From the forums: The BlackBerry Classic concept gets a revamp

By James Richardson on 15 May 2014 05:51 am EDT

Concept time once again and this one is a reworked version from regular forum poster DYLANHABKIRK who initially brought us a concept of the BlackBerry Classic/Q20 a short while back. But in true CrackBerry style he took onboard the comments that were left in the post and tweaked the design - good on him!

So what's new with this concept:

I moved the Volume, and Power / Sleep / Wake Button to the side. This allows the user ease of access considering the device gained some height with it's 3.5" 1:1 screen.

Obviously I cannot please everyone, but my intentions are to bring a new, yet Classic, Original design to the table. With more square corners, a leather back, and an easier to use lowered keyboard.

This one's looking pretty darn sweet if you ask me. Whether we'll see a return of the leather back to the BlackBerry Classic remains to be seen. I'm not sure I would want it but it is a 'classic' BlackBerry feature going back to some of the older legacy devices. 

Once again, feel free to jump into the forum thread and sound off with your thoughts. And if you like the wallpaper seen above you can grab that there too. 

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Reader comments

From the forums: The BlackBerry Classic concept gets a revamp


I just can't help but feeling, with most of these 'Classic' designs, that we're taking a step backwards.
But, if it's what the people want...

I totally agree, in the age of touch screens, why do we want back buttons and thumb mouse.
The slider is the way to go, and again to each his own. If it is what it takes for BlackBerry to go back in the black, by all means build and sell it.

I keep my Z30, thank you.

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Well, even today some people prefer to use a keyboard on their phones. When I had my Q10 and would show customers, pretty much all of them would say (despite having the latest LG or Samsung) that they loved their BlackBerry when the had hit. People secretly prefer a keyboard because of accuracy and we still type on keyboards even in today's technology . Slider phones are are not very durable and that's just from both personal and professional experience. I really love my Z30 but I do miss that keyboard. I'm a forever Sidekick fan so who knows with the BlackBerry classic.

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I'm not against the keyboard, not at all, loved it on the 9600 / 9800 / 9900, it's the fact that we've (or maybe just I've) moved on from the trackball an track pad, and the physical buttons other than the keys.
The Q10 is so elegant, with the touch and type combination, why do we need anything else?

I hear ya. Not to thrilled about a track pad being bought back but if there is a market for it which I'm sure there is then do it.

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Lol! Gotta make it longer.

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing  )  ‎BlackBerry Q10...oh wait a sec....its my new  BlackBerry Z30 (STA100-5), son! The holy grail of phones! Once you go BlackBerry, everything else is wack-berry! LOL!

I find that the track pad allows for much more accurate placement of the cursor (for editing especially) than this blessed circle of frustration that I have to deal with on my Q10.

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The circle is getting better. 10.2 was much better, and what I've seem of 10.3, it's much better still.

I don't understand the reason for adding the trackpad and buttons to the Classic. The reason the old version had the trackpad and buttons was because it ran a totally different OS and you needed those items, which you don't in BB10.

Before I made the switch from my 9810 to my Z10 I exclusively used the trackpad for scrolling despite the fact I could have just used the phone's touchscreen. I thought I'd have a tough time making the transition to the Z10, but after a day and a half I didn't miss the trackpad or buttons one bit. Bringing them back on a phone running a gesture-based OS like BB10 seems crazy- and backwards- to me.

 Lovin' my Z10! 

So I take it you suffer from the "newer must be better" disease? I'll take a keyboard with toolbelt over the "newer cooler" thing any day because efficiency and speed is more important to me. Besides, touchscreens on phones came before trackpads, so... :-P

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

No. I agree with the less is more theory. Why add additional physical buttons, making the whole phone bigger, or screen smaller, when a keyboard and screen, as per the Q5 or Q10, will get the job done with ease.

Ending a call, when you're in another app? Need to swipe back into the Phone app, and hit the main panel.

With that button, this little inconvenience should be solved.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Well, you are talking to the wrong person. Every day I curse at my phone when trying to hang up a call after using speaker phone, and recently with the new official 10.2.1 release from AT&T my proximity sensor stopped working, so the screen always turns off and the screen locks even if I don't use speakerphone and I have to unlock the screen just to hang up a call... So, yes, adding the buttons back is a freakin' godsend...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

Well, yes, that's why it's called Classic.

How much stuff out there is going retro? Not just as a fad or fashion, some things really were better in the olden golden days. More charm or simpler to operate.

Real vinyl records have something, no CD or high-def Audio DVD can give you...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Oooh. Now your talking in my language with the vinyl records. I love to DJ with digital stuff but I still love regular vinyl and or Serato scratch live.

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I don't think there's any guarantee that this IS what people want. It's what a lot of very vocal people said they want, but when it comes to putting their money down for one, hmm let's see.

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Good effort by the artist, but I hope the final Classic will have some innovation and wont be just a big BOLD BB.

Some suggestions? Not sure how much different a qwerty device with touch screen can get, other than the slider. Even today's full touch phones are basically the same design from five years ago. Full slab, screen on front, camera on back. It's the OS that brings innovation, which I think BB has already done very well with BB10.

Isn't the point of the Classic to give people that are persisting with a bb7 device more reasons to switch to the newer OS platform.

In my opinion, the innovation is under the hood. This is the phone keyboard loving blackberry enthusiasts wanted when they heard BlackBerry was redoing their operating system and was releasing a new flagship phone. The key is that this phone will have all the features they loves from the old OS phones, plus the innovation that is BB10. When people get their hands on this phone, their minds will be blown.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

Honestly, I would be completely fine if the Classic was literally a Bold 9000 chassis with BlackBerry 10 capable electronics. The 9000 had such an amazing look and like the 9900 and other Bold models, it was a nice size to hold and pocket. I really don't want another phone as tall as this Z10, so if the Classic is as big as Z10, I'll buy a Q10 instead and just live without the buttons.

Anyhow, if they want to make a BlackBerry that is "classic", they may as well use an existing chassis. Makes logical sense. Perhaps replace some bezel space with more screen. 2.6" on the 9000 and 2.8" on the 9900 and both were 66mm wide. They could keep the width and height while making the diagonal size 3.5 fairly easily.

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Cant wait for the CLASSIC BB!!

And the leather back is just logic. Premium device with no compromises.

Can't wait!!!

The leather back on the Bold 9900 was revolutionary and fantastic.

Founding Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile

The hardcore vegetarian and vegan fraction that would refuse to buy a device for that reason should be minimal.

Maybe they can make it "organic", "toxin-free", cruelty free, etc.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Lol... not possible. Even smelting the copper and digging the lithium is bad for the environment and animal habitat, let alone all the other bad practices that make our electronics possible. Anyone truly concerned with not supporting things that are bad for the Earth should not use any solid state device (or most manufactured goods, with the exception of some food that is more energy efficient to make in a factory than a local kitchen, like donuts.).

So.... yeah, uncompromising tree huggers should stick to the edible kind of blackberries. :)

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Only one phone. Just adding choice.

You don't need to buy it. You will get your all-touch high-end slab. :-)

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

This design is just a mashup of q10 and bold. Seriously I hope BlackBerry is getting more designy this time :)

Checked! Task Pro: You have to try this app out! Believe me its amazing!!

All of you saying this phone is a terrible direction for BlackBerry to you think the current direction and selection of BB10 phones is working? because Legacy devices still routinely outsell BB10 phones 3:1.

Posted with my  Q10.

That's exactly my point. Also, classics will be it's own line of phones. There will still be other qwerty devices.

Posted via Z30

As as been mentioned before there's more reasons why os7 outsells bb10 but I doubt design is one of it. Common

Posted with zee flicking coolest smartphone evah

While design might not be one of those reasons, the functionality of the hardware almost certainly is, so if there is a market for adding the toolbelt then thats fine.

Still think its a huge error in judgement bringing back the toolbelt. Its a step backwards not forwards and is eating development resources that could be advancing the platform.

Q10 did not sell better because people like the "toolbelt", especially, the track pad.

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Supposedly, but then each of the BB10 phones have not sold as expected.
I'm not sure if it's that, or the bigger BlackBerry feeling that has effected sales.

I hate to put it on a downer as I'm a big BB fan, but there's a lot of work to be done.
10.3 is looking great, and could definitely help, but I feel that there is a lot more marketing, reinstating the brand, product placement, deals with carriers, and bringing things out quickly and efficiently that would do better than by taking a step back in design terms.

In my experience the best design follows the KISS method
Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Apologies for the rant.

Screw "design terms".

For a lot of folk, the Q10 was a step BACKWARDS in "usability terms", that's why they didn't buy.

Advancing the operating system? Waste of development resources?
By adding all those immensely useful legacy features that were missing and made a 'Berry a BlackBerry?

This thing will move and win over even flip-phone people, just because it's still a PHONE with an answer and hang-up button. There are no more "Phones" sold, this will sell just because of that.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Ya I think so, for some reason it doesn't fit anymore, not to be misunderstood, I've always loved the belt but I think it's about time we move forward.

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BlackBerry next generation phone must be a long life battery phone. At least can support 1.5 day for a Really Super User. Make it thicker, and better battery life.

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The successor to the Bold 9000 has arrived.

Where is the '10' in BlackBerry 10?

Have you seen it on the device or the start up sequence? Me neither.

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Would be interested to see how the toolbelt will be integrated into the BB10 software. Keep in mind that the software was essentially created in a way where the home or end button is not needed.

I thought that was the coolest and most original part of BB10, apparently others dont....

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The way I see it, they're just going to map the buttons to existing swipe commands.
End/Hangup Phone=swipe up to active frames
BB/Menu=3 dot menu
Back=Back Arrow/left bezel rightward swipe
Answer Phone=launch phone app
Trackpad=there's already support for external mice, so the trackpad will probably be treated that way

I like that thinking. I have an iPad, PlayBook and Samsung Note 10.1 Pro, all are designed for full touch.

But something about using a keyboard and mouse is still more efficient. I don't want to talk to my device at work or at home with the kids around.

I love my Z10 in so many ways and can't handle my old Curve anymore. But the keyboard and trackpad was amazing for it's time. I can see loving it again with a big screen and powerful specs of BlackBerry 10.3, especially if the time saving tweaks from BBOS make it back in.

They probably realize how much real pro users that were loyal to the 9900 were put off by the Z10 and Q10 launch editions.

Posted via CB10

Who's gonna learn that or even RTFM?

There are a lot of users of other phones out there that can't handle anything without a home button of some sort...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

That's why (in my scenario) the End/Hangup is effectively a home button, the way it is in OS 7. The toolbelt is for people still using OS 7 that can't be bothered to learn BB 10 so mapping the OS 7 hardware buttons to BB 10 functions that are similar to what those buttons do in OS 7 makes sense to me.

If its going to be very thin and sleek with a new 'innovated' design, then they may as well not bother calling it a classic. A true blackberry classic would be thicker than current bb10 range so it can house a long lasting workhorse battery, have a full qwerty keypad, have a tool belt (including trackpad), and an oldskool leather coated battery door - how else would the name blackberry 'classic' be justified?! Let's be rational!

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

What for?

Waste screen real estate!? The screen is not getting any larger by making it virtual, the aspect ratio is still 1:1

(unless we wanna start the 4:3 discussion again)

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I won't get one.
Because Q30 comes before the classic...
And it seems that the Q30 will be a little beast :)

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Good looking device... this will bring back success to BB...

Together with an also good looking touch device BlackBerry will attak the opponents with heavy weapons...

z30 is only the beginning... we all need a z50 ;) with Qualcomms 600 or 800 processor.... and 3GB RAM.... these specs would also be important for the classic...

And I nearly forget... a paratek antenna inside + 3 mics at least....
And please a big battery and an amoled display....

wooow this device would be sooo great....

And for the z50 a 5 zoll display...

-> BlackBerry I hope this company will not die...

It's a really nice looking device. What is the problem with the people who complain about the combined look of the Q10 and the 9900? Both are great devices on their own and a combination can only be an excellent direction for the company to take in pleasing it's customer base (both old timers and new comers).

Posted via CB10

I know that a lot of people really like looking at concept phones, and I appreciate the effort required by the people who create concept phones, but I simply don't get the point of using them for blog posts. I understand that all sites need content, but it simply screams 'filler' to me.

All you need to do is go to BGR. Every page for months has mock ups and concepts of the new iPhone 6. Of course it's been like that for years and they occasionally show non iPhone concepts too...!

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Would love to see the classic in the shape of the Q5. That would be rad.

Z30 / STA100-5 / / T-Mobile USA

Here is the problem with BlackBerry taking the retro direction : the average customer looking for a new phone will take one look at this & think to themselves that this is just a old BlackBerry legacy device & move on to something.
And don't depend on the salesperson to try pushing this or even educating a customer.......most of these morons push fruit products with worms in it.
So for the 300 BlackBerry nerds here that have boners over this device you suggest BlackBerry build & sell this at a cost of a few hundred million$$$???
You know & I know BlackBerry marketing is a oxymoron so it will sit on shelves in stores & in warehouses but the few nerds will have their toy of the moment......

Posted via CB10

So the same people that turned their backs on BlackBerry when most corporations started BYOD are the intended target for this retro looking device......a device that looks almost the same as they the device they threw out of their office tower windows before the stampeded over to Apple.
This is moronic!!

Posted via CB10

The same people that are still hanging on to their Bolds and Legacies, and refuse to upgrade until something comes along that will replace exactly that, a slot-in replacement, and no less will do...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I happen to like this concept very much. Mobile design is boring now. Nobody has ever said my Q10 looks outdated. They all say wow that's a blackberry. It's actually really nice up close. I think this concept will bring the best of old and new together.

Q10 forever!

Look at the dichotomy of responses to this post. Shows BlackBerry can't please everyone.

Bold 9000 > Torch 9800 > Bold 9900 > Q10

Just a thought, but didn't the mustang come back redesigned to look like the classic mustang? How did those sales go???.....just saying....

Posted via CB10 with z10

This isn't what people want it's people stuck in old ways not accepting BlackBerry is trying to change. There is no reason a BlackBerry 10 device needs that tool belt. Are some fans trying to hinder BlackBerry's growth because they don't want to accept BlackBerry 10? It's a step backwards and maybe BlackBerry has to make a tough decision in leaving old customers are in the back.

Posted via CB10

Not for me... I'm waiting for the Windermere or Q30. love my Q10 so just want a larger screen.

Posted on CB10 with my Q10

I know many who are excited for the Classic eg. Tv reporters . medical professionals , real estate agents , financial professionals and govt officials ...mainly they want that BELT , QWERTY & File Manager. Today they are using a combined BOLD/iPad , iPhones , S4/Tablet/BOLD , BOLD/iphone 5, Q10 . What they want besides the BB10 OS is a bigger screen , browser ,APPs ...etc... One thing they are saying is the BELT is a must and appreciate the 3.5 inch screen but a bigger screen is something they really like, to view documents , video etc..... Its probably late but a 3.75 - 4.0 inch screen would really be a selling point. On the other hand BlackBerry Blend could always take care of that wanted desire for a big screen....!!!....$$$

Also, the Windermere is supposed to be 4" or is it 4.5" square? Both coming this year supposedly, correct?

Posted via CB10

I would definitely get one if the price is right for my daughter. I think the design is perfect, the screen is larger which people have complained about in the past. I don't understand why all the complaints. Now other phones are flexible, tiny, thin, feel like they are going to fall apart. This one looks solid and hey, I happen to like a physical keyboard even though I'm on the Z10. I miss actually typing though I like the flicking gesture and real estate of the Z10. I would never purchase a Z30 because my hands are to small. This looks like a Bold, but better. I like how he moved the Power/Sleep/Wake button to the side.

Looks great! But I don't like the volume buttons being on the left. I prefer on the right side so I can operate with my thumb.

No. This phone would be the fat lady singing... (however, I appreciate the efforts of the artist; I couldn't do this)

Now this is an upper management cell phone...of course it has to have leather's a Cadillac with new guts...Rock on BlackBerry...make it, make it with Leather...I'd get me one...woo-hoo woot woot

Rocking the Z30 Regina SK Canada

We have a few too many crocs up here in North Queensland, some folk are a bit worried now swimming at the beaches with a few 4 metre+ salties (saltwater crocodiles) spotted in the creeks and surrounds.

I love animals, but these I'd rather see on the back of my new phone....

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I hope the 3.5" screen means it will add height to the screen and not 1;1 ratio. Also, flash is always right next to the camera. Otherwise, it casts a shadow on the subject.

Looks like digging in RIP RIM history. We are BlackBerry now. Don't look back.

Posted via CB10

I've had the Z10, Z30, and use the Q10 as my daily driver. There still seems to be something missing even though I choose the Q10 cause I love a real keyboard. I'm hoping the combination of the Toolbelt with BlackBerry 10 OS is smooth and what I'm looking for.

Hammered out with my White Q10

if the bigger screen ,why not directly make a keyboard for the z30 or z10,such as the keyboard for iphone..if q20 on ,then more people must called q10 the bb classic..haha

Posted via CB10

one common theme that comes out here is damned if you do, damned if you don't. Everyone is complaining this is going backwards - that seems to make an assumption that Blackberry 10 made nothing but forward steps, as demonstrated by its 'roaring' success in the market? Let us pause to take a moment to review BlackBerry 10 phones position in the current market - their new line of phones designed to re-invigorate a failing brand falling to 4th place behind Microsoft, while their best sellers are the 'classic' themed BBOS7 phones, with their 'backward' trackpad and hardware buttons.

As for comments on the design being old, did trying to build another iPhone clone work so well for Blackbery? Personally I welcome this change, and many of the people complaining here right now probably will this time next year. I believe this 'going backwards' many speak of is more accurately described as listening to customers, and being adaptable to the demands of a market. It gives me hope for the future, more hope than last years BB10 line up did for sure.

An issue for the current BB10 line of devices is how they were rendered useless to military, police, health care professionals etc. What do all of these groups have in common? Most of them are enterprise/government contracts, who were previously given BlackBerries beause they could be used guessed it, gloves. Now I understand that there are gloves which you can buy that can allow you to operate a touch screen, but do we expect those to be deployed everywhere? I highly doubt it. By adding the toolbelt BACK to these phones gives that functionality to those customers again. I'm not saying this is a sole purpose for adding back the toolbelt, but I'm sure it's one of the factors. As can be seen, the company isn't focused on making devices solely for consumers anymore, but rather the niche markets where they can gain some traction. I mean hell, the number of times I had to answer my phone this winter by swiping the screen with my nose is actually too many to count. I'm intrigued to see how Classic is embraced, I'm not expecting it to be a door crasher or saving grace for the company. This is not a flagship phone. Rather however I expect it to cater to those who strictly want a phone for it's functionality, not because they're trying to be modern and have the coolest and greatest gadget. I guess we'll see :)

Hey if it's going to be a Classic it needs the smiley keyboard. Enough of the straight lines, besides the curved keyboard works better with the buttons. Leaves more room for the trackpad, and less for the answer hangup keys.

I would prefer a more square shape and better screen. As for belt, I cant wait for the back button! I hate the onscreen black bar with android apps and the swipe diagonally doesnt work well at all. I never had a blackberry with trackpad, just the round ball. So am looking forward to using the trackpad as I have heard great things about it.

Q10, running

Lol it looks like a Samsung Exhibit/SGalaxy I & II

Being the power button is on the side.. it's identical & wack along w/ the inevitable trackpad & call button which I don't understand how it's a 20 if it's the same as torch/storm/bold jus w/ BB10 on it

The trackpad should be in the spacebar

The screen would be that much more enhanced w/ size just by not including that ugly toolbet

Posted via CB10

I am not sure about the classic design!

It needs a larger touch screen please!

I wonder how many of the people that bitched about not having the buttons and can not function with out them, how many of you all will step up and buy this new phone to help BB???????

I am guessing not very many becasue they will say it does not have this and that and this and this phone sucks why didnt BB listen to us. They did and went out on the limb and now another failure.

The BB10 predictable touch screen keyboard is simply the best! It can even compete with the physical keyboard...

BlackBerry probably don't realize that since they have already the best touch keyboard, they even kill their own legendary BlackBerry keyboard...

Posted via CB10

I think if BlackBerry is going to go the "Retro" direction, something new has to be added to differentiate the product, just as some posters noted the possibility of users mistaking it for just another old BlackBerry. Although it would increase phone length, Qwertys so move to a 4:3 ratio screen. This would be less awkward and more usable especially for browsing, as well as it being a normal camera ratio. A phone the size of the Z30 would accommodate the keyboard and 'belt' as well as this screen ratio and would surely have a new feel to it.

Posted via CB10

People demanding bigger screens.
3,5? Trackball, keyboard? Don't count with me, after getting my Z30 I stop using my Q10. To small.

via  Z30

How about creating a "reversible" phone to combine a full screen for browsing and a physical keyboard for typing. On one side Z30, flip it over for Classic. It would probably be too cost prohibitive but it would definitely have my vote.

Z10 on Bell.

Posted via CB10

Yota-Phone as a Q/Z variant? Sounds interesting...

Just don't drop it on any of the sides...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Now, that's a sweet render! ...but mixed feelings re: the rear/back design. Very promising, though!

Still, not really a fan of the name "Classic." Just call it the (BB10) "Bold."

Q10 with line app, BB lose so many users from Korea Japan and Taiwan~~
square screen and back bottom responding problem....

Square screen again? It means BB will develop an app to fix resolution problem, right?

The belt and trackpad. What a complete waste of screen space. This phone would make sense if it wasn't a touch screen. Get it together BlackBerry

Posted via CB10

I'd buy that, if it was the right price.

I often find my q10 to be a pain in the proverbial without a trackpad, to be honest.

Posted via CB10

"I wouldn't buy it, so don't make it" is a strange take on a global marketing strategy. I could speed type with my Bold and before that my Style (ah, the Style). Not so with my Q10.

Tap. Tap. Tap-tap-tap. Dammit, cursor, light up that top, left corner!

The French have a saying "Chacun son goût" (each to his own taste). I don't want a slab phone and, frankly don't have a dog in that hunt. Doesn't much matter what I think of them, since I'd never buy one.

A 'Berry with a physical keyboard, however? Well, here I've got skin (and fingernails) in the game. Guys want to try an experiment? Tape a paperclip so it extends 1/8 inch from the end of your finger. See how long it takes you to find the "fingernail fakeouts" we women find we have to utilize without the trackball. And before snidely commenting that we can "just clip those nails," consider (1) women's fingers taper differently ("man hands?" You really don't know what that refers to?) and (2) would you buy a $200-700 handheld device whose makers casually suggest you adapt yourselves to use it (like dress-left instead of right, shave your moustache, or use your non- dominant hand.

Silly, right?

Prem Watsapp was right when he commented that, for some, the Q1's lack of a Batgirl utility Belt was a disappointment. That doesn't mean BBRY should scrap it. It indicates a more nuanced market differentiation.

Posted via CB10

I guess for those who really want a physical keyboard and use a Q10, editing text using that circle thing on the touchscreen to get the cursor to the right position is quite slow and cumbersome and therefore wanting a trackpad.

Posted via CB10

I think this design would be really great! My wife's Bold is on its last legs, she's thinking of getting a Q10 like mine. She likes the bigger keyboard, but wished it had the trackpad and buttons like her Bold. If she hears something like the best of both worlds is coming out soon, she may wait for the Classic!

I can only laugh about all those complainers and drama queens that are missing innovation or "coolness" and think a "toolbelt" is throwing BlackBerry back in the dark age!

People, this is just ONE!!! model that's supposed to fill a niche in the Q series lineup and doesn't interfere with the Z lineup at all!! That's why it's called CLASSIC and not "The new Blackberry one fits all formerly known as as the 9000 series"....

So fucking relax!! Assuming this project isn't sucking up enormous resources, which I doubt since it's basically merging existing and previously developed technology, it can only help improve BlackBerry's situation if anything. Also I am convinced that those who appreciate the toolbelt are the ones that use their phones in the most productive ways.

Posted via CB10

I think the utility belt is going to look different to other BlackBerry models. It may even be set below glass that's flush with the display.

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