BlackBerry Cheerleading vs. The Mainstream News

By Bla1ze on 1 Aug 2013 06:51 pm EDT

Have you sat down and watched the news lately? If you have, there's a good chance you've had to sit through some of the worst BlackBerry bashing ever. The mainstream news coverage of BlackBerry is pretty terrible and in some ways, they've helped perpetuate the thought that BlackBerry died two years ago and has shuttered their doors, yet the company is still alive today. 

Recently, a good friend of mine and editor in chief of BlackBerry Cool, Kyle McInnes had an interview with CTV News to discuss the launch of the BlackBerry Q5 in Canada. I watched the interview and I dunno why but I was expecting it to be a bit more upbeat. Instead, I had to witness what has become the norm for most news outlets these days, a thorough targeting of BlackBerry with Kyle being accused of cheerleading. When the hell did thinking logically become cheerleading? Keeping in mind this was a Canadian news outlet doing the interview, this irked me insanely. 

Thankfully, we don't all share the views of the mainstream news and think Apple and Samsung are the only options out there but it highlights the type of stuff BlackBerry is up against daily as they reorganize things. Hopefully, some folks watching the interview will also see what Kyle stated, that it's a massive market and there is still room for BlackBerry out there. Quite frankly, I don't want to live in a world where iOS and Android are my only options and I don't believe I'm alone in that thinking.

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BlackBerry Cheerleading vs. The Mainstream News


What can you say news outlets like CTV want to be like their american cousins, and so they copy their messages like the lackies they are. Its truly sad...

Z10in' since the Beginnin'

Ya I'm sure Bell is crying over that, how will they ever recover. Guess they'll just have to go out and acquire Astral Media..... to over come exclusivity on a BlackBerry hands color.

Pretty sure I got my white Z10 on February 5th, actually I'm positive I did!

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Yea I must admit the interview had a very FOXNEWS feel to it. Where the hosts have their own ideas and they won't change them regardless on what their guest says. The snide remarks at the end where what really bugged me.

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This is a classic case of ignorance...and it's BlackBerry's fault. The anchors are reflecting the attitude of the general public. They've likely never used a BB10 model and are not aware of its capability. Perhaps they only remember the flying carpet commercial.

Not defending them at all because they came off as unprofessional. But this shows the public relations mountain BlackBerry is struggling to climb.

Don't worry guys blackberry will be fine. They'll eventually become the best and buy Apple and Google and end world hunger and poverty. #Believe

All BlackBerry needs to do is get competitive on the price. The Q5 is too much.

BlackBerry just needs to adjust the pricing!

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+1 totally agree!

Definitely much better marketing to show off how awesome the new BB10 OS is!!!

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+1 If their marketing had been top notch back before the change in leadership, we wouldn't be having this conversation now. Their products have been good enough to compete. It's just the masses didn't know because of the advertising flood for iOS and Android devices.

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Too much? You realize that $350 price tag is off contract right? For just about every service plan the cost buy this phone will be $0.

Z10 STL100-3 | | Bell

Yes, but that is too much! I don't know the situation in North America, but in Europe I don't know anyone with a contract! Here all go with prepaid plans and there you have to buy the phone separate! So if you want to sell to Europe/Asia .. they need a better pricing!
I got my Z10 without contract, by the way ...

I don't want to live in a world were only ios and android are our only choice either. In fact I hope nokiasoft does well too but of course I'm rooting for good old BlackBerry.

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This kind of negative talk that gets people excited >_> BlackBerrys are good devices and people just need to get past the hate and try one

Via my sexy black Z10 ;)

The two CTV hosts don't choose to say what they say in these types of interviews, the male host actually loves blackberry if you have listened to his opinionated stuff on CTV. Its too bad he is told to say things that contradict with his pro-blackberry opinions

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Now tell me I'm crazy for never watching the news. Only brainwashed people can listen to this interview without telling that there is something wrong. Btw, who owns ctv?....

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So should they have given him softball questions just because they do in fact like BlackBerry? Their personal opinions shouldn't matter to the interview. They had someone on who was giving one side and so they played Devil's advocate to challenge him on his statements. That is totally acceptable.

The questions were softball negativity. Nothing original... they should of been unbiased and without that smug ass smile...

Sent from my BB10 smartphone.

Exactly, it's the condescending leading questions that really make me mad. I'm suprised he didn't open up with "So can you elaborate for me on why BlackBerry really sucks?"

Sure it's acceptable......if it actually went that way but it didn't.

"Or is this just reshuffling the chairs on the titanic?"

Really? Come on! The host was talking like BlackBerry was already dead. Yes their market share and stock is very low right now but they certainly are not dead. I would have like to ha e heard some talk about bb10 OS and not just the devices. Many out there will just think this is just another new blackberry phone that's the same as the others. They needed to mention that BlackBerry has a brand new OS and say the name BlackBerry 10 and perhaps mention some of the cool features of BB10 and not just specs.

BlackBerry for life. Kick'n it with my Z10.

Been like that for a while now. Corporatization of news media erodes journalistic integrity and impartiality for the sake of profits. While we're not as bad as the US in terms of filtering news to corporate wishes, the trend of tabloid journalism has been adopted with open arms.

Celebrity news of ANY sort except conviction of a criminal offense should not be given any time except the celebrity rags.

I find that the interview was totally unbiased. If you think about it, they invited someone that was pro-blackberry to talk about the launch of The Q5. W

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(Pressed enter by mistake)

They invited someone who was pro-blackberry. What did you want them to say? "Ohh you're right. Blackberry is the best" I think it was a really fair interview.

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They have to hurry and they have to get it right the first time around. BlackBerry has a rep of failing and taking forever to make things right.

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Good point!
People who FORGOT about BB will have instant recall for the product name when they download BBM!

MAYBE, but maybe, some folk will drop their iApples when their contract runs out, and then buys a real BB phone.

It seems like the media is somehow paid by the various short sellers profiting off BlackBerry's struggles..... I switched from an iPhone 5 after having an iPhone since it's launch and there is no doubt that the z10 is a much better device for the user interested in superior software for communicating, Web browsing and reading of news...... There is a herdish mentality with possible short investor influence that can be overcome by BlackBerry executing it's plan..... i think a year from now things will look much more positive....

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I won't go as far as say they are paid, but professional journalism these days is all about what sells more, what gives more pagehits, what calls more attention, and nothing about what is actually going on.

If it were, they would be more concerned about BlackBerry's real chances of making things work with BB10 than cheerleading and ending it up with "the name says it all".

Oh well, just reminds me why I don't watch TV.

Absolutely agree. Actually, media is bought by Apple. That's what happens when one company becomes too big, it stifles compeition. It tried with Samsung and failed because Samsung has deep pockets but Blackberry is not that big and it's making it harder for Blackberry to stand up again.

Doubt it's the short sellers. BlackBerry draws hits and viewers. Negative stories have extra grab. See the most popular threads in this forum on any given day

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Funny you don't have to just watch the media... just read Crackberry.. it's in our own backyard. Maybe someone can direct me to an alternate site for BlackBerry enthusiasts. BlackBerry does have a lot of work to do.. but all the negative sentiments around here and other sites is just pathetic and way over the top. And remember cheerleading goes both ways. There's a reason why the BlackBerry bashing is over the top. Its the cheerleaders from the other effing teams.
BlackBerry does have a great product now and it'll take time... hopefully they survive the unwarranted ridicule they been experiencing because a lot of it is just.. as I said.. simply unwarranted..

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There are two sides to this issue:
Those who view positive
Those who view negative.
Such is life.

True. Quite true.

I can understand somebody that moved to iOS (STU!!! We miss you!) telling me "the whole thing is leaps and bounds" over BB7 and then bashing it a bit (Stu didn't bash, I just miss him on BBM :p), or someone going Android for th heckload of apps and complaining how there are "none" on BlackBerry. But most of it is blown out of proportion.

The sad thing is most tech sites and reviewers were fair with both the Z10 and the Q10 (even BGR had a hard time to craft a review were he could do some bashing without being too obvious, because he would have been the only one bashing if he didn't). But did the media follow suit?

BGR is a joke... Every BBRY article on that site is just littered with posts from BB trolls.

ps. I laughed at Geller's review of the both the Q10 and the Z10... nothing like making up the lamest shyt to make the product look bad "it was greasy"... LFMAO.... suuuuuuuuuure

BGR is known for BlackBerry bashing. At the same time BGR once used to be like CrackBerry. They were BlackBerry lovers. Eventually they stopped supporting BB because BlackBerry decided to take a break for 2 years, and still struggling to come up with a good strategy. Just look anywhere else other than BB enthu sites you will see that no one cares about BlackBerry. Its sad but true. Its the reality. BlackBerry is the one to be blamed here. Not BGR, CTV or Engadget. Let us hope BlackBerry can over come this hard period. The important thing is create good will and trust. Pricing, build quality, cool looking devices, apps are the things people of looking for in a smartphone. BB should stop following the old BB way and start adopting to the trend. BB10 is shaping really well. BBM cross platform will also help people to believe that BlackBerry is not dead yet. Hopefully they can market BB10 devices aggressively and win some market share. Good luck BB.

I don't buy the "we bash because we love" excuse. When I joined the BlackBerry band wagon back in 2009, then-RIM was doing well, shipping devices like never before and BGR was already bashing as heavily as they could.

If it were true, the BB10 devices would have not been so filled with excuses to bash (excuses like "it was greasy" since there was not much to bash).

People have their own opinion when it comes to favorite choice of OS. The companies should win the hearts or the users. Normal people tend to choose the latest and best things out there. It is the company's responsibility to create awareness and make sure they reach normal customers. MARKETING!

Wow! That guy was being peppered with questions focused on the negative side of BlackBerry. I guess if this was an interview of someone from an Apple fan site about the iPhone the interviewers should ask "Are you an iSheep for Apple?". It would only be fair.

"Aren't Blackberry market shares (in the developed world) in the toilet?" Comparing Blackberry to the Titanic? wow. This was a disgusting piece of news coverage.

The young chap who was talking about the Blackberry Q5 seemed quite informed and had his own opinion oh what Blackberry should do with emerging markets. I don't know why they kept shutting him down.

why do major news outlets not allow you to comment on their videos.

those to deserve to be bitched out for the crap they said

If BlackBerry spent as much as apple and Samsung do on advertising with the network they would be loved as much.. money talks, like it or not

How can they spend as much money when they don't actually own as much money?! You are telling me that a guy who make 30k a year can actually afford my condo even if I have difficulties to do it with my with my 6 digit salary? How does that even make sense?

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NY1, the Time Warner Cable broadcast center in New York City has a 'Wall Street' reporter who can say NOTHING good about Blackberry... even when news was good.
She is not an analyst; she reads from the negative analyst newsletters. The context is always sided toward Apple, and how Apple can do no wrong.
I gave up trying to listen to her and expect GOOD news.

I can imagine, when the next quarterly comes out with a loss she will say, Blackberry is dying.
BUT, she did not read the statements made by BB in the first quarterly that the company was going to spend abnormally high marketing funds in that quarter and to expect a loss.

So, what do I do? Send her an email BEFORE the quarterly any remind her of the BB prior statements? NO. Let her say what she wants and so be it.

Positive to say about BlackBerry for some time. Like Fox in the States here, they do the bidding of North American financial interests. Something tells me that the Apers have a financial interest in BlackBerry closing it's doors.

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When was the last time that you saw a promo saying get your APP at the BB AppWorld?
The only one that I know is the NY TImes.

Financial interest?
I suppose if there are a bizillion Sndroids and iApples around, and only a few million BB's, then they have little interest in dev for BB.

This! Slacker has an app for BB10 & WP8, but when I get emails from them, only App Store and Google Play are displayed on large print. Everything else is in small print at the bottom. So sad...

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Somehow BB Marketing Dept. has failed to promote the fact that there is a free BB appWorld logo available.
SO CHEAP! All the App Dev has to do is include it in their promo. This being after they made an effort to make the BB app. Maybe they are ashamed to advertise it?

These geniuses couldnt even get the product right, they were showing the Z10 half the time... why not videos of the Q5, is it not already out in some markets? AT the VERY least they could have used the Q10... man i feel bad for all the professionals who made a living being journalists decades ago, their profession is "IN THE TOILET."

I think if your not brainwashed. You own a blackberry. Every body just has an iPhone because story's like this. This z10 is a work of art. I just signed a 3 year for it. And come winter. When the a10 comes out. I'm going to buy out this 3 year contract. And sign a new one. Thats how much I like BlackBerry. Till death do us part.

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Not knowing too many of them, are all Canadians so smug and polite and smile at your face as they begin to insult and bash you with ignorant not thought out questions?? This is a Canadian news station questioning about a Canadian company...WTF?? I mean I know most Americans are this way but I guess I always thought of Canada as really being better than us "Stupid Americans" (as I've heard us called). Almost disappoints me...almost.

Humans across the entire planet are stupid.... I'm really pissed at CTV for looking so dumb.

Sent from my BB10 smartphone.

I feel for you and know your pain, as I've stated, I'm American, so you can only imagine the kinds of stupid "journalism" that happens around here...and in case you were even unsure, take a gander at a little site call BGR and that will show you the depths of stupidity that a single group of Americans can go :( ashamed to call them countrymen actually :/

It's always better to take the high road. Remember when Mike L stormed out of the BBC interview and how much flack they took. Even the media is wrong they always gets the last word.

The guy from BlackBerry Cool really did an amazing job with these two idiots. I would have found it hard not to get frustrated with how the questions were asked. Holy condescending. Almost Fox News style. So Glad I never watch CTV.

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Sad to say this is a huge problem in my north America, the rest of the world from what I see if very pro bb

The news is biased of course. But bbry is considered a joke. They are just reporting what a joke bbry is to people. It's more perpetuating beliefs. Where places like crackberry are just spreading bs without any realization that the outside world is laughing at bb10. The z/q10 is considered garbage by the average person. And instead of realizing that fans just want to call then stupid idiots. Which seems to be what bbry is doing. Shut up and listen to your demographic.

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Erin Burnett, from CNN, is proud to say she is loving her Q10. At least one mainstream media personality can speak their minds.

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How do you know she isn't being paid to endorse it? Oh right, positive opinions = THE UNBIASED TRUTH, negative opinions = nefarious Apple-sponsored propaganda.

As long as i can buy BlackBerry mobile phones and products i will choose them over the competition every time and i feel for many reasons users will come back to BlackBerry for the positive things it brings to the market as a company we just have to wait it's not just phones there's services and QNX which drives many industry software systems it is the future of mobile os, security is paramount when computers are running so many things in our world these days and that's not even touching on how important i feel it is for citizens, and security is something BlackBerry holds in high regard i really love that and soo much more about my phones!!

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CTV has been particularly anti BlackBerry fot some time now. I'm not sure why. They often promote their iPhone/ipad apps with no love for BlackBerry. Pretty sad for a fellow Canadian business.

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Quite frankly I did not share the view that this was a negative commentary, more to the point of saying how it is. And Mr. McInnes was cheerleading, he admitted so, not that there is anything wrong with that as I am of the same opinion that we as Canadians should support a Canadian enterprise. But the company must cut the mustard in order to be supported, not just blind support which is what I see a lot of on these forums, again not that there is anything wrong with this, other than to say there must be a balance.
The Avro Arrow was leader in its field, in its day, no unlike BB when it first came out, but to compare BB now to the Avro is absurd as there is no comparison to be made. BB is where they are because of themselves and their arrogance but as a Canadian I think there product now is quite good and would like to see a more balanced approach to the media reports, given it is a good product.

Haha it kind of reminds me a bit like the fox news interview with the Muslim guy. He kept trying to talk about the subject at hand and they kept going back to how he was a Muslim over and over and over

Yeah as a Canadian I find this CTV interview a bit embarrassing.

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To me it's the way they asked those questions and the way they looked at him that pissed me off...

Sent from my BB10 smartphone.

I am with you 10000% I would rather use a old time flip phone before I'll commit to iOS or android lol.

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That was not an interview, that was a (mini) roast...I'm sure in order to keep those ridiculous smug smiles on their faces, they had to stick their iPhone's so far up there asses ...

Ogg, I almost vomit and I'm not Canadian. Their agenda was clear from the beginning. To mock this guy and BlackBerry , I wonder how much they where paid by the competition, is obvious these reporters are up for sale.

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I also think that competition is good and ios and android aren't the only players. I mean I like my BlackBerry because it gets what I want done I don't care about the fancy apps. I just wanted a good phone that is secure and makes calls, maybe use the Internet and play music but those are more pluses then what sells me the device. Don't get me wrong not everyone likes the same things but really no reason to hate something because it's not on your must buy list

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Most ios and DROID apps aren't fancy. Some are good but not fancy. I'm just keeping it real.

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By the way, I bet that if BlackBerry pay this reporters they will be the cheerleaders in the interview.

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Bla1ze, completely agree - this stuff drives me nuts too. Not completely sure what the source of it is. I truly believe that what doesn't kill you will make you stronger. I think alot this sentiment is isolated mostly to North America, and a bit in Europe (but still far less).

American media tends to be more harsh to Blackberry than the Canadian media. Perhaps it is to protect American brands a bit (like brand nationalism) - I guess this is some what merited since humans are fundamentally tribal and tend to stick up for the icons of their own tribes (ie the IPhone in the USA and BB in Canada).

This is what the msm have been doing to conservative Republicans for decades. My dad always said that these news outlets are biased towards the democrats/left. He was spot on.

Now you know how we feel about biased coverage. Thank God for Fox News in some ways. President Bush who was more of a liberal Republican was bashed heavily during his terms. The unemployment was around 4% with the largest growth in the economy was during his terms until 2006 when the dems took over both houses. You have to remember that the meltdown in '08 was a result of the sub-prime loans forced by dems. Every attempt to fix the GSE banks fanny & Freddie etc. We're filibusters by the dems.

Great article to read about the actual events that led the '08 crash.

Read and weep dems.

QNX posted via CB10

Didn't know this was a political site. Please keep your political views out tech. Thank you very much. :-)

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Been with BlackBerry since '02. I will never give up on this platform. I'm American and I cannot stand gooooogle or apple, microsoft and especially facebook.

QNX posted via CB10

+1 except for Microsoft. I own a Lumia 925 along with my Z10. I love it... Different, fresh, and fluid. Love then both for different reasons.

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Yup, i'm a widows pc user. If I didn't have BlackBerry, windows would next and next choice would be a flip phone.

QNX posted via CB10

BlackBerry is the only choice for me. BlackBerry makes the best mobile computing devices on Earth.

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I hope both these individuals are george zimmermaned from ever appearing in public. What a useless, biased interview.

Posted on my Q10

People who take the "kick them when their down" approach to "journalism" are spawns of Satan. They are uneducated husks of humans with nothing but vile darkness within them. LOL

Who wants ice cream?

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They was ascared their friends would not think they were cool if they were fair to something that wasn't an iPhone.

I see this on Global Edmonton every morning. They go so far as calling all phones iPhones as if there were no other kind. There is, however, a smartass in the graphics department that puts up an image of a BlackBerry Torch every time they play audio from a phone interview.

It's just maddening because news is supposed to be unbiased and present the facts. Behavior like these anchors displayed plays as immature, when I see that on tv, it immediately makes me believe the anchor incapable of having a grown up conversation and makes me question their intelligence.

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I totally agree the media around the world are bashing BlackBerry. However, what has BlackBerry done to combat this bashing? Look I'm loyal and will always be. I can show off my phone with all its splendor and wow friends and family. They all see the phone and think it's an iPhone. To there surprise it's a BlackBerry. When they buy a new phone they buy an iPhone or a Samsung. What we need to do is showcase all the great things the phone can do. That recent video with the kid hating his Z10 was absolutely the best. BlackBerry better get on the ball and fight back. With a flurry of advertising. When and where it counts. Show people that it's cool again to have a BlackBerry.

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Android is not one option, it's multiple.
Phones are as powerful as computers were a few years back.
Wireless comm is getting as good and reliable as wifi (in cities).
Soon it won't matter that a kernel is 100k small, etc. As long as the UI is good enough, people will be happy.
The OS is open source and can be secured? Enterprises will be happy.
So Android will be the OS to get for people who are flexible and want the latest, the rest can learn with iOS or take pervy night pictures with their Lumia.
BlackBerry really needs to work hard on a USP for consumers, because it's not synonymous with security as far as consumers are concerned and they've never released top of the range hardware, so why buy an all touch BlackBerry today? For the unique UI while we wait for apps?

My PlayBook? Very useful in the shower as a radio and notepad :)

I don't think anyone is seriously arguing that BlackBerry is going to be dominant again. I have trouble believing that with the commoditization of core parts and the sheer volume of people using smartphones on the planet, that BlackBerry can't carve out a profitable niche for itself.

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I see this everyday at work. Arrogant bobbleheads lambasting the Tech Guy. Obviously they carry iPhone fashion pieces.

The interviewers are a bit condescending and don't fit the un-bias model of news reporters. It's too bad. The way the laughed at the end tells a lot about their professionalism.

Totally not alone. Have my 9930 and Q10 on me daily and I must say this Q10 is the best. I never utilized BES so when BB10 said it would sync with Exchange I had to have it. It works better then I thought and is my favorite BlackBerry so far. Picking up my 9930 it just feels old now..

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The Q5 look grows more and more on me. I think it looks better than the Q10 (*Just the look, not the specs*) don't you think?

Somehow it became 'cool' to bash BlackBerry. Drives me crazy up here in Canada, talk about eating your own.

BlackBerry should use this tag line: "BlackBerry is different now. Are you?"

On some level there is a fadish quality to phone purchases, and apple is due for a fall.

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Bubble headed bleach blonde comes at 5
Tell you about the plane crash, with a gleem in her eye
People love it when you lose
Give us dirty laundry

I have a fever, and the only cure is more swiping, so this is posted via CB10 from my Z10

The BBRY bashing is getting quite ridiculous lately with many news outlets spreading misinformation about BBRY. Such as this nonsense about BB10 being too little too late. That's until there stubborn selves try out a BB10 phone, then they start salivating for one.

You see people going from BBOS to iPhone represents a big improvement to them. What they don't realise is going from BBOS to BB10 surpasses iPhone's iOS by years. BB10 represents the future regardless how many people continue to bash it. People that bash BB10 haven't tried it first hand.

There is a huge difference between watching a YouTube video about what BB10 can do versus actually trying it out. 99% guarantee anybody that never tied the BB10 "Will" love the refreshing smooth and fast paced interface. And phone they currently own "Will" feel like yesterday's tech.

Unfortunately the only way BBRY can vet these negative news stations off there back is to release positive results and strong sales via its next Quarter.

Personally and IMO if BES10 is somewhat included in the next Quarterly results, I estimate approx: 1.2M Z10's, 3.4M Q10's and 6M BBOS devices Shipped/Sold world wide.
In June of this year and for a period of about 3 weeks, BBRY showed very strong Mobile OS penetration in North America, Africa and Europe. This unique spike has calmed down as of late. Hopefully the Q5 will spice up sales for continued strength. BB10 is too AWESOME to go under. BBRY continues to restructure, nobody said this was going to be easy. The entire world smart phone market has gone down. Even both Apple and Samsung have missed sales forecasts.
One Word, BB10 Rocks.

It is beyond ridiculous to be honest. I love my BlackBerry and don't want to live in a world where the other operating systems and manufacturers don't have a fighting chance.

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This is why I watch and listen to the CBC. They have BB10 apps, some of their main anchors are proud BB users, and their coverage of BB is the least negative.

For a while Peter Mansbridge kept a playbook and a bold on his anchor desk! Miss those days lol

Posted from my incredible Z10

It really doesn't matter what you see on the news. Truthfully journalism has given way to overpaid glorified bloggers. If anyone in the media has a problem with BlackBerry they can give me a call, they'll have a complex after I'm finished torching them. No pun intended.

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Pardon my french, but hoe should I put this delicately...f **k Apple and f**k Samsung...and while I'm at it f**k CTV News also!

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I absolutely love my Z10 and almost everyone I show it to does as well. Its fast, sleek, new, capable and stylish. (especially my oreo with the white transform case running latest 10.1) Everyone who tells me "blackberry sucks now" has been using the competition for many years. The ppl who used to own one and loved it say "I heard BlackBerry was bankrupt/dead on the news" I think the negative media has had a MAJOR impact on brands public image and that needs to be addressed ASAP. Amazing quality Cross platform bbm is a good start

Posted from my incredible Z10

Fully agree. IMO I think BlackBerry needs to come out with some powerful damage control commercials because the mis-information has really increased a lot. You have people talking bad about BlackBerry 10 without even trying it out lol, talk about Droids and iBots that don't want competition or are afraid of change.

BlackBerry needs to catch the "Back to School" and time it 1000000%, get the Q5 and that rumoured Z5 that looks cool out the gate ASAP, so students can buy them up. I mean, here we have Apple marketing stating that if you want to be cool, ask your parents for a iPhone 5. Go Figure lol,

People will make news of whatever they want. Haven't read the whole thread, but here's some pretty hilarious bashing of Google's new glasses.....

BBRY has made itself a target. No other reasons here. Sorry if answer unpopular, but between 2 year coma while rest of the world was moving on, then release of immature OS, terrible support behind it, ridiculous claims of returning to sales of gazillions of phones (yes, I'm paraphrasing TH), etc, they have not made it any easier on themselves.

From a Z10 fan, iPhone 5 user (for apps).

Just watched the clip. Those reporters are such arrogant idiots. But they aren't android or apple spokespeople. They were not acting professional at all. I can't believe those two idiots are newscasters. That being said this is proof of how badly run bbry has/is being run to warrant this type of treatment. Good for the bbry fan for keeping his cool.

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Despite all of the "journalistic" hyperbole, I like many Americans absolutely love and support our BlackBerry friends and neighbors. The rest are hosers, eh!!!???

this is why I only watch the best news outlet in the country


Long live The National :))

BlackBerry Z10- I use it for a phone and a computer :)

Fact is the Q5 looks like it's from the 90s. It may be practical but so are pocket protectors and fannypacks but you don't see anyone rushing out to buy those.

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If we here at CrackBerry complain, we'll just be called "the crazy CrackBerry people" and be made fun of on the news.

Posted via the super amazing BlackBerry Q10

Fire the male Host Bell, he is way way off his bonkers probably was using a Blackberry for work !!

Well said Bla1ze. I've worked in media for over 20 years...

Most people have no idea what goes on.

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Why Canadian company wants encourage Korean company (Samsung) ,
American company (Apple) ,
Windows Phone Nokia (Finlande),
Google Android the big American !

Why Canadian company like CTV laugh about BlackBerry ?

What the hell is that ?

Where We are we going ?

Our Canadian company BlackBerry have to be supported by all Canadians!
And really Bb10 is better than Android and ios!

Way to go !

And for the two journalists they must lose your job because they are to much stupid !

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Everybody is entitled to their opinion about Blackberry and the truth and what they believe can and in this case be wrong
I for one hope that blackberry is around for the long hall and continue rolling out fantastic phones

What a D!2k that guy, whoever he is? He's probably never held a Z10 or Q10 in his hand but has some smart remark to make anyway. "Cheerleader". Smh... BlackBerry please put out some quality commercials. People still have no clue.

It's just a phone. who cares. Who are you loyal too? Ceos who lie to you? Workers who are being fired? Assembly line workers in other nations? This is getting comical.

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Between this and the big WhatsApp "exposé" earlier, it hasn't been a great day for CrackBerry.

What a couple of obnoxious "news" casters. Instead of bringing the news. They hop on the hate train like everyone else. When he said "are you cheer leading for the company" he had the most sarcastic look on his stupid face -_-
This is why I don't watch the news anymore.

Wow, those commentators were bad... What kind of an interview was that? It felt that they were just trying to find something negative and talk about it and when that didn't come up hey just attacked their guest! Terrible...

And also, starting the interview by throughing a retorical question "about the company being doomed"?? Again.. Wow

BlackBerry 10 is the most efficient mobile computing platform in the market. This is a business machine and it makes me more efficient than any other platform. This company is doing a lot right and the product is dynamite. They just need the self confidence to realize what they are doing better than the competition.

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You know what's not cool those two reporters, that girl was that dorky annoying type that everyone avoided in high school. Oh sure she might be a last minute fill at a party but nothing anyone would want around all the time. And the guy? Really does anything need to be said? Lol

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Let this be a lesson to the young people here. Once you get a reputation as an incompetent bumbler it's very hard to shake. So don't let it happen!

I no longer like to watch CTV as much as I used to. I feel they've shifted away from being neutral. And my opinion isn't because of BlackBerry.

Getting back to BlackBerry, I seriously question those mindsets who are okay with being limited of their choice by business conglomerates. Why do these people dislike the idea of having other choices, of having competition? Since when has the world become merely 2 shades of colour?

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He should have said: hey you got your cheerleader right there and she got her toy boy too, everybody is happy now

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Btw, these are CTV News Express "personalities," never meant to be anchors delivering actual "news." Todd's daddy's been with CTV for years, and Amanda's just out for a job.

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I love what I should love and never change.
I just love BlackBerry and there is no reason.
No matter what it will be, I just hold on my love.

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maybe if BlackBerry controlled the media message more then they wouldn't have that problem. what I mean is they controlled the media message when they launched BB10 and Thorsten and fank were on news interviews everywhere, now six months on they seem to of forgotten that that's an important part to their company image. when did you last see Thorsten heins in a media interview?

BlackBerry has an outside chance to come back. It is up to themselves to give the company a fighting chance.

It has to have a 'stop doing ' list.

STOP the following ;
•lazy marketing, show what BB10 can do.
•get the phones to consumers quickly

•keep to the schedule, when you say that something is being released on a specific date make sure it happens. The company's integrity is being compromised.

•being passive, be aggressive - if there are any questionable practices going on behalf of the media and carriers, go after them.

Then BlackBerry just might have the tools to turn this good company into a great company.

Those who love BlackBerry have to

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How do I put this delicately.... Bla1ze and the rest of the crackberry nation; get over it. If you don't want to hear more negative stuff about Blackberry then get on them to do more positive stuff! Sheesh, all these cheerleading has been going on for years and it has not done an atom of good. If Blackberry does an amazing promotion that wows the masses the news media will cover it as such.

I sit hear and read all the predictable responses by Crackberry loyalists, that will generate 20 seconds of satisfaction for them, calling Android and iOS names and blaming everybody but Blackberry for its issues. It is getting old folks. Only Blackberry can change that perception. Not you. Not me. Not the media. Not crackberry. ONLY BLACKBERRY. I know. I know. I am being too negative. This is Crackberry. A site for only positive things about Blackberry. I do not know about you but I would rather be real and brutally honest and see Blackberry get back to form than bury my head in the sand, lying to myself while the ship sinks.

I wish there were more Blackberry sites that would actually call out Blackberry on their lethargic attitude. I literally rolled my eyes when I read this article. Another fluff piece to rally the troops. Same song. Same results. We have been doing this for years now. Declining marketshare; result.

I love my Z10. I think it is the best thought out phone device in the market. However, it is not my job to market that. If Blackberry is screwing up the message they deserve to be clowned on. Period.

.....and this was my post on the CTV News Channel's FB page.....

Hello, folks. I'm here to express a deep concern about the recent interview that Amanda and Todd had with the Editor-In-Chief of

I am a regular visitor to the CTV News Channel on TV, and I rely on the reporting of the newsworthy events in the spirit in which I, as a Canadian, have come to expect from my news sources. What I saw in this interview was somewhat disturbing, in the sense that it had a very U.S. Media feel to it...the bashing of a Canadian tech company...namely, Blackberry.

Now, I don't expect to see raving reviews and fanfare, but I certainly didn't expect to hear some the comments made that, clearly, were anti-Blackberry, and clearly made the interviewee uncomfortable. Those comments came from Todd, and I was very surprised that they were made in such a flippant and negative tone. Such as:

- describing Blackberry's market share as being "in the toilet"...does this imply that the product is substandard and that Blackberry users are using a product that is not worthy of the smartphone market? Yes, we all know that Blackberry's market share is currently dismal, but they have introduced a new OS, they have 72 million users worldwide, and continue to dominate in many markets, worldwide. Their Enterprise business and security is unmatched, and is making slow but steady progress to grow and gain back market share.

- likening Blackberry to the Titanic...this was both a slight to the seriousness of the Titanic tragedy, as well as an assumption that Blackberry is doomed to fail, or has already failed. A brave assumption, no doubt, and hardly a statement I expect to hear from a newsworthy source.

- calling the interviewee a "cheerleader" for Blackberry...was that necessary? Totally disrespectful, in my opinion. In my opinion, every Blackberry user is a cheerleader for the comapny and the product in one sense or another, because they use the products.

As a Canadian news source, covering a Canadian company, this was a poor and biased interview, and I am embarrassed that it was conducted in that way.

I respectfully suggest that this type of "Fox News" reporting be reconsidered, and have some more meaningful coverage of the company and the devices in the future. This is a company in the process of recovering from lost market share based on many, many factors...including it's own mistakes...and greater effort should have been made to discuss the product in a more meaningful way, not with references to the Titanic. This company invented the smartphone with cutting edge technology at the time, managed to fall behind in latter years due to newer products and it's complacency to improve, and is now making huge strides to rebuild its market share, and bring a Canadian tech company back into the limelight.

I am a Blackberry user, a Blackberry shareholder, a proud Canadian, a businessperson, and last but not least, a proud Blackberry Cheerleader. I expect the news I hear on Canadian stations to be more impartial, informative, respectful, and accurate than the media fodder I hear on the U.S. stations.


My Gawd, what a pair of smarmy talking heads those two are! I wouldn't insult the term "television journalist" by applying it to those two. Simply take that video and put it where it belongs, right in the sewage lagoon.

BlackBerry has the BEST product out there for a certain user base. I am a serial commiter of smartphone polygamy and currently carry a Q10 (traded in my Z10 to get it), HTC One and and iPhone 5. The BlackBerry is my workhorse and my all day device (certainly helps that the battery actually lasts all day). The other two are for 'entertainment' only. What BlackBerry needs to do is get the message out that they are unapologetic that their phones are better at getting things done.....of course they need to commit themselves to that strategy as well. With the unavoidable death of the more than ever a handset firm NEEDS to claim for its products the role of the WORKHORSE. BlackBerry is already there in both the Z10 and Q10. I meet in the 'C' suite on a regular basis and for the last several weeks everytime I pull out my Q, everyone wants to check it out. And each time, the onlookers do NOTHING but complain about their i-devices and g-devices. BlackBerry that's the audience to nail down!! Keep quality of build extremly high (Q10 suceeded here Z10 not so much). Keep usuabilty, functionality and longevity (battery life) top of mind. And finally keep the price where it is a device purchased by the select and discerning who are by their very nature set apart. Instead of Alicia Keys (and I have nothing against her personally) get the endorsement of likely real power users. To name a few: Jamie Dimon, Jack Welch, Warren Buffet, Russell Simons, Jay-Z, Magic Johnson, Jeff Immelt, Larry Ellison, Donald Trump, Dylan Lauren, Laurie Ann Goldman and Meg Whitman.

BlackBerry, you don't need to be the "Everybody" device in order to be "THE" device that everybody wants!!


Wow! Is that announcer anti-Canadian?

And since when, is saying you like or love a very innovative phone, being a cheerleader. I didn't see any spelling of BlackBerry with arm and leg signings!

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There is no rationalism here...just a bunch of diehard BB fans, that can't seem to take their shades off to see what is in front of them. Praise is given where it is warranted.
All we got on this site is a bunch blackberry blood sucking hypocrits who have no idea from day-to-day what they support. So sad...let the product speak for itself!!!!

Well I watched that and I think Kyle was quite the pro, he took there somewhat jaded and negative statements and gave them some facts, and left me not with the impression that he was a fan boy but someone who has done his homework and understands that the market is diverse and just because BlackBerry is having difficulty in the US doesn't mean it's dead everywhere there is so much potential for this system the market is growing if you have 5% market share today simple math says if the market grows by double and they have market share of 6% that is a lot more units sold that would equate in a real units to an increase from the 70 million or so phones out there to more than 160 million that's a lot of product out there

From the Zed of Rockivy

Questionable how much ethics and professionalism is left in mainstream journalists. Too much focus on profits feeding mainstream media's addiction to polarizing and smug comments designed to get followers. Divides people and stirs the pot. Politicians do it all the time to get votes. Their guest handled himself beautifully, not getting hooked into giving them defensive responses which is what they wanted.. Great self management on his part. BlackBerry Just has to continue serving their existing customers well and carry on with their plan. they are fighting some serious opponents. Getting my Q10 this week!

Mid interview question:

"can I ask you a question? Are you guys news reporters or opinion givers? And in case you don't understand the question, let me clarify, one is an objective reporting professional the other is a clueless fool with no industry knowledge who spouts popular rhetoric on air"

THAT is what needs to be asked on air of people like this. Be better prepared you know the assault is coming.

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The correct answer to the invertviewer's question "you're quite a cheerleader" was: "No, I've just done my job and learned the facts.... something you 'journalists' should probably think more often about doing instead of jumping on bandwagons"
He said nothing that could be considered "cheerleading". He answered their questions with quite a neutral tone.

Two smug news anchors that think they are so superior and think their shi t dont stink.

I hope they fall on their faces and get kicked when they are down. Liberals. Are they not cheer leaders for Apple and Google phones? Hmmmmmmm

Then you wonder why no one watches the networks, this is a good reason!

Ah, I don't think the interview was that bad. Seen much worse on Fox. I would chalk up a lot of the media sentiment here to playing devil's advocate.

Q5 should be used almost like a loss leader.
I remember a couple months back when apple was practically giving the iPhone 4s away. All the youth and other people who can't afford to spend hundreds on a phone went for this deal. They get hooked on the iPhone then sometime down the road there gonna want a newer iPhone. Imagine if blackberry did this. A Lot if people may be interested but don't want to take the risk of spending all that money on a new blackberry device. You give them the Q5, they get hooked on the flow, hub, peak, overall smoothness of the OS. Couple months down the road, they wanna upgrade to the higher end models.

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See now it's media treatment like this that made myself, my dad, brother and his wife switch to BlackBerry 10 even though we never owned one before. We just couldn't stand the bashing, seemed like a conspiracy to us.

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Good for you Kyle, stating facts and not looking like a cheerleader.

I just feel bad for Thor and BBRY now that Jim and Mike have screwed the company and left them with this mess. This is what you deserve if you do nothing while your competition is innovating but Mike and Jim deserve this, not Thor or BBRY fans or bloggers. Unfortunately we are the minority now and you have to realize this. We're seen as the cheerleaders and everyone else is seen as anti-BBRY. Just the way it is now and not sure if this sentiment will ever change.

The girl wasn't too bad, but I wanted to take an iPhone and stick it down the mouth of the male co-host. What an arrogant A-hole!

Complete crap. I just e-mailed them.

CTV, Todd and Amanda,

I am so sick an tired of watching CTV bash good Canadian companies like BlackBerry. The interview below is an absolute joke - accusing Kyle of being a cheerleader?

Give me a break. He supports BlackBerry who are trying to regain market share with their brand new operating system. Have you even used BB10 to see just how good it is? To understand it's a valid competitor in the market place?

These types of terrible interviews have me turned off of CTV.

Honestly, if we want the BlackBerry bashing to stop, we need to make sure those who are interviewed know what the hell we are talking about and can actually sell BlackBerry. Sell the damn phone, or get off the screen.

At this point, BlackBerry needs trained professionals to speak about the BlackBerry brand. His stuttering and bad choice of wording did not help at all regarding the Q10 & Q5 comparison. There was obviously a lack of preparation for the interview. I'm tired of this. Where is BlackBerrys PR!

So in this case, double fail. CTV was a fail and so was miss Kyle.

I don't know what's worse - in the UK when the Z10 and Q10 were launched I looked through the papers trying to find mention of it...not a word. when apple products or software are launched its all over the press. Its almost like Blackberry don't exist any more! What the hell is going on with their marketing!!

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Fox News has been positive about Blackberry and when discussing texting they'll show the Z10 instead of the iphone now...

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Bla1ze, your buddy said something like " you don't see Apple or Samsung making any headway into enterprise or government......" Last time I read about this, Apple had the largest market share for mobile in enterprise. As for Government, BB doesn't even have anything of interest to offer schools, whereas Apple and Android do. So, It seems to me like there is some BS coming from both sides in that interview.

It's utter nonsense the way these media outlets have been trashing a top rate device maker.

Keep in mind most of these clowns couldn't change a tire to save their lives let alone understand the inner workings of a smart device.

You have to wonder who the real cheerleaders are here: the BlackBerry people or the iOS crowd?

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They are just scared of what BlackBerry can really do. Bigger picture if BlackBerry is SO bad then why are companies and governments still using them...

I will continue to rock out BlackBerry regardless.


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Surely the simple fact here is that Samsung have flooded the market with cheap plastic phones with all the bells and whistles. Even apple are having to bring out a piece of cheap rubbish.
BlackBerry AND apple have to decide if they want to join in peddling junk for pennies or continue to make quality products
Ford sells millions more cars than BMW but no one is saying BMW. Is going bust

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I agree with the Fox News comments. I realize blackberry created this mess, but these two are a bit over the top for a so called Canadian Station. Truly fake and condescending morons. Just wish blackberry had a marketing campaign that would start changing their negative reputation. Why can't they get this!

Kyle did a great job. He is rooting for his home phone. I love my Z10 and I will not gonback to an apple or Samsung as my main phone. The US don't even have a phone made here. I can't stand the media here in the US when it comes to blackberry. People get what you like, all the companies have there gimmicks