the market is gravitating too and not staying behind with product solutions that are perceived by most within the market as outdated niche products that your average user no longer wants.

Posted via CB10

BB's marketing is what has most hindered the Q line of devices and the classic is clearly intended to try and bridge the gap to bbos users.

By the end of the year the Q line will probably only be the classic and the q30 with the former catering to the lower end of pricing and the latter to the higher end.

Qwerty exists on Z models, BIS doesn't... are people really wanting Qwerty when they say 'CLASSIC' BB... its a common misconception.

I've seen about 20 kids leave BB in a few months as BIS is no longer available on BB10, the software is not keeping people, BIS was and why we have a BOLD run..

I think they're working on a funky larger screen with a physical keyboard for medical market.

Though I'm still waiting for a replacement for my Torch 9810. Love my Z10, but an "S50" or "Blade" would feel great in my hands.

Tim Smith from my Z10 on Rogers

I'd guess that the Classic is more for the enterprise customers who are slow/reluctant to upgrade; November is probably no big deal for them. The less conservative businesses have already switched to BB10.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

Relax folks the release date is now november but in a few months it will be december and the actual date will be late march of 2015 on selected markets and a verizon exclusive lol. Wasn't the z3 supposed to be out by now?

Posted via CB10

Yes it was. BlackBerry really can't get their crap together. Also, the official name is BlackBerry Classic? What the hell?!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, this will flop very hard. Add to that the fact that there is no high end all-touch device in the works and I think BlackBerry is really on it's way out of the handset business. If iPhone 6 comes out with a gesture based OS even I am going to give it serious consideration. I just don't see a point in sporting 3-year old hardware with limited application availability.

Posted via CB10

It's an excellent strategy...measure twice, cut a high end device...the classic will be getting into the hands of upper management types...those who couldn't live without the bold 9900...once company and corporate executives will filter down throughout the organization and partner with BES 10/12...maintain your core...then expand...

Rocking the Z30 Regina SK Canada

My coworker, a reluctant new Z10 owner moving from the Bold 9900, would love to switch to a keyboard BB10 device with bigger screen than the Q10 and a trackpad if such device were available.

 CB10 

It's like telling the public to hold on and not jumpship.
Gives some of us ample time to save up for the device.

I love BlackBerry but I feel like I'm just wasting $ at t-mobile with their phone upgrade options. I was looking forward to moving to the Z30 from the Q10. By Nov I probably could've upgraded twice. . ...yeah yeah t-mobile won't have anymore product but I'm not switching until something is announced by BlackBerry or another carrier to bait me to switch

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So is this going to be a BlackBerry 10 bold with the belt or the old processing system that's enhanced and quicker?

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

It will essentially be a phone (similar to the Bold) with enhanced internals running BB10. New operating system, new hardware, old design philosophy/style.

Posted via CB10

It's definitely going to be running BlackBerry10; from all the articles by Crackberry the best theory would be that's it's a BlackBerry Q10 with upgraded hardware, a larger screen and a tool belt as well as OS10.3 which hopefully will be released before the BlackBerry Classic

Posted via CB10

Actually, since it is targeting the cost-conscious business market, it probably is just a q10 with the only upgrades being the slight display increase and the tool belt since BB have shown that spec is more than able to run bb10 smoothly.

Where did you get the impression it was targeting the budget conscious? This is for executive types who are going to be willing to pay for what they want.

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I'd go for a hybrid of anything BBOS/BB10 is possible - my old Pearl 3G is dying after my Bold 9900 did, my main Sony Xperia SP is buggy on the latest OS & costs me a fortune in data like no BIS would. No BIS and UMA & I'm still out of Blackberry devices only option is a Torch all these years later unless classic really means 'CLASSIC' BB with UMA and BIS option/s... with beefed up specs that wouldn't hang BB0S7 let alone BB10.

Time will tell how Chen really sees Blackberry through this CLASSIC handset...

I'm thinking the device will coincide with enterprise IT Directors developing their 2015 IT budgets.

It's hard to imagine any corporation placing an order for 100 new handsets in the middle of Summer.

I'm thinking you should expect to see hard advertising leading up to the tentative November launch.

One more note:
Try and use a z30 with surgical or exam gloves on. The experience is less than pleasant. I have a Z30. I think it surpasses the Q10. But, the keyboards have a niche market and will live on.

Posted via CB10

Playing with your phone kind of defeats the purpose of wearing gloves in the first place.

Posted via CB10 on my Z30

Haha, my thoughts exactly. Maybe he thinks that the gloves are intended to protect his hands from getting dirty. Who gives a frack about the patients.

Posted via CB10

I use latex/nitrile gloves at work. It really is not hard to use the touch screen phones while wearing gloves.

Posted via CB10

Thanks for pointing this out to folks on here...this phone is slated for the very folks who are beginning or in the process (as is the case for me) analyzing must have and needs for 2015 NOW! Most budgets will be approved or nearly approved before December, so the time coincides well budgetary wise. Especially since it takes funding at actually purchasing the devices!

I for one, prefer all touch screen 5" or greater, but I am a small minority at my organization. MOST at my firm, LOVE the older style BB...belt, keys, pad....period! Considering their titles command the power to sway or approve funding decisions...BB is smart to offer what their market DEMANDS!

My only concern is them having an in-built battery, I really love the convenience of swapping batteries on my Q10.

BlackBerry needs to be innovative, cater to the consumer and have good marketing. It would be a shame if blackberry was no more.

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While I think waiting until November is not a good idea I also realize, as I sure Chen does, that in reality the future of BlackBerry as a viable smartphone maker is riding on this "classic." The company needs to no shit really get this one right and correctly market it out of the park. This is either the beginning or the end. If this "classic " fails it's bye-bye BlackBerry. :(

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Shouldn't underestimate the importance of the LTE version of the z3 either, that one would allow them to phase out the z10 which isn't a cost-effective model at the prices they are selling them.

I think the company is trying to move away from being so reliant on hardware sales. I hope the phone does well, but I don't think their survival hinges on the success of the one model.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

Exactly, I had a BlackBerry 9900...I waited for the Q10 launch...bypassed the Z10...used the Q10 for about a year...then I moved to the Z30...I've now become quite accustomed to it and rather enjoy the flick, hub and the business productivity I get out of it...I only have 2 games...flappy herbie saga and pacman...all my other apps are business related...I love the presentation abilities, calendar app, email and faxing, corky notes, Sayit, remember and most useful is the file manager...heck, I even rent most current movies from BlackBerry the BlackBerry 10 OS...keep moving it Chen...woo-hoo

Rocking the Z30 Regina SK Canada

im getting this! I think I sold enough blackberry phones to customers for me to deserve this one.

Posted via CB10

Buttonless shirt...

Go Zxx then. Didn't Jubei confirm there is a high-end touch device in the making, straight from the horse's mouth?

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

I would say Blackberry should be releasing its products quicker and have people experience it. Tactus shape-shifting keyboard technology will soon come to a commercial reality, and this again becomes a threat for them.

Hope it in corporates the bold 9900 keyboard!!! That was the best ever.. don't like the q10 keyboard....

Have the z10 and z30 but will jump at this new high end qwerty phone, especially if it has a decent camera too!!!!

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This is quiet confusing, thought BB10 is the future, if BlackBerry itself resists the change then what do you expect from the users! I switched from the Bold to a Z30 and I've never been this productive before! Some would say BlackBerry is mainly targeting the corporate sector with their legacy devices but even the corporate user mentality has changed allot in the past years, BYOD policies are being implemented more and more and I've witnessed that in my current company! Everyone is running around with a retarded Android device now!

I just don't get it ...

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They have to be practical. There is overwhelming evidence that this is what their user base wants. Continuing to make phones that no one is buying will not get them anywhere. It's a fact that they are selling 2x as many legacy BBOS devices as BB10.

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If memory serves me right this is not the high end phone. I seem to remember Chen saying that when someone asked was the classic the new flagship phone.

This phone is for the enterprise and the regulated industries that require secure communication. The fact that he is waiting for additional offering to be ready is what we used to call being clothed in the good old big iron days. It wasn't enough to sell the box you Also wanted to sell software and services. And if you were really good you would include financing and a migration plan.

The consumer market is a new phone every four, five or six months. BlackBerry tried to play in that market and failed. The enterprise is every two or three years for a product refresh. November is not too long of a wait especially since you don't currently have the rest of the clothes (offerings) to go with the phone.

Posted via CB10

Hi everyone,

One of the major items that was noted at MWC and the latest earnings report was the need to attack the Enterprise and Government segments hard with new product offerings. One of the key mistakes that previous management made for whatever reason was that BES 10 was not backwards capable with previous infrastructure such as BES 5 which ran the older BB devices like 5,6,7 etc. This lead to a situation where lots and lots of small and larger companies felt that if they are going to have to go through the trouble of changing and managing 2 servers they might as well change phones too and go iOS and Android on one of BB's competitors like Good, Mobile Iron etc. What John Chen and management have done is start to build a service that manages both legacy BB devices like the 9900 as well as the new BB10 devices on top of iOS, Android, Windows etc. This new service is called BES 12 and wont be ready until the fall while they build some of the features mentioned in the article. At the same time John Chen researched why the Q10 was not as successful as everyone thought and one of the reasons was the loss of trackpad, tool belt etc. Companies LOVED the 9900 from a productivity standpoint but users may not have been thrilled with lap of apps, screen size, internet capabilities etc. Blackberry then decided to start development of a "Classic" model which will be a BB10 device, larger screen, good battery life, tool belt etc. All the strengths of the 9900 and BB10 into 1 device strictly for enterprise clients. The delay in getting the "Classic" to market is working the software from a full touch based system to one with the trackpad and to launch both services together as a package. Blackberry announced this model and BES 12 early so that it provides companies with a roadmap of upcoming products and services so that they can make an INFORMED decision as to the direction of their plans for 2015 and beyond. GO BLACKBERRY!!!!!

It would be really dumb to replace a Q10 with a device said to be bringing back the "classic" look. Can't they replace the modern design with a fresher look not the things we "used" in the past?

Hahahaha just saying...

Posted via a sexy QTEN

By classic look, they mostly mean including the tool belt and we should probably expect most design cues to come from the q10 beyond that e.g. the keyboard will be straight not curved.

My Z10 contract is due in a year, in April my touch-screen qwerty physical keyboard for me.
Had Storm 1 and 2, prompted me to WAIT and bump to the Z10.
Wishing I had a Z30, but that came too late after my long needed upgrade from my Storm 2.
Here's to hoping a new full (all) touch BlackBerry will be greater, and release in time for my upgrade next spring....
Love me my BlackBerry, but need a newer device then...@BlackBerry please don't forget us users out there, and keep the new devices coming!
Buyers/device users are in all shapes and forms - consumer and Business. Please keep catering to us regular BlackBerry consumer users too!
Never was a physical keyboard fan.

Posted via CB10

This will be JC first major mistake. Producing something he likes instead of what the BYOD users wants.

Might get some of the legacy BlackBerry folks to move but won't do a thing to bring in non-BlackBerry customers.

And here we thought BlackBerry had changed.

Posted via Verizon Z10 - OS v10.1.2.2174

The whole point of this phone is to get bbos users to switch, that is still a sizable market to convert over.

The reality is that no one single device is going to be the magic wand for BB, it will require a multi-pronged approach that caters to various markets while slimming down the product range.

By the end of the year they will have probably cut things down to just the z3 versions to replace the z10 at the low-end, the q20 to convert bbos users and the q30 for those who want a larger higher-spec device.

I didn't really think that BlackBerry changed. The moment this device was announced it was blatantly obvious they lost their marbles.

Posted via CB10

It's not purely an all touchscreen world out there. But these users will get their phone, too.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

BlackBerry is killing itself! I've been a user for over 6 yrs. now and I must say, it's eating dust from Apple and Google and possibly from Windows (soon)..way behind in innovation and coming up with useful Z10 now is about to meet the trash can (sooner or later) - the camera is busted..never dropped my phone but since the last OS update the cam has been acting crazy - there are times when i open it and it says "the camera can't be opened"..WTF??!! so i have to restart the damn phone but after restarting, the date and time goes back to a certain date - WTF again??!! the battery is also acting up..i always charge my phone for up to 3 hrs before but after 8 months the battery doesn't get fully charged - whenever i check the phone after i charge it for 3 hrs, it's only charged up to 85%, sometimes 90%..WTF again??!! my roommate who bought the phone together with me (Z10 too) is also facing a similar problem with the battery and the camera..oh well, i guess it's about time to make that switch..i see a bleak future for BlackBerry..tsk tsk

My experience has been quite the opposite. My 7 month old Z10 has been flawless, however, the last Samsung Galaxy I bought, was sent in for repairs twice within the first few months (very inconvenient), would radomly call people which could only be stopped by pulling the battery and now the camera doesn't work. And the Samsung was never dropped. This phone followed two previous problematic Samsungs I owned. I even had to buy an external 3000 mah battery for my girlfriend's Samsung Galaxy S3 because it can't hold a charge for more than a couple of hours and is always connected to a charger. Some days it seems her cordless home phone makes for a more mobile phone than her Galaxy. Despite this apparent reliability problems, Samsung is flourishing.

I switched to my first Blackberry last autumn (Z10) and have been very happy since and have recently also bought a Q5. Both were very inexpensive and work great, but Blackberry isn't doing so well. Go figure because I can't.

Glad to see that BlackBerry is not rushing a piece of junk out the door. It needs to be properly designed. Likewise, I like the name classic as it differentiates it from the Q series.

I hope that BlackBerry hires the same guy who designed q10. I don't own one but I can honestly say it is a beautiful phone. Form meets function. Funny, I was at a show the other night and as usual, people are fumbling with their phones. A friend pulls out his q10 and everyone stops, looks and starts asking questions. The classic needs the same feel even with that ugly toolbelt.

Posted via CB10

Cannot get excited about this. A new device with a keyboard??? This is 2014 not 2004.

Posted via CB10

Maybe this one is not aimed at you, the classic is clearly intended to convert people that are still using bbos.

As if the whole world is waiting for this phone.

There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

For all those who think the wait is too long!. Please feel free to design, prototype and manufacture your own smartphone then you can release it the next day if you want. You will probably find the biggest delay is getting it passed by the carriers and getting the appropriate licenses plus BlackBerry have the added difficulty of its OS being very young,the new iPhones etc are not new phones just same old with a few tweaks which makes the whole process much easier!

Tapping and flicking on my Zed 10

Actually I would expect that BB could get this one out sooner too, people are overlooking the obvious reason that they have a number of devices they need to get out before it and want to spread their releases out over a few months.

We have the 3g z3 due pretty soon and then they might want to spread the devices out evenly over the year so we get another one in July, one in September and then the Classic in November. Here's hoping that the next one after the z3 is not the lte z3 but instead the more interesting high-end qwerty model.

The new BOLD will save BlackBerry just like the past ones. They say that a hero will save us, I'm not gonna stand here and wait!

 BlackBerry Q10 

Not really, the LTE version of the z3 will give those who want one options, but in general people haven't been buying them and a high-end one is unlikely to convert people from ios/android right now.

I'm firm believer in BlackBerry and I will never switch devices. However, I have been in 2 different cities over the week (Abu Dhabi & London) and we as #TeamBlackBerry has a lot of work to do.

Back in Sydney I had a chat with a sales associate at the electronic store in the international wing and Samsung and Apple are fighting for prime positioning. "Where are the BlackBerry devices I asked?" None, he replied. I got into the UAE and I was swarmed by Galaxy S5 posters all over. I mean all over. I was like WTF? Now in London and every block has a phone store and more S5 campaigns. Do we have a chance of survival?

#TeamBlackBerry has a lot of work to do. But do we have the big budget for marketing to get the word of the new devices out there? All I know is that we have a lot of work to do as a team.

Posted via CB10

As much as I was in love with the idea of BBX/BB10 I'm so glad I moved on to another platform. I guarantee the Classic and the Z3 will be the only releases this year from BB.

And then all those companies making cases for the Q30 are wrong? Try a minimum of 3 this year.

I simply don't understand why people get their colon tied in knots over this and especially the touchscreen devices. BlackBerry has released 3 touchscreens and two keyboards in 14 months. That is not bad.

Posted via CB10

Those were literally 10 cent cases and they were probably just sample sizes for an early promo. I HIGHLY doubt BB will actually release a 5 inch 1:1 device. And there is no way more info would not have leaked by now.

All of the devices you speak of were on the BB10 road map long before the original BB10 release except the Z3. Thor wasn't going to scrap the z30 once he realized how bad the Z10 sales were. Instead he used as much of the Z10 parts as possible to cut corners so in my opinion that doesn't really count.

They announced the Classic now, so corporate users can have something to hang on for and prepare their budget.

What if the all-touch device hit the market unexpectedly all of a sudden, because everyone is concentrating on the Classic?

That would be an awesome move.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

I really don't see why BB would drop any device unannounced, that's not going to help them at all in anyway. I really don't see Chen investing in devices that aren't going sell(Z10/Z30). That's why we have the Z3 and now the Classic. I hope I eat my words but I don't think we'll see a flagship full touch. At least not this year.

I'll prolly get it cuz it's more then likely be the last qwerty BlackBerry lol hopefully I'm wrong

Posted via CB10

*patiently waits for the blackberry classic*

Posted via CrackBerry 10 (CB10) application using my BlackBerry Q10.

Apple, Google, Microsoft will not sway my stance or love with blackberry and their uniquely awesome products that fit for me, work for me, allow me to be productive and keep up to date, same for the communications.

BlackBerry for life.

Posted via CrackBerry 10 (CB10) application using my BlackBerry Q10.

Personally I'd rather see a slider a la the Torch.
I understand that some people insist on a physical keyboard and that's cool; I myself was very sceptical of getting a full touchscreen (and now I'm a believer!).
But, before the BB10 release I was trying to get the money for a Torch.
For me, a touchscreen seems wasted and a little silly when its size is greatly reduced to make room for a physical keyboard. That's my opinion.

Posted via CB10

I really don't get why they insist on sticking with this classic look...people are over it already. By promoting this as a new updated phone isn't going to make a difference because looks is what initially catches the eye and people will see this as a step backwards... by their logic why don't they bring back the older blackberries with the track wheel on the side?? A lot of people liked those back then too.

Posted via CB10

Lol iphone has kept the same look for 6 years, and most android from factor is similar. What are you talking about...this is differentiation, not more of the same.

Aka S.Jizzle Z30STA100-5/

Regardless of what type of phone it is, I'm glad they are giving us a realistic timeline. Rather than saying that the phone will be out in August and then pushing the release to September, then October. I feel that Chen is giving a proper and truthful release date, that's all his intentions are.

Posted via CB10

I've a Q10. I've got an older friend (business man) who had a legacy device & has been given a Q10 as replacement. He just CANNOT get on with it. The new Classic needs to address this problem & "intergrate" the ease of use of OS7 with BB10.

Posted via CB10

November it is and as long as JC continues to include micro hdmi on the BB Phones...I'll wait! The BBC will a nice Christmas gift to myself!

Posted via CB10/Z10

Guys, this device is not for consumers. It's a tactic to get every Bold device updated to BB10 to go with the new BES.

As its been said thousands of times, BB7 devices are still heavy in rotation. I see them all the time in corporate settings where I work.

BBRY wants to make a transition to BB10 as simple as possible and what better way to do it is by creating another Bold with a new software. Enterprise costumers will be more receptive towards it because the workers will be.

Posted via CB10

Thank you. It's great that fans come in all sorts, but this is a business phone that can also compete in the consumer space, not the other way around like what other devices are forced to claim. It's not just another BYOD option. No, this is it. The other devices are a compromise from a productivity and security perspective, meanwhile these are BlackBerry core strengths. BlackBerry would be silly to make their core strengths the #2 or #3 reason why ppl should buy the phone. Needs to be number #1 and not a nice to have. End rant!

Aka S.Jizzle Z30STA100-5/

But regular consumers may also want this, even if it is specifically targeted at business consumers. Some people still like the old look style, me personally I don't.

I have a friend who works for a Canadian-wide company, they recently ran with BB7 devices, the Bold 9900 I believe.
BlackBerry has lost them now, and friend is getting Android device at end of this's what the company went to!

Posted via CB10

And BBRY won't stop anyone from purchasing the device, they are just 80-20 focused on gaining and keeping enterprise customers. BlackBerry doesn't want to continue to support and allocate resources towards legacy devices either, which is most likely another the reason for a Bold like BB10.

And I will add, my job just upgraded to BES10. I wouldn't be surprised if the Classic is a work device option fairly soon after it's release.

Lastly, BBRY is not doing this blind. Companies just don't make uneducated/un-researched decisions (well some does). I'm sure they conducted intensive enterprise market research on enterprise users - which means the majority had one thing in common, "trackpad is great for composing emails", "shortcuts makes it easy", etc..etc. Results prompting a Classic style comeback.

As a long time user and BlackBerry shareholder, I strongly believe that re-introducing the track pad is a move in the wrong direction as it is totally redundant to having a touch screen. Further, it compromises the screen size which already is small and difficult to manage map/gps type applications, especially on the Q10. A tool belt would be a regression not innovation... To me, the ideal classic design is self evident in the merger of the Q10 keyboard with a Z10 size AMOLED screen merged together. For those OS7 users that are still on the fence, pls get over it... yes, I used to love my Torch as well but the screen is your new touch pad and the innovative OS10 more than makes up a reason for the jump. Also, introducing so many different models before the year end... really?!? There should be just two models... one with keyboard and one without. Make the one without the next generation of the Z30, and give us a Q20 without this outdated tool belt idea... unless it is too late at this point.

Posted via CB10

You missed the point a bit, I think.

This is meant to be the device that will keep legacy-style users sticking to BlackBerry and not move on to other platforms or hold on to their dated Bolds until they break.

That's why it's called Classic.

***Simply no other way to satisfy that market segment and carry them into the future but by making a device like that.***

Bold design and BB10 OS.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

I have high confidence they will miss this date. Let's see if Chen has truly changed things in Waterloo or simply rearranged the furniture.

Posted via CB10

Ehh now I know I can swap over to a q10 with edge and by the time the classic comes out be close to able to trade in for it.

Posted via CB10

This device is not going to wow anyone and I don't personally care for it. BlackBerry had to build this device to get stubborn enterprise customers onto BB10. It's basically a Bold 9900 with BB10 On it. If they didn't do this this, companies still on BB7 would never make the switch to BB10. With the Classic now, when companies do upgrade, they will get what they are currently used to as a phone a Bold 9900 but with BB10 baked into it as the OS. Smart move by BlackBerry. I read a lot of comments about the market trend going towards all touchscreen only but if customers still want a physical keyboard then give it to them and keep them happy.

The high powered end touch device is still coming. JC said so himself that it would be released. I'm assuming this will be the Z50 with some pretty high ends specs.

Posted via CB10

Good points. No other realistic option to retain that market segment but by offering a device like that.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

This is my spin, I bought the Q10 for one reason only. The keyboard. Yes you can get use to the touch screens but go back to the buttons & it feels like those old faithful pair of jeans. It just feels nice to wear! Yes the all screen phones have their advantages, but if typing messages a lot, then i'm a big believe in the tactile feel of buttons. I personal think the trend of bigger phones will die. Already they are becoming to unmanageable as they are now intruducing watches cos they are to big for pockets. BlackBerry keep doing what you are doing, right size & right functionality.

Posted via CB10

Anyone: will the new classic/bold/q20 coming in Nov.2014 run OS10.2.1 and be 4G out of box or do I wait for the carrier to deliver?

It will most likely run a newer version of the OS than 10.2.1 since it's several months away from release.

Posted via CB10

I will be looking for a new Z series to replace my Z10, not stepping backwards.

BlackBerry Since 2006. Rogers Halifax, NS - Z10 Official 10.2.1

BlackBerry's slogan for the Classic: "Keep Moving . . . Backwards!"

Does anyone really think that a phone designed to emulate a three year old phone is going to be successful? Really? Because the Q20 was so confusing to use?

At one time almost everyone was a QWERTY user. Most of those people have now moved on. Blackberry is marketing to the dinosaurs who could not or would not move on.

What will be so special about the BlackBerry Classic?

How will BlackBerry justify the wait?

It will have be a world leader or another anticlimax.

Either way the Classic has to be awesome to the power of 10.

Otherwise the names may have changed but the problems stay the same.

Then BlackBerry hasn't learned anything at all.

BlackBerry...Get it done ©

Posted via CB10

Why oh why are they calling it the 'Classic' ? This stuff is painful to watch.

Join the Cause @ BlackBerry Bootleg Marketing Channel - C003483F4

They want to make sure that they are further relegated as a brand, preferably up there with the popularity of dinosaurs.

Posted via CB10

They want to make sure that there is no confusion and upgrade users know that this is familiar and similar to what they are used to.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

For me my Q10 is all that I need from a touch screen and QWERTY phone. I will buy a second Q10 as a back up when the classic arrives.

Posted via CB10

Happy to be part of it.

Nevertheless, I got a Z10 and I'm greatly enjoying it as well as my Q10.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Although I have the Q10 I for one am excited for this. I love the Q10 but I would like the trackpad personally.

Posted via CB10

This a great move - and something hang they should have done at the beginning to pull as many traditional BlackBerry users over. The 9900 is still to me, fantastic looking design look.

Now they have a second chance, to have it coincide with BES12.

What they need to continue to do is to get a real product strategy, naming convention, etc in order to make smaller batches of phones and introduce quick hardware upgrades to the same phones. Apples does this well, BlackBerry should to.

The z10 is a great phone that just needs a refresh. Instead of still making this thing (there see ones still made from Dec I think) they should swap the key components and introduce a z10+.

They have the low cost z3. The high end should be truly high end so that those of who will pay, can get it.

Posted via CB10

Im interested to see this but damn im loving my Q10 like i never thought i would. It would take a lot to get me to need to tool belt but i did love it on the bold. Excited to have options and that BlackBerry is not abandoning the keyboard.

Posted via CB10

CB needs to get better at reporting news. The November date was revealed back in February... yawn...

It would be more interesting to reveal when the Q30 will be released...

"Snap" is the best stop-gap solution for Android apps while we wait for BlackBerry to get its act together...

This is 100% correct even chen said late 2014 for Classic as they need to make changes to the OS to work with the tool belt. Not sure why anyone is shocked @ November

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