BlackBerry Charging Pod for the BlackBerry Bold 9930 / 9900 Hands-On Video

By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Sep 2011 05:46 pm EDT

Contest: Win a Free Charging Pod for your BlackBerry Bold 9930 / 9900. Leave a single comment to this post for your chance to win! Ends this Sunday @ Midnight.

The BlackBerry Charging Pod historically is one of the best-selling BlackBerry accessories, and that's proving to be true yet again for the new BlackBerry Bold 9930 /9900. Our ecommerce team has had a heck of a time getting enough inventory to meet demand. [ Store Note - We got a bunch more in stock today so backorders have shipped and there are units available for immediate purchase. Thanks for the patience to everybody who was waiting for their charging pod to ship. These sell fast so if you want one, don't wait! ]

There's a good reason for the demand - the BlackBerry Bold 9930/9900 Charging Pod really is a must-have accessory. We find a lot of BlackBerry owners, myself included, typically own two charging pods - one for their desk at work and one for their night stand at home so they can use their BlackBerry as their alarm clock.

With BlackBerry 7 Smartphones RIM has introduced some style and design changes to the charging pod. Going back to the Curve 8300, all charging pods have been fairly similar, with a chromed deep-dish style design. The new charging pod features a blacked-out look (with green light indicating the pod has charging power) and features an ultra-slim, minimalistic design. Compared to the old design, you need to be a little more accurate in dropping the phone into the pod, and it's not quite as secure (see the end of my video for the simulated earthquake shake test), but overall it's a super nice design. I really like the direction RIM took in updating the look of the pod and it compliments the overall rich aestethics of the Bold 9930/9900.

The BlackBerry Charging Pod retails for $49.99, but you can get it for less at Be sure to watch the video above to get a good look at it, and stay tuned for our more in-depth review, complete with lots of pretty pictures, next week!

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BlackBerry Charging Pod for the BlackBerry Bold 9930 / 9900 Hands-On Video



I agree, it looks quite sexy, but I would never trade stability for aesthetics. That's why I prefer (based on this video) the older charging pod. Over the long run, you want a pod that secures your precious phone, not something nice to look at.

***Does the *old* Bold 9000 charger work on the new Bold 9900?

I also would never trade stability for aesthetics...

(Also, try to use your touchscreen while in the charger!
Looks like it's not workable this way...)

how bright is the LED? I have the charge pod for my 8330 and found the white LED to be way to bright at night. So i modded it with a small circle of limo tint(5%light transmission), to bring it down to a comfortable brightness at night......thx

Have been thinking of getting one. This made up my mind for me. Hopefully I win one so I dont have to buy it :P

Sorry I don't know how to delete a comente here, I was too slow posting the First comment. And no it doesn't appear the option Edit either… Fixed one: Scroll down!

I absolutely love the charging pod for my Bold 9700, so this is one of the first accessories I planned to get for my Bold 9900 (whenever AT&T gets on board), so It would be great to win my next charging pod.

this pod is the first beautiful charging pod from rim. it suits my 9900 to be standing next to my iPhone4+dock, its like the 9900+pod is the sexy brawny husband and my iPhone4+dock is the beautiful sexy wifey :D

I had two charging pods for my previous BB's, a 9700 and 9780, even though those could go 2-3 days without charging. I would love one of these pods for the 9900, especially since it requires a nightly top-up.

I had two for my old Bold: One in my PC Case to take with me on trips to use in Hotels as an alarm clock and one for the normal bedside.

As Kevin has shown, this charging stand might be great for Winnipeg but not so good for, say, Vancouver Island.

(Earthquake today) :

Ah yes, just the item I want to add to my accessory collection! Looking forward to a win-thanks for offering this!

Oooh I like it. It would look awfully nice on my desk at work to add some more class and make the android guys look more like children with their brick-like toys.... :)

Please use your pick on me, I am but a poor man with one wish...and that is for a 9930 charging pod, to be my own.

It is a little funny (and a lot disturbing) when Kevin keeps on making the Bold fall out of the dock.

I wish I Could win
I wish I Could win
I wish I Could win

How many times should i copy n paste till i get it


I sure would like to win! I've been waiting to buy until I had a chance to win one! Please don't make me buy one!!! :D

I ordered one the other day and you guys shipped it today!
I might get another one for my home, later.

There is a thread that I have posted to. Some people have been having problems with their 9930 not charging completely when in the charging pod. My phone stops at 95% and goes no more but charges fully when connected to USB via wall adaptor. Interestingly enough, if you charge fully via USB and place on pod it will show that it is fully charged and maintain the charge. Also, I have been able to get the device fully charged if it was at 98% when I placed in the pod. I called verizon and they suggested to switch it out... I did and it is still then same. It is likely a software issue with phone. Some people using the leaked update had no issue. I am running the .254 bundle... So just beware...

Oooo would love to win a charging pod! Still on the fence whether to purchase one, but I really missed not having one for the 9780. This 9900 would surely benefit of being babied that much more. :)

currently have one at home and one at work for my storm 2. i need this one plus one i'll buy to do the same thing for the 9930!!!

I've been trying to get my hands on one of these pods for awhile, got my bold when it came out and they sold out that day :( I would love to have one especially with the whole smart dock system.

I want one of these to replace the one I had for my 8330. I have noticed that it has been out of stock for quite some time. Winning one would be the best deal ever.

i can just imagine myself with this charging pod. i'd grab my bold out of the pod and with a self made star wars like lightsabre sond efects say "ahhhhh.... so the RIMpire strikes back!!!" a la darth vader style

Charging pods are one of the best things about blackberrys! Loved it on my pearl 8120, and my storm. Of course those were the older style. Maybe kevin can show me where to pick up one of those drop-a-playbook cradles.

Actually, I prefer the old design (even back from the original Bold 9000), but it would be nice to get one for free :)

I want! Would be perfect during my DJ sets. Ill be able to track time and see if i get msgs while on stage.

I have always wanted one of these but never really justified the "need" factor for myself to buy it. Now if I win one, that is a whole nother story.


Had a charging pod for my old curve 8310. One of the greatest purchases I made. Would love to win one for my 9900!

i need to get my hands on this charging station. I find that my battery is fading on a consistent basis. So as i wish and pray to win this charging station I will close with a church hymn.

I'm a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride
I'm wanted dead or alive
Wanted dead or alive.

I don't care for it... a pain to line up the charging pins. The old ones were better designed and easy to slide into place.

I would like to thank the entire Crackberry community for my win on this contest. Not many people thank the hosts, and even fewer thank their fellow participants. Without your support to the forum, the forum would not have enough traffic to warrant give-a-ways. Thanks to all.

I have been buying many craddle from crackberrystore and i was soon going to be buying unless i get a free gift before!!!!

Love the charger! Just ordered a new battery and am looking into a protective case for my 9900..any suggestions?


Ok i REALLY need this for my office. Just think guys, I have 3 people at my office with 9900's and if I win, and receive this, I know all 3 people at the office will buy charging pods from Crackberry. So I think this is a great opportunity to pick me

Must have item, but I find them to be too pricey ... I usually wait until I can find them cheap on eBay. So winning a free one would be nice. :)

Wow orderred a bunch of stuff from CB today and totally forgot this. So wanted it and meant to buy it today. Maybe this is fate giving me another chance. Fingers crossed.

Video was too funny, loved those "out takes." The charging pods are the best invention, they truly are a must have for your Berry, have had one since my 1st Curve & always will.

Awesome video! I had to close my eyes at the end though. That was painful to watch...ouch!!! Who knew Kevin was so rough on his blackberrys...LOL.

If I win one, it'd be for my gf who's soon to be a 9930 owner. I am the few lucky ones that got their shipment shipped today :) hook it up plz!

"Crack isn't the worst thing that can happen to Blackberry"

Just ordered the 9930 today at Costco ($169 w/extras!) Need stand! Pick Me!! Looks like a mod is in order to keep the cat from knocking it off the stand.

So mad that my charge pod for my old Tour doesn't work with my awesome new 9930. I'd loooooove a new pod for it. Pleaseeeeeee crackberry, make that happen :]

Would love one of these for my Bold 9930, that means I would only have to but one for the wife instead of two ;). Thanks and Shop Store for the chance to win.

Just an FYI .. I have bought two of these.. I also bought two barely there cases ..Supposedly work with charger.. NOT..

The charging pod is probably the number one accessory for BB owners. winning one is even better.

Kevin, you ROCK! Awesome test at the end. Thank you VERY MUCH for showing us the durability of the charger & Bold.

Feels good to be able to jump at the opportunity of these contests once again with a current device.

Thank you Kevin. Thank you I'm looking forward to many more great reviews ahead...

Now bring on the Winnipeg Jets Colorware Contest. I'm "Bold" enough to sport your new team Kevin. ;-)

I would like a charging pod for my soon to be 9900 from ATT, or for my 9930 from Sprint if I run out of patience.