BlackBerry Classic and OS 10.3 arriving later this year

By Adam Zeis on 14 May 2014 03:06 pm EDT

In case you missed the fine print in today's earlier post about the OS 10.3 SDK, there were a few things that should be noted to clear up any confusion. While we all anxiously await the arrival of OS 10.3 and all that comes along with it, we won't be seeing it for a few more months still — but it won't be limited to just new BlackBerry devices.

Now that you know that BlackBerry 10.3 targets new hardware and that the BlackBerry Classic device is arriving this year, I'd like to clarify that the BlackBerry Classic will launch with BlackBerry 10.3.1. BlackBerry 10.3.1 will also be available to all current BlackBerry 10 smartphones as an OS update later this year. So the time you spend testing your app right now will help get it ready for upcoming and in-market BlackBerry 10 devices.

As detailed in the post today, the BlackBerry Classic will be running OS 10.3.1 when it launches later this year — but all the goods from OS 10.3 won't be restricted to just new hardware. The 10.3 goodies will be available as an upgrade for current BB10 devices as well, just not right away. The unannounced 1440x1440 device will get 10.3 and then all current in-market devices will be upgraded to 10.3.1. If you own a Z10, Q10, Z30 or Q5, you're not being skipped, you'll just have to wait for 10.3.1 instead of going directly to 10.3.

So there you have it — the BlackBerry Classic will see OS 10.3.1 first, then it will work its way to other devices as well. So no one is missing out, and you won't need new hardware to get OS 10.3.1. Done deal.

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BlackBerry Classic and OS 10.3 arriving later this year


I'm with you! Sprint can stay in the game. They just need to work on their support and a way to answer their customer's questions with more than a template "check the newsroom" response

Posted via CB10

Unfortunately, new models come but few buyers. (Did you hear about great Z10/Q10 sales?). Only clicking heals. BB has low single digit percent of the smart phone market. New phone buyers care not for a great OS upgrade.

The name of the game is to get carrier support for phone sales. TM, what?
Ya can't get many folk to buy from 'Shop BB' or drop ship.

'Clicking heals' is an old expression, 'to wait a long time'. As in this case, waiting a long time to get sales.
(Not necessarily related to Dorothy, in the Wizard of OZ, who clicks the heals of her ruby slippers to get back home.)

Ah, the OP was referring to your misspelling of the word. It's "clicking of the heels". It refers to your feet, not your health. English can be a funny language. But we get your gist OP.

Posted via CB10

"Clicking heels" is more often used to signify delight (you jump in the air at good news and click your heels). In a completely different context, a soldier will click heels as part of standing to attention, or saluting a commanding officer.

For a moment I was imagining John Chen clicking his heels together saying "This isn't BlackBerry anymore Toto." ;-)

Posted via CB10 on BlackBerry Q5

I would have agreed with you about carrier support versus direct sales, but given the launch of BB10 and everything I've seen from US carriers, I think direct sales should receive a greater investment in the future. I cringe at pointing to Apple as an example, but they sold a ton of phones with very little carrier support and, now that they have great carrier support, they still sell truckloads of devices through Apple Stores and direct email marketing.

I could see BlackBerry as a kind of Bose, a high-end, direct sales powerhouse. I don't think Chen is going down this path aggressively enough, but he seems a bit better than Thor (who I liked) in regards to this vision. Both are guilty of hoping beyond reason that carriers will sell their phones for them in the US and that has resulted in some real problems for the platform as well as horrible sales.

Posted via CB10

Although if there are to be no carrier sales, there should really be some type of marketing plan from BlackBerry in order for a direct sales approach to be effective.

I agree, I have posted many times that BlackBerry needs to start putting at least 1 store in every major city. The store should be complete with not only live devices the customers can play with, but also have an enterprise section showcasing what BES can do, and even have some generic androids, apples, and WinMo phones on the same BES to show that all can operate on it, but BlackBerry is best on it because of FLOW and workspace/personalspace. That's the only way to get the sales higher, go to ANY mobile carrier and you'll see you're not getting any love for BlackBerry period. Also, put a kiosk in the airport for every major city as well that shows everything the actual store showcases...and have J Calendo on the overhead flatscreen...randomly playing his "Why I Hate BB" videos.

CrackBerrians: We stay on our Z's & Q's

wow this would be awesome..... I would like to see that in Quebec city or at least in Montreal.... that would make the product easier to sell but would require big investments. first for employees seconds for the store itself... I mean.... I hope they will do that someday! a BlackBerry Store!

Yes, I have been going in circles with VZW for 3+ weeks, trying to get answers to get my Z30. Running!?

Double typing, from my past repair experience is usually a hardware issue relating to the dome contacts and most time relating to wear or liquids being introduced to the keypad and said domes.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

Replace the keyboard. It's actually quite cheap and easy to do. Heck, send me the phone and pay for the parts, I'll do it for you for free (of course pay for shipping both ways, lol).

That offer stands for everyone, I'm willing to help any of you guys out if possible.

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

And just to make it better, I might have a spare keyboard laying around too...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

Lol anything to stop the talk on the forums about that double typing shit haha

Idk why I don't have that problem and how other people do.

Posted from my BlackBerry Q10 on AT&T

I never had it either, but since other people do, I'm willing to help fix it for them.

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

Is it possible to replace individual keys? My right shift key broke the other day and it's really bothering me to look at my beauty in this condition. The key still works but is missing chunks from the top corners. :( I rarely use the right shift key but I want to fix it more because it looks bad rather than the functionality of the device for me. Any help would be appreciated. Even a link to where I can order parts :)

Not approved by the NSA. My personal Q10

You can't by individual keys, and I'm? 99% positive you can't replace individual keys... at least that's how it looked when I replaced my keyboard.

Posted via CB10

You can't, but no reason to, the whole keyboard assembly is pretty cheap...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

Oh the drama of some people.
BlackBerry isn't skipping you of the OS update. It's the carrier.

ॐ BBM channeling at C003910CB

They just shouldn't have given this much detail this far in advance. People are worrying about nothing because the blog was worded poorly.

it should read "you're not being forgotten"... because we ARE being skipped

don't believe me? look up the definition.

and it's not the carrier, THIS TIME. BlackBerry is stating outright 10.3 won't be available for our devices...

for the record, I'm not complaining and pulling out my hair yet.. just clarifying some thing...

Prvi! Srbija do tokija
In any case, there are a lot of small fixes that can be done to the 10.3 FW. Why don't you organise something here where we could contribute?

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I had the same issue with my Z30. It was caused by the synching of my Gmail and other emails linked to my contacts

Waiting for the Z50

Try tapping the bottom left icon in the contact app, select one of the accounts, and see if the duplication gone off?

If yes this is likely you have the same contact in multiple accounts. Try linking them if that is the case.

Posted via CB10

Nah. We'll get it in late '15, but it will have 283 AT&T specific bloatware apps that can't be removed and have to stay on the home screen. Then they'll block tethering, hotspot, NFC, bluetooth, WiFi, and email unless you pay extra for it. Finally you'll have to change to a 3 Kb data plan if you want more than 2G.

I have more friends because I do drugs!!

Not to mention, things won't work right... I had a leak installed that worked fine, now I updated to the official 10.2.1 from AT&T and now my proximity sensor isn't working and the ambient light meter isn't working either, meaning my keyboard backlight never comes on...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

Whoever gets whatever device, I hope AT&T gets them all. I won't be able to update until June in 2015, but by then the all touch flagship should be out...and my Z10 will be rocking 10.3.1!

Posted via CB10 via my Z10

Latter this year??? Still there are 7 months till year end. Oh BlackBerry have you learn something from the past???

Posted via CB10

No they haven't because they are bringing back the belt and track pad. This is the main reason why they are in this position because they continued to make keyboard and track pads phones when people wanted touch screens SMH. Same old BlackBerry LMAO

Lmao clueless aren't u?? The reason why BlackBerry have brought back the tool belt and track pad in the classic is that the people who are using the old legacy devices can move over to the BlackBerry 10 platform.

Do some reading before having a pop at BlackBerry ffs. There is a reason why they are making the classic and just because they are, that doesn't mean there won't be any touchscreen phones as there will be more coming soon.

Posted via CB10

You're right.

And having a selection of keyboard devices in addition to great touch screens is now a massive differentiator vs. other brands swamped in a huge sea of touch-only.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

You realize that audience is shrinking by the second right? By the time it launches that segment is going to be so small the upgrade sales from them won't even come close to covering the cost.

Yes, hardware legacy users want the belt, but it's a shrinking group.

The people who are intrigued and considering BB10 will pass it when this is released. What those people want is a full touch flagship device. Had the general population outside of Crackberry known of its existence, the z30 with 10.2.1 might have served this partially, but alas it's dated now.

The comment is spot on. They are doing the same mistake over and over again.

Posted via CB10

There will be a new all-touch device for you.

Just because of the focus on enterprise, the Classic and Windermere is now all the talk and goss, but it doesn't mean all-touch is gonna be abandoned.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I hope this isn't a PlayBook style wait a little longer for the update thing. You know what they say, fool me once...

I hear you. They fooled me with the PlayBook when they gave us their word as a company lol and I'm just setting myself up again. Just can't help it. That's what I do! ahahah

Q10SQN100-1/ CB10'n

There's much less difference between a Q10 and a Q30 than there was between the PlayBook and the Z10, though. The screen size and resolution, and most importantly the RAM, made it way too much work to get BB10 onto the PlayBook. Yes, it sucked, but I really don't see that happening again here. We'll likely see similar to Apple, devices get updates for 2 or 3 years before the hardware can't handle it anymore.

Am I correct in understanding that OS 10.3.1 (optimization update) will implement the removal of AIR layer from within the OS? In my opinion, this may have been the biggest problem for the PlayBook (AIR) as it apparently is slow and buggy.

If only they could rip out the Air browser and replace it with a C or native coded browser, that little PlayBook would still be a great web access tool. Right now it chokes on graphics rich sites like Pinterest, which my wife always let's me know....

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

indulge me for a minute here....are we going to see 10.3.0.xxxx shortly and wait for 10.3.1.xxxx to come with the Classic?

found this excerpt confusing ('ll just have to wait for 10.3.1 instead of going directly to 10.3.)

The created an entire buzz like it was coming tomorrow and then we have to wait for months?

*looks at stl1*

Zed 10 user in SA

Same old BitchBerry. No that's not a typo. Announce early, deliver late. Yawn...

Posted via CB10 on BlackBerry Q5

Yep... the leak nation within crackberry nation might very well get us brave testers a 10.3 or 10.3.1 in early days.... can't wait to unleash those on my Z30.

Posted via CB10

From what I saw on Twitter early, and I may have read it wrong, 10.3 and 10.3.1 are virtually the same thing but optimized for different hardware. So you can run a 10.3 leak but it won't run as smoothly.

My 10.3 is running as good as any 10.x I've tried so far. Even 'official' releases have their issues. My current 10.3 is a keeper, until next comes along :)

So that means there wont be a 10.3 update for all devices but rather 10.3.1 update for all devices??.This is so confusing this also proves that they are headed to playbook path(slowly and steady killing off the support for old devices)

As it says in the article "all current in-market devices will be upgraded to 10.3.1. If you own a Z10, Q10, Z30 or Q5, you're not being skipped, you'll just have to wait for 10.3.1"

It is not about not reading... it is about past performance! (broken promises) I believe the new BlackBerry will break the pattern...I hope.

Posted via CB10

T Mobile USA will never release it, as in the eyes of Blackberry, they no longer exist. Those of us on T-Mobile USA will either get it via BB Link or load the version of it from a carrier like Rogers it via Sachesi.

It's the complete opposite. Doesn't apple and Google release an update a year? Hasn't BlackBerry 10 had at least three in a year so far?

Posted via CB10

It means:

Windermere - 10.3
A few months later...
Classic 10.3.1
After which existing z10/30/3, q5/10
Will get 10.3.1

Posted via CB10

It's done to drive sales of the new hardware by holding back the upgrade do current owners will upgrade instead of wait for the update.

My advice buy Windermere or install the leak once certified by ptcrb.

Posted via CB10

I hardly think it is hardly abusive of BlackBerry to give their loyal users 3 major software updates in a year (remember Z10 just passed it's one year mark recently).

Posted via CB10

We're in an abusive relationship with BlackBerry yet can't leave. Psychiatric history has extensive research on the topic. Speaking as someone whose been in psychologically abusive relationships since childhood.

Posted via CB10 on BlackBerry Q5

how? There is so much dramatic exaggeration when it comes to BlackBerry, at least on crackberry.

Posted via CB10

But I'm guessing that once those new devices ship with the new OS, that the community will find a leak being released to our "first gen" OS10 devices.

Q10SQN100-1/ CB10'n

Another slightly-less-pessimistic way of looking at it (both are probably true): their priorities are to get it ready for the launch of a new device because they directly correlates to sales and publicity. They really do not want to have the device ready but the software still a month away. Get it on the new device so you can promote the new OS along with the new phone and then worry about making the tweaks necessary for it to run well on older devices.

I used to download leaks as I was anxious for the upgrades. As exciting as the new upgrades are going to be they are NOT going to be something I feel I need to jump the official release line for. Do what you need BlackBerry. You are definitely keep in me happy.

Relax and remember to breathe all of you impatient people. Everything takes time ... the good things take a little bit longer.

Posted via CB10

I am not anxious about the release of the new OS, I have 10.2.1 and it's working just fine!

Sent from my Z 30

So pretty much the Classic is the next device - some have pointed to a Nov launch.
So all of the other "new" devices will have to wait till next year? Going to be a LONG HOT SUMMER!

Considering the Z3 just launched this week, yes the Classic is next. November date is speculation.

Posted with my  Q10.

No, read the announcement again. There will be a new device (Windermere? ) released with 10.3 before the Classic, so expect a device announcement at the June earning call for a launch in the summer.

Running 10.3 already on my Z10...loving it! Even better than 10.2.1, and man I loved that when it came out. Looking forward to continuing to move forward!

I care only about the windermere and most of all the all touch screen device they are working on as John Chen did mention....all touch power house 3gb ram quad core is all we need man lol :)

Wasn't OS 10.3 expected to come out this month.?? , Can't wait to see BlackBerry Classic and The 1440x1440 unknown device. BB4LIFE

The SDK just came out today, so I can't imagine why anybody would have predicted it that soon. Usually it's about a month after SDK release, but maybe the Dev Relations team was ahead of the game and able to push it faster this time.

Where did you see it was going to be out this month? Other than crackberrians guessing or speculating?

Posted with my  Q10.

I want the classic OS10 for tmobile. I hope they renew BlackBerry contacts with tmobile sooner than later

T-Mobile Z10STL100-3/ 

Only because they can't mention the mystery device that's launching with 10.3.0 ahead of the Classic and 10.3.1.

SOUTH AFRICA WILL GET THESE UPDATES IN 2015! .... when 10.4.1 is being rolled out! hahaha

Posted via a sexy QTEN

I can't believe Tim is using Bruce Wayne as his Twitter handle. How's the BlackBerry Mobile coming along?

I used my almighty Z30 to create this CrackBerry madness!

Read the even finer print. Says Classic gets 10.3.1, but unnamed 1440x1440 device (ahem, Windermere) will get 10.3. So that means Niko was right: Classic will be launched AFTER the Windermere.

I used my almighty Z30 to create this CrackBerry madness!

Is it me are this sound playbookish , But hey BlackBerry Jamaican love to say foolish baby fall over a door step twice

Taste the Fruity Goodness of a BlackBerry

Please BlackBerry! All touch flagship and not only classic which will only drive you back

Thumped by the awesome BlackBerry 10 keyboard

They have said at least one more all-touch in the pipeline, but don't think we've seen any more details about it yet (e.g. Z10 or Z30 size?)

Contacts need to be sorted as an absolute minimum. Hopefully the project team working on 10.3 are focused on productivity.

Posted via CB10

What exactly is wrong with the contact apps? My Contacts are showing up just fine, and if I have multiple instances of the same contact they are being listed out and I can link them if I wish to.

Posted via CB10

* multiple instances of the same contact from different accounts.

Posted via CB10

Viewing how resources are managed in the OS, there's no need for new hardware in order to run it smooth. IMHO.

Posted via CB10

Woo Hoo!
For those in the States wanting the Classic or Windermere, just order it direct from Shop BlackBerry.


Posted via CB10

Yeah they will release it on there 6 months after the device is released lol. Then they finally release the Z30 and its not compatible with AT&T. Makes a whole lot of sense SMH.

What's the point of Micheal Clewly showing off 10.3 then I personally won't upgrade till the next full touch screen device.....

Posted via CB10

Can you imagine the case where 10.3 were not available for "in-market" devices? A repeat of the playbook saga would easily sink the ship. All said I hope it comes soon... its a nice upgrade. But this will be the version where we hopefully say the OS has matured. It's important to get it right.

Posted via CB10

The only way I'll switch my z10 to another device is an OS release that won't run on it. The end is near. I feel it.

I got my Z10 in the launch week, so I cannot use Miracast or the USB hosting capabilities of 10.2.1. This makes me angry, as my STL 100 hardware was obsoleted by the last software upgrade.

My network O2 UK helpfully informed me that they would allow me 25% discount on buying out my 2 year contract. I have considered breaking the phone in the hope that my insurance will replace it with something other than an STL 100.

Posted via CB10

That totally is skipping.

That puts the estimated launch of 10.3 for current devices in November instead of August. Which is odd, because we are already seeing leaks...

Just waiting to see how 10.3 leak goes, got a Z10 and keep hearing all sorts of things about 10.3 leak. Should I download it or not? Did last 10.2 leak and all is okay, just not sure if I should risk or not!!!

Posted via CB10

can't wait for Windermere! that device will bring me back to a keyboard. I'll than upgrade to the new all touch when it comes out! LOL

Well, I don't know how long I can hold out for a new device! I can upgrade now, but any phone I looked at is a down grade from my z10. Hurry up and launch something sooner blackberry. Eager to get a new phone. Wife just got a new one today. Kids all got new ones and here I am with my 1 year old device. Please blackberry move it, instead of moving forward.

Posted via CB10

If the November time-line for the classic is correct, then should they be showing things that will be in 10.3? Why show people things that are in an OS 7 months away? It won't help the wait. It will make people tired of waiting for 7 months for things that are apparently ready to go now. If 10.3 is specific for the Windmere or whatever it is, then that's cool. But if the wait is a ways away for 10.3.1, then don't string it along forever. It makes the time line seemingly take forever. Same with the new touch screen. I'm eligible for early upgrade in about 6 months. I'm hoping to have some sort of Timeline on the new flagship around then. If they want to keep upgrade cycles going, they need upgrades at the same time every year so that when contracts are up, people upgrade. Apple always gets huge upgrades in the same month as a phone release because the cycles are annual. You know that when your contract is up in 2 years, there will be a new phone waiting for you or at least released shortly.

Posted via CB10

So, everyone - like me - who isn't planning on buying a Windermere or Classic, what's the expectation?

Is BlackBerry expected to release annual, or sooner, updates improving the already excellent OS forever? Can I start complaining about the delay of these valuable upgrades? How about the cost?

Getting the upgraded OTA is a PITA too. Perhaps, BlackBerry could send someone over to push the buttons for me.

I mean, I expect faults to be fixed. But, I knew what I was buying when I got my Q10. I'm grateful for the concept and effort in getting the Q10 to market. I appreciate the continual improvements.

When BlackBerry is ready to move to BB12+ (or whatever), I'll be there too. In line with the other reasonable, retiring my Q10 (at OS10.9.9) and buying the newest sedec-core hardware.

Until then, I merely expect my Q10 to continue operating in the seamless way it has since I purchased it.

Posted via CB10

Right on the money gknaggs, almost ready to to leave blackberry, to long for devices. I guess I'm just impatient. Maybe go back to blackberry 9900 to help with the wait, love my z10 but getting bored with it.

Posted via CB10

This is very confusing as I have a z10 and this now says that I won't get 10.3 but will have to wait for 10.3.1 which is 6 months away, so only the windermere will get 10.3? Why would you treat your existing customers like this, I have no interest in a qwerty phone so I will have to wait until November to get a new software update. I agree with the previous poster asking why Michael clewley is posting teasers for software that most of us won't get for another 6 months. For the first time I am considering a leak.

Posted via CB10

So this means that blackberry will release the Windermere with 10.3 pre-installed before the classic is released with 10.3.1? I'm so confused

Posted via CB10

What the hell BlackBerry? Is this a freaking joke?! I keep defending you, backing you up, and you then deny me the OS update because you want to boost the sales of BlackBerry "Classic" crap?! This better be a damn joke.

Posted via CB10

Its not a joke at all. I don't understand why people continue to be loyal to a company that could care less about its customers. Best decision I ever made was to get rid of my Z10 and purchase a Note 3. Just wish I did it sooner!

I don't care how they do it, just as long as they do it right. Timeless is important but, getting it right the first time is more important.

Posted via CB10

So if the 1440x1440 device is getting 10.3 and the Classic is getting 10.3.1, does that mean that the mystery device is coming before the Classic?

Posted via the super amazing BlackBerry Q10

My big Question is why Michael Clewley showing off all what's to come when nothing is coming

Taste the Fruity Goodness of a BlackBerry

ok so when is due the unannounced 1440x1440 device ? if The Q20 Classic is for November is it possible we see a good surprise in 1-2 months? A Windermere by July would be a perfect kick-off for a great 2014 summer party!

"If you own a Z10, Q10, Z30 or Q5, you're not being skipped, you'll just have to wait for 10.3.1 instead of going directly to 10.3."

Of course, we are skipping a generation.

The next OS update for Q10, Z10, Z30, Z3, Q5 is 10.3.1 (not 10.3.0). This means, we probably have to wait 5+ months for next OS update. We will run 10.2.1 for next 5+ months and then get 10.3.1

It'd have been nice if we had gotten 10.3.0 between now and whenever 10.3.1 is released!!!

Please check with iPhone users or Android users how many software upgrade do they have over the last year?

Posted via CB10

Hey @Oys - why should I care for iPhone and Android users? That comparison is just silly. If we are going to do such comparisons, well, why don't we compare how many apps they have? That's just silly. Each platform has it's strengths and weaknesses. Android and iPhone have lots of features that BlackBerry 10 is still catching-up to. So, of course, BlackBerry 10 needs to grow faster, evolve faster otherwise it'd be left behind. Faster updates required.

I am surprised so many people are confused.

They have laid it out plainly. Let me take a stab at it:

At Z3 release JC said BlackBerry is working on 3 to 4 devices. He said there is an all touch. Therefore it breaks down thus:

1. Windermere
2. Classic
3. All touch
4. Who knows????

10.3.1 is coming with the classic.
Classic is coming in November time frame. Therefore OS 10.3.1 release is in the November time frame.
Since 10.3.0 comes before 10.3.1 it will release BEFORE November.
1440 by 1440 phone will ship with 10.3.0. Therefore windermere will ship BEFORE November
Typical time frame for OS to ship is about 4 months from SDK release. So the windermere and OS 10.3.0 release appears to be around September.

OK, let's put that in bullet form:

1. September - Windermere with OS10.3.0 release
2. November - Classic with 10.3.1 release
3. November / December - OS 10.3.1 release for ALL legacy BB10 devices.

Now why did Clewley do his preview? I suspect to control the message and engage with the BlackBerry fans. Because he knew that as soon as the SDK was released people will get to know what is potentially coming. He is saying don't worry there is more then what you see in the SDK and provide context.

People crucifying the guy for no reason.

What about all touch? There is NO information available for its release. People are getting themselves in a frenzy making assumptions.


Posted via CB10

Well I hope it's gonna be packed with some good features. I want also the apps to be on board, I hate the fact that some of the main apps aren't native BB10 kmt. BlackBerry need to improve on some main stuff I hope this 10.3 is a major boost.

Z10 and loving it :)

BlackBerry Nation Unite

Let's Hustle these carriers to give us what we want.

10.3 on Time.

If we wait to let them know: they wait.

It's not good for BlackBerry in long run if Carriers keep delaying BlackBerry OS.
Anybody worried about NSA , Google Spying will not want BlackBerry to fade away.

Without security, one day they will be able to spy on you and loved ones right from your house!

BlackBerry Lead
Do Not Follow

Looper Back Make Corleone Offer for TrackPad on BB10

Instant gratification! Is it a case of people not being patient anymore? I see no problem in waiting. Remember the old adage," good things come to those who wait".

Posted via CB10

I wish BlackBerry would push an intermediate update asap to get the camera goodies for example. At least 6 months of photos before the upgrade.... I don't want to install a leak...

Posted via CB10's for all bb10 devises. If it wasn't then you would see me with something else. Many of us have due ported BlackBerry through thick and thin do font screw us.

Posted via CB10

Can't wait for the updates. So excited to see how it all works cor my BlackBerry z10. :)

Posted via CB10

Hopefully, 10.3.1 will successfully download to my Z10. I have been unable to download the 10.2.1 update, despite multiple attempts

All the more reasons to get the Windermere huh?

If the resolution is 1440x1440, how will the android apps work though? Will it be scaled properly?

Posted via CB10

I'm not sure I can hold out with this Z10 running the leaked 10.3 and major bugs for 6+ months (likely longer for carrier approval). Might have to grab an iphone 6 if it looks good and comes out first. Hopefully someone posts/leaks a better version for stl-2.

PlayBookdrew, you and thousands of other BlackBerry owners will leave, they just can't get it together. To long for devices, no carrier support, and always late on delivery of the better phones. Like z50, it probably will be out after Samsung and apple already did it a good 6 months ago. If they could just release a phone with the newest specs, that they talked about like octacore, but, Samsung will do it first I can almost guarantee it.

Posted via CB10

Waiting until 10.3.1 is BS. All BlackBerry 10 phones should receive 10.3 and all previous and future updates as soon as they are available.

What's the supposed logical and true reason why previous BlackBerry 10 phones have to wait until 10.3.1? And worse we might have to wait on carriers and we know how great that is.

Posted via CB10

Okay, honestly, as much as I would like the updates as soon as available, I completely get and understand why BlackBerry would release it first on new hardware then on previous hardware. It's smart.

Posted via CB10

I'm not waiting for 10.3 - it's on my Z10 now and it rocks - for a beta it has fewer glitches than some of the official os I've had. I'm happy they're bringing back the tool belt - it's been a year since I emailed them that lots of power users love the track pad and quick access keys - looks like their even going with the name I suggested -worked for coke (classic) ...

Posted via CB10

This is soooo typical BBRY!!!

By later this year, Microsoft will have released 8.1 with Cortana, Apple will have released their new iPhones, Amazon may have released their Kindle Phone with new 3D gestures, and a ton of new Android phones I'm sure.

After all that, BBRY will come out of hiding to show the new phone (but it won't be available for us to buy yet, mind you) and prove yet again, that they have successfully caught up to LAST YEAR.

BBRY die hards like myself will DEFINITELY buy as soon as I can (especially if it has the swipe on physical keyboard gestures like I predict), but broader market wise, they're still showing severe lack of execution in a market that is moving sooooo fast!

Who updates through the carrier? As long as a devices ships with 10.3 we will get it. Someone will build an autoloader.

The Classic is a great device to sell to enterprises who don't care about specs and fear a learning curve associated with the transition to BB10 from BBOS, *but* it doesn't address the problem that BlackBerry faces right now in North America. You can talk about niches all you want, but across the general marketplace, people don't have a distinguishing reason to buy a BB10 device and the current offerings aren't going to seduce anyone. The Windermere is rumored to be that kind of sexy and so is the high-end touchscreen. Do we have to wait until they can no longer compete before we see them hit the market? The Windermere should be released along with the Classic as a high-end alternative. I'd buy two tomorrow. But, I'm not sure I'll buy it at all if it's delayed until 2015.

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There will be a new device (Windermere?) with 10.3.0 launched BEFORE the Classic with 10.3.1 this year.

I'm sure carriers will take their sweet time pushing out the update but I wonder how this will apply for unlocked phones?

Ouch! More time to wait... don't turn expectation into frustration. While 10.3 doesn't come true, will BBRY deliver 10.2.1 improvements? I'd like to see BBM for Windows (it's be launch some time), Z10's battery fast drain fixed, icon rotation/arrangement fixed in main screen... etc.

good development and upgrade release strategy, I think. More like Android than Apple but without the terrible fragmentation lag (just carrier delays)

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10.2.1 arrived with the Z30 so I hope 10.3 does the same.. I can't stand the leaks. Just a tease to the official date of release.. such a long wait...

take your time BBRY.. we'll be waiting for the 10.3.1 once the prime time is up.


I know that eventually verizon will have it. But I am still so addicted to my Q10 that I can't possibly imagine having another device to replace the two Q10's that I already own.

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So. Will I be able to buy the Classic direct from BlackBerry and have T-Mobile switch service from my Q10?

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I'm sorry BlackBerry OS 10.3 must be released this summer and by summer I mean during June. The foot dragging never inspires confidence and reminds people of Research In Motion's modus operandi. We all know it'll be late December 2014 or early January 2015 before the official release. Prove me wrong Mr. Chen.

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Is the black berry classic an all touch phone? Never owned anything but a blackberry in my life time. Die hard blackberry fan. Just wandering though and love love the z10. But i love change and better phones. I got ten phones on my account and the guys bugging me to get new phone and wants me to get us all a Sony z2. Is it worth the wait for what blackberry will be comming out with. Please help me and share ur thoughts. Are they comming out with an all touch that would compete against the new Sony z2 and Samsung s5? Keven what you say? Need a premium phone

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Thanks for update Adam good to know. Although by early next year my contract is up. So will see what BlackBerry is selling direct at the time.

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I hope the new classic also comes in white or charcoal is nice, but I would like some options

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End of year is too far for people who have struggled with bb10 devices thus. Why can't we have some of the features land via an update; like the new camera features. The kind of features that define the BlackBerry experience.

I can't wait for this 'features shenanigan' to be over. All we want is to have new BlackBerry devices to at least be as feature-rich as bb7.

Too far reaching to ask this from BlackBerry at this time, I guess.

Can't help feeling this is a tad unfair to existing loyal BB diehards, making us wait longer for the upgrade. Is this some kinda play to get us to buy the classic? Wouldn't we, anyway?

So for those with a factory unlocked Z30 - 10.3.1 probably won't come anytime before the holidays I'm guessing? :( Anyone have an estimate on when they think these devices will get the OS?