BlackBerry CEO John Chen speaks about lawsuits, new devices, emerging markets and more

By Bla1ze on 6 Jan 2014 09:05 pm EST

BlackBerry CEO John Chen took some time out his CES schedule to talk with Bloomberg on a number BlackBerry related topics. The interview 7 minute video covers a lot of what's happening at the company right in regards to their move to use Foxconn, their offerings in emerging markets and where he plans to take BlackBerry in the future. Additionally, Chen also humorously addressed the conversation surrounding the new Jakarta devices being touchscreen offerings and speaks a bit on the Typo lawsuit

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BlackBerry CEO John Chen speaks about lawsuits, new devices, emerging markets and more



Correct Quickie.

If you have to do it, do it right. Or own up to the fail like a man and don't try to blatantly cover it up with "Joking XD" and the like...

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Source link is there but here -


Yap the option... ? Seriously? Do I do that in Voice Control?

ROFL with tears in my eyes.
Funny what auto-correct and real typos can produce!

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

I love how he said " we have our channels". Even though reading my typing that without watching the video might take it a little out of context. :)

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In all seriousness I am looking forward to an analysis of what he had to say. I can't watch the video right now as I would wake up my wife. :-)

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"Ron knows "what's cool" well I've heard a lot of people out here hoping for this, a person who knows what consumers want.

Hope those people are happy.

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Good speakers, FHD screen, specs, battery life.

Z10 as HTC One without Android, and all the goodies and advancements of the Z30, direct APK loader, and we should have a winner.

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I liked TH, his heart was in the right place, but he wasn't much of a sales guys, not the kind of guy you'd like to hang out and have a beer with.

Chen is a guy I'd like to have many beers with.

If his "heart was in the right place" he wouldn't have f'ed up the BB10 launch year.

His heart was in the 55mil exit package.

Incentives to fail, I just can't wrap my mind around that.


Amanda Lang of the CBC in a "business -year-in-review" interview was fairly brutal in her analysis of BlackBerry. Accurate, I think, but cutting.

in summary, she stated something like: They (John Chen & the Board) have assembled a team that really believes in BlackBerry and thinks that they can save the company.

I think that this was the first positive BlackBerry related comment that I've heard from the Canadian media outside of Waterloo!

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Amanda Lang and the rest of the CBC cast always damage BB. It hasn't made a hill of beans what BlackBerry does, Amanda's chosen words and facial/body language is the death of BlackBerry in Canada. Apple and Google couldn't pay her enough! When Kevin O'Leary stated BlackBerry has the best technology again and stated "and you know Amanda I have to have the best", she made a point of down playing BlackBerry in subsequent telecasts when Kevin was jot present. You know what's funny, she holds a BlackBerry in her hand on the show, yet she never gives BlackBerry a break. Chen should walk on set, take her phone, smash it and tell her to go get another brand to do her work. Now that would be advertising!

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Anyone notice when speaking about the Jakarta when he unofficially confirmed it is a touch-screen, he also said future devices would be "predominantly" qwerty. Unless I misheard it. I love the virtual keyboard on my Z10.

I could be wrong, but my interpretation was that foxconn would design and manufacture all full touch screen bb10 devices and blackberry would continue to design physical keyboard devices internally for the time being (as they retain the best expertise vs. competition).

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That is what I heard between the lines as well.

What was also in there was when John closed that answer, he almost went on to say that Foxconn would build other stuff, but he stopped himself.

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Me too. Unfortunately the masses predominantly like the qwerty devices most, as their are many more options for touchscreen on the market.

I still believe that once BlackBerry gets past this media hatred, their touchscreen devices will catch on. I feel like there is a lot more of a positive vibe around BlackBerry than there has been in the last couple years.

At least I managed to get my hands on an ever-elusive z30 for now :)

Yeah. I heard that too :( I live my Z10's yes board and I honestly can't see myself going back to a QWERTY BlackBerry with a small screen. Oh well, I guess that day's coming sooner rather than later.

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Lol, a QWERTY probably wouldn't let you type "yes board." That's why QWERTY devices make sense for business communication. :)

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...but you don't need to do anything "predominantly" to do an expensive full-slab and an inexpensive full-slab... that's your full slab product line right there: two devices. For QWERTY, you might have a slider and Q style, maybe both with and without hard buttons / trackpad for user choice, and maybe, just maybe, both portrait and landscape sliders, who knows? I don't see a lot of point to BlackBerry releasing full slab devices with various combinations of more or less memory, higher or lower resolution screen, faster or slower processor, larger or smaller screens. Samsung has the staff and resources to do that, but BlackBerry does need to focus on their strengths, and that is (if you take BBOS device sales exceeding BB10 device sales as any indication) the BBOS-style of user experience (for which full touch slab is not the predominantly successful form factor)

I just worry that they'll still be making too many devices in total. If we figure a high-end and low/mid device, to me, "predominantly" would be more than 3 qwerty devices - at least 4. If BB can pull it off and be profitable, that's great. Maybe a we'll see some slider configurations.

Funny, I see exactly the opposite. (OK, preparing & releasing many products at the same time would be draining...)

I'm using a Q10 and can see keeping it as my main device for many years. It is that comfortable and well made.

Why wouldn't BlackBerry keep it (& the other current phones) in their line-up moving forward? The manufacturing costs would be absorbed over more units making it increasingly more profitable or less expensive to sell.

At the same time, Blackberry could be designing and releasing new "improved" phones to a) keep up with the latest technology, b) attract new customers, and c) broaden the product line (i.e. a slider, which I'd also like).

The key is a robust common OS, like BB10, underlying the hardware. (I suppose, I see device software support & development as an ongoing thing, unlike hardware, which has a defined completion point.)

Eventually! BlackBerry could offer a wide array of phones at little ongoing cost. A "something for everybody" approach that seems to have worked for others.

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Exactly my thoughts.

I hope they don't overdo it and keep costs low. If they can keep costs extremely low when putting out new devices, then great. If not, then this is not going to help.

An example is the Q5. When it first came out, the price was ridiculously too high.

Simply put: Keep the damn margins low.

If they want the sales they need new and secure devices. Lots of ppl would not buy old tech and again why buy another phone if its the same? So you have to bring in new devices or risk bring left behind.

Your telling me, I need to wait for Feb 2014 to get one. In the meantime I will continue to enjoy my BOLD and Z10.

I'm more interested in John Chen's comments about how the channels are used securely within the enterprise world. Any takers to dwelve into what he just said?

I like the concept of using a pin number, who wants their messages all intertwined with a bunch of Google crap.

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Would you rather we hate him? He's given no reason to, nor did Thor when he came on. Gotta give the guy a chance imo

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I agree. Thor was likeable at first. His mistake is he went into hiding. He needed to stay out in the media and stand up to them. Challenge them on their accusations of BB10. But no, he went into hiding, granting the BlackBerry haters easy victory.

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We gave him the benefit of the doubt, but he was always a bit awkward lol.

Chen looks like he has more cahones and isn't shy to talk "off the cuff". Thor always seemed to talk in the form of a press release.

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Nice. I see he mentioned supplying BBM as part of the enterprise BlackBerry server. I mentioned this in my list of "What should BlackBerry do in 2014" (it was fairly obvious given all the Snowden fallout etc) and I'm glad to see that they're actually considering it.

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Penny has dropped. So Typo has copied BlackBerry's actual keyboard, not just the Qwerty style. Correct? At first couldn't understand why BlackBerry would sue Somone for putting out a qwerty keyboard. This Copy cat will lose big time.

Chen is very visibly excited about the actions the company is taking on all fronts. As an investor, that is reassuring and definitely helps inspire confidence. Can't wait to hear more news and announcements in the coming days!

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Excellent right to "the nuggets" interview. I would love to hear more about EBBM..interesting stuff.

Lots info packed in 7 min. 44,000 patents! Egad, that's prolific. Like how he is making him self accessible. Seems very comfortable.

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Outstanding interview. Great points being touched upon. Can't wait to see his words be put into actions over the course of the year.

Give us a BB10 Playbook already......we need a BB10 tablet. All the other tablets suck.

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More of a Must-Watch-Video than Kevin's splurge on a $2000 Phone. IMHO. From a business perspective :-)

Don't wanna knock the entertainment value of Kev's "Porschase". He did it for us!

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Nothing scripted. No flippin' teleprompter fail. Cameras running. Michael just Bayled, Chen stood his man.

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Maybe i just bought my last BlackBerry phone?
Not looking good for the Z50 :(

White Z30 ROCKS!!

There should still be a high end full touch screen device from what I've seen, or am I wrong?

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The video is not there! I've copied the url & opened it in both the native browser & evolution browser.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

You have got to love the way John Chen uses BlackBerry statistics without missing a beat.

- interviewing like a boss

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Yes! Bring back the QWERTY in full force, John Chen! The Virtual Keyboard works well but damn did I have less mistakes with a physical keyboard. If the Q10 was just a little bit larger, it would have been an overwhelming success.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

Your right. I have a Z10 & now a Z30, but always go back to using a Q10 because of the keyboard. I too would like a slightly larger Q10 variant.

Unless he wants to get many new users. I have no interest in using a physical keyboard which is why I chose the Z10 as my first BlackBerry. Most people these days want full touch screen phones

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Wow! I never knew blackberry had that much number of patents. Keep it up Mr Chen, your fans are solidly behind you and the success of blackberry is all we hope for.

I feel like Chen gets it; security, productivity, and communication. He had great answers, and his open mind to possibilities "Never say never". Him stating that he loves the physical keyboard also gives me a lot of confidence, because I too love the physical keyboard.

Even though it's way too early to tell if this is true, but I like Mr. Chen's honesty. Saying he has no idea what would make a cool phone impressed me. Most CEO's would never admit anything that may be conceived as a weakness. He definitely hasn't done anything that would spell hopelessness moving forward. Like I said, it's way too early to make any sort of judgement on him and his abilities. So far so good though.

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I didn't hear about how BlackBerry is going to let people know they are alive and actually not going out of business. Mr. Chen tell us how you plan to MARKET your products. Please start the MARKETING PLAN.

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Yikes less focus in touch screens is a problem. Q10 is Crap compared to Z10 or Z30. The screen is way too small and the aspect ratio is impractical for many applications. John Chen better not lose sight that even in Enterprise people want first and foremost a consumer oriented device. People in Enterprise are switching to Apple in droves for that reason.

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In your opinion 'Q10 is Crap compared to Z10 or Z30' - not in mine (or all those corporate types in the city who are using Q10's)

There are very few things that could get me to leave BlackBerry, but no more high end all touch devices would be one of them..... :-/

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I don't think all touch options are going away. You could even use a Torch 9810 slider just like a 9860, if you don't slide the KB out.

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I like the way Chen give interviews.. quite straightforward and politically correct(where needed)

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I'd like to see BB license BB10 but only on full-touch screen devices - get HTC or Samsung pumping out phones. Get them helping to grow the overall app ecosystem .

Retain qwerty internally for BB and keep it primarily a business tool.

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Being a total keyboard man I'm not heartbroken about the "predominantly" qwerty thing, but some high end touchscreens will be necessary for that market segment, I'm sure there are plenty of professionals who like that anyway.

All else aside, I am impressed with this guy every time I see him. Mr. Chen exudes confidence in a manner that doesn't look practiced or rehearsed, he's clearly a man with a plan. That. Essential.

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Bbm ads o.o I hope it's not there for bb10 users

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Really enjoyed the interview. Let's hope 2014 brings abundantly good news for BB.

I think Chen makes a good point that BBM going cross platform isn't about making money from non-enterprise users, but that having it available on enterprise android and iphone units is important to make BB enterprise solution a must-have for companies looking at the many solutions out there; but eventually choosing BB.

Hope to see a blackberry that's like the HTC one or something even better. Dunno a complete new design with these nice keyboards that would not pass unnoticed.

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A great phone? Take the z30 and glue the Q10 on the whatever side is up is active. Flip it over and you have the Q10. Best of all worlds!

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Mr. Chen does not have stupid written on his forehead. He knows touchscreens are here to stay. He has stated, I believe, that the number of phone types offered will be few. Well, how many types are there? Full touch and qwerty. That seems to cover that. I'm just waiting for the 6" phantablet BB10 offering. Or BB11.

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Finally watched the interview. Great off the cuff responses. Especially liked how he answered the question on the lawsuit. An enjoyable guy to listen to.

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Loving the open line of communication!

You don't have to give details to satisfy interested parties but just acknowledging that you understand what's going on around you is good enough.

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I want to hear Mr. Chen say..."Chen angry! Chen smash Typo!" I want to see Ryan Seacrest wet his Chen challenges him to a fight to the death like in "Kill Bill". We can call it "Killing Typo"...

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!