BlackBerry chandelier brings old-school class to your dining room

BlackBerry chandelier
By Simon Sage on 18 Oct 2013 05:53 pm EDT

Michael McHale usually works on chandeliers with old pipes and gas fittings, but for this project, he's made quite a piece from old BlackBerry models. You'll spot the Tour, a couple of 8800s in there, and some 8500-series devices dangling all purdy-like. The custom-made Ozymandias Chandelier borrows its namesake from a Percy Shelley poem popularized by a recent Breaking Bad episode.  It's all about a great fallen king. 

In that light, this chandelier takes on a slightly sadder tone, but even still, BlackBerry fans will appreciate these devices, normally left to the landfill, being dolled up as a centerpiece. Particular attention was paid to the trackball and trackpad area, which, as we all know, was the focus of quite some attention. The Ozymandias Chandelier took a couple of weeks to make, and includes optically pure leaded crystal and small LED lights inside each device.

Looking at McHale's other chandeliers, odds are getting your own made will cost a pretty penny, but if you're so inclined, hit up his website and see if you can get a quote. It sure is a classy way of commemorating a bygone era. 


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BlackBerry chandelier brings old-school class to your dining room


They should make out of out shattered iPhone. Oh think of the light refraction, would be beautiful!!

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That's incorrect. Gorilla glass can be destroyed. All it is is significantly harder to shatter but it can be shattered.

Only a fool thinks they know me.

Just razzin' ya :) looks like there were a few threads about this in various sub forums. Great minds...

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Waiting for BBM on Android, I see...

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Pretty good idea... should also do one with Nice BlackBerry Z 10 X 5 with flashlight app on the screen side!

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Wow, while it's a clever, cool, creative and interesting piece of back to the future yet retrospective, uber-contemporary art/innovation, which I clearly applaud and appreciate, this article is nothing more than a eulogy for BlackBerry. Very backhanded. There isn't even a cold body yet. Fie! The piece is cool, the author is a knob.

Sporting a White Z10

Why did you even read the article then? Skip, move on. It's embarassing to YOU, but not everyone else. I like modern art.

I don't like it because the BlackBerrys are upside down. I have to stand on my head to correct my perspective. :(

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I have six BlackBerry phones, all fully Functional. They will be installed in a deep frame. Everything from. 8330 through to a Z10. I am writing this with the king- the Z30. Three days old.

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Well, nowadays where electronic scraps are becoming an environmental issues, recycling like this is one of the best option...

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Well for the princely sum of $16000.00 CDN you can have your very own one of A kind chandeliers made with 15 BlackBerry phones. A non refundable deposit of $5000.00 will of course be required. The unit will be UL/ULC/CSA Certified as well. If interested kindly forward the deposit to me and final funds will be due within a week of product acceptance. Upon final payment the unit will be shipped out and installed as well. There will be no warranties on the BlackBerry units nor on any other component of the chandelier. I will only guarantee that the unit will turn on the very first time. Blown BlackBerry units after that will not be covered under any warranty. Thank you. Extended warranty coverage will be available of course for the wonderful low sum of $1.00 per minute so a 1 year coverage will be $525600.00. A 40% discount is applicable to anything over a 1 year extended warranty coverage. If you own a BlackBerry 10 unit you may be eligible for a 80% discount on the first years warranty. You may also.purchsse a warranty ensuring that I will still be in business for the duration of the product warranty. This warranty is available for ONLY $1.00. Yes One dollar, after all I'm not completely greedy. It's just smart business to give you peace of mind. I will even throw in a certificate of authenticity for free if you have taken all available warranties. This certificate would sell for $1000.00. So that's a thousand dollar value you're a free just for acting now and making all the purchases. Act now this offer will not last long. Call now on the number you see on your screen. Hurry I have operators standing by to complete your transaction. We take Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners, Cash, call now if you wish to offer other forms of payment, we can work out what would be acceptable. Hurry offer ends as soon as you have finished reading this

Only a fool thinks they know me.

Ummmm I am a big fan of BBM love my Z10 and I am loyal to BlackBerry but this the most absurd and dumbest idea I have ever seen.

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This lamp belongs into the bedroom! With a view to the ceiling (to the illuminated lamp) you can save your money in context with the six square meter ceiling mirror and 500 gramm of viagra.... awesome!:-)

While this is a cool idea. You couldn't pay me to hang that in my dining room. The crystal and plastic combo turn me off.

Yeah, classy. Like a Velvet Elvis piece or that painting of dogs playing poker. It'll look great next to the shelf of collectible plates in the trailer.

If I had the cash right away, (but I don't sadly) I would put this in my living room. Right away. But it would require a tall ceiling, something I don't have. This is an amazing work of art, a minority won't even appreciate it, but a majority will.

Maybe he get get a discount on a bunch of z10 that are sitting in warehouse and get these chandlers in walmart lmao

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