BlackBerry CEO shows off BlackBerry 10 hardware and further confirms multiple devices launching in 2013

Thorsten Heins
By Adam Zeis on 15 Aug 2012 11:03 am EDT

A few of the RIM brass were in New York earlier this week and took some time to chat a bit with various media outlets. CEO Thorsten Heins was on hand to show off not one, but two BlackBerry 10 devices and talk a bit more on what's happening at RIM as we move closer to the BlackBerry 10 launch early next year. In addition to bringing them to carriers soon, the word is Thorsten showed off both the full touchscreen device as well as the mysterious physical keyboard device. The Q1 2013 launch window is still a ways out, so no photos or video were allowed at this one. That said, the QWERTY device was described as being "styled in the classic vein of the Bold line" but more streamlined and lacking the stainless steel bezel.

As he said in our interview in July, Thorsten confirmed once again that both devices will be launching around the same time with a 4-8 week window between the launch of the full touchscreen device and the launch of a QWERTY device. This holds up with some leaked timelines that show the QWERTY device (aka Nevada) releasing in early 2013. What's really cool is that the Wall Street Journal also noted that Thorsten said there could be up to six new devices next year (three keyboard and three touch) with at least one "high end" device (Nashville? Naples?) hitting in mid-2013.

Also fun to note is that Thorsten Heins has started using a BlackBerry 10 device as his daily driver now which is a good sign that things are moving along.

Source: The Verge | WSJ | Bloomberg

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BlackBerry CEO shows off BlackBerry 10 hardware and further confirms multiple devices launching in 2013


Quick, someone take Thorsten out to a bar and order plenty of rounds for him so maybe he could "accidently" leave a BB10 device there. "wink, wink" LOL

The hype, anticipation, and tension grows. A picture would be worth a 1000 words. We need Pics...PLEASE?!?!?
Playbook, the one and only

Personally I am hoping that pictures don't leak and RIM is able to keep enough secrets to totally steal CES in January.

But If they do leak some secrets I hope its not until Q4 to make people hold off on their phone buying until Q1 and if that's the case I still demand RIM steal CES by not being the only company there displaying BB 10 gear.

I better be able to walk into the Harmon International Booth and See Car 2 based gear. Or some other big time partner. RIM would really be able to quote LL Cool J and say "Don't call it a comeback, I've been here for years!" and knock Windows Phone and Windows 8 RT out if they can sign some deals and get some big names to show off prototypes at CES.

H3LL no !!! Build mystery and mystique. Keep people in suspense. In other words, keep people interested.

PLEASE dont leak any more pics or features !!!

Anyone else also have the indecisiveness of choosing between the initial launch BB10 phones or wait for the "high end" phone in mid-2013?

It's ANOTHER high end phone. Checkout this quote from The Verge

"The Wall Street Journal reports that Heins said there could be as many as six devices in market next year, and he hinted in our meeting that at least one other high-end phone would arrive in the middle of 2013"

My guess would be that there will eventually be a higher slate, a high end QWERTY, & a high end slider.

If they launch 6 devices, a slider would be nice -- that's one every two months! I think four would be better -- a new device every quarter to please shareholders :P

You want all the devices to stay in showcases for at least a year and not be discontinued or replaced by newer models. Currently, you can't even buy a 9850/60 or 9810 in most places. Several of the Curve models have disappeared superfast too -- 9350/60/70. Despite the fact they were the best Curves ever, I don't think these devices lasted more than 3 months on shelves :(

I like the Torch's portrait slider versus the sideways landscape slider, but you never know...

I know some are thinking: what's with the high end device in mid-year? Shouldn't the first BB10 phone be a high end device?

I believe Thor is speaking about a quad core phone in the summer versus the dual core at launch. Hmmm, now is that worth the wait? Nah, I can't even wait for January!

My upgrade comes in mid 2013 so if I don't get a BB10 device at launch I will be getting the "high end" one.

Good to hear.

Anyone reading this want to help me out? I'm trying to get a sound clip of Thorsten saying "Let's rock and roll this" and set it as my notification sound for SMS and BBM, because well, that would be EPIC!

Help me crack-b-wan-kenobi, you're my only hope....

At this stage, he is almost certainly going to be using beta hardware of one of the launch devices rather than one of the dev devices.

Unlikely, at this stage of development they will be wanting to be improving and fixing bugs in things like the radio and antenna performance that would be significantly different in the dev alpha hardware.

The two lanuch devices better be their high-end devices or they will be slaughtered. If they launch with anything but their flagship devices... goodnight RIM.

I was kind of thinking the same thing. If you want to come out with a "one two punch" it should be your high end. Saying that there might releae a high end phone later in the year makes the others sound more like a jab than a punch.

Yeah, I would like to hear from Thor himself that the initial launch devices are the flagship. I'm dying for BB10 to get rid of the Galaxy S3 but if RIM pulls a fast one and the best BB10 device doesn't come until the middle of the year, I'll flip

We are talking about Rim here after all. I hope they release bb10 in Jan or Feb but if they delay again I wont be the bit surprised. So I would enjoy your gsiii till bb10 actually lunches when ever that will finally be.

Damn these flagship devices! RIM must make each phone as good as it can be -- different form factors: 3.8-inch, 4.2-inch, 4.6-inch displays... a Bold 9900 sized qwerty, and perhaps even an extended 3.2-inch screen on a qwerty.

Oh, the possibilities... It's nice to just speculate on what might be ;)

Love this comment. I'm getting ready to dump my S II as well and I just wonder how many of us are out there, including iPhone jumpers.

I suspect it is far more than the market is anticipating...


This article was great up until the 'high-end devices in mid-2013'. So what will be getting us in the BB10 door? Do I now have to wait again if I want BlackBerrys best device offering another 6 months after the initial release?

I understand the OS will be a significant leap but I hope they're not ignoring past lessons of deploying aged hardware as 'new'. They need to stay in the game with current hardware, and that includes a Bold-like device having quality high-end specs.

I'm excited to hear about the devices being previewed by the carriers but don't disappoint, give us this great new OS experience on current hardware that no one will balk at.

Oh and AT&T, for the love of all of us, don't take until the end of Q1 to put the device(s) through your vetting process.

Should have read one "more" high end device. The other will all be low end curves. The additional high end will most likely be a slider

Could this "high end device" that Thorsten was referring to, be similar to the very expensive BlackBerry 'Porsche' that RIM released after the BB9900 Bold ?

Irregardless, I'm very excited that the BB10 with the physical keyboard (QWERTY) is being launched in Q1/2013 !!


They need to sell bb10 devices in volume so they need to release a device in the mainstream high end range meaning a 4.3 - 4.6" 720p display for the all-touch device rather than a bulkier 5" display which is just bulky for the sake of it until we start seeing 1080p displays in that size.

No they are not Alpha Devs... He has a pre production unit, but it sounds like they have finalized and using the hardware the Thor is using now... this is coming from my friend that works at RIM. About 20 of the WAY higher ups are using them as we speak AND skype is loaded and running on it apparently...

Ya. Last thing I wanna do is play RIM's little waiting games.... delay this, delay that... and what the hell, lets delay it again. Then you finally get to the gate to only tell you what you waited for is the cheap seats, if you want the good seats then you have to wait even longer.
If this is what happens, i'm done playing their games and I will move on.

Oh Boy! Crackberry could get exciting again awash with rumors of what the phones look like and release dates and hopefully we will see some photo's soon.
Kevin has been quiet lately. Wonder if he has seen one?

Im building my new house, so i'll be distracted from BB10 between now and January...this way I dont kill myself with the wait, but as it is right now, I want BB10 NOWWWWWW!!!!!!

I have a feeling this won't turn out great for RIM. So they're not releasing a high end device in january and going to be releasing 3 full touch screens and 3 qwerty phones. Its like they're plan is similar with HTC's one series. Except they all have different launch dates. I thought RIM would just make one touch, one keyboard, and one slider as there initial approach. I hope he knows what he's doing.

I want to believe that is what he is doing, except each has 2 versions. 1 for GSM the other for CDMA. Right now, RIM only carries 3 Models on their website, Bold (Qwerty) | Torch (QWERTY Slider) | Curve (QWERTY - Low End). All have a GSM version and CDMA version.

'Device' doesn't necessarily mean 'phone'. I figured they'd have six phones three high end (Bold) of QWERTY, slider, and full touch and then the same three styles but lower end (Curve).

I hope this is not the case. But knowing Rim, if they are desperate enough I wouldnt be surprised with them saturating the market with different models. This is their last play after all, if bb10 flops their pretty much done as we know them today.

"with at least one "high end" device (Nashville? Naples?) hitting in mid-2013."
What?? Are the first ones to launch early 2013 not "highend" then?
Why not?

Some people need to work on reading comprehension. They're launching 6 phones, with one "high-end" device mid year.

Since we know both the London/Nevada are flagship... the other high end could be a slider.

Therefore, the other 4 phones will at least include one "high-end" device.

So they're going to pull a Nokia? Introduce the OS on mediocre hardware and then pull out a flagship device 6 months later? Nothing like screwing your loyal consumers who have been waiting forever for an upgrade.

They could launch on hardware identical to the dev alpha and the hardware would not be mediocre, by high-end that could very easily indicate pricing e.g. more of a niche product along the lines of the p9981, although with an all-touch device it would presumably need to be a larger display.

This is my take....the high-end device they are referring to most likely will be something like the 9981, a very nice phone but not really for the masses.
As for management starting to use BB10, and showing them off to carriers, to me this is a very good sign that things are moving along according to the timeline Thors laid out. I may be remembering incorreclty, but the first delay was with the old guys, so I will forget about that one. Thors seems to have his ducks in a row with BB10, lets just hope this will be a leap forward for smart phones, not just catching up.

FryBerry out!

I see the high end phone being like the Porsche Mobile P9981. Way out of most peoples price range and the Flagship device would still be the first phone released.

What if the launch devices are still at-par or better than the competition? Then the high end devices blow away the competition. Think positive, live positive

BlackBerry Curve 8520 | BlackBerry Torch 9810 |
Oh how I love the BlackBerry!! <3<3

No.... not at all, that would be absolutely dumb on RIM's part. Time for a comeback and instead of going for the hailmary you try and do 3 yard pass?!?!?! HIT THE BLEACHERS!!!

Translation? RIM stock crashes and shareholders look for buyers.

Really though, I think people are either looking into it too hard or we are not getting the full quotes. I believe RIM will be releasing all flagship devices, there's no doubt about it in my mind.

To little, to late. By the time they come out people will have had there new iphones and already had galaxy s3 contracts. BB has fell into the trap just lime Sony Ericsson did. They were making phones everyone wanted, then didn't keep up with technology, became complacent and the rest is history. Best thing BB can do is come up with an awesome device and put Android software in it. Who would want to write apps for a platform that only die hard fans will buy? I bet people won't be queuing outside shops to buy a BB 10. I feel RIM has let its customers down very badly.

Agree. Tech rags love to proclaim the new order. But few of the insightful realize that every two years, people do a complete re-evaluation on phones.

The eco-system, IMHO, is what matters now, with Apps a close second. As Apple pulls away from Google, they are litterally shooting themselves in the head. They can not compete with that. What RIMM needs to do, is play to their strengths, and be switzerland on Ecosystems (MSFT, Google, etc). And, provide outstanding service.

Those of us in the know - will go with BB everytime. (Assumeing they can get the key App dev's on board.)

+1. I guess some people think all contracts end during the holiday shopping season and never in the Spring, Summer, or Fall. If that's the case I need call Telus and find out why because my contract ends in May; according to some people it should end in December.

Yeah they should license Android because they would have great margins in manufacturing only.. NOT! Stats show that higher income earners use BB over Android. Translates into more people to spend real dollars on apps, which offsets the high number of free app downloaders on Android. Translation: even with smaller number of people on BB they are, and they do spend more per person on apps. Now that they've really provide developers with great tools to build apps they have been steadily coming on the playbook. Some really great apps there already but RIM is also adding to their app inventory with the Android player. But the future is not going to be platform specific apps. The future of mobile computing will be web based apps.. And that's where the QNX and BB10 will shine..

Thanks Fella! You really ARE the all knowing tech guru!
From my BlackBerry 10 ready Neutrino powered Playbook

1. Not everyone has jumped on the new SGS 3 and not everyone is going to be getting the new iPhone this September. As an iPhone 4S user, I'm not even going to bother with the iPhone 5. I need my physical keyboard back, I need to get back to sending out timely replies to emails and messages. I'm waiting for BB10.

2. Despite all that's happened over the years, Blackberry still has a user base of 80 million which is nothing to scoff at. I'm sure a good amount of those people will be converting to BB10.

3. BB OS 7 isn't going anywhere soon and BB10 is on the horizon, app makers will be making apps for both platforms if possible because when good apps are released, people buy buy buy.

4. For all our sakes, I hope Android in the BB OS dies with a fiery stake in it's eyes. Supporting the OS on the PB was a fun experiment but time to get back to business. Just leave app devs with the tools they need to convert their Android apps to BB10/QNX apps and lets go from there. Don't need any Android goo in this brand new OS.

Exactly Ceasar21, people start jumping to conclusions from something they read, come on folks don't get sucked into believing every thing that you read.

I am too deep into BlackBerry to jump now, I love my 9930 and I am waiting patiently for BB10.
BB10 will not be a disappointment, if it's not to your liking then go get yourself an iphone or Galaxy Slll either way I will rock the BB as long as I can.

CrackBerry Is My Choice Of Drug

So if i read the article right. It means we will still have to wait for a BlackBerry 10 with a Wqerty for up to 2 months??? I pass. Android phones are getting better and now come with a physical keyboard.

From when BlackBerry 10 phones are first launch. Somewhere between January and March. This could mean waiting until June to July to get a BlackBerry 10 phone with a physical keyboard. I pass.

Your passing on something that is 5+ months away because it could be out two months later? Seems a little shortsighted.

Yes people shouldn't have to wait that long for anything. It is 2012 almost 2013 technology is as fast as it has ever been. RIM should be able to get all phones out January 2013 and if they can't they just need to leave the business. Let people who actually know what they are doing stay in the business. Hence Samsung/Apple. RIM has been making husge mistakes everywhere. I love my Bold 9930 but it should have had a much bigger screen. It should have at least a 3.5. When it came out all phones had screens 3.5 and bigger. There is no excuse for some of the things that RIM has done and will continue to do.

Allow me to translate:

" Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement. Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement. Entitlement Entitlement. Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement. Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement. Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement. Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement. Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement Entitlement. "

Gotta love Armchair CEOs ;)

It has nothing to do with being entitled or feeling entitled. BlackBerry needs to get these things done. We are BlackBerry users and love our BlackBerry users but for how long?

If you wanted something with a bigger screen maybe you should have gone with the Torch9810 slider. Stop complaining.

I don't want a touch screen for a phone. That is why i have a 9930 but it still needs a bigger screen than a 2.8.

...the nail in the coffin of your argument is that what RIM is doing, is basically starting over...they are not updating the óld guard'. Last I checked it took Apple about three years to bring the iPhone to market...the difference now is that RIM already has a fleet of devices out they will take scrutiny etc...had they just been updating the OS and refreshing the hardware (like Apple has done over the years and again with the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 it seems) then you might have weight to your point...but this isn't the case, so you don't. Also...why oh why would you want such a big screen on a QWERTY device? will either shrink the keyboard (not an option) or you will leave it as it is, and have a perfect balance...I use one at work (until it's contract runs out then I will be bringing in my 9860) and it as an awesome phone...not too big or small...if you want a BIG screen go get one of those Android monstrosities...

BlackBerry Torch 9860 BBOS 7.1
BlackBerry PlayBook O/S 2.xx.xxxx

I love my 9860 too for the most part. It's an awesome unit shame RIM never did more to promote it.. But some days I really do miss the keyboard..

Name a "high end" Android device with a physical keyboard please? I will buy it right now because all the ones I've seen are worse than any blackberry device, even the ill-fated Storm devices.

You could read into high end device meaning anything from a "another Porsche designed" phone, a new 9, 10 or 12" playbook, a slider (but I don't personally see that as higher end), BB10 based home entertainment (games, movies, music) and with web calling to any BB10 and Skype device (after all, if you're not at home, you must be out with your cell), etc?

I think we need a poll on this to see what the readers think might be a "high end" device. Usually it just means priced higher, and higher quality. Which was the "BOLD" line before the Porsche Designed line.

With QNX and a brand that is re-inventing itself, RIM could have bigger ideas than a personal communication device. What is going to be the next "MUST HAVE" device or technology? That is where some R&D dollars need to be spent after the BB10 launch.

As one persons opinion - i think that ANY device can be made high end. The conventional wisdom of "physical based keyboards" not being high end is the dumbest thing that the talking heads have ever decided. That BB "what if" slider looks better than any "high end" phone that I have seen.

I agree. It looks like RIM has big plans. My short term bet is that all phones and tablets will be fully functional communication devices (phone and data). Then add in the NFC and bam, you have just changed mobile communications forever. You'll leave Apple and Android in the dust as they try to slog away with the "one device-one function" concept.

WOW! Get a grip people. Thank you to the few posters who took the time to clarify to people that their reading comprehension skills are as unimpressive as an iPhone.

People need to learn to calm down and read what is actually written, and not what they think they are reading. We don't need BlackBerry fans spreading misinformation as badly as the rest of the world. If we can't get our information right, what hope do we have that non-BlackBerry fans will?

'...the Wall Street Journal also noted that Thorsten said there could be up to six new devices next year (three keyboard and three touch) with at least one "high end" device (Nashville? Naples?) hitting in mid-2013.'

Read this slowly people, there COULD be UPTO six devices next year. WITH AT LEAST ONE "HIGH END" DEVICE HITTING IN Mid-2013. It does not say it will be the only high end device, it does not say it will be the first high end device and it dose not say it will be the highest end device. It simply says there will be AT LEAST ONE HIGH END DEVICE mid year.

According to this comment, you could for example suppose every BlackBerry 10 device could be super high end, and it would still meet the criteria of at least one of them will be high end Mid 2013. Don't add information that isn't there people. I'm disappointed that some citizens of CrackBerry nation contribute to the disinformation problem. It's frustrating.

I have a feeling that the first touch screen BlackBerry10 is going to be super high end because RIM and Thorsten know they have to smash it out of the ball park.

Also, take all this information with a grain of salt. We have many solid facts yet.



A good example of a time when a 'like' button would be a welcome. 'Like' - nice comment :)


The decision was made to delay BB10 until 2013 because of the fear of going against IOS, Windows Phone 8 and Android. The two devices will be ready by November 2012 (I actually know this for a fact). My opinion is that the delay was a mistake, because BB10 would benefit from the general "new smartphone" hype during the holidays and be a great alternative to the "familiar" competitors. Although many claim that they'll have the "stage to themselves" in January/February, they're missing the fact that millions upon millions of potential customers will have signed multi-year contracts during the fall & winter shopping season for the iPhone 5, Windows Phone 8 devices and new Androids. By releasing them in 2012, they'd not only pick up many of those customers, but could use effective marketing to differentiate themselves well into 2013. Bottom line, this delay is a huge mistake. you think those millions upon millions of people would be ready for an upgrade or perhaps eligible??? PLEASE THINK WIDELLY..!!!! I see what a MISTAKE HERE.!!!
(((( YOU ))))

You honestly believe a huge section of the buying public isn't planning on either renewing a contract (often early upgrades) or signing a new contract for the iPhone 5 alone, not to mention the new Windows Phone 8, which is a huge upgrade in both software and hardware, and upcoming Nexus phones. Then you're frankly naive.

The buying public, the "masses" if you will still know that a new iPhone is coming in the fall, Androids are everywhere and barely know anything still about Windows Phone 7/8. No disrespect but you are the one that's being naive.

Let's try this another way. The "masses" (as in all of them) know that the iPhone 5 is coming soon. A majority know it will be a redesign after the disappointment of the 4S. And many know that it was Steve Jobs' last major project (and the media will shove that fact down our throats, so everyone will know soon enough). Millions of new contracts will be signed in the US alone for this one.

Although Windows Phone hasn't been a smash hit, Microsoft's marketing machine will be on all 8 cylinders when Nokia releases the 1st Windows Phone 8 and Samsung and HTC will soon follow. The hardware and software upgrades are huge, and you're underestimating their holiday appeal big-time.

Although Android is obiquitous, the Nexus devices have become a standout hit and Google might release multiple models this time from multiple manufacturers. Again, your underestimating this as well.

And then there's Blackberry. The "masses" aren't interested as RIM's troubles prove. Many haven't even heard of BB10, while many more think RIM is about to fold. Trying to introduce something new in the unprecedented hurricane aftermath that this fall/winter season will be (the iPhone 5 alone will have huge record sales) is foolhardy, especially for a company with the reputation that RIM currently has.

Windows Phone in its current form is a very competent system with a cool, unique OS, rapidly growing app ecosystem and HUGE company behind it, and look how it's struggling. Windows Phone 8 will be a huge upgrade from that. It's not easy reinventing yourself and RIM is blowing a major opportunity.

How did you miss TH saying that he won't release something if it's not ready? Do you want him to make the same mistakes his predecessors did?

He already has made the mistakes the others have done. Where is PlayBook OS 2.1? Why release a 4g Lte playbook at $500 that not many people will buy. BlackBerry 10 hasn't come out yet.

1. Please quote your source where TH specifically said the updated OS is available for DL.
2. Carriers control pricing. Get with it

His predecessors had such a sloppy and disorganized system of management in place that everything took many times longer to achieve than necessary, hence the years of consistent product delays. Heins corrected a lot of this and could've delivered this year. I have A LOT of issues with RIM, but comparing Heins to his predecessors is unfair. He is a much better and much different CEO, but is still making rookie mistakes.

I respectfully disagree. I think it was a very smart strategic move. You are looking at short run gains and foregoing the opportunity of the long run.

No matter how many people sign contracts there are always plenty of customers with contracts that are at their end of term or not on contract at all. Not to mention new customers.

I think risking being drowned out in marketing during the Christmas rush would have been unwise, not to mention that the marketing and sale of the phone should start early October for Christmas.

All this aside, how do you know this "...for a fact"? You can't just say that and not tell us how.

Thanks :)

PS I think rushing to sell the phone during the Christmas season would have been a mistake on the magnitude of the ones made during the reign of Mike & Jim. It was silly and greedy mistakes like that which put RIM in the tough position they are in today.

+1 I thought I was the only one that felt that way, contracts end on a daily basis not just Christmas and back-to-school times.

I know 2 people in management positions at RIM. And if you think that a huge section of buyers won't be either renewing contracts or signing new contracts for the iPhone 5 alone, not to mention the other major releases (Windows Phone 8 and the upcoming Nexus phones), then I'd like to try what you're smoking.

Let me begin by thanking you for answering my post.

I would like to point out that claiming you know two people in RIM management positions still does not make it a fact. Would you believe the five people I know in RIM management positions told me that what your two friends said was false?

Your answer to my post suggests that I believe a large number of consumers will not be purchasing iPhone5, Windows Phone 8 or Nexus phones. I made no such claim; please review my post. You did, however, support my earlier post today about people not reading carefully and that they read what they want to read. Thank you for your support.

Allow me repeat my self for your own personal edification. What I said was that it does not matter how many people sign contracts for other devices. There is always a turn over, a new batch if you will, of consumers that are available to purchase phones. You completely missed that point. If we were to believe your logic, well than after Christmas all cell phone manufacturers should shut down for three years. The market according to you is dried up since millions of consumers have signed contracts and there will be no one to sign any new agreements until the terms of those contracts have elapsed. Clearly faulty logic, and I hope it points out why your arguent makes no sense.

Building on top of this point my main argument was that I believe the shortsigtedness of short run gains would be a mistake and that leveraging your brand for the long run is a much wiser decision. After all, what good are short term sales if it means the death of your brand. RIM has stated counteless times that they believe in this logic, and I believe it too be sound. Feel free to offer a counter argument and I appreciate your contribution to this discussion.

As for the, "...I'd like to try what you're smoking," comment, that isn't very condusive to a constructive discussion. It only reveals your weakened position and it embarasses us all.

I hope my post has added some food for thought to this public forum for BlackBerry.

First, I like your use of the big word "edification" in this humble forum. Second, MY POINT is that there are cycles in this industry, with a major spike during the holiday season and significant drop-offs in the months following. Have there ever been major releases in January or February (with positive results)? Of course there will always be buyers, but there are also specific waves to catch, which is why surfers love to go out when storms approach. Afterwards, the water is flat.

You're missing the point that RIM needs a HUGE winner here. Missing that end-of-the-year wave could have severe consequences. There's a big difference between some buyers and a significant wave of buyers, many of which strategically work their contracts around this time of year for the iPhone and other big holiday releases. You make it sound like RIM would just get swallowed by the competition and wouldn't have the marketing to push forward into 2013. In a sense, they'll be offering table scraps after the big feast. Not many buyers will be hungry.

As far as the smoking comment, it was just an expression. I don't think I embarrassed us all or weakened my position, but nice jab.

I agree with you that RIM needs a huge winner. No dispute there. But that winner should be released at a point where it can make maximum impact. In other words when the waters are calm. It's easier to see one surfer in the calm water, then trying to distinguish one surfer out of four surfers in the waves. That is the point RIM and me are making. If BlackBerry 10 was released during the Holiday season it would not realize the type of sales you are hoping for because as RIM would be trying to convince people they have the new "IT" phone, Apple, Microsoft and Google will be shouting in their ears to buy their product. RIM wants to convince people that their brand is still relavent when they have the floor so to speak.

The problem here is you are very concerned with the profits of one quarter. It would be of little consequence if RIM sold millions of phones at Christmas if they miss their one opportunity to make a heavy impact first impression for their new platform. When you're company is on the edge of oblivion you don't take such risks. You have to be cautious. I forget which CO said this, but he said if they screw up the launch RIM is dead, but if they ace it, in a few years nobody will care that they missed the 2012 Holiday sales.

In short, I don't care of RIM doesn't sell one single phone anywhere in the world this Holiday season if it means ensuring RIM executes BlackBerry 10 perfectly and RIM is around for the next 10 Christmas seasons. I think I've attempted to drill the importance of the long run to you enough and you don't seem to agree. That's fine, you don't need to. I've expressed my opinion and you're entitled to yours. I don't think we're going to agree so I'll leave it at that.

And yes, your comment did weaken your positon and embarassed us all. I wrote that because I believe it to be true and important for you to realize. I'm not concerned with you thinking it was a good "jab." Please stop treating this forum as a school yard. I can't convince you of my position and I've expressed my point sufficiently. I am done here and will not be replying to your next post. Feel free to have the last "jab" and insult me anyway you see fit. I assure you I will not take offence to it. Or feel free to private message me and we can stop pestering everyone with our debate.

Thank you for your opinion and allowing me to express mine.

It took me to this post to finally understand what point you were trying to convey, but you've swayed my opinion. At first, I agreed with the other guy. It would be decent profit to release before the holiday season because that is when the spike in cell phone sales mostly occurs. "I wanna buy my wife this phone," etc.

But you're right. Why would TH deliver the phone for the holiday season? Thinking strategically, this makes no sense. Sure, BB10 gets released during the most profitable time of the year. But is it really profitable if the commercials are debuted at the same time we have a sea of iPhone and Android commercials? I don't think so. People would most likely buy what they already know and by the bad publicity that RIM has to it now, no one but the diehards would give it any attention.

It'd be better to release it when they have the stage. When they know all those other commercials have died down and THEY own your attention.

I understand where both of you are coming from, but Apple, Microsoft and Google aren't stupid. They're not going to simply stop their marketing machines after the new year. What RIM will be facing are new products that have been established for weeks, with scores of media reviews (mostly very positive) and published sales numbers (example - iPhone 5 just reached 4 million units sold, etc.). Will they really have a clear stage? Will anyone be paying attention at this point? Time will tell (and honestly, I hope I'm wrong).

I was thinking the exact same thing. I can't wait to see what the new devices look like. I will not be getting another curve.

I really hope BB10 isn't anything like the Playbook's integrated email...because it is slow and sucks. I fear though that BB10 will be a hybrid of our current OS7 and Playbook..which would make it less efficient that what we currently have in our Bolds. If that is the case, I may just stick with my Bold until more revisions of BB10 come out..

I'm confident that email is going to be great. I'm on the playbook beta and email is fast and smooth for the most part. When I'm at my desk I here my PC, phone and playbook notifiers all with in a split second. Opens emails smoothly, downloads files quickly so I'm confident it's only going to keep getting refined over the next few months..

Well, I just downloaded and installed the latest build on the Playbook which apparently got pulled. My browser is terrible now, can't even load a wordpress blog without checkerboarding and my email still gives me login queries.

I am almost ready to get rid of it and just get something else. How is the browser on your beta build?

The browser seems hot and cold. Sometimes very responsive other times not so much. You may have to give it a security wipe if you're having a lot of issues. When I first download beta I was having flash issues. Did wipe and that fixed everything. Down fall is you need to reinstall all your apps and files. You should definitely see big improvement in email. Mines been working great. Bridge also seems to be better and have longer range. Good luck.

WTF?!? They push back the launch date to next year, and then have the balls to say "no pictures or video, please" when they have something to actually show! Then going to hide behind some lame "Q1 2013 is still a ways off" excuse. I think they owe us loyal followers a look at what they have now! This is crap!

Remember when they revealed everything about the Playbook too early and by the time it actually came out nobody cared anymore?

Yes, I remember that. Good point. I just figure they should show more for all the disappointment they handed out.


I work for a manufacturer in high tech. We would certainly not publish pictures of a new product months prior to launch, and neither will RIM. When they think it is time, you will see them. They have product realease road map.

Why would you give every competitor in the world a good look at it?

Having said that, someone mentioned that they should start hyping it, well they have, the hype has begun.


I agree with them about it being important not to show the device too early so the competition can't see it. But I also agree with you that it still sucks. Hopefully the wait will be worth it brother.

Kudos to Mr.Thorsten Heins for his efforts in turning RIM around for good.Obviously,there's a great light at the end of RIM's tunnel....I am not sure any of the competitors could survive similar windy moment this far.

Portrait slider, please.

The portrait slider could be the high-end device but how it would be high end aside from the slider components is my question.

Oh, and the p9981 was not a high-end device, from a 'product line' perspective: it was RIM's excellent high-end device, the 9900, blinged out, with all the same components and capabilities under the (physical and virtual) skin(s). That doesn't qualify as something RIM could justifiably call "high end" any more than Range Rover would call their Victoria Beckham version their "high end model". At least I hope they wouldn't.

Insisting on never changing

0 dollars

Insisting on never licensing

0 dollars

Jumping on the bandwagon when the new CEO says he will change things and license


For what it's worth it seems that domestic (US) names are keyboard and international names are sans keyboard.

Given that Keyboard is their bread and butter - I bet the Nashville is their High End Device