BlackBerry CEO John Chen speaks on new devices, developers and taking BlackBerry back to its roots

By Bla1ze on 28 May 2014 08:06 pm EDT

As part of the Code/Conference taking place, BlackBerry CEO John Chen sat down with Walt Mossberg and Ina Fried to discuss what's happening at BlackBerry. On the list of topics covered was new devices, new verticals, developers and how BlackBerry is returning back to its Enterprise roots in order to get the company healthy again and once again reiterated that the company is nowhere near dead but is does have a lot of problems he's hoping to be able to fix.

Speaking with the humor many folks who have heard him speak before have come to know, John Chen laid it out that some parts of the company were sicker than he had presumed when he joined BlackBerry in November 2013. As has been highlighted before, Chen was under the impression the phones portion of the company might have been in better shape than it really was and when asked how he felt the about the company's situation noted "I am quite confident that we'll be able to save the patient,"

To get there and be successful, the company is heading back to its Enterprise roots and creating products to specialized markets where security is important such as their recent movements into healthcare, which Chen also noted BlackBerry is creating specific devices for, and is heavily tied to relevant applications. "We're going back to our enterprise roots, I don't really want to comment on past management decisions, but we cast our net a little too broad. At the same time, we haven't really added value to the enterprise space."

That of course raises the conversation about developers and how to get them onto the BlackBerry 10 platform. "We're working on some of that stuff," said Chen. "We're going to have to tie ourself in some way — and I don't know what the innovative way is yet — to preserve the BlackBerry value add of security, productivity and collaboration." Chen also recognized the issues in that area and noted BlackBerry is probably no longer in the position of being able to support a full ecosystem.

That doesn't mean they'll be building Android devices any time soon though, when asked if BlackBerry would make Android handsets he simply stated "I can't comment on that right now." Just so there's no confusion and miscommunication this time around either, before exiting, Chen made sure to note he's not giving up the consumer market and will make another run of it with the handset business "I am not by any shape of the imagination… giving up yet."

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BlackBerry CEO John Chen speaks on new devices, developers and taking BlackBerry back to its roots



Thanks, Bla1ze! Video working perfectly in CB10 this time, too.

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They were asking stupid questions!!! They weren't informative questions. Sorry but no respect for time wasters. If you are going to interview or ask questions....don't ask questions that have already been answered or try to make dumb examples to prove your uneducated point!

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Thanks. As for your four-line signature, it certainly isn't a waste of my time to read it six times on this page. Thanks for respecting *my* time as I browse the comments.

Early2Bed you have a great point!

That was the worst interview ever! The interviewers are obviously pro apple and BlackBerry haters!

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That's all you have to contribute to the post. At least I put something useful up. Your comment is a waste of space.

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Dolp!!! Too.

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Signature isn't funny and you're a dick. Stop ripping on people's comments bro

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It's not suppose to be funny "bro" and I'll rip everyone who can't use their grown up words to talk to you.

How's that signature you crybabies?! Waaaa!

3/4 of your comment is a gibberish signature. I don't know if 'waste of space' was a good choice if terminology.

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You can read it right? Then its not gibberish.

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I like your signature. Striving to be different. Your embracing your BlackBerry roots.

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Scroll down the page and decide if you still like it after seeing it so many times. A signature should have brevity; otherwise, it's not a signature.

Yet people want to be haters and I haven't even posted "first". Whatever. The sig stays! bitches! Come over here and have sex with Charlie Murphy!

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Dat's right! White power!

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For what it's worth, I think you signature is cool.... Personally, my only somewhat constructive feedback is that it just gets to be kinda long if you make multiple comments on a post. Regardless, I'm not going to break out in tears (like some others) that I have to make a few extra flicks with my thumb.

Carry on..

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Lol....I don't know what the fuss is about. I just skipped over it. I’ll have to go back and read your sig now.

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Would still be better you shorten your signature, its a bit too much.
But yeah the questions were not great, not stupid but not great.

I did post something constructive I didn't put first and all that and now people want bag on my sig. Waaaa!!! Ya crybabies. Find something better to do with your time rather than rip on my signature. I'm posting here!

How's that signature you crybabies?! Waaaa!

Funny, your "Signature" is a lot longer than your comment... anyways!

" Initiated from my QNX10 "

How about you all either reply to the first comment in a relevant way, or start a new comment thread.

What? Afraid your super insightful point of view won't be seen in that case? Well, all of you (and I guess now me too) keep pushing down people who posted properly with these ridiculous replies to nothing.

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Right?! I posted a relevant comment and the first thing someone does is bag on my signature. And it was only the first post.

How's that signature you crybabies?! Waaaa!

It's as if he's on trail or something. Childish like interview. That one question about BBM. WTH does he want Chen to say? How many people out there use BBM? It's as if they have him there to make fun of BlackBerry.

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Exactly my thought. The line of questioning was not neutral, it was hostile. But Chen seemed to be expecting the hostility and he handled it well. He's so great.

Walt is so far up Apple's ass, he thinks the entire world uses only Apple products. I wouldn't be surprised if Walt has a strict rule where he only communicates over iMessage. Plus, if Walt had half a brain, he would know the answer to the BBM question is that these messaging platforms are more popular outside of North America.

+1 on the interviewers and great respect to John Chen in his composure in that interview!

The US market is like a brood of vipers. The comments from the market are more an indication of those individuals in the market than of any product offered there. It would seem that the US market is a great example of the tail wagging the dog, a dog with blinkers on.

Why is the USA so afraid of BlackBerry? I must be missing some vital bit of information, I'm confused!? There seems to be this growing culture of rejecting choice.

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I think alot of people (was that other a woman?) and media are focusing tooooo much on the US market. Face it, the US market is gone and has ne value for BlackBerry. I hope it gains ground there, but Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa are much more BlackBerry friendly. Its not strange you find little to no BBM users with iOS or Android in the US, why should they? Here, The Netherlands, I know its growing. This has to do with the WhatsApp being bought, and that people see the added value of BBM. Plus if I delete WhatsApp, you kinda force people ti use it and as they do they will use it with their friends to. Its a slow moving ripple effect. Give it time.
And how about the house security point? iOS wnats to maje software for a "smart home" Please fix iCloud hacks first. What if your house is being fully opperated from your device and somebody can lock it or access it? If we want to live in a world, I dont, in which the Smartphone is the centre of it all, you'd better be damn sure its secure and todate "Cause NOBODY can doe it like Mix Master Chen" (sorry, saw a Beastie Boys Pun, had to do it

'Europe is much more BB friendly.' This depends on where you look in Europe. In Spain there are almost 0 BlackBerry's being sold nowadays and France+Italy see major decreases. And since you live in the Netherlands you must be aware that the numbers here are not much better: BB's aren't even being sold in the Phone shops (only carriers) here anymore.

It also depends on where you look in Latin America. But its still a better market then the US. BlackBerry holds the highest pay as you go devices here and is the 3rd OS on the market just before WM. Seeing there are hardly any real phoneshops left, and only carrier stores, its not that hard to have those stats. In most countries nowadays there are more and more carrier stores and less phoneshops that sell all carriers. But that has to do wit cutting out the middle man.

The world has to be care about the American interests.... otherwise they send Disney World, GM corn or the US Army into your country....and remember this: every american citizen older than four years owns two or more firearms... :-)
(No signature here to avoid mental overload)

Well, Disney is almost bankrupt here so we'll wait and see what they send and why (collectin bennefit perhaps) and GM, well look at Detroit. And about the US military, most US citizens dont know any country or place outside the one they live in so it will take some time before they get here. And most of those kids use em to shoor up their school. Im not the least bit worried about the US :)

Destroying God's awesome stuff, and making a deadly, indigestible monstrosity out of it.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

"was that other a woman?"
That was Ina (formerly known as Ian) Fried so he is considered either/or depending on who you ask.
As for the NA market they aren't big in the CONSUMER market but are still entrenched in a lot of companies which are planning their upgrade strategies. If Chen can convince them they can continue to use BES even if they go BYOD or switch platforms internally BlackBerry still wins. I have used Good Tech. and Mobile Iron and they just aren't as robust IMO.

I'm from the US and I love my Z10 just like a lot of the US Citizens and Government Officials that rely on our Canadian neighbors to keep producing this sophisticated and remarkable system of technology! I will agree however that our US Carriers could do a better job, but then I must point my finger at BlackBerry as well for dropping the ball on marketing, updates, and handset development.

Bidagreat using the magnificent Z10

The same culture of rejection of choice existed in the 1980s and beyond with Windows vs any other choice. It took Linux and Apple over 10 years to make a serious dent and market share is still small.

But that's the way things are in the US, and the whole country is in a mess, too.

Stupid is as stupid does.

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Chen, could of said the security of BBM/eBBM vs the rest is key. Also the features of BBM Are clean and functionally productive.

Z30 : posted via CB10 app

Guys I disagree. I think we have to take off the blinders and embrace where we are. These are the exact same questions I run into day after day! As I'm sure most of us do? How many people do you know actively using BBM? This is why I love Chen because he has embraced the reality of the situation and is acting accordingly. He answered perfectly! By getting the 4 or 5 people to raise their hands he put the ignorant myth to bed. We don't need people to play nice we need them to be honest and we need a CEO who can handle their honesty because honestly we have a ton of work to do.

Posted via CB10

I absolutely agree with you. What kind of clown asks garbage questions like that?. Frankly I thought he handled it well. I would have slapped Walt mosberg upside the head. Its like they want him to say something by asking insulting questions kudos for staying classy John Chen that was absolute crap for questioning.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

One is not a real dude, but a dudette somehow. By choice apparently. Each to their own. God have mercy on all of us.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Agreed poor interview. "I don't know a sole who uses it!". Really? Just cause you choose not to use BBM, doesn't mean BBM is not superior!

Posted Via CB10 on my Zed 30

Very true, obviously Mossberg is an iPhone user. IMESSAGE vs BBM please. Also all these iP5 being hacked what's Mossberg response to that fact.

Z30 : posted via CB10 app

Yes, Mr. Chen was good, but the Interviewer was xxxxxxxx. Well, we have to live with stupid questions :-)

Posted via CB10 with my awesome BlackBerry Z30. BlackBerry 10 rocks! have to understand that Walt Mossberg is the "Original Fanboy"...

He had the interview with Jobs and Gates years ago. He showed neither one of them a scintilla of disrespect that he just showed Chen in this video.

This is the power of Chen. The ability to sit with hostile Fanboys and FanLGBT people in strange garb and stay "cool under fire".

That was some hostile territory to be sure.

Mossberg launched this re/code and has about 4 viewers on it a day.

I sent him an email and asked him when he was going to review the Z30...he said they were limited as to the phones they could review and that they wouldn't be reviewing the Z30....nuf said.

Founding Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile

Agree with your comment. What a schmuck the way he positioned some of his questions.

And I was amused to initially read your sig.

Powered by BlackBerry Z30

Who's that person on the left asking questions? I mean, I have nothing against anybody at all but it just looked so odd to see his looks and him asking questions to Chen haha.

Posted via CB10

So essentially not ruling android devices out but not ruling them in. Just keeping an open mind. However, with security being the major concern I personally doubt we will see an ALL android device but rather one that relies on the android ecosystem for more apps etc.

Posted via CB10

I'd wait till Google IO. It's in about 1 month. Word is security is a focus on the next version of Android. Google next focus is Business.

You can't make android secure. It was never designed that way. Call it secure all you want its like plugging a leaky dam with your thumb it only fixes the problem temporarily until a new hole forms.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

You can and they will. This is like saying Apple's iPhone will never outsell BB. People don't want touchscreen phones. Say it over and over doesn't make it true. Anything can be decoded and updated.

"The new OS will reportedly allow apps that require their own authentication, as well as data storage on secure chips. Remote management controls will also be introduced. Google will unveil the new version of Android at its annual I/O conference in June 2014."

"If rumors are to be believed, the next version of Android may emphasize enterprise security and business-specific features. That’s according to a report by The Information, which says Google’s own Sundar Pichai is leading the initiative to make Android more attractive to businesses."

"Proving Its Enterprise Focus Google Acquires Divide"

"Google apparently wants the next version of Android to be more focused on the business sector and are working on various productivity and security functions that will be featured on the next version of our favorite OS."


We'll know within the month if the rumors are true. RECODE is very good at getting information. I believe them.

In your walk down memory lane, you forgot Steve Job's hubris about how 7" tabs were DOA.. Just sayin'

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Believe then? That's what he does. I'd rather believe Chen, John Chen....

and the other great J.C. of course

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Yeah. With android being open it will never truly be secure until the openness is closed. Apple can't stop jail breaking so they just void your warranty. And it's nothing like saying apple will outsell BlackBerry.

Finally posted from my BlackBerry Z30

It's one thing to 'focus on security,' it's quite another to do it well. Just look at hangouts and google drive. I have to use that for work and it's horrendous. Hangouts doesn't work properly on multiple monitors and people drop off calls all the time. Drive is fine until you want to find a document. The searching is atrocious!

If BlackBerry wants to have an arrangement to connect with the Play Store and make those apps available, I say good for them!

Posted via CB10

agreed with you on Google Drive. the navigation and features are awful, it's hard to believe it's a Google product.

Posted via CB10 on my BBQ10

The game is definitely hearing up. John Chen had a great showing as always, and the interviewer was using his biases to ask a question with the answer in mind. It's going to be tough, but Blackberry is hanging in there!

Posted via CB10

I find the interviewer was extremely disrespectful and condescending. Typical Apple Ahole.

If you don't know a single person using BBM but there are 85 million of them, obviously there in areas outside of where you live.

I don't know a single person that uses kik, or wechat. So what that I don't know a single person.


Posted via CB10

@ aRock...98% of the people in that crowd were Fanboys....Walt Mossberg is the Original Fanboy....don't get the whole In a Fried appeal..

Founding Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile

JC should have said "Hi, I am John Chen. You now know at least one person". With his attitude, people he knows that may be using Bbm would hesitate to tell him they do.
No disrespect intended, but is that a man or woman playing wing person?

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

This would be the worst possible thing in my opinion. I like BlackBerry 10, it's what sets the devices apart. The qwerty is nice and all, but that's a small percentage of an already small group. The hardware is not what brings people to BlackBerry. Filling their mid-spec phones with Android would be horrible. I should add I am not a fan of Android at all and would rather go with an iPhone than see BlackBerry make Android devices. Please keep BB10 alive or just stick to QNX and BES.


I am of the same opinion. Hardware that runs Android is usually awesome, but the OS is terribly clunky and unintuitive. BlackBerry 10 is the perfect mix of the important ingredients, save for some minor apps. (I find that we now have all of the big ones, for me anyways)

Posted via CB10

I agree. A BlackBerry running Android won't be a BlackBerry. The company has got to do what it's got to do, but the day BlackBerry becomes an Android will be the day I set my sights on an iphone.

Posted via CB10

BB10 is the only OS I can use. I would also rather use an iOS product (although I'd hate it) than Android. Nothing operates as efficiently as BB10. Period.

Posted via CB10 on BB10 from Q10

Toney....the other way to look at it is that this interview will get massive play on CNBC and the rest of the "Apple Media Complex"....

This is the first time that the dopey Apple crowd will hear that BB10 runs Android apps. That's a good thing.

Founding Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile

It used to be that the job of the media was to report news in an unbiased manner. Sadly the blogosphere happened and now any woefully biased idiot can masquerade as a "reporter".

- Disco Trooper CB10Z10

Sure, let BlackBerry continue to dodge the tough in your face questions. Questions many have asked beyond the realm the CB.

Good questions. Can't take the heat get out! Just like Mike L. did.

Stop being so wimpy folks.

Using a BlackBerry Z10! The "UnDroid"!

You never know. He probably has a huge short position in BBRY. You think?

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Yes. That's why you spend decades building up your reputation as a tech journalist working at the Wall Street Journal, interviewing basically any CEO you want to, getting them to make headlines at your conference - all to manipulate a $7 stock. You've shrewdly uncovered quite a conspiracy, there, Sherlock.

In 2007, at this conference the "old guy" got Steve Jobs and Bill Gates to sit side-by-side and talk about how they started the personal computer industry. Perhaps you can take a look before you question his integrity as a journalist.

With dozens of comments on this page from people who don't know who Walt Mossberg is it's hard to take these comments seriously. You may think you are discrediting the "old guy" but you guys are really doing is coming across as horrendously ignorant fanboys.

Sometimes somebody has a bad a day. Today it was the "old guy" and his friend. There may be better interviews, but this was not one of them.

He may have had integrity in 2007. He acted like an arse in that interview. The USA is not the world. Just because yanks are too stupid to understand security doesn't me the rest of the world is as naive.

"Do I need my house to be secure"..... Really? If he had integrity he would have had to comment on that, turn to his co interviewer and say "Actually yes you do"..... integrity.

Posted via CB10

Sorry, that +1 was for the comments above. There's a lot of people here acting like ignorant fanboys.

Posted via CB10

What your worth doesn't make u smarter. WaltMosberg is a dum$%'# no other words to describe him. He does know the answer to all those questions he was asking. So why ask them. Because he was trying to make news rather then asking questions. You ask things you know will make the guest mad then hope he reacts so you can make news. Go work for the enquirers Walt that was the most insincere interview ever. Garbage. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

It doesn't matter if he knows the answer. The key is what the person says and how they say it. How does it help the audience if we don't know the answer.

Of course he is trying to make headlines - that's why they call them headlines. You may believe PR department releases or what the CEOs say but most people want to put the CEOs on the spot. Even the Crackberry Forums are focused on the odd answer to a pretty rude question - "Are you going to release an Android phone?" Good stuff. Put the CEO on the spot.

He may be worth lots of money and he may be king of the tech world but for someone of that stature could have asked better educated questions. He didn't sound like he was worth that kind of money. Barbara Walters would have been a way better person to do that interview. I'm not hating on the guy but I kinda am because I wanted him to ask harder more in depth questions not "who here uses BBM?" lost respect for him after that.

How's that signature you crybaby?! Waaaa!

Yo give up on your links they show up as Pages not found.
Mossberg is worth $170M because celebrity net worth says so, well how much is John Chen worth ?? Sybase $300M sold for $5.7 B !
Apple being hacked daily ( Aussie land) iMessage + What's App vs BBM/eBBM, iOS /Droid email vs BB10......heck Mossberg got off easy. I read one review by Mossy of a Droid file manager...i went to review for the App and what I read was, buggy/ not worth it etc...

Z30 : posted via CB10 app

That link issue has been discussed earlier.

You need to remove the anti-spam HTML attribute rel = nofollow at the end of the link when you paste it into the browser address bar. CB adds it to discourage spammers.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Watch the other videos, they have a 'hate' on for everyone really. That's kinda their thing, ask tough questions, get people hot in their seat and push the limit. Pretty sure Kara Swisher made Zuckerberg cry once.*

*I made that up but he was pretty darn close.

OK. Facebook is a farce and quite boring. But in defense of Zuckerberg. If I were him at any time of that interview I felt like they were just being douchebags to get me riled up, I would start answering every question with " Hi I'm Mark Zuckerberg. I'm a billionaire." and see how long they could hold out before cameras shut off haha.

Posted via CB10

No Bla1ze, you just don't get it. THIS is CrackBerry dawt com and they are only showing hate towards OUR brand and that's all I see! Now if you'll excuse me, I have a tin foil hat to put on.

An Android Blackberry device for the consumer... why not ? Motorola did a good job with their Android devices. BB10 for enterprise and gov, kit kat for the plebs.

IPhone email is a toy vs BB10. Let Mossberg chew on that for a while...John Chen could of barked back that comment but once again he was reserved like a professional ! Just because Mossberg went on long walks with Steve Jobs does not make him a pro on anything. He is a journalist reporting the next manipulated story line !

Z30 : posted via CB10 app

I really dislike those interviewers, they seemed so unprofessional, but got to give to Mr. Chen be kept his cool especially when they kept cutting him off

Posted via CB10

Yeah really urked me the way the old man was talking to him

Posted via Z10STL100-4/ [DizBerryZ10 ]

Chen does well under pressure, really glad he is the ceo of BlackBerry, Thor I rooted for but man he was awkward. Only wish they got Chen soon. Gal on the left and the old man seemed like one of the types of people that have never tried BlackBerry 10. "Will BlackBerry run android".... and the whole security thing; anyone read about the hole in android that allows someone to hijack your phones camera without you knowing? Just my 2 cents take em or leave em, my z10 is still super speedy, fluent, and so much fun showing off how much quicker I can navigate and get things done on my BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

Was there some second half to that video that we did not see? Where did you get half the quotes in the article?

I hope to see BlackBerry turn around and be more hen a fringe player in the market, but that turn around may be impossible with the competition they face

Let me guess, you would rather have watched team Crackberry do a fawning interview geared towared Blackberry fans.

Who are these guys? Well, they just left the WSJ but it seems that most any of the tech company CEOs who were invited chose to show up even though they are asked tough questions. It's only seems like hate if you are blinded by love.

Those were all the questions that mattered really, and they were (are) still as uncomfortable as they should be because BlackBerry hasn't really provided an answer to any of them by way of accountable results.

At this point, it's all "expectations"...

But man I wish more people would have raised their hand for BBM... just to put a damper on the interviewer....

Posted via CB10

Probably not. But I bet you this. If BlackBerry had every app out there no one would give a damm. These two wouldn't be grilling Chen at all.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Honestly, it's what I was waiting for. I know from history of what to expect from Walt Mossberg's questioning. I knew what was gonna happen and I wanted to see how Chen would handle it.

I think he did pretty good , that comment on the BBM was a bit uncalled for I think and it seemed a bit belittling of BlackBerry, maybe it's just me, just really hope Chen can pull this off .

Posted via CB10

He's making a point. All of two people were using it. The audience is all tech. If your product is great they are the ones who would be using it. Ask them how many have iMessage or Hangouts or the other apps. More than 2 I can guarantee.

He makes a good point, unless he is ripping on Android about malware, lag, and fragmentation... then I bet you'd change your tune about him really fast.

Posted via CB10 from my amazing Q10

I agree. I had more of an issue with JC's answers than the questions.

Folks are so used to powder puff reporting they freak when someone asks the hard questions.

Using a BlackBerry Z10! The "UnDroid"!

As an owner of both an iPhone and BlackBerry I can tell you that you are so badly off the mark. First of all, iMessage is not an opt-in service, it's an opt-out service which means that virtually any iPhone user will be using iMessage, nor because it's popular but because an iPhone just uses Jr by default. Second, iMessage is a wrapper around SMS. It's not anything like BBM. Third, since you want anecdotal evidence that has no statistical value, I work for a tech company with about 200 employees. Many people in my company use an iPhone. None of them would say they use iMessage because they don't even know they are using it and because they have no clue what it is. Does this mean iMessage is not widely used? Further to this, almost nobody in my company uses WhatsApp. Does that mean WhatsApp has no user base? All of these are statistically irrelevant observations.

The biggest problem for BBM is not WhatsApp or iMessage or Kick or whatever, it is SMS. Most people are perfectly happy with texting. No need for another tool or protocol.

Posted via CB10

BB powered by Android.. Why not just buy a Samsung? Or am i missing something? I got a BB for the phone plus the OS.

Other way around. Android , but powered by BlackBerry. Good as long as the sandbox is airtight!

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

I hate android.. please Chen do not make blackberry's running android.. i want blackberry's running BB10 and higher, just prove to the world why it's the best please

Posted via CB10 for Z30

So basically Chen admits that BlackBerry is making an Android phone.

That was the worst no comment give away ever.

Posted via CB10

I wouldn't say that, if you've ever watched any of his previous interviews his 'No comments' are always to the point and brief. Some might even say curt.

Honestly, do we have to go through this again. Is a Mac a PC because it runs Word? No. Think about it.

Posted via CB10

Well, Microsoft made a Mac version of Word. That's like Google making iOS versions of their products.

A Mac running Windows as a secondary boot never sat with me well - I used to work at an Apple store - and I thought it was stupid. I saw what Apple wanted to do from a business perspective though.

Now, walking into an Apple store buying a Mac and having it only run Windows is another story. It's already bad enough iOS is encroaching into the desktop but Windows would turn me away completely.

emPowered by 

That's a good observation. I had to chime in to say that a colleague of mine bought a MacBook Pro but does not use Mac OSX, he runs Windows 8.1 on it and nothing else (NO Mac apps either). He loves the hardware and says it's better than anything on the Windows market. Hmmm.

And yet Apple quality has suffered since mid OS X. I have older computers still running fine yet my new Mac already killed its HD.

If he wants to spend thousands of dollars more for a Windows machine, that's his choice. I can't stand Windows, one of the worst operating systems out there.

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It's quite comical that you think the hardware is better in a Mac? Seriously? The thing that makes a Mac a Mac is the OS. The hardware itself is usually inferior to a midrange Windows PC. The OS is just better and requires less on the hardware specifications. You are paying for the OS when you buy a Mac (well, maybe their monitors too) but mainly the OS. The hardware is made by the same companies>>> MAc or PC

It is not the HW, it is the industrial design. Macs looks better and feels better and the aesthetics. Spec wise yes they are inferior. For the longest time, Acura and Lexus use the same part for their cars but a Lexus is still a Lexus versus a Toyota and an Acura was still better than a Honda. it is in the total packaging. The sum of all the parts not the aprts themselves.

Google has made an iOS version of their products.

Hangouts bring conversations to life with photos, emoji, and even group video calls for free.

Google Search app
Search the web faster & easier with the Google Search app.

Google Maps
Never get lost as you go to new places and old favorites.

Stay connected and share life as it happens.

Millions of videos at your fingertips, available on the go.

Get smarter email wherever you are.

Browse fast & bring your personalized Chrome with you.

Google Drive
One place to create, share, collaborate & keep your stuff, available on all your devices.

Google Play Books
Read the books you love, everywhere you are.

Google Play Music
Play millions of songs, instantly, and enjoy custom radio with no skip limits.

No. If you speak facts then I won't call anyone on it. If you would have said incorrect about iOS or windows phone id call that out. I love having the conversation but let's give everyone the facts otherwise what's the point.

Give it up man!We made a choice's BlackBerry. Get on with your choice and I for one respect it.

Incurable Q10 Syndrome.....Keep away!!!!!!

I did. And to be honest your sig is absolutely stupid. However, that's my opinion, and the length of it didn't bother me. I just ignored it. Other people should try the same.

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They do for now because they have to, they won't for any other mobile os say Windows Phone. They would love not to have to make apps for any other device.

To slurp anyone's data, on any device, even iOS.

Remember, Google is an advertising company, Microsoft a software company and Apple's heritage is hardware.

An advertising company with ad(d)-on internet services to capture and exploit more user data.

So, give all your data to the "don't be evil" advertising company, please.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

No, a Mac that runs Word isn't a PC, it's a Mac.
And a PC that runs iTunes isn't a Mac, it's a PC that runs iTunes.
But a Mac that runs on Android wouldn't be an Mac, it would be an Android.
A Samsung that runs Android is an Android.
And a BlackBerry that runs on Android would be an Android.

Posted via CB10

But a Samsung that runs BB10 with access to Google Play Store is... heaven.

Posted via CB10 from my Z10 on the Rogers network.

I would love to run BB10 on my HTC One. Andriod phones have the best phones; spec wise and build quality.. no doubt about that. But andriod as a OS sucks. Blackberry should make 3 devices
1)keyboard (classic)
2) high end all touch device (z50)
3) low end all touch device like the (Z3)

A company like HTC would love to switch it up, the andriod market has too many players in it.

I would like a Porsche engine in my Volkswagen, or a Volkswagen engine in my Porsche, thus saving on fuel economy, but it hasn't go like that doesn't it.

Posted via CB10

My dad had a black VW beetle once with a Porsche engine. 200kph on the motorway, no worries.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Walt Mossberg is well known in the US and this is his job to be so hard to respondents. Thats what this guy does all the time. Thats not the point, the point is BB considering to move on Android, this is will be disaster and because they can't get developers, the main problem is always developers, everyone refusing to work for BB and develop apps.

BB 10 OS is finished, this is last chance, end of this year they will turnaround which is very doubtful or they move to Android and save the company. I will not invest any more money to buy new BB phone and I am very very sad about it, I really love BB10 OS, never in my life I will not use Android phones, no matter it will be BB on it or any other phone maker name.

I hate what I have to do but as very long time Mac user I will go back that damb iPhone. :(

I don't think we are even close to this point yet. 2015 will be do or die for BlackBerry though.

Posted via Z30

Running Android apps doesn't make a phone an Android. See above. Is a Mac a PC because it runs Word. No.

Posted via CB10

Whoa, that escalated quickly. He never said they were going Android. I bet they are toying with putting Android on a BB hardware phone, but as someone in the cellphone market, they *have* to do it to know what's the best decision to take afterwards.

The fact that we still see good updates and leaks about stuff developped when John Chen was already in charge shows that they are still actively working on BB10 big time.

But you know, maybe you shouldn't torture yourself with trying to understand what John Chen said, and just go straight to iPhone.

As I said, you have developers you are in the business, you don't have developers you are out!

No one cares about OS, only we BB users, who knows how great and better OS is but majority who happily use Android phones not even cares about BB and as well as developers. They make apps for Android, iOS and next few years Android will be major player in the market, thats up to you see it or avoid it.

This is not escalation this is a reality. BB has no other option, they need apps, they need developers. Even licensing BB10 doesn't helps because nor LG or Sony or even Samsung doesn't buy an OS which has no applications, what they have to offer? brilliant OS who cares about OS?

Yes, I agree they needs apps and developpers. That's why they are compatible with Android apps, and are supporting several framework for native apps. This way they keep their secure BB10 core OS with Hub, the Flow, and everything good in it.

And don't forget their main target are entreprises and prosumers now. They added Android compatiblity mainly for consumers, so the phone can be used for anything, from personal to entreprise.

I have to disagree here. Slowly but surely real people are realising that the app race is coming to an end. You play a few games and then what?

I handed my Q10 to a long term droid user the other day. She had never used a BlackBerry before fell in love with the keyboard and spent the afternoon research the phones. Why cause in 5yrs she has only ever paid for one app and the rest are clogging up her phone.

People, everyday people don't use more than 5 apps. You want to help BlackBerry challenge a friend to delete every app the haven't actually used in the last 2 months.

And before you start with the netflix/hula hoop debate I don't use either and I know of no one who uses it outside of their home. And I mean 0%.

Posted via CB10

Great post, di not know anybody who used Netflix on their phone, I have tried it here and there but not as a major APP I use like Evernote/Remember APP

Z30 : posted via CB10 app

I agree, great post.
On every smartphone I have ever owned, I've ran only a few apps, all of which I can find the answer to on 10. Everything else is short-livee amusement. The app race is coming to an end, consumers are finding other ways to be entertained by technology.

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BB10 phones are great phones out of the box, most of those 5-apps people probably wouldn't even need to install anything anymore, at least for a while.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Bla1ze is on a roll with the news! Get that paper son!

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing  )  ‎BlackBerry Q10...oh wait a sec....its my new  BlackBerry Z30 (STA100-5), son! The holy grail of phones! Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile. Once you go BlackBerry, everything else is wack-berry! LOL! #longestsignatureever

"I don't know a soul that uses BBM!" okay.....and your point was.......

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing  )  ‎BlackBerry Q10...oh wait a sec....its my new  BlackBerry Z30 (STA100-5), son! The holy grail of phones! Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile. Once you go BlackBerry, everything else is wack-berry! LOL! #longestsignatureever

I can't imagine a " blackberry that runs android ", sounds like a blackberry without soul. I thought blackberry is a package / icon that contains hardware and software. Sorry for my "hard / narrow minded " head, to me blackberry and android combination idea is ridiculous, if it does happen in the future, blackberry is not worthy to me to support.

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Put Android on the phones, get swamped in a sea of indistinguishable 'Droids, and struggle for survival like HTC and others.

BlackBerry stay black!

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

I dont like the way interviewers throw questions. One sided interviewers,they dont make research. They just quote and quote!

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That's exactly my point!

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing  )  ‎BlackBerry Q10...oh wait a sec....its my new  BlackBerry Z30 (STA100-5), son! The holy grail of phones! Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile. Once you go BlackBerry, everything else is wack-berry! LOL! #longestsignatureever

I dont like the idea of android blackberry. I hate android. Its okey to have android side loaded. But no to android OS!

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Ugh, if he goes the Android route consumers might as well buy an already existing Android brand. I'm with BlackBerry as long as it is BlackBerry. It seems as though he'll rely on Android for consumer devices and focus on other things for BlackBerry.

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But I don't want Android. Lol.

I bought into BlackBerry OS and device because it was something different. I don't want all those silly useless apps or Google services. I would have stayed on my Android device if I did. And, I don't see this helping the company - offering the market something it's already flooded with.

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Afraid to break it to you guys here at crackberry, but without the assistance of a market like "android" BlackBerry will always struggle to regain control of the market. Regardless of how well they're OS is, or how beautiful they're handsets are. The media dictates the sales and right now that basket of eggs is in googles hands.
Having said that, I personally would love an android/blackberry device. Not only would it be designed and built with precision and performance in mind, but we would be getting access to a wider variety of applications and support for generally anything Google owns and operates ie: chrome browser, play store..etc..
You need to have an open mind people, Samsung has the largest percentage in the market because they have support from Google. Personally I'm all in!...gimme a Nexus device built by blackberry or a BlackBerry device that runs bb10 os with full android support. it's a win win people

Posted via CB10

The logical way to do it would be to get Foxconn to design and build the phone. It's what they do and they would probably be able to do it fast. Blackberry would have to work hard and fast on their skin or whatever custom features they are going to offer to enterprise users as part of BES. They aren't going to be selling these BlackDroid* phones based on their hardware features. It will be about software integration with BES.

*Damn "" is already registered.

Either way you look at. They need assistance from Google. Foxconn isn't going to solve all they're issues, and neither is bes...blackdroid?..hmm...kinda like that ;)

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How is Google going to save the company?

"Oh, BlackBerry can install Android apps? So can hundreds of other devices. What else you got?". Why should they buy a BlackBerry when there's better established Android products?

The public won't be supportive. They'll see it as a "dead" company throwing in the towel and becoming a follower that can't even support its own product.

I don't want Google services and the other things you mentioned before. I could care less. But sadly, that's where things are headed. It was fun while it lasted.

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Why BB10!!

Email, BBM, native file manager, native remote PC, Storymaker / BlackBerry Express App, Remember /Evernote, etc...

Z30 : posted via CB10 app

Peek and Flow, and a quick settings menu that's actually quick and not that Samsung rubbish.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Google has already stated in the past, they "WILL" provide Native BB10 support if BlackBerry reaches a certain device adoption percentage. Forgot where I read this, but it was an interview with a Google representative at least 2 years before BB10's launch event.

Google is in for the cash. The more devices that have access to Google Play for example, regardless of OS, the better for there bottom line, in other words.

With regards to whether BlackBerry needs Android to survive? Not in a Million Years. The only reason why BlackBerry made Android apps work on BB10 devices was to stop the nonsense bickering about BB10 lack of apps. And just look now, BB10 runs many Android apps a lot better than Android devices lol. Got to love QNX.

He's just what we needed for BlackBerry. I'm confident that after this pause, things will get better, be it hardware, software, or both.

Even though he may/is killing off the handsets?

Like him maybe.

Will his results be good for CB? More in doubt with each passing day.

Using a BlackBerry Z10! The "UnDroid"!

He may also bring it back to profitability, which is his main goal at the moment.
There is a state of things regarding BlackBerry, and even him can't predict if it's too late or not. But as he said, he thinks he can save the patient, but not use black magic to revive it once it's dead.

Nobody is killing off the handsets. Handsets are part of the big picture, and are required to get your name out into the masses.

Yes me, too! John Chen is the right CEO for BlackBerry and he will bring back the profitability to BlackBerry. BlackBerry forever!

I don't like the fact he rarely works.
I do like the fact he's exploring all options in an emotionally detached way to make the company profitable again.

Huh? Rarely works?

John Chen has done more for BlackBerry in six months than anyone else in a senior management role recently.

Posted via CB10

I like Jon chen...because he sees the reality that money is they're to be made, and he's not going to let BlackBerry sink with his name branded to it. Google is the future for BlackBerry ;) mark those words

Posted via CB10

If is comes to pass that BlackBerry smartphones run Google Android natively I will put away my BlackBerry smartphones and tablets.

This is the exact same video linked in today's previous Chen article.

BB ~ "If it don't make dollars it don't make sense!"

Tough questions that needed to be asked. JC got a face to face meeting with reality.

I applaud them for asking tough pointed questions.

His answer concern me though. No comment about making Droid phone is telling.

Good interview. Not impressed with the picture JC was painting.

Using a BlackBerry Z10! The "UnDroid"!

I Like John Chen, too!!..I Believe He Has What It Takes To Help Turn BlackBerry Around, And Heading In The Right Direction Of Becoming Profitable Again!..Lets Go Team BlackBerry!

Sent From My Awesome Q10

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Just give me a new all touch to replace my Z10 next year. That's all I ask John.

Posted via CB10

Good video but facts are true. Less than 1% market share is so scary in the handset business. I use a Q10 and love the device. Still boggles my mind ATT can't deliver a Z30.

Posted via CB10

"Still boggles my mind ATT can't deliver a Z30."

AT&T didn't order the Z30 back in Feb/March of 2013, when BB needed to know which models to make. Because AT&T didn't order it, no AT&T-compatible versions of the Z30 were made. The Verizon model doesn't have the right radios for AT&T's network (for LTE or HSPA+), so you aren't going to see a Z30 on AT&T.

It's possible that the presumed 2015 all-touch BB may be available on AT&T, but so far, they've mostly shown interest in the Classic, and were strong behind the Q10 when it was released, so they might not be interested in an all-touch BB. Still way too early to know, though.

You could have summed that up by saying AT&T didn't order any. All the Canadian versions (Bell, Rogers, TELUS) are compatible with AT&T. All they need is the silly carrier branding. The software is all pushed by SIM. If you put in an AT&T SIM in say a Rogers device you even get the AT&T splash screen, wallpapers and ringtones. On top of that, an AT&T compatible version passed through the FCC and initial information showed showed AT&T intended to carry three devices. Something happened to make them change their mind somewhere along the line.