BlackBerry CEO says Good is not good enough when it comes to security

BlackBerry National Security
By Simon Sage on 28 Feb 2014 01:24 pm EST

BlackBerry CEO John Chen stood fast against claims from competitor Good Technology that customers were seeking them because BlackBerry couldn't handle multiple platforms. As most folks around CrackBerry will be eager to point out, BlackBerry's been doing that for awhile, and Chen reiterated the fact in a recent blog post.

"BlackBerry has provided multi-platform OS management for nearly 2 years now, so let’s put that to rest. Good Technology may talk about 5,000 customers but with 30,000 new BES10 servers installed in the past year alone, I’d argue that we’re the ones getting the calls from customers. ... We’re fully transparent with our customers about what they get from us; our new pricing structure is crystal clear and most importantly, unlike other companies, when we say something is free, we mean that it’s free."

That last part was referring to their new EZ Pass upgrade program for BES10. The blog post went on to explain how regulated industries require the highest grade of security compliance, an area in which BlackBerry excels.

With BlackBerry going back to its roots in enterprise, being vocal about its position of dominance is more important than ever. BlackBerry's current business customers certainly have to deal with a wide array of devices, and Good Technology is really the only other one around to take on that job. Statements like this can only do good things to keep their enterprise customers confident in the solution. Clearly BlackBerry's doing fine on the security front, but they aren't letting up. New initiatives like eBBM show a ton of promise.

IT admins, have you ever played around with Good's solutions? Are they up to snuff?

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BlackBerry CEO says Good is not good enough when it comes to security


Chen is a badass and a straight arrow. At least I'll believe that until he proves otherwise. But he seems like the go-getter that should be running this company well past the point when he's turned it around.

. Customer strategy to 'prosumer'
. After sales support
. Documentation
. Execution
. Competitive product roadmap
. Shareholder performance
. Workforce planning
. Partnerships with carriers, developers, governments etc
. Communicating the value of the company products and services to the marketplace

I could go on however will let others chime in...

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After sales support is non existent unless you are a paying customer for support (means you buy a support subscription )

Customer satisfaction

Dumping customers to carriers for support

Well the carrier is the one who subsidized the phone for you. You bought it from the carrier. So why shouldn't they handle the issues. Being around these forums for a while really has me thinking they cause the majority of the problem.

Also, BlackBerry is an enterprise company. They deal with enterprise issues. Not consumer, I don't know how to add an email to my phone issues. "They ain't got no time for that!" :)

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Not that I like "Good Technology" but I thought i did see an ad that they are in 50 of the Top Fortune 100 companies. That is 50% for the math majors. :) :D Seems like quite a good percentage to boast about.

Maybe Good Technology will reply "Black is not black enough" in terms of their financial performance. If I see this come out, I want royalties.

I got one!!

John was like "Oh no they won't try to discredit BlackBerry! Not by the hair of my CHEN CHEN CHEN!!!


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Exactly! I wish they had taken the opportunity to burn Apple over the recent iOS and OSX security breaches, especially with huge contracts like the USAF moving over to iPhones. That opportunity is not going to happen very often.

Posted from my awesome Z30 :-D

Apple's gotten enough hate for that already, looks almost like bullying now. I say pass the hate onto someone other platform. Cough cough, we know who.
At least they fixed it up fairly quickly. It didn't take long to push it to my mac.

Fixed it quickly, it took over a year for them to realize there was such an obvious security hole!

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Funny this is that they knew about it and just pushed it to the side until the media started handing it to them!!

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So now your Mac is safe? 8/ Safe until Apple confesses other blunders they have made. Apple has never been and never will be concerned with security. If you don't believe me just ponder how huge that security hole was. It's mind blowing.

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Blackberry has the best security in the planet and if all fails it has its own devices to offer to its client that can ensure even better compatibility to the solution.

Good isn't Good enough, I agree.

BlackBerry is clearly the winner.

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Problem is that most of BlackBerry's customers are on BES 5. Those customers can't manage other devices. They need to solve that problem.

The Next Generation of BES – BES12

As part of BlackBerry’s long term strategy, the Company is developing the next generation of the BES platform to enable organizations to develop enterprise-grade applications that can be quickly deployed to BlackBerry smartphones and other mobile devices.

In a report by Forrester Research, Inc.(2), authors Christian Kane and Michele Pelino wrote, “The wide variety of mobile devices and increased mobile application adoption require enterprises to broaden their mobility strategy beyond the simple management of devices, to include developing, deploying, securing, and managing mobile applications of all genres and capabilities.”

The new BES12 platform will focus on delivering the following core capabilities:

·         Backwards Compatible and Future Proof: BlackBerry OS devices will be supported and the new platform provides the foundation for customers to integrate new mobile endpoints, enhanced user self-service, advanced service management, highly scalable datacenter-grade deployments, and implement active-active high availability clusters for ultimate reliability.

·         Enhanced Multi-Platform Support: BlackBerry continues its commitment to providing multi-platform solutions and will add support for Windows Phone 8 in addition to already supported iOS®, Android™ and BlackBerry 10.

·         Advanced Service Management: Proactive monitoring and systems tuning delivers a complete end-to-end perspective of the BES management platform and automates problem resolution.

·         Connect Cloud and Mobile: The flexibility and scalability of the new BES12 architecture will provide customers with the ability to move from on-premise to the cloud effortlessly and securely. The new platform will support all deployment models, including on-premise, public cloud, private cloud and hybrid environments.

·         Mobilize Apps: BlackBerry delivers the tools and integration points to easily develop and deploy securely connected enterprise apps across all supported platforms.

Thanks. Just found that post. Anyways, I guess it is still an issue since BES12 isn't available. It's good to see they are addressing it, but the fact that my company is stuck on BES 5 and can't use my z30 is pretty annoying.

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Why on earth would they stick with BES5? I don't understand all the nuances, but it's my impression that BES 5 is ancient and not much less expensive than current up-to-date BES versions.

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Migrating from BES5 to something else (BES12 or Good or any other MDM) is a project in itself for CTOs. People always say it's just install and a few clicks, but it really is not that simple.

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You company COULD adopt BES10. What I suspect, though, is that they're considering options for BYOD. Fortunately, BES10 is already a viable option to add, though if they wait until BES12 becomes available the migration may be easier.

They stuck with BES 5 and added GOOD. Management really wanted their iPhone and I think there was a push to diversify to a different service because of BlackBerry's perceived weakness and possible bankruptcy. Apparently my IT department reads BGR. Anyways, I'm in Accounting and it's not my call. Hopefully they will step it up and upgrade to BES10 or BES 12 when it's available.

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Yea the issue was just with your company, not with BlackBerry. BES10 is a FREE upgrade from BES5 and supports other platforms. B4 BES10 BlackBerry offered Fusion to manage iPhones ect.

When did your company get (not so) GOOD? If. It was B4 2012 then they have an excuse, if not then they should have known that BlackBerry had a solution

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Same story at my company. :( They are about to ditch BlackBerry and add around 8000 iPhones. Big mistake IMO.

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My employer as well, huge international Medical Company. Once all legacy BB devices die, flipping to android or IOS. They felt unsure about BB future.

Finally a CEO with some balls to say something outright rather than vaguely alluding to the fact and letting the media have a field day.

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Finally BlackBerry has someone who has the balls to reply to these bashers! The last few years they have been hammered in the media and by competitors, and they stood by without a peep. That looks bad, and I’m glad to see that they have grown a blackbone (studio audience laughs).

Think about it: if you are in business and you're positioning yourself as a business first service and product provider, shouldn't you act like a real business man?

C-Level executives are not meek, timid, or silent when the time comes for business or voicing their opinions. BlackBerry needs to have the same personality if they want to attract such people. Because those guys hate doing business with pansies.

Go Chen Go!

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I love how adament Chen is in his statements that counter what opponents or media are saying against BlackBerry. That and he doesn't sugar-coat things to try and keep nice, which looking back is what Thorsten had to do.

Fight back to assert your dominance in a sector or on subject matter, and don't be afraid to pull punches to show that you're still hungry to keep in the competition.

Heins almost killed Blackberry single handedly. He just wanted to make quick bucks by selling it. I have never heard of any company putting itself for sale the way Blackberry did, that was sheer act of desperation. Most companies sale talks are highly confidential in order to have least impact on their ongoing business. The sale sign just killed any momentum Blackberry had. Heinz was a bad choice for CEO. Chen has done amazing job of changing the perception.

I agree about Heins, but let's not forget....the idiotic BOD had to approve the "for sale sign" including Chens boss, Watsa.

Look it up, the classical Greek has three words for "love". Eros (sexual attraction), agapeo (selfless, divine love), and phileo (brotherly love).

The King James Bible and others translate all these with "love", leads to misunderstandings, or doesn't quite give you the full meaning.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Good for him! He has the biggest cojones for a CEO than all ex-CEOs combined! Go, Mr. Cojones! I mean, Mr. Chen! Go, Mr. Chen! :-)

No one compares to BlackBerry when it comes to security... BOTTOM LINE... so Knox (not) and as Mr. Chen said " good isn't good enough ". BlackBerry forever

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Good stuff. Now enable more security options for non-BES setups, S/MIME signed/encrypted email etc

I have worked with Good several times since 2004, before and after the company were sold and resold several times.

Their communication architecture is similar to BB. They copied bb. But their functionality is only about 20% of bb. Their security is pieced together with disparate components that not only leaves gaps but also hinders performance. Their reliability is is the worst, they never had the experience of handing big data volume.

However Good did had an advantage for companies that like to have multiple device brands (bad strategy). Now this advantage is gone. Good is to be sold again and again until nothing is left.

The other advantage of Good is that it is a U.S. Company. This factor is hard to overcome by BlackBerry.

If an U.S. Company chooses Good because it is an U.S. Company it makes some sense. Otherwise only people without knowledge about enterprise mobility would choose Good.

Hopefully not being a US company won't be an issue for the most part. Seeing as how closely our two countries are both geographically and economically. BlackBerry has had good relations with the us government in the past and as well as with many US companies. Hopefully it stays that way

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But for some strange reason Americans hate Canadian companies. Heck even Canadians don't support Canadian companies. (maybe because we best USA in hockey? )

Look at all the non existent support we have with carriers for BlackBerry.

I don't think "hate" , more like have zero respect for because they "know" they could do whatever it is MUCH better. Canadians are pretty much viewed as sap sucking hosers who have no business being in IT and if there is an area you Canadians happen to dominate, it is ONLY because we (American company) have not started trying to take your market share. When we want it, the outcome is inevitable (new iteration of manifest destiny). Sigh.

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I know a few things we do better.

- modesty
- loyalty
- pride
- economy
- education
- diet
- not starting wars
- not kicking someone when they're down
- not devoting our lives to trying to be cool

Canadians are their own worst enemies. You will see more Blackberry bashing on Globe and Mail than any where else. Canadians love copying Americans. We liked Blackberry because Americans loved it but we hate it for the same reason. Now Canadians love iPhones because Americans like it no matter how crappy it is . Where is the Canadian pride?

Just Michael Baird or whatever his name is. For the most part, they just state the facts.

It's just the one guy, trying to appeal to the masses instead of just doing his job.

We don't support Canadian companies because we are force-fed American media.

The true Canadians support BlackBerry. Telus has been incredibly supportive, TD Bank and most other Canadian banks are all very supportive, Tim Hortons constantly features BlackBerrys in their ads (not to mention the Tap-to-pay app!!).

Even the Canadian government has pulled a few strings for BlackBerry with grants and tax credits. As well as staying faithful with their contracts.

It's the simple-minded, Jersey Shore watching Canadians (a.k.a Americans) that are jumping on the bash BlackBerry bandwagon. Unfortunately, you don't see the common folk on the Internet, only the loudmouths who will say whatever people want to hear.

"The true Canadians support BlackBerry."

Dwindling market share of Blackberry in Canada shows that there aren't many.

I don't expect every Canadian to buy a BlackBerry just because they're Canadian, but pulling for them and not joining in with the American media in kicking them when they're down, would be nice.

Market share should reflect what device is best for each person, not what says.

There are not many major Canadian media outlets smearing BlackBerry, the falling market share is due to trusting the carriers and listening to American smear campaigns.

CBC craps all over BlackBerry whenever they can, and praises iToys while glossing over any negative crApple news.

CBC should be an example of Canadian journalism, but they've joined the blogging age.


Unfortunately there are a lot of bitter ex-RIM employees walking around Canada these days too, don't forget.

Some of them seem to enjoy trolling Crackberry forums too.

We need some trolling support and berry trauma counseling center. ;-)

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

I deployed BES5 and BES10 in my company for BlackBerry solution.. we do have GOOD installed for managing iOS and Android devices. I would say GOOD is a piece of s**t and their support is terrible. Their CAL is overpriced. You need to have additional license and software to connect to LYNC, SharePoint and internal app.

My target is to run PoC for UDS and migrate all GOOD users to BES10 and completely uninstall GOOD by this year.

Most frustrating thing is, their logs are encrypted and we need to open case with then to analyse it. Whereas in BES, the logs are in the file and you can analyze it yourself.

GOOD copied Blackberry solution and took opportunity to introduce support for iOS and Android. What I hear was, the guy who developed GOOD solution is an ex - Blackberry employee. So, the logic and how the app works in the background is pretty much the same.

Nothing beats Blackberry when it comes to security.... period.

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The problem here is BlackBerry is not matching their container Secure Workspace licenses for Good for Enterprise licenses which have a container as well. This is a problem. They are willing to match their lesser secure EMM Corporate licenses for a container GFE license. There is no incentive here because it's not an apples to apples swap.

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They gonna address this in new licensing model. Give up good and get EMM corporate license for free (migration) . Just need to purchase additional secure workspace license for iOS and Android ..

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I'm sick of this same picture of Chen Hahahahahahaa it pops up everywhere :)

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The bottom line is Good already got sued and lost to blackberry a few years back and they don't like having to pay blackberry all those fees to license their technology to provide the inferior service they provide.

BlackBerry should just buy Good once they return to profitability in order to shut them up and eliminate a competitor and gain a few thousand new customers. Good is only worth around 1.2 billion so buying them would send a clear message to the market that blackberry is the force in emm and mdm

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Why waste all that cash? Just take all their business away from them instead. Targeting free license switchovers is an excellent start.

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We have both BES10 and Good. Good was introduced over 3 years ago when we just had to have an IOS and Android solution. It has improved over the years, but I much prefer BES. But BES10 has had its issues with IOS and Android as well. When BES/UDS was initially announced I did a trial and was not impressed and more recently, I tried again around the time IOS7 came out...that was a second strike against BB. I know BB has improved since then on some more minor releases, but there are arguments on both sides. Good is not good enough, and BB still needs to mature their IOS and Android support.

Disclaimer....IMO...I just wish the company would see it my way and use more BB10 devices. Right now I have about 120 IOS/Android to 4 BB10 devices. This is just the facts in our situation.

Mine is the same. I think if BB could match 1 for 1 GFE for Secure Workspace licenses AND give you the option to bypass Root/Jailbreak if desired we could be talking. SWS just denies a jailbroken device no matter who it's coming from. GFE let's me have the choice. BES 10 SWS is getting better but not quite there. They need to add Work Drives functionality into SWS as well.

I joked that Chen should send out 20+ Z30s with 10.2.1 to every company with BES 10 for users to try. I'm confident MANY would give up their iphone/android for the functionality that it provides. Although it was a really should happen. Could benefit far more than sitting in a warehouse somewhere.

Another thing to add... an actual rep came by our office last week. That hasn't happened since I've been dealing with BES. That's for 10+ years.

That IS a good (sorry) development! Boggles my mind how BlackBerry could have gotten so removed from their customers by not having a direct sales force. Great to see Mr. Chen fixing that jiffy quick!

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BlackBerry should take this sentiment in every department..

This should be written on XXXXXX LARGE on every possible noticeboard in every department.

If BlackBerry is to succeed they have to make excellent products and services and execute on time. Then IMPROVE on this.

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So wait. Bbm isn't as secure as we thought it was. Is it more secure than Whatsapp?

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Sometimes people would lie to fool uninformed customers. I'm glad John Chen was fast to point that out.

 CB10 

Who hears this stuff besides us? The media isn't listening and I don't see other tech blogs picking up on these quotes.

This is like apple saying our phones are faster than other phones.. Companies will say anything to bring customers. Glad that Chen killed that

John, next cut the balls of MobileIron,.here in Europe they bashing BlackBerry with every opportunity the get.

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Mickey Mouse secures his entire fleet of rotary bag phones secure through Good Technologies. Doesn't that say anything? Nobody's ever thinking, "what would Mickey do...?"

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BlackBerry's security is the best and has a stable market in business and security!! What I would recommend them is to concentrate on the common people...

Mobile phones are excessively used by the teens. Move on!!

BlackBerry os 10 Is perfect but what it lacks is apps!!

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Wasn't I just saying that BlackBerry needs to push security morning noon and night? Good to see that Mr. Chen is listening.

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Now is not the time to slit throats.

We need Devices that are Future proof for the next couple of years.

Octo - core across the fleet with quad core GPU, 1080p OLED

A 4.5 inch qwerty keyboard and 5.5 inch touchscreen devices with a Graphene battery and a 48 hour battery life .

20 megapixel camera and a 5 megapixel front facing camera.

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Like statements like that. BlackBerry has to defend it's home territory, and Chen is the man!

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Good licensing is very expensive in comparison to BlackBerry and uses secure app containers similar too what BlackBerry does on iOS and Android. Honestly I don't think it is worth a premium for less capabilities in my opinion.

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Same price for the container solutions on both sides...$60. Like I said issue is BlackBerry is swapping less secure managed $25 licenses for more secure good container licenses. GFE is equivalent to Gold. They need to fix this. I wouldn't bring money to the table and switch to Secure Workspace when I already had a paid for solution that is equivalent.

BlackBerry should just go to companies that are using other inferior enterprise solutions and hack into their system, email everyone in the company with a message saying:

Your enterprise solution was not secure enough to stop this hack.


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Hack by Team Black!

Let the Hackathon begin. Maybe they should put up a bounty / reward (so they can't get sued or get into other legal troubles).

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Include any product on the market including BB10/BES, so to keep it fair and others can't whinge!

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Good technology was hacked at Blackhat last year. Mind you it didn’t help that ios was rooted but still they did it. Not very good...

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Wow I read this yesterday, this very late on news reporting

Classifieds Canada and GeoYeo App all the way!!!

BES admin here. Good didn't have a decent UI on the devices it supported when I eval'd it. Bes10 isn't the best either, but unification and low cost to go to bes10 from bes5 is something Good couldn't offer.

John Chen is the man. Truly remarkable what he has performed on such short period of time.

C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)

WHEN BlackBerry is profitable again and new acquisitions are back on the table first thing I'd like to see is BlackBerry buy out GOOD and hand Christy Watt her walking papers.

If one thing I've come to despise is weak and/or insecure companies (this also means you Microsoft) talking up their so called 'successes'
at BlackBerry' expense.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

"And I kicked him in the ding ding!"

Lol way to go Mr. Chen - picking the right battles, kicking where it shows BlackBerry's strengths and where the competition is weak!

LIVE that photo in the background!! The stock took a hit today purely based out of perception about the brand being damaged. Had to argue it but there was NOTHING done by analysts - no research at all which is their job - about what BlackBerry is doing their strengths and how the brands core remains intact and NOT damaged!

BlackBerry Q10  & Full Metal CB10!

Good only supports Android and iOS, right? BlackBerry supports 3 platforms. Technically 4 since BBOS and BB10 are separate. The company I work at dropped BES for Good because it was multi platform and I think for financial reasons. Poor education because, BlackBerry had rolled out support for Android and iOS before they cut BES off. I'm going to see who I can influence to have them take a look at BES10. Especially with this new pricing in place. I gotta research the financial side of both Good and BES10 too. It may help with my arguments.

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Good supports Windows Phone, and Windows Smartphone Edition if someone still uses those lol.

Unsure what else though.

BlackBerry Q10  & Full Metal CB10!

For now, this is a Chen eats Good world...Go Chen gobble them all up.

A shout from my Z30

I've had the pleasure of testing Good, Zenprise, Soti and BES10 in 2013 to establish which MDM solution our government department would award the EMM contract to. In short, they all performed the basic tasks however, where their sales pitches died was at three key points.

Despite our long term investment and message to the vendors that we had no intention of moving off of BBOS or BES10 devices, they insisted that we migrate away from BES and forklift in iOS and/or Android into our environment at every turn. Secondly, they had no means to manage our thousands of legacy BlackBerry devices, nor plans to add BlackBerry 10 to their suite for which we had hundreds deployed. Furthermore, the pricing of the licenses and BlackBerry's ability to manage all our portfolio was the deciding factor to select BES10 .

Of note, while BES10 is simple in design their competitors are attempting to mirror BES5 in terms of complexity which for my opinion, is the wrong direction and another reason BES10 was so attractive.

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Thanks for sharing. Info like this can give others in similar situations courage to stand up to the pressures that come to bear to try and sway.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

BlackBerry needs to own security! No other phone should come close to BlackBerry. I feel safer with my BlackBerry than any other phone. If BlackBerry could hold my money I would throw away my wallet.

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GOOD is misnamed. I have used it on and off for years. I refer to it, as do most of the senior leadership of my firm, as AWFUL. Go BlackBerry! Show them what great looks like.

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You know, I'm really liking John Chen! I'm seeing promises being kept, progress in BlackBerry and BBM, he's not afraid to say what needs to be say and true leadership!

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A few months into Heinz disasterous tenure, everyone was saying the same thing. I like most of his moves so far, I don't like the fact he picked a fight with TM CEO. That was pure stupidity, CB faithful loved it, but BB needs the carriers, now and future. That dude will not forget that episode.

Good have made a big push for UK public sector but all secure enterprise platforms are coming unstuck with policy from the CESG which indicates that to use something like Good for IL2 level and above you need fill MDM in place. I think it said something like a secure sandbox implementation like Good is only as secure as the underlying platform and so you need to lock that device down tight with MDM. It also means that localised install of apps is not permitted thus blowing a hole in BYOD.

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We used Good with our US firm on iPhones and iPads, the user interface was terrible and staff complaints drove us to discontinue using it.

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My company's doing the same thing. Leaving Good in favour of (I believe) the BB offering, and also because of user complaints about the interface!

Chen is doing a great job sticking up for BlackBerry. Really refreshing to see these balsy comments.

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I'm not in IT, but I work for a global firm with over 50k employees. We've had Good for a few years now to allow BYOD in the US and other countries. Our CIO was in our office last week to talk about our mobility plans, and he said we're abandoning Good in favour of Blackberry - not because of security, but because users hate Good. The implementation from an end user perspective is apparently just painful. Being a loyal BB guy, I don't use our Good app, so I don't know the details. Anyone have experience with that and some insights into what's so bad about it?