BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins interviewed on the Today show

By Adam Zeis on 31 Jan 2013 11:26 am EST

One day after the huge BlackBerry 10 event in New York, Thorsten Heins made a stop for one last interview before heading home. This morning, Heins stopped by the Today show to talk a bit on BlackBerry 10. He spoke a bit about some features like the Hub and camera and while he didn't show off the BlackBerry Z10 or BlackBerry Q10, they were neatly placed beside him on a table with the likes of a Torch 9810 and Curve 8320 (for nostalgia sake of course). Check out the full interview about to see Thor do his thing. 

Oh, and if you haven't yet read our BlackBerry Z10 or BlackBerry 10 reviews, what are you waiting for?? 

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BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins interviewed on the Today show


Has he seen his stock price plummet? His presentation yesterday was awful - no enthusiasm -- like a dead fish. He needs a front man/person.

I disagree . . .he isn't a superstar orator but he is endearing,frank and seems approachable . . .I just wish he would have done a mini demo instead of just talking about it while the devices were right there!

And better yet Thorsten can totally nail a face to face interview like a boss without alienating half of his audience and/or throwing people under a bus.

Were we not watching the same event? He has a TON of enthusiasm .. and passion. I thought he did a great job. Lightyears better than Mike L ever was. Why the hate?

I liked the interview and I believe it left an over-all good impression on Blackberry 10, hopefully to encourage more people to try it out and see for themselves.

Don't read too much into the stock plunge. The stock is just going down because people are taking profits after going up more than 100% in 3 months.

The most important thing for the stock will be sales and if you think the sales of BB10 will be good then you hold on to the stock.

Thorsten is not the best public speaker, but he's not the worst either. People also complained when Tim Cook made his first presentation. He's better than Ballmer and Samsung CEO doesn't even speak english..

I think you are pretty naïve to think that the quality of the presentation was the result of the moving stock. There is the age old adage theat says "buy on hype, sell on news". The stock dropped with announcement of release dates and then the stock petered out as a result of short traders and some conservative protective puts.

I never said that the quality of the presentation was the result of the moving stock. Several facts contributed to the fall, including people/institutions taking profits, device not available in the US market for several more weeks, keyboard device not available till April.

It is certainly not clear whether BB can recover at this juncture, but further delays don't help their cause.

Jobs was horrible at presenting originally. Enter the image consultants, speech trainers etc...and Jobs is reborn as a master at the unveil.

I think Thor had a bit more to worry about the last few months than worrying about developing his ability to give a shiny presentation in his non-native language.

He was enthusiastic - but he does not come across as overly emotional. Thor has done exactly what he was paid to do and that was to make BB10 great.

Jobs was horrible at presenting originally. Enter the image consultants, speech trainers etc...and Jobs is reborn as a master at the unveil.

I think Thor had a bit more to worry about the last few months than worrying about developing his ability to give a shiny presentation in his non-native language.

He was enthusiastic - but he does not come across as overly emotional. Thor has done exactly what he was paid to do and that was to make BB10 great.

Please, let's got get ahead of ourselves and start with the Jobs comparisons. Jobs took a company of the verge of bankruptcy and got back to innovating and evangelizing and getting people excited. By the time he passed away Apple was the most valuable company in the world. Thor should take a page from Steve's ability to convey and sell a message and get the word out about BB10 and at the same time sell it. I am impressed with Thor's communication skills. I hope the products are a hit and BB have one quarter the success Apple has had over the past 12 years. This is not a time to knock a CEO who has single handedly saved his company. I hope Thor does the same.


the share price nose dived right as the devices were shown it was a planned sell off by Hedge funds they said it was going to happen and it did those that paid attention saved themselves some losses,

now the launch could have gone better but with all the hype it had no chance however I thought the BBM screen sharing was awesome

Does anyone know if there will be a backup and restore from a Blackberry 9780 to the new Blackberry 10? It will be a painful transition if not.

This was such a nice interview and presentation and this is the presentation that the "average American" will see (Today Show vs. live feeds or Business channels)...I think it went very well!! I also liked how at the beginning they showed how many people were still using Blackberry. I feel better than I did yesterday!

He does well in interviews I like listening to him... And true, they interviewers weren't di*ks this time

He seems to be better in interviews rather than presenting. Remember he is know Steve Ballmer and maybe that's a good thing! I do think it would be better if someone with some more charisma came up though to present like maybe that gadway guy. Who cares about the stock right now it all comes down to in two months when the 1st quarter results are released.

I think he just needs a hype man on stay with him... Let say Lil John, and he can be in the background saying his famous lines like "YEAH" or "WHAT" and "OKAY"

I enjoyed the interview. I like the fact that they showed die hards going to the extent of carrying two devices. If my husband would ok the extra cost, I know I would too. ;)

For some reason the video has gone back to that weird red Crackberry ..err... banner? start video? clip?

Definitely showed genuine enthusiasm. I wouldn’t be surprised to expect to see a stream of compelling news over the next few weeks/months with their whole “mobile computing” vision. It’s just a matter of time. They are not going away any time soon.

Great interview and valuable national exposure. Love they showed their news staff STILL using their BB's. Thorsten was relaxed, savvy on every aspect of the phones, and came across as sincere and trustworthy. Great qualities in a CEO!

I like listening to him. I think he is open, honest and is a great front man for BB. I think he did great yesterday. It was so nice to see the anchors obviously excited for the new phones and I loved the fact they showed people carrying 2 phones. I wish they had a moment to talk about BB Balance as that is a killer feature for the two phone slinging people. It was also so nice to see media not being dick heads. I can not wait to get my hands on the Z10....

Dwight shrute is a good ceo but he needs to stay out of the public eye,the two anchors were doing a better job explaining and drawing excitement to bb10 then he was. They need someone to pitch you this phone in a way that makes you want it,not just nerds like us,but the masses

It was a very positive interview. I liked how they touched on some of the features so people can actually get a look at them in action. Hopefully they people who are interested can wait until March.

I see people using words like trustworthy, honest and genuine. The guy is a CEO, how else is he going to come across? He wants to sell a product. Wants people to buy it.

These interviews are set up in advance and pre-planned. In other words it is all staged. He knows what they were going to ask him and his answers were well prepared.

Anyone who takes anything more away from this interview is just kidding themselves.

If I wanted to buy this phone I will wait to read test results and evaluations on various tech sites...the same way I do with video cards and motherboards.

Yeah, the questions seemed "unnaturally" helpful... like asking about the timeshift feature: I have no doubt that these anchors hadn't a clue what the words that were coming out of their mouths even mean.

It was a good interview but I'm curious as to why the Z10 and Q10 were laying on the table instead of on stands like the other BBs. Since they are the stars, they should have been in clear in line of sight. Also, I think the co-hosts should have been playing around with either the Z10 or Q10 on air to give a better first impression to the rest of the TV audience. Just saying...

That's risky. If the co-hosts appeared to have difficulty using the phone or seemed confused by something on national TV, that would not go over very well with those who are considering buying this phone. Also, if something didn't work very well for what ever reason, that would not be a good thing either.

Nice interview - given a lot of time to cover multiple topics. This would be good momentum going into the superbowl ad and then the actual release of the product. But that's where it hurts - no product to release (US). After waiting for months, they should have been able to make it work to get this out by mid Feb vs. mid to late March.

I truly don't understand how ANYONE can have ANYTHING negative to say about Wednesday's launch event or about the Blackberry 10 AT ALL! The presentation was flawless and well prepared and should only increase demand for the phone. People... get out of your "comfort zone" and embrace this new platform!! Are you kidding me! This phone will take us all to a new productive level. How can some not realize this? This is where it's at & where we should be going! The entire marketing plan to introduce this phone is pure genius. WOW! Get onboard, everyone! Your patience will be rewarded.

What if I am already happy with the phone I have and it does all I need?

Should I buy something simply because it is new and for no other reason?

Well, Android and iOS fans have been saying "if you don't ditch what you like and buy what I like, you are stupid and a loser and an idiot." so maybe, yeah, throw your Samsung Galaxy SIII as hard as you can against a brick wall and run to the store and wait in line for a BB10 device.

But since that's not what I truly believe, go ahead and like what you like, but to those posting criticisms of BB10 here, today, in this moment of joy for BB fans, they're kind-of doosh-ee.

Typical German! We are happy only when everything is done. And I think it is far from everything is done. Yesterday BlackBerry had some employees should put into the audience. Only for the applause and the mood. That makes A***e so :-)

Well, German technology excellence doesn't happen by accident... and if Thor's German-ness contributes to BB10 being as close to perfection as possible, then good on Thor!

Thorsten Heins traveled to the US to launch BlackBerry 10 and granted an interview to NBC but delivered the Z10 first in the UK while making US consumers wait until late March. Something is wrong --either a faulty strategy or a bad negotiation with US carriers.

It's not bad negotiation. Unless you're Apple there is no negotiation. The carriers do what they want. Unless you don't want them to sell your product.

And if AT&T wasn't going down the toilet, the iPhone would never have happened. No way would a telecom company have accepted that deal unless they were desperate.

I doubt Apple could get the same deal today.

Great Interview. Good job by the CEO. He's an original individual with class, and speaks well.
There should be massive line ups at stores to get a Z10, I don't see why not. BlackBerry 10 is amazing.

I love the interview as well as NBC, but they missed one important point - BALANCE! I wanted to see how Savanna Guthrie and Brian Williams responded to be able to carry ONE phone and ditch the non-functional "other" phone.

Sent from my PlayBook.

It's wonderful that BlackBerry is seeing alot of screen time in the news lately as well as on the radio. I so deeply hope for the future success of BlackBerry and what I have always known to be Research In Motion. My heart is in this 110%. From the looks of it, Thorsten's is as well.

Wow wow wow, what are all the comment about Thor. The news here is what a positive inteview this was. After rading all the ho hum tech reviews this "common man" perspective is not only different it's huge!

This really gives me confidence that marketing back by carriers could actually turn it around in the US. Something I didn't think could happen. And no I don't mean beat iPhone I mean move the market from 5% to 8 or 9%, maybe higher if they are lucky.

Keep in mind this if a first generation device. Now RIM can work on refining and packing some more wow into future phones.

The bottom line is a show like this gave them a chance.

Did the CEO of Samsung go on the Today show when the GS3 came out? This is a big deal.

launch when nothing is going on - check
get all the media attention and spotlight for 1 whole month - check
give yourself 1 month to drum up interest in the states - check
give yourself 1 month to test and correct bugs and add apps before releasing in the states -check

this is gonna be huge.

IMO he did a great job. Just keep getting the word out on BB10. Today Show seems to be major although I dont watch it all the time but its only getting better for Blackberry

I think it was a great interview. I agree the Z10 and Q10 should have been on raised up for all to see. You can tell that Thor is passionate about the phones and believes in them whole heartedly. It would have been nice to see them give a Z10 to those who carried both phones just for them to try it out and see what it feels like to carry only one device for both work and personal.

I watched it live this morning and I thought that Thorsten was much more in his element in the studio. I thought that he was a bit wooden yesterday and it certainly looked like he was reading from a promter.
I expected the Today presenters to challenge him a bit more, especially about the availability of the Z/Q10 models in the US.
I love Thorsten and whet he has done so far for BlackBerry, but it was strange to see him almost being greeted as a long lost friend on Today. I just wanted him to be answering some more challenging questions to inform some of the doubters.

The doubters AKA Haters don't respond to specs or common sense. They respond to perception. This interview creates a great perception of BlackBerry. Unlike other bias interviews where it seems like the hosts are working for another brand. If we can continue this positive momentum for the month, prepare to see the greatest comeback sense Ali & Frazier!

Thorsten is such a Bawse (Boss), love the way he controls the interview with out coming off as a jerk or a smartass... Real smooth and likeable. He's exactly what BB needed!

I agree to many speakers here. Thorsten is a nice, endearing man, a down-to-erth CEO, the one you think about 'He's such a cool guy!'.

All he need during the presentation was a set of well edited promo videos of all the BB10 features. This could make a much better impression instead of him awkwardly chatting with Vivek. They both are super nice, but hey, I wanted to be impressed by the Z10 in all it's glory!.....

That's the first time I have seen the media give Thorsten respect! This phone is going to fly! That was a good positive coverage from a US channel.....WOW!

I think you can see excitement in Matt and ?(sorry, don't know her name) during the interview to...I think there is a TON of people quietly hoping the 10 is at least adequate for their lifestyle and they will make the change to at least try two cents.

In the video where they were showing off people with two devices would have been the *perfect* time to talk about BlackBerry Balance truly being both for personal and work, but I didn't hear anything about it. However it was still nice to see positive media coverage over BlackBerry 10

He was great on the Today show! Good opening piece from NBC, too, especially the capitol hill guy.

Yes, I agree it was a very upbeat piece about the new BlackBerry. I thought Thorsten handled it very well, as he usually does. It is so nice to see positive pieces about BlackBerry again - even though they are long over due.

I think Thorsten Heins did amazing job for Blackberry.. With so much negativity arround him and pressure from stock market... He still be able to come out with great product within a year...

If he would not have been CEO blackberry was History ...

He should be CEO of the year..

Great Job Mr. Heins

I think Matt and Samantha were really excited to see a new Blackberry. Damn shame they won't be able to get the device until April.


The difficult, we do immediately. The impossible takes a little while longer.

Great interview. The negativity that prematcbed it was terrible, but he pulled it off and handled it like a boss!!