BlackBerry Classic internal specs appear via Geekbench

By Bla1ze on 12 Aug 2014 11:14 pm EDT

While many folks are waiting for the arrival of the BlackBerry Passport, we're reminded on a daily basis that many folks out there are also just as excited for the eventual arrival of the BlackBerry Classic. Aside from little bit and pieces of info and speculation, there hasn't been as much info about the Classic as yet. No early hands on, no sneaky blurry images, no full on spec sheets.

The only info that has arrived for the Classic has all been from official channels but a small door has now opened via Geekbench and it offers a look at some of the BlackBerry Classic specs from a Verizon model running OS BlackBerry 10 OS Perhaps as expected, given the Classic was announced ahead of the BlackBerry Passport, it's noted to be running a 1.5 Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor along with 2GB of RAM.

That puts it on par with previous BlackBerry 10 devices released such as the BlackBerry Z10, Q10 and Z30 aside from some clocking differences and regional models but according to the Geekbench test, which is a bit subjective anyway, BlackBerry seems to be getting better performance scores out of the Classic possibly due to the updated OS version which could be more optimized.

With the internal specs seemingly out there, it does beg the question. Do they change your plans on picking up a Classic? Maybe thinking about moving to the Passport now with its bigger display and more RAM? Let us know in the comments or in the CrackBerry Forums.

Remember, they're not official specs yet and there's no way of telling where in the device revision process this particular Classic came from but BlackBerry surely has the specs locked in by now. If they're better, maybe BlackBerry will be forced to announce them. Wishful thinking?

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BlackBerry Classic internal specs appear via Geekbench



Ooh, not a fan of that... although, I must admit, I've only actually removed the battery when accessing the SIM card! I guess non-removable battery isn't really an issue for me.

I am hoping for a device just like the Q10 but with updated specs to reflect what we should see in a 2015 phone. If they release this, they have my $!

The processor sounds decent, but only 2 GB of RAM? Also, nonremovable batteries are a negative for road warriors.

ok if thats what the classic will get than I definitely better of with the passport ^^

passport vs classic
future vs good old days. . .

i'll take the future

The specs are such a disappoint for a device coming out in late 2014!!! Stupid BlackBerry! At least the cpu should be incremented to a 1.7 GHz dual core.

 Posted via CB10 on my  Z30

Very right, it keeps the cost down too. half of the BlackBerry user at my work are still on legacy devices and don't care about spec's.( in conference meetings most don't even know if they have an hdmi output on there laptops to hook up to the projector)

I agree totally, I wanna see a quad core and the capabilities of BlackBerry 10 expanded....

I LOVE BlackBerry 10 and have been excited about the Classic...but i am seriously tempted by Android and a GN5...

And I will perhaps buy a 9790 to go with this for typing purposes...beautiful keyboard!!

Posted via Z10, UK based (Good luck Bla1ze as EiC!)

That processor is the same one as in my Windows Phone, it's fast enough to keep up with whatever you throw at it. Unlike Android, BB10 isn't a resource hog so a QSD S4 is going to be more than powerful enough to run it.

I thought same about non-removable batteries before got Z30. This thing lasts forever and very rarely do I need recharge before head to bed.

If the classic battery lasts this long then I'm all for it. Anyone know the type of screen it will "reportedly" have?

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Also seems strange they didn't give it a slight bump in specs. The z10 and q10 were released over a year ago and they are keeping everything the same? Had they gave it a bump perhaps it might be another selling point for users wanting to upgrade the q10.

As it stands the only real difference is the tool belt and screen(the os will be the same once 10.3 is released).

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That's why I have a charger in my car. BlackBerry OEM version that charges nice and fast. Yes I have a Z30, and yes I still drain the heck out of it because I use it so much!

Posted via CB10

Buy a charger for your car.

If you need any more than that, and assuming this device has a micro usb port, you can use any of these external battery options :

Charge your phone on the go (or keep it changed) without having to remove the battery.

On the topic of charging, will wireless charging be an option? I'm kinda interested in the Classic, but only for messaging.

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Why do you need more than 2GB? Does the Z30 feel slow? Specs are only as good as the software allow them to function and we know 10.3.1 will be better optimized that what we are running now.

I'm quite sure that is 2GB of operating system memory (as per my Z10).

What I didn't see clearly is how much storage memory is on the drive. Personally I'm constantly running short on device storage memory with my Z10. I would like to use it as a BYOD device, but there is no way that I could fit a corporate profile in addition to my personal profile. (I do have a micro SD card installed and use it whenever possible, but some apps face the use of device storage (yes, Nobex, I'm looking at you).)

Posted via CB10 on my Z10.

My concern is that 10.3 is supposed to be end of the line for current BB10 devices. With the Classic sporting the same specs as say the Q10, wouldn't this logically mean it will launch "at the end of the line" as far as software updates are concerned?

Posted from my Tab 3 via Android CrackBerry App!

Thanks Bla1ze for getting back to me so quick. I'm not a fan of the battery is non removable either. The other specs seem decent and should help keep the phone at a reasonable price point

No worries. Personally, I don't have any issues with the specs, I never remove my battery any more, I think that was a desire mostly created by BBOS and its issues with freezing. These days, there's more ways out there to charge your device than swapping out a battery lol. If it's non-removable.. Meh. The BlackBerry charger bundles are great for that. And if the specs help keep the price down, which BlackBerry needs, all good. There's nothing wrong with the performance on that hardware.

You don't worry about the battery because you upgrade to the latest phone. US frugal people who are happy with their phone, or would use it for a kid who isn't paying for it would rather replace the battery than buy a new phone.

Also if the OS kept up, who cares is the phone isn't the latest.

Posted via CB10

I'm a big fan of removable batteries. I like the phone to be as modular as possible. Especially when I spent as much as I did on the phone at launch. I don't want the life cycle of my phone to be entirely dependant on the battery. Batteries degrade over time. Just because there is no issues today doesn't mean the battery life will remain constant.

That is just my view on it. I laughed at iPhone owners because they couldn't swap batteries.

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Right with the price... but in news there will be bad reviews... :( I am afraid of that...

-> 3Gb Ram would be a great thing in the Classic... but now there will be only 2 GB... okay -_-

And I am also afraid What will be with further Updates for the device... the Passport has sooo good specs and now the classic :(

Okay... if you use the device only for business it is great enough :)

So business users are ok with lower end phones? What's more powerful a $300 laptop used for home users or a $3000 laptop used for business?

Disappointing, if true. Removable/spare battery is one of my favorite features of BlackBerry and maybe ny biggest selling point when recruiting iPhone users to convert.

Why is BlackBerry going away from removable battery, if true, in your opinion?

Posted with my  Q10.

Less chance of a bad connection. My 9800 was horrible for battery moving inside and resetting my ph. Pretty sure it's also what contributed to my device slowing down sometimes.

Posted via CB10

With a removable battery you essentially need to build the plastic back of the phone twice: once on top of everything except the battery, and then again on top of the battery.

The first layer takes up space that could be used for a larger battery, as could the extra space used on both the phone and battery for the removable battery connectors. If you don't need to remove it, it can just be connected directly to the phone with a ribbon cable or something, which takes up less space.

Not to mention that since the spare battery won't be sitting in your pocket, or a bag or something, it doesn't need to be quite as rugged, so again, more space for actual battery.

The Z30 still has two back covers. I'm still all for the non removable battery nowadays.

Posted via CB10

I fully agree, I wish they would release one that looks closer to the Z10, maybe upgrade the screen to 4.7" max and a spec upgrade on par with the Passport. I don't need a huge screen, but the Z10 is awesome and I really hope they make another one like it for those of us who still love it. If not I could totally pass on an upgrade for a while and keep with my Z10.
Even after all this time it runs as well as when I first got it, which is something you could never say about an Android that's for sure. Z50 here I come!


I love my Z10. It could definitely use a better battery, larger screen and updated specs. Mine has been running smoothly since I got it in March 2013. No more keyboards for me. Hope we see some full-touch goodies coming down the BlackBerry pipeline soon!

 Proud BB10 user. The best kept secret in mobile 

Just curious Kris... if the LTE Z3 were available in North America would you get one? I love my Z too but I would be tempted to buy as a spare?

"Hip to be Square" - Huey Lewis and the News

I'm absolutely in love with my z10 too, although the battery is clearly insufficient. With my using of the phone it only lasts 10 hours before I have to urgently recharge. I do have an external power bank, the OEM, but I lost it one month ago and this is an issue (nothing that iPhone users are not accostumed to, but something that we Blackberry users weren't used to suffering).

I'll go to the Passport because, although the changing from a physical keyboard of a BBOS to a BB10 full tactile device has been completely satisfying (I don't miss the physical keyboard at all, even I think that I write faster with the tactile one now) who can say that the Passport's innovative keyboard is not as good designed that will make us fell again amazed and shouting "BINGO!"?

I trust on Blackberry and my plans are have the Passport

Posted via CB10

ummm .... so just get the Z30; ALL the specs and options, plus the biggest touch-keyboard on a huge screen AND it learns how/what you type in up to 3 languages.
The future IS available today.

To quote Starsky & Hutch: "Do IT!"

I agree. Though I loved my Z10 when I got it, I really, REALLY love my Z30. It's better incrementally in many ways that the overall experience is so much a pleasure.

Posted via CB10

I agree as well. I absolutely love my Z30! My Z10 was good but going to the Z30 was truly a radical experience. The battery life is fantastic, it feels good in your hand and looks great, and with its larger screen with AMOLED and dark themes, it's like a BB10 update. When 10.3 comes out, it will be like a new phone again!

 BB10 is the best; on a Z30... awesome!

Agreed. The Z30 is a truly amazing phone. I'm willing to bet that most of us will be going Passport though, simply because you don't lose screen real estate when typing.

Posted via CB10

But you do lose screen real-estate if you switch from the 5-inch Z30 to the 4.5-inch Passport.

Plus, you also lose single-handed use and the Z30 aspect ratio.

Z-30/STA 100-5/ USA

well, partly true, msflyingpeacock:
if you consider that you have a sizably (0.7") smaller screen to begin with ALL of the time, even when you're not typing.
PLUS, looking at or watching something in "Widescreen format" (photos to video, even Websites) on the square screen means you're either getting huge black bars top & bottom OR you're always zoomed into just a square portion of the actual wider rectangle.
So yeah: what "eyesopen1111" said!

Not a biggie for some folks, but that's the flipside of the square screen. Just sayin' ....

Check out the blackberry online store. You can get the Z30 for 30% off right now. I think it's like $369, in white or black. Crazy good deal!

Posted via CB10

Well, that's great to know, DecAway, but how come we Canadians are being left out in the cold???? That sale is valid in the US, UK and sundry other places, but in Canada we have to step up and pay full retail right now. Maybe they're planning to run it soon up here, but that's really not fair. C'mon, Blackberry - don't be cruel to your roots!!

Ah crap. Right you are.. I was looking at the american page. Stupid that everything is always default to US.. screws me over when I go to home depot everytime lol... my bad.

Yes, I did see that after I thanked Karan. The US price is valid till the end of August, so I might buy one that way, or I'll keep an eye open for Canadian specials. Either way, it looks like a great phone; the only real issue is, do I want to wait for the Passport????

I totally agree. Although it is a big phone and bigger than I wanted and would like to see a 4.7ish phone, the z30 is beyond amazing. I have a few slight quirks that I don't like but I'm sure they will be fixed with 10.3. And as you mentioned about the keyboard... Omg it's amazing. AND I have it set in 3 languages as I speak English, Spanish and Italian. It's nice because I don't have to switch between languages they just pop up the words I'm looking for or I can speak spanglish or engtalian and I will have no red lines because it knows I'm typing in 3 languages at once. For example my sister doesn't type to me in spanish on her iPhone because she has to switch languages and then for gets, and if you seen bad auto corrects in English, imagine them in another language. So it's great to have that ability and flexibility without much work outside of the initial setup.

Finally posted from my BlackBerry Z30

Z10 with the exact same appearance just better performance would be perfect for me.

Z10 on T-mobile running


I can't believe they'll release this with the same chipset (i.e.: SOC) as the Z10.

It will have AT LEAST the Z30 SOC! (it has to!)

I simply don't believe these are the final specs. It's just way way to crazy. BlackBerry ain't THAT crazy. It will almost certainly have Z30 or better specs unless BlackBerry has gone completely insane...


they surprise us and and reveal that they intend to the Classic to be a low budget phone for emerging markets. This is the only valid reason for having specs that are now multiple years old!!

The RAM is fine. (Some people are complaining about the 2 GBs RAM. Unless you want to have more than 8 app open on the Classic's 3.5 in screen, then you don't need 3 GB RAM today. Maybe in a year or two we'll start to see apps that can really use that extra RAM, but not yet.)

Don't worry, I'm certain we'll be pleasantly surprised when we hear the final specs!! :)

Posted via CB10

+1. I can't see them using the same specs as the Q10. However... these specs work great already. so, it would almost seem like a reinvention of the Q10 at a slightly lower price point to enhance adoption. You know they would sell it for way too much money if they bumped the specs. Seems like they are using Apple's logic with the Classic. Iphone came out with the 5S way too quickly after the 5, so they re-branded the Iphone 5 as the 5C, which is a 5 with a cheap plastic case. Selling the same product with a slight change and drop the price a little. Hopefully it works if this is true.

Posted via CB10

2GB is not enough. My Browser uses up to 700mb of RAM sometimes and yes, I do need to use many of tabs.

Posted via CB10

If these specs turn out to be true, I am going to cry tears. At very least the Classic should have the same specs as the Z30.

Maybe they're trying to drive "Classic" hold-outs to the "upgrade" of the Passport? Had figured it was mostly to drag BBOS holdouts into the BB10 world, but seems that ship sailed long ago. Hope I'm wrong, but that's the "gut response" to all this. Totally non-scientific and circumspect.

Posted via CB10

Either that, or they better have some killer trade-in deals for Q10 owners since it's the same specs, I don't want to pay full price just for 5 buttons...

I'm not sure if the Classic is really targeting those of us who are already on BlackBerry 10. Sounds like a device that should tempt legacy OS users. At least I hope so. And given the keyboard and screen who cares about better specs really? They'd work well in this design. After all it is not a full touch, 5" device now is it?

Posted via CB10

So, you only want better specs if it's in another glass slab? I don't get it, why does that matter? You don't think I want my phone to be capable of running more intense photo editing software? You don't think I enjoy playing Real Racing 3 on my phone because I care about the convenience and efficiency offered to me with the keyboard the other 90% of the time I'm using the phone? Once you get a keyboard phone you don't care about it being able to do anything that requires a good CPU or GPU? I don't know about you, but when I upgrade anything, whether it is my phone or my PC, I like to future proof it. It doesn't really make sense to pay money for old technology... But I guess asking BB to give us the best of both worlds would be expecting too much...

Well said! First, I don't think these will be the final specs anyhow, but it's crazy to hear all the "spec-apologists" already.

If this is true, then its a huge failure by BlackBerry. We should not praise or try to "explain" horrifically poor decisions that they might make (even if we are fans!!)

Posted via CB10

Different specs for different target markets. That's all I'm saying. The company is still desperately trying to turn itself around and the general consumer market is not its focus for the time being.

Thus, the Passport and the Classic release this fall. Perhaps higher specs for an all-touch device a little later.

Posted via CB10


Thankfully though, I'm pretty certain that these are NOT the final specs.

Sometimes rumours are plausible, but (even one based in some fact) are so batsh*t crazy that they simply cannot be true.

This one falls squarely in the batsh*t crazy pile.

Posted via CB10

Ya total let down. Pretty old hardware for a phone going into 2015. Only saving grace would be a sub $400 price tag. But hey maybe BlackBerry will surprise us.

Posted via CB10

That and the track pad. If there is one thing I miss on my Z30, it's the trackball/pad. For some the Classic is going to be the way to go. Others will not switch away from their all-touch. Nice that as BlackBerry users we have that choice.

Posted via CB10

Sounds about right for my dad. Still on feature phone / flip phone.
If he doesn't get this "promised" S3 hand-me down from one of his mates, I might get him one.

These specs and a comparatively low $400 price might just be ideal to entice CTO/CIO/CFOs to upgrade to the Classic and BES12...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Bla1ze, can you pull some strings and get us a leak? Preferably a new 10.2.1. Thanks!

Posted via CB10

Im sure this machines specs provide an awesome experience! Old hardware? Yeah right! They built it for power users.

Blackberrys gone MAF if they are still sticking to 1.5ghz, they are CRAZY if they using dual core, rather than quad core and at least have 2.5gb ram for classic upping from the previous devices z10/q10,z30 that had 2gb.

Posted via CB10

It's always nice having high specs but to be honest, my Q10 is super fast, doesn't lag, and I don't think it could be any faster for what I do. Besides, it's already on par or faster at pretty much every task I do (web browsing, photo editing, launching apps, etc) than my iPhone or Galaxy devices. Note though that I don't play games so maybe you do?

I always have lags on my z10 and little bit on my z30, browser always crashes if it's on active frame for too long, which you need to close it restart it again, (nothing of sort happens to my friends galaxy s4 but I still prefer bb10 os). However, that isn't my point, unless it's a midrange phone priced at something like £200, as a normal progression over time classic should upgrade their specs as opposed to their previous phones which was released nearly 2 years ago or otherwise you're buying the phone just for its new design and a trackpad where it's internally the same as the phone they released 1.5 years ago. One more advantage of having high specs is that you will have more OS updates, I doubt the current bb10 devices will exceed OS 10.3.

They need to keep with other markets not just stay behind, although there isn't always need of high specs to some people, nevertheless, high specs attracts more people, especially thw consumer side. From your point of view, the current bb10s maybe lag free and fast, but wouldn't you want that to be improved much more in its new devices after 2 years? Imagine the performance and speed it would have with the high specs if you already thought it good enough with the low specss.

Posted via CB10

I'm actually starting to kinda like the idea of Classic being lower spec'ed.

You realize how long those Bolds are lasting? And are still under support. That means if corp dudes buy into the Classic, we will likely get ongoing support for all older phones (first gen like Z10, Q5/10, etc) for a loooong while, too. Even if it's just security updates, I'm happy with that.

Sure, massive specs with quadcore and 3GB would mean a better experience now, but would make older devices obsolete more quickly. We might even get 10.4 and beyond, just look at older iPhones, still getting updates...

Whichever way BlackBerry decides to go...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

I'm not sure I understand your comment. You actually think that making the Classic more future-proof with better specs is a bad idea? Wouldn't that lower the value that Classic customers receive?

Z-30/STA 100-5/ USA

Weak, weak, weak. if this is true, I can't follow the logic in releasing an antiquated device. I have a hard time believing these specs...

Posted via CB10

People. For the billionth time. BlackBerry is focusing on ENTERPRISE. This phone is NOT focused on the consumer market. It is for the enterprise hold outs who carry 9900 and are happy with a phone with those specs but never jumped to Q10 because they want the belt. John Chen has said this I don't know how many times. He said enterprise customers asked for this and that BlackBerry is finally listening. BlackBerry wants BlackBerry 10 adoption rate up and these hold outs to make the jump. Since they are looking to sell to enterprise, a market who is looking for cost effectiveness, they're going to make it an affordable lower spec phone. This is NOT intended to compete with phones in the 2015 consumer space, which is why it's specs are not competitive. Get it?

Posted via CB10

If it has similar specs to q10, IN THAT CASE THE PRICE SHOULD BE REASONABLE, DON'T YOU THINK, maybe LIKE £200 for enterprise users or consumers since you can buy q10 for £150-£200.

Posted via CB10

If blackberry are focusing on enterprise they won't be charging silly prices for their phones.

Also 5 buttons will not tempt os7 hold outs. Making a reliable os will

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Never cared for this. Give it out for cost to all big enterprise clients. an amazing incentive for taking on BES 12.

From my z30

Not in the interface afaik.

PM one of the mods...

They will understand and can arrange manual change...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Classic was suppose to have 3GB RAM and a 2.2 Ghz processor. What's the point of purchasing the Q10 all over again?

Posted via the BlackBerry Z-Ton

The 3GB of RAM is reasonable, I've seen that before as well but may I ask where you got the 2.2Ghz spec from? That's never been the case AFAIK.

They should make classic 2 big as z30, with the passport keyboard technology, keeping the same design as classic 1.

Posted via CB10

They should or you would like them to? I'd suggest they have done their market research and have a good idea or what will work.

Posted via CB10

Oops wrong wording, well I would like them to, and I was talking about a future device if they were get a sequel to the classic, am sure they did there market research for z10, q10, look what happened. But if the pricing is right for this classic like £200-250, I would get it, as you can buy q10 for £150-200, provided that classic has similar specs to q10, which seems like it according to this post.

Posted via CB10

I think the point here is that, the Classic is for those that didn't buy a Q10 because of the lack of tool belt. If you had a Q10, then you're not a target market,.. you are a target market to upgrade to a Passport.

Posted via CB10

I understand where you're coming from but you also have to take into account that this one's coming 1.5 years after the Q10 release. I'm not one to judge a phone just by its specs and I'm confident the 1.5GHz dual-core will work for a long time for the Classic but I am concerned about the 2GB RAM (if that's even true). A phone released Q4 2014/Q1 2015 would be expected to get all OS updates through at least 2017, and then BB would have to ensure those updates work smoothly on 2GB of RAM. And if that's the case, why even put 3GB in the Passport then.

I was actually impressed when they released the Q5 with 2GB RAM because it showed a commitment on the company's part to future-proof the device even though it was priced relatively lower.

Passport needs a bit more due to massive pixel count, and you'd likely have a lot more Active Frames open all the time...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Well, hopefully this allows them to offer it for cheap... which is the only way BlackBerry will get anyone to take a chance on it.

Posted via CB10

If these specs are true I hope that means these will be --CHEAP-- unlocked. BlackBerry needs as much adoption as they can get, even if it means breaking even on this round of hardware. Any word on wireless charging in the Classic or Passport?

The problem isn't today. Today my Z30 performs superbly.

The problem is tomorrow, or specifically two years into a contract. The device may feel antiquated, be it physically or psychologically.

If this end-of-year 2014 device doesn't at least exceed the Z30's 2013 specs, then how will it feel at the end 2016?

The z30 launched with way outdated specs and it's already showing. Videos and pictures looks horrendous compared to other phones, I get that sluggish and lag occasionally with the 2 year old processor, and don't get me started on the camera

No offense, Gui, I wouldn't have expected anything else from you.
We know that you are a specs lover and " exspec'ct " the latest and best...

That's cool with me, but CTO / CIO / CFOs might look at it from a slightly different angle...

As a Linux geek, I was cruising on massively outdated specs way into 2012 / 13, until Canonical beefed up Unity desktop so it became pretty much unusable on older PCs. Happy camping on Mint now... (on quadcore / 8GB)


 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Camera, I agree. Low light performance of Z30 camera sucks. But no sluggishness in any other areas.

Agreed. The Z30 is still blazingly fast and I think that's what BlackBerry is all about - making their devices run more efficiently on the hardware they have. Not one of my old devices got slower or had more lag as time went on. They all still ran as smooth as the day I bought them. Perhaps the Internet got a bit fast for the dated browser built in but that's one area that BlackBerry is actually excelling right now. The internet on my phone is faster than my PC right now.
And I don't agree with people complaining about the camera... It's a camera built in to your phone for crying out loud! It's not supposed to be revolutionary, it's supposed to get you by if you don't have your actual camera with you. It's like saying the pair of scissors on your swiss army knife doesn't work as well as your fiskers.

+1 for Fiskars

(even their push reel mowers are great, and chomp almost like a petrol machine)

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Exactly, the classic is just a Q10 with the track pad and back button!! Who does that? They need to match the specs on the passport

Posted via CB10

My z10 lags in the hub / emails / text messages at least once a day so hopefully the 10.3 and upgrades will eliminate that.

Posted via CB10

Why does it need Passport specs? This won't be a movie watching or game playing phone. It needs to do communication flawlessly, and those internals will do that with ease

Posted via CB10

Well now we know why it's called a "Classic". Those specs are not bad for a great optimized OS (I mean the iPhone's still on dual core) so I can't complain, but I'm definitely not as hyped about this one as I am about the Passport. The fact that this was running on Verizon as well as the z30 I'm feeling more inclined to believe we'll get the Passport. Only problem I'm having is waiting until November.

Posted via the CrackBerry App for Android

Specs specs specs... Who cares if the OS is optimized for it? Not like it's running android, it doesn't need a 128core NVidia processor (or how many cores the new one has lol) to be smooth. My q10 never lags or anything. The only reason I wish they put a newer processor is due to efficiency/batterylife.

Low specs low specs low specs = low price. Classic (£200) sounds good since you can buy q10 for £150-£200.

Posted via CB10

The listed specs means that the classic will be priced for a mid tier device. I'm sure the Classic will be quick and snappy as any other current phone unless you're gaming or doing something intensive which I doubt the target audience will do with this device.

I think Blackberry is concentrating their efforts on the Passport, and the Classic is just a stop gap for those who didn't want to move to a Q10. I think if sales for the Classic out sells the Passport and sells well we'll see a shift to more toolbelt designs for future devices, but that just my opinion.

I will be very disappointed if it in fact only has two gigs of ram. Was expecting 3! I also don't like the fact that the battery is non-removable! I was having a great day until I read this info. I understand the specs are just spec but I am not going to upgrade to a Q10 with a toolbelt! I have gone a year without it. Hopefully BlackBerry is still around in dec 2015 as that is when I will decide on whether to upgrade to a Q30 or not. The passport hasn't grown on me. Its still damn ugly! Going to bed!

Q10 with Telus on

I'm not happy with the low specs (see my posts) but who cares about 3 GBs of RAM??

The Passport needs it since has many more active frames.

No mobile software requires that much RAM.

Faster CPU? Yes. More RAM? Not important (just yet).

Posted via CB10

All depends on price point. Mid range specs for mid range prices makes sense but either way I'd up the ram to 3G.

Posted via CB10

Looking forward to being able to select text precisely again (e.g. Bold, 9790). Q10 is great, but Classic looks to be an upgrade.

If these specs make you sad you were probably never planning to buy Classic anyway.
This is a phone for those that can't snap out of BB5-BB7 world because of tool belt. This phone will be F17 for them and will have their precious tool belt so these specs are perfectly fine.
I have 2 year old Z10 and it's running noticeably better than my cousin's S3. Can't see how the newer OS on Classic won't be plenty for the target audience.

Posted via CB10

+1 -- I'm on BB5 on a 9700. The web browser drives me crazy.
My only concern is the non-removable battery in the Classic. This is a guarantee for Blackberry that when the battery goes south (like mine did last year in the 9700) instead of spending $12 on a new battery, I have to spend $x00 on a new phone. Not cool.

My tech savvy android using programmer friend tried my wifes Z30. First comment. You can tell its a quad cote because it's smooth

This phone is to help move bbos clingers to move up to bb10.

They want a toolbelt, a pkb that works like a 9900. They also get a nice sized screen and great battery life.

My Z10 dual core is doing fine and the system works better and the apps are not getting tougher.

I expect many of these are pre-sold just like the new batch of 9900s

But what about the graphics processor?

HTC TOUCH, Nokia-N97, BlackBerry Torch 9800, Z10

LOL at quadcore comment.

Yeah, quad graphics, but not CPU. :-)

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

With specs being on par with Z10 & Q10 (which should be enough), BlackBerry should be able to get those components much cheaper nowadays. Thus, I hope the Classic turns into a cash cow for BlackBerry cow allowing them to grow dynamically and capture a big piece of the market again.

I'm I the only one who was excited to see the name "Verizon" up there? That's a good sign to me, for continued support.

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I was also excited...for a moment... Try finding a store that won't try and dissuade you away from a BB or give the "you have to get it online" speech. "Support" is suggestive. Jockstraps offer far more in the "Classic" sense. :D

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Maybe they are waiting to see how passport does. Hopefully by march new full touch will release

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Well I need a phone that lasts me a long time I hate my z10 for battery it's not a good phone in battery life I wanted the z30 but I'm with att and I hope the classic has a lot more battery

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Install task manager and shut off those battery hogging android apps you loaded but don't actually use. I get an easy 24 hrs out of a charge on my Z10

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On z10 that's impossible if I'm lucky I get it on the z30

Posted via the awesome power of BlackBerry 10 on one of my lovely devices probably my brand new Z30 or my great Q10 or my beautiful Z10

It really depends on how much you use it.  My wife has a Z10 and she gets almost two days out of it.  I can squeak through a day (perhaps) on my Z30.  Obviously I use mine WAY more than she uses hers.

I was waiting for this phone long time .They have to much specs for upcoming year in my opinion

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Can they release a phone with at least up to date specs. I mean the passports does have nice specs but it's still not even the best like every other flag ship. I want the latest processor because I don't want to have anymore lags. I want 3gb of ram so I can have more tabs open or have the apps that require more ram to be on, I want a camera that can actually take decent photos or at least be comparable to the competition. Seems like they're just releasing last year's phone or even two years ago phones

Tabs adddict like me? :-)

My Q10 easily handles 45+, and that's about as much as I ever need to push it when doing web research on the go or have a lot of documentation open...

For my use case the Passport will be M.U.C.H. better for browsing and PDFs because of the wide display...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

I kinda think this is the Q10 Replacement... My opinion though. anyway, that spec should be enough. Yes, they improve the thing I believe we all need, battery. It's good so now we have two option for two different class, high-end & mid-end. Still buying this one.

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Another phone with dated specs. Does BB even want to realistically sell phones? What US carriers, from the remaining 3, are going to feebly attempt to sell it? Which ones are going to even bother to carry it? The Z30, at least looked like the rest of the phones out there today and Verizon was the only one to carry it. Who is going to carry a phone that looks dated with run of the mill specs? BB needs a touchscreen with tops specs if they want to compete in todays market. And get T-Mo back in the fold, so I have a chance to get one.

Only stupid people buy from carriers, every intelligent person knows to buy unlocked, from the manufacturer or not

Really?  Your justification for that is.. what?  Please do explain.  I'd love to hear this one.

The carriers don't care about offering you the best specs. In Canada, the Q5 was far more available than the Z30 and I am sure that it comes down to one factor alone for the carriers: price.
Solid specs at a solid price = high sales numbers and profitability
This is the exact phone that it needs to be.

What's the point in being negative, at least "speculative" negativity, IF we don't know all the details!!?? #pointless

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Removable battery is essential as my Q10 battery only holds about 2 our charge now. I was hoping for a 2GHz dual core or something. But I guess the only difference between the Classic and the Q10 is the belt and the rest of the internals are the exact same. Hoping for $300 but that's wishful thinking. I'll get this and the Passport. The passport will be my Playbook replacement. 1:1 screen way better for web browsing.

This sucks, is this supposed to be some kind of chick flick? The pretty one is crappy on the inside and the ugly one has beauty on the inside. ( I still think the passport is butt ugly)

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IF this is the Classic, essentially a Q10 with a tool belt and a somewhat larger screen, I won't be upgrading to it! This would be last year's specs, not enough for me to upgrade, especially as the Q10 will be getting 10.3.1 later anyhow. Nor do I think it will impress the BB7 holdouts!
I say IF because it's inferred that this is the Classic. Even if it is, this might be an early alpha version, we don't know. But if it is the final specs, I'll be going with the Passport!

IMO, comparing the Passport to the Classic is like the old adage of comparing apples to oranges. These two devices are targeting two different groups of users with distinctly different needs/wants. Much like comparing touch to keypad devices. Then again, opinions are like belly-buttons: everyone has one! Go BlackBerry Go!!!

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I don't care much about the Classic as I'm going to be getting a Passport, but those specs are, well, kind of old. Never been a huge spec junkie and both my Z10 and Q10 perform admirably well but if that was the only model BlackBerry was going to offer then they would have surely lost me as a customer OR I would have simply not purchased a BB device until the next flagship, because let's face it, this is not.

Pretty early OS release on what is highly likely a prototype hardware spec.
I want a passport but will wait and see how the classic shapes up.

Z10 STL100-2 EE UK

Slower than a Z30 and a Human-Machine interface from 2011.

I'll pass(port?).

Posted from my BlackBerry Z30 STA100-2 / on O2 UK - Activated on BES10.2.3

I would not be surprised if these were the last general release devices from BlackBerry. Everything they have done since Chen has been enterprise oriented. The z3 seems to have run its course. Is Foxcomm still producing it or has that order run ended. What is the availability of it now . I hope for one last high end all touch but don't think BB is interested in the consumer market at all. For them the future is enterprise.

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The classic will be exactly what John Chen stated it will be -a phone for enterprise users. He made it clear that this is a phone they demanded, and he is delivering. Mr. Chen is not interested in satisfying the consumer market with this phone because he knows that enterprises will by them in bulk. Many on this post complained about the specs; however, many companies failed to adopt the Q10 because it was missing the tool belt. This was a market BlackBerry particularly targeted when they released the Q10. Companies are in search of a work tool, hence why the 9900 is still being used by many organization. If they were so concerned with specs, do you really think they would use 5 year old phones and technology?

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I didn't know Qualcomm are still building the s4 pro, it was nice at its time, it does good work on z30 along with andreno 320, but at least we were hoping for better specs just because we wanted to see BlackBerry moving on in phone industry. Imagine a guy who left his BlackBerry 9900 and went for a Samsung s4 or s5, he may be in love with 9900 but it looks old compared with those specs, and if he wants to consider the classic, he will see it as downgrade to its current using device, not an update, if it had competitive specs, BlackBerry would have recover looks of lost users, I'm fine with my z30, I'm just saying....

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We all know the Classic would run absolutely smoothly with those specifications. BBOS10 doesn't require a huge cpu and big ram.
Would people buy that, when then can get a octacore instead? I think the geeks won't but other people don't care about as long the device runs smoothly.

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My G3 consistently uses less ram than my z10. Bb 10 in my experience uses ram.

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I'm just praying its not another Verizon exclusive that never comes to AT&T like the z30

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Still using S4 plus? Although it's enough for BB10, we want new SOC.

Posted via BlackBerry Q10

It's all about efficiency! Do more with less. As long as multiple Android apps run smoothly "at the same time", it will be OK. Also consider that Flash/Air runtime will be gone which frees some more resources.

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Gotta give this Q10 a geekbench test. Lol

Maybe even my bold? :P

Posted via CrackBerry 10 (CB10) application using my BlackBerry Q10.

Personally I would consider the Z10,Q10 and the Classic as fleet enterprise smartphones.

The Z3 LTE is for the consumer .

The Passport is for the top executives.

BlackBerry was ill prepared for the consumer market, and was deservedly slaughtered for it. From the Storm to the PlayBook.

You do not ' bring a pocket knife to a gun fight '.

John Chen's view was to tackle the Enterprise market first and foremost. Make BlackBerry the gold standard for security and MDM.

Always try to fight your battles on your terms not the competitions.

When BlackBerry's reputation is completely restored and further strengthened.

Then and only then will BlackBerry venture into the consumer market.

The consumer market is almost at saturation point.

We as consumers are notoriously fickle, our tastes are constantly evolving.

Apple's and Samsung's share price reflects this.

Why do you think Apple are teaming up with IBM?

Apple knows there only a finite price point that consumers are willing to pay.

I know everyone is impatient for high grade spec BlackBerrys , it will be worth the wait.

The Passport is only the beginning.

BlackBerry...Get it done!!! ©

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I dont mind having that specs if they could atleast match the price of the phone with the specs they're bringing! Problem with Blackberry is they give you such a low spec phone (compared to the other competitors) yet they price it the same if not higher than them.

Cmon Blackberry!

Passport = charge premium = check!
Classic = charge premium??? = X!

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I'm just wondering Bla1ze if anyone read the last paragraph ?

There is NO guarantee that this is the final version of specifications for the Classic .

Let's all take five and concentrate on the Passport.

This is the device which is soon to be released.

The Classic will be here soon enough...

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Classic will be available in about 3 months... so it should be the final specifications..


Wait for the real update on the specs...even if its Q10 specs, I am too happy and wil jump to classic...
But hope camera atleast wil get a big upgrade....

Posted via CB10 with My Baby Q10 !!
Once BLACK never BACK !!

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Was hoping that it would have better spec, same as the Z10 two years down the road! What's going on? I wanted the classic with 3100+ battery, 3Gb ram, and octacore processing ;o)


Nice. I'll still take this over the z30, passport, z10, and I have a q10 so...ya that too

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Definitively not! It's a Q10 with two buttons and a trackpad. The same mistake. When I buy my Q10 a 1.5 ghz processor was not bad. Today, a 1.5 processor is obsolete for a high end device.
Please BlackBerry be realistic.

God Bless You!

God Bless You!

Specs matter!! I mean I'm tired of seeing my friend wield his Samsung Galaxy S5 in my face with all the great specs!! Of all the blackberry phones I've had only the Z30 comes close to impressing my friends with the screen size and performance

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A no-go for me. Ouch, BlackBerry!

Keep my Q10, but toolbelt and and larger screen wouldn't hurt. Got my charger bundle kit with extra battery for Q10 today, and it rocks!

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 


I can see now how well the new battery is holding up against the old one, after a year of moderate to heavy Q10 use. The old one drained too fast, an hour or two of CB use and down to 70% or less. On about 20-25% brightness only!

Wouldn't last a day like in the beginning, and that was with 10.1!
Arrival of 10.2.1 probably masked battery deterioration for a while...

I wouldn't want to see that on a phone that quickly. That means I'd have to do the screwdriver battery swap in a year or take it down the shop...


@ Jim Banks2 ^

Yeah, planned obsolescence. This is a bad move for a fleet phone. BlackBerry think again...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

So hopefully they price it around the Q10 current discounted pricing, $299, since it is basically a Q10 internally. Otherwise fail!

Posted with a BlackBerry Z10

Honestly I don't think anyone will want a classic after using a passport. Plus z30 owners are going to be jealous after seeing the screen and how fast it runs.

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For me it is the Passport (only as upgrade of my contract and if available/sold by my provider)... In the meantime, I stick with my Q10 that I'll upgrade to 10.3.1.

BlackBerry*Q10, T-Mobile Germany - SQN100-3, Running OS

Who would want this lame phone? It looks like a dinosaur. I hate this phone with a passion. I'll take the Passport all day.

Posted on my Z30

Even though speculative, I don't like the specs. Specially the RAM... perhaps a bigger RAM and bigger removable battery...

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Good news here is that it looks like a vzw device. So maybe vz will have it first, and it looks like 10.3.1 is already being tested at vzw!

Posted with my awesome  Z30

I'm having second thoughts with the Passport lately and I'm leaning towards buying the Classic, mainly because I always wanted a Bold. I made the jump from a Torch to a Z10 but always having in the back of my mind that I wanted a physical keyboard and trackpad (reason why I didn't just go with the Q10). So I'm looking forward to it but I'm not too fond of some of the specs right now.

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My beef is that they going to do what they always do - overprice outdated hardware.

We're talking about a phone being released at the end of 2014 going into 2015 with mid 2012 specs. I mean come on. They expect us to upgrade to a q10 with some extra buttons??? in 2015?

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Look at everyone whining! The classic is a fleet enterprise phone, its for work not games, it needs to be cost effective.

As long as it cost below USD350 I think this will do well.

Differentiate or Die

Think Curve now, practically...

Passport is the flagship, until Z30 successor. :-)

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Disappointing processor! Thought this was supposed to be a top-tier phone as well...those are mid to lower tier specs that are usually priced in the high end..either way I'm not a fan, screen too small and not my specs in 2015 sorry!!


Looking forward to actually see the Classic. I have both the Z10 & Q10 and switch back between the two periodically. Still love the physical keyboard of the Q10 but the Z10 is so easy to use. Just wish the battery was higher capacity & the screen was AMOLED.

When you only have ONE working hand, phones with 5-inch screens and phablets is not an option. My perfect combo right now are Z10/Q10 & my Sony Xperia Z1 Compact.

BB10 for everything Blackberry phones are great at and the Z1 Compact for a top of the line Android experience.

Funny how you mention having only one hand but yet you have 3 phones, a bit odd of a statement without explaining just a little. Maybe I'm more tired than I thought.

I'm starting to lean towards an all touch phone but my Q10 will have to do for now which I still really like.

No More Music!!!!! No More Videos!!!

Oh yeah.. that does kinda sound weird.

I alternate my main number/sim between my Z10 & Q10. My secondary or backup number/sim I put in my Sony Z1 Compact. I'm also somewhat of a gadget geek so that's part the reason.

The reason why I'm basically one handed is that I suffered a stroke a few years back. The left side of my body was affected. Needless to say, not everything has come back yet. Useability of my left hand is probably around 30-35%. Spasticity is still a major obstacle in trying to control & use it.

Anyway, I really like my Z10. The size is perfect, my thumb can reach the far edge. An updated Z10 with AMOLED and higher capacity battery would be perfect (as well as updated internals).