BlackBerry Classic
BlackBerry Reviews | 470 Comments BlackBerry Classic Review! The wait is over. The BlackBerry Classic has now arrived, and it brings the promise of the speed and performance of BlackBerry 10 with the familiar and classic navigation keys you know and love. All that in a package that is 'designed from the ground up to meet the needs of productive people who...


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Jul 05, 2016 BlackBerry will no longer be manufacturing the Classic
BlackBerry has announced that it will no longer be manufacturing the Classic. The company is revamping its device lineup to offer only "state of the art devices", but has committed to pushing additional updates out for the Classic. Continue Reading →
Nov 24, 2015 BlackBerry offering special pricing on select devices for Black Friday
The holidays and Black Friday are quickly approaching, and if you're looking to pick up a new BlackBerry for someone (or yourself), you'll want to check out the deals BlackBerry have announced. Right now, select [BlackBerry 10](/blackberry-10) smartphones are on sale through December 1. Continue Reading →
Oct 08, 2015 Save $15 when you pre-order the Trident Aegis Case for BlackBerry Classic
We are offering our loyal readers a chance to save $15 when you pre-order the heavy duty Aegis Case for BlackBerry Classic. Hop over the ShopCrackBerry and use coupon code: Classic to score instant savings! Continue Reading →
Sep 30, 2015 T-Mobile now rolling out BlackBerry 10 update with WiFi Calling to the BlackBerry Classic
Customers using a BlackBerry Classic on T-Mobile can now check for software updates and find OS software release waiting for them according to the software update page on the T-Mobile site. Continue Reading →
Aug 25, 2015 The Seidio CONVERT Case Holster Combo offers heavy duty protection for the BlackBerry Classic

Throughout the years I have owned a plethora of cases. Some were thin and light, others were thick and bulky, and many fell somewhere in-between. One case that caught my eye was the Seidio CONVERT Case Holster Combo. Designed to accommodate whatever you throw at it, the design is geared towards a person's various needs. How you may ask? It is actually two cases in one, or rather what I like to call the SURFACE case on steroids, to provide the ultimate protection for your BlackBerry Classic.

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Aug 18, 2015 BlackBerry offering over 20% off select BlackBerry 10 smartphones

Device Sale

Have you been holding out for a sale to pick up a brand new cobalt blue BlackBerry Classic? Perhaps you have had your eyes on a white BlackBerry Leap? If so, now just might be the moment you have been waiting for as BlackBerry has placed select devices on sale for over 20% off from now until September 1st.

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Aug 03, 2015 BlackBerry Classic owners really love using the trackpad

Plenty of users utilize the trackpad on the BlackBerry Classic

We recently ran a poll asking whether Classic owners made use of the trackpad which is one of the main features of the BlackBerry Classic. I was curious to know what others thought as I had received various responses from within my BBM contacts, and most of them said they didn't use it all that much. After looking at the results and going through all the comments, it's quite a mixed bag of results.

Just over half of those who responded use the trackpad on their Classic all the time, while another 20% just use if for text selection. And a fair amount of users hardly use it or forget that it's there - a response I would usually get from other users.

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Jul 31, 2015 T-Mobile reduces pricing on the BlackBerry Classic to $369.99

BlackBerry Classic

If you've thus far held off on picking up a BlackBerry Classic from T-Mobile due to the pricing being a little too high for your liking ($439.92), then now might be the time to make your move. The Uncarrier has now placed the BlackBerry Classic on sale and as such, has reduced pricing on the QWERTY Classic to $369.99. That's a savings of $69.93 which brings it more in line with the ShopBlackBerry pricing of $379. Looking to learn more about the BlackBerry Classic? Be sure to catch our full review.

Purchase the BlackBerry Classic From T-Mobile

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Jul 27, 2015 Contest Reminder: Last Chance to win a BLUE BlackBerry Classic!
Jump over to Youtube and leave a comment on the video for your chance to win a BLUE BlackBerry Classic from CrackBerry Founder Kevin Michaluk. Contest ends July 31st! Continue Reading →
Jul 18, 2015 CrackBerry Asks: Do you regularly use the trackpad on your BlackBerry Classic?

 Do you regularly use the trackpad on your BlackBerry Classic

We run polls here on CrackBerry quite often and include all BlackBerry users but this time I'm specifically targeting BlackBerry Classic users. Since getting my hands on a white BlackBerry Classic, I decided to stick with it, at least for the summer. I find myself using the trackpad a lot - for scrolling through the Hub, apps on the home screen and more. After using a BlackBerry Passport, since its launch in September 2014, it was refreshing to be able to use a device one handed. Also, with it being summer, less clothing and all, it's hard to put the Passport into summer wear pockets.

However, I've asked many other Classic owners whether or not they use the trackpad, and most of them don't use it much. I've had a one say that they forget it's there, others say they hardly use it which sometimes gets me wondering whether there are others like me who use it frequently or do the majority of Classic owners not utilize the trackpad. If none of the answers below fit, drop a comment letting us know how you use the trackpad on your Classic.

Do you regularly use the trackpad on your BlackBerry Classic Continue Reading →
Jul 15, 2015 AT&T officially releases OS for Passport and Classic

ATT officially releases OS for Passport and Classic

Are you making use of an AT&T purchased BlackBerry Passport or Classic? If so, you're going to want to go ahead and check for updates either through your device or via BlackBerry Link. As noted on the AT&T website and confirmed by folks in the CrackBerry Forums, AT&T has begun their official rollout of OS for AT&T Passport and Classic devices. As expected, the changes are improvements to BlackBerry OS 10.3.2 as a whole but AT&T has highlighted some specific items.

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Jul 10, 2015 BLUE BlackBerry Classic Video Unboxing & Giveaway!
CrackBerry Founder Kevin Michaluk is back into the content game with the launch of a new youtube channel... and his first video is an unboxing and giveaway of the sexy new BLUE BlackBerry Classic! Continue Reading →
Jul 08, 2015 BlackBerry Classic in Cobalt Blue now available for purchase in Hong Kong

BlackBerry Classic in Cobalt Blue now available for purchase in Hong Kong

After making its debut only a few days ago on ShopBlackBerry for those living in the US, Canada, UK and the Netherlands, BlackBerry has already extended the availability of the cobalt blue BlackBerry Classic into Hong Kong.

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Jul 03, 2015 Cobalt Blue BlackBerry Classic goes on sale in the US, Canada, UK, and Netherlands

ShopBlackBerry begins selling the blue Classic

Recently it was spotted that Amazon Italy was accepting preorders for the Cobalt Blue variant of the BlackBerry Classic, but it was localized to Italy, with some shipping options for out of the country. BlackBerry has announced that beginning on July 3, the limited edition variant of the Classic will be available on ShopBlackBerry for customers in the US, Canada, UK, and Netherlands.

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Jul 01, 2015 Amazon Italy now taking pre-orders for the blue BlackBerry Classic

Amazon Italy now taking pre-orders for the blue BlackBerry Classic

Remember at Mobile World Congress when it was announced the BlackBerry Classic would be coming in white, blue and bronze? Of course, you do. While some regions now have the white version, the blue and bronze versions have remained missing from release with the exception of the blue version appearing in at least one BlackBerry Execs hands. The wait might soon be over though if you're looking to get your hands on a blue one.

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Jun 17, 2015 White BlackBerry Classic unboxing!

We've got our hands on a white BlackBerry Classic and we thought we'd follow tradition and give it an unboxing video. Freshly delivered, I set up the video and went through an unboxing of the white BlackBerry Classic, so we can get a closer look. The BlackBerry Classic in white is currently only available in certain countries right now, such as the U.K., UAE, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. We're still waiting for the blue and bronze versions to release, too. I'd definitely like to get my hands on a blue Classic.

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Jun 16, 2015 BlackBerry Passport, Leap and Classic bundles all on sale through ShopBlackBerry

BlackBerry Passport, Leap and Classic bundles all on sale through ShopBlackBerry

UPDATE - As expected, some devices (mostly Passport) have now gone to 'out of stock' status. At the time of this update, 4:39AM ET, there's still some Classics and Leaps left. No telling how long they'll last.

If you've been holding off on purchasing a BlackBerry Passport, Leap or Classic for any reason, it might be time to make the jump. Right now, ShopBlackBerry has a pretty awesome sale happening on all of their device bundles for customers in the U.S. and Canada. At this point, they've made it cheaper to buy a bundle with the device and extra goodies than to purchase any of the devices alone.

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Jun 14, 2015 The Amzer Hybrid Case is a durable dual-layer case for the BlackBerry Classic

Before venturing out into the world, be it for travel or work, the first accessory that is always a must for me is a case. While I would rather marvel at the design of the Classic, my better judgment always warns me that protection is best. This time I decided to try the Amzer Hybrid Case with Kickstand. I have always preferred heavy duty cases so this was a no brainer.

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Jun 05, 2015 John Chen hooks John Legere up with a Batman inspired BlackBerry Classic for his birthday

For those of you who might not already be aware, T-Mobile CEO John Legere is a pretty big Batman fan and it just so happens, June 4th is also Legere's birthday. If you follow him on Twitter, he has been celebrating all day but one mention sent out to John Chen caught our attention.

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May 31, 2015 This OEM Soft Shell Case gives you slim and sleek protection for the BlackBerry Classic

The last BlackBerry OEM Soft Shell Case I had was for my BlackBerry Q10 and when I got the BlackBerry Classic I just had to get a Soft Shell Case for it too. They have a slim profile, adding no bulk at all and it gives you sufficient protection. These are the types of cases I go for as I have small hands and don't want to add too much bulk.

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May 25, 2015 Carry around your BlackBerry Classic the old school way with the OEM Leather pouch

Remember the days when you would find a leather pouch inside the box of your brand new BlackBerry smartphone? I do and I miss it somewhat. But at the very least you can still purchase an OEM leather pouch for your beloved BlackBerry smartphone. So, no doubt there would be one available for the BlackBerry Classic. It actually would have been nice to see one included with the BlackBerry Classic, seeing as it's a nodd to the legacy line of devices. Alas, there isn't but we'll take a quick look at it in case you want to pick one up.

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May 22, 2015 Telcel Mexico launches the BlackBerry Classic

BlackBerry Classic now available through Telcel

Telcel customers looking to pick up a BlackBerry Classic now have the choice of doing so through the Mexican carrier. With the launch event held recently, the carrier has now announced the arrival of the BlackBerry Classic to their device lineup.

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May 13, 2015 BlackBerry Classic now available for purchase online from T-Mobile

BlackBerry Classic now available for purchase online from T-Mobile

As expected, thanks to the earlier announcement, the BlackBerry Classic has now arrived on the T-Mobile website and is readily available for purchase. For $18.33 a month (24-month contract) and $0 down, consumers can pick up the BlackBerry Classic without damaging their wallet. If no contract is the way you wish to go while still purchasing your device from T-Mobile, you'll have to hand over $439.92 which is the full retail price, but that still comes in a little bit cheaper than the ShopBlackBerry pricing of $449 right now.

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May 10, 2015 BlackBerry Classic in white now available in Saudi Arabia

BlackBerry Classic in white now available in Saudi Arabia

Since the initial announcement of the BlackBerry Classic in white being made available, BlackBerry has been quick to roll it out to new regions and they've now announced another. BlackBerry customers looking to pick up a white BlackBerry Classic in Saudi Arabia can find the device available now at leading telecom retail stores with retail pricing set at SAR 1,799.

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May 07, 2015 T-Mobile and BlackBerry make up, will begin selling the Classic on May 13

BlackBerry Classic

T-Mobile and BlackBerry today announced the US carrier will soon offer the BlackBerry Classic. The smartphone will go on sale on May 13 both online and inside participating T-Mobile stores, available for purchase outright and on select plans.

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May 06, 2015 White BlackBerry Classic now available in the UAE

White BlackBerry Classic now available in the UAE

Now that the white BlackBerry Classic has rolled out in Hong Kong and the UK, BlackBerry has started the push into other regions as well. This time around, BlackBerry has announced that customers in the United Arab Emirates can now purchase a white BlackBerry Classic starting today at the BlackBerry store in the Dubai Mall and leading telecom retail stores for a suggested retail price of 1799 AED.

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May 05, 2015 White BlackBerry Classic now available from Mobile Phones Direct and Clove in the UK

White BlackBerry Classic now available from retailers in the UK

At the end of last week, the white BlackBerry Classic started to appear on ShopBlackBerry and Amazon for UK customers but this week, the availability of the device has expanded a bit more. As announced by BlackBerry, the white colored BlackBerry Classic is available today from Mobile Phones Direct and Clove Technology.

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May 01, 2015 White BlackBerry Classic now available on Amazon UK and ShopBlackBerry

White BlackBerry Classic now available on Amazon and ShopBlackBerry UK

If you've been waiting for the white BlackBerry Classic that was previously announced as arriving this week on Amazon and ShopBlackBerry for UK customers and carriers throughout Hong Kong, your wait is now over. Both shops have now listed the device for UK customers, so you can start placing your orders right away, but you'll want to be mindful of a few things here when it comes to delivery times, at least for now.

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Apr 29, 2015 BlackBerry offering new loyalty program for customers in India

BlackBerry offering new loyalty program for customers in India

For BlackBerry customers living in India and thinking of upgrading to a new BlackBerry 10 smartphone, BlackBerry is now offering a new loyalty program in collaboration with Infibeam wherein you can get up-to Rs. 10,000 off the purchase of a BlackBerry Passport, or BlackBerry Classic, or BlackBerry Z3 and finally a BlackBerry Z30.

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Reader comments

BlackBerry Classic



Finally! My wife wanted to switch to BB10 but didn't want to give up her trackpad and BB button, so she has stuck with her BB9900. Now she will be able to join the BB10 experience! Can't wait for this phone to be released.

does anyone know for certain if Verizon will carry the Classic, if so when will they make it available to the public?

Does anyone think blackberry should re-ignite the torch series? Give it sharper screen and some half decent internal specs.

I am a Blackberry user for almost over 5 years and this is due to my business related compulsion during travelling. I really fail to understand why BB has not come with dual SIM option so far ? Is Mr. John Chan is not able to see where he is loosing ? Really surprising.

I have a question for anyone who knows for certain. Does BB make a (current) phone that allows you to enter specific phone numbers that you want to block? After having owned a Z10 for a short period and being harassed by telemarketing calls, I was disappointed to learn that the provider, nor the phone itself had provision to enter specific numbers to block. Instead I was directed to their website and told to create some sort of blacklist which was basically useless. Apparently you enter the numbers which you want to allow.
I'd be especially interested if either the Passport or the new Classic could do this.

When is Verizon going to be offering the Blackberry Classic? I just bought a new Iphone ( was forced) and I don't like it. Wish I still have my Bold. If Verizon isnt going to offer it - what options do Blackberry addicts have?

Well I have had my new BB Classic for one week now. It is an amazing phone. How Amazing?, My 15-year old son asked to use it for one evening, after which he asked if it is to late to switch from his new Nexus to a BB Classic or Z30. He is serious!

If you like mom, apple pie, and fresh bread, then you will love this phone.

I am having a very difficult time typing the Spanish Ñ, with the tilde in the new BB Classic, it was a piece of cake in the Bold,, why the step backwards? Scrolling the cursor does not allow you to select, the capital Ñ, does not show, and only the lower case ñ does, and it disappears if you are not quick and careful. can anybody help? many thanks, luis

Sorry for the length of this post. It's about the security terms you have to accept when you open an app. If you can help/are having similar problem;s please read. If not, you can be on your way, I won't take it personally.

I just got my BB Classic. And i'm having some serious problems with the apps. I downloaded Pandora from the Amazon App Store (already on the BB, as you all know) and in order to open it I have to agree to some ridiculous security terms. For example:

"Allow this app to access your pictures, music, documents, and other files tore on your device at a remote storage provide, on a media card or in the cloud".

Now, there is no way I'm allowing that. So I hit decline and the app won't open. This is happening for EVERY app that was not originally on the phone. I also side-downloaded Snap so I could download the Android apps and those security terms are WORSE. It sounds like they basically want me to hand over all of my personal information and give them the ability to use my phone, remotely, any way they see fit. So safe to say, I'm not doing that either. This has left me with no apps on my phone (none that I can use anyway).

PLEASE HELP. What is going on? Is anyone else having these issues? Did everyone just agree to these outrageous security terms?? How is it possible these security terms are mandatory to use an app on the BB Classic??

This is totally ruining the phone for me and I don't know what to do. =/


This is one of the turn offs with Android. Funny on an I phone the same APP asks for none of this, I think this is more to do with Google than the APP. I just look for an APP that does not want all my info, they are out their.

After leaving BB for an Apple......I came back for the BB Classic. Great phone not to big or small. The only thing I would like to see is a software update to allow an automatic sleep mode, for the night time. Apple has a nice feature for sleep, BB should get on board.

is the keyboard on this as good as the 9900? Everyone happy with it? Just read stephanies comments regarding security (see last 3 posts above) Is this a issue affecting users ie is this actually a problem or not)
Any other issues to be aware of, am thinking of going bb again after trying android and windows phones (Both ok but miss the keyboard & shape of phone bb is much easier to handle & feels better to use)

i think Blackberry should make the interface look better than iphone or android so many people back to blackberry and the price must more competitif with android phone. if OS system blackberry is better

The classic has the speed and performance of BlackBerry 10 however has the familiar and classic navigation keys I know . This will be the best of both units the Blackberry 10 and the 9800 torch, slide out keys incorporated into the face of the Classic. To me this is an advancement in the Blackberry 10.