Google I/O brings security enhancements to Android, BlackBerry CEO reminds us why BlackBerry is still better at security

By Bla1ze on 26 Jun 2014 12:22 am EDT

Unless you were somewhere stuck without internet today, then you likely caught wind of Google's I/O conference where they announced several new things for that are in the works for Android. Android Wear, Android L, Android Auto, Android TV. Among all those announcements, Google also noted they would be stepping up Android's security and that apparently caught the attention of BlackBerry CEO John Chen who took to BlackBerry's own official blog to share his thoughts on it all.

You might've seen the news: at Google's I/O developer conference today, the company said it would do several things to boost Android's security. Most prominently, this includes separating work and personal apps and data in coming versions of Android by leveraging Samsung's KNOX containerization technology.

I'm delighted by this first step. The need to improve Android's security was clear. And it validates what we at BlackBerry have been saying all along about the potential perils that businesses face in the BYOD era.

KNOX does help to shore up Android's gaps. Like our own BlackBerry Balance, it uses containers to protect confidential work apps and data by segregating them from personal data. But KNOX hasn't been widely adopted – fewer than 2 million Samsung phones are actually running KNOX today. Meanwhile, tens of millions of BlackBerry devices are trusted every day by Fortune 1000 firms worldwide. Our BES software dominates the enterprise mobility management (EMM) space, with more business customers than our top three competitors combined.

And while KNOX tries to build a fortress upon an insecure foundation, BlackBerry's entire infrastructure – not just Balance, but every single component – is constructed upon a multi-decade bedrock of mobile management and security expertise.

It's an interesting article from the CEO and shows BlackBerry isn't putting up with people leaving BlackBerry out of the conversation in this space because it was and still is their space to begin with. As Chen notes in the post 'BlackBerry architects security into every single layer' and 'It's why we have won 45 security certifications, more than any other vendor, including the only coveted "Full Operational Capability" certificate to run on U.S. Department of Defense networks to a mobile vendor.'

The focus on Enterprise coming from BlackBerry right now is strong and it's not hard to see it's coming right from the top. John Chen makes no bones about letting folks know BlackBerry has the proven track record and history to always be the better choice when security is a top concern. In his words, 'don't be dazzled by those who can talk the security talk. Instead, look to the company that has proven repeatedly it can walk the walk.'

Google Secures Android for Businesses: Right Direction – But Far From Enough

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Google I/O brings security enhancements to Android, BlackBerry CEO reminds us why BlackBerry is still better at security


Nonsense. BlackBerry's strength is security. Chen is taking an opportunity to showcase what BlackBerry is good at. Fact is, the BlackBerry 10 OS is a more secure environment to run Android apps in than Android itself. BlackBerry 10 functions without the Android runtime or any Android apps. In terms of market share, it hasn't been widely adopted, so your statement really doesn't make sense.

True. Look at all the different versions of android out there in use today. Some of those devices will never receive updates to the newer and more secure versions of android.

Well, even if you do not have BES, BlackBerry devices themselves does have various ways for you to secure your personal data, from a simple Picture Password to on device data encryption to secure email.

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Damn! Good point!

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing  ) new  BlackBerry Z30 (STA100-5), son! The Thor's Hammer of phones! Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile. Once you go BlackBerry, everything else is wack-berry! #longestsignatureeverthatishortenedabit

More importantly Android doesn't have security on its own, just doesn't, but instead is completely reliant on whatever Samsung can provide, which can only ever HOPE to be as secure as any container solution. That's what Google essentially said. We aren't working on something re: security. So whereas BlackBerry has contracted out its consumer apps to Amazon, Google has contracted out its security solution rather than building it from the ground up. There's no better solution coming for Android other than this, unless you want to go all NSA and get a black phone.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

Great! I was only comparing it to other leaky as seives Android devices. Nothing is more secure than a BlackBerry on BES with a SecuSmart chip(buy them! Or replicate their solution! )

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

Lol. As if Android, Samsung, and Apple never "cut down" anyone.

Staying quiet for the last few years got them no where, they need to point out their strengths any chance they get. Chen is on it.

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100% agree
BlackBerry is much less independent than before.
BlackBerry World would not get any support from the developers due to BlackBerry replying on Android apps, and it unfortunately will die soon.

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I agree, that this is the case for consumer apps. But BlackBerry will announce a new incentive program "to boost" enterprise app development soon. I hope this will include all kind of productivity tools etc. This might be attractive for developers. At least I hope so.
The goal seems to be to focus on enterprise and productivity apps only on BBWorld.

If BlackBerry offered me CAD100000 to develop an application I would accept and deliver a great application.

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I'm not an app person to begin with, but I don't see the apps dying at all. Developers just need to see the bright side of things and not the dark side all the time.

I'm pretty sure we read the same artiicle... and will even assume you followed the link. I don't recall him cutting down Android in anyway. All he did was use android's focus on enterprise to further explain why BlackBerry are the best in security and why they are the leading brand in that area.

Heck, he even went as far as lobbying some praise towards KNOX because he believes KNOX is beginning to get the security system of separating profiles. After which he went on to talk about BlackBerry Balance.

Precisely. There's a huge difference and it looks so much better to say "yeah, this is good, but here's why we're better" than "those losers should stop trying when we're so awesome."

Nifty Foods! C003262E5

The sad thing is no one on the broader spectrum of mobile tech will read or care about what blackberry is doing or saying. Most people I talk to (average consumers) believe blackberry's are no longer in production.

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Funny, I'm no longer using any android apps on my blackberry. The fad simply wore off. Even Netflix hasn't been fired up in awhile.

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You know I really don't use the android apps I have much either. I'm still messing with different mapping, trying to make up for not having one as good as Google maps, but even if a couple are android ports, they came from BlackBerry World. Any developers reading this, is there any way we can get an app similar to medscape native? I used that for work. I don't use it every single day, but as a medic, when I need the parts of it I used, I need it now. The android version doesn't run for crap, and the only drug reference app I found on BlackBerry World is woefully lacking.

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I use the score, and forza (soccer app), Waze and instagram, yahoo fantasy and feedly.

But yea I use less android than before

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He's not. He's speaking towards a specific that BlackBerry excels, and has excelled in longer than any of other platforms. He has every right to remind the market where his company leads.

"Mr Android" will not at all be offended by what John Chen said. It's a well known circumstance of the Android platform which is why Google is attempting to bolster their reputation in the security space.

Well Google knows it's Android platform has the #1 market share and dominants the BYOD Trend so that's why they're improving it's security for enterprises. And obviously as you stated Android is known to be insecure

 Posted via CB10 on my  Z30

I agree and the fact that Android is beefing up their security seems to bother Chen or he wouldn't of even commented on it. Just because BlackBerry is the best at security at the moment doesn't mean that won't change in the future. Security is the last thing that BlackBerry has going for it and Chen should be concentrating on selling devices that no one wants unless your a current BlackBerry user. Everyone thought the Z10 and Q10 would save BlackBerry but that failed miserably and if you think the BlackBerry Classic and the Passport will save BlackBerry then good luck you because you'll need it!

No one that frequents this site believes that ANY phone offered by BlackBerry is going to "save" the company. If you had been paying any attention to this company in any way, shape or form over the last year and weren't just posting troll-bait then you would realize that massive phone sales are no longer BlackBerry's key component to profitability. Enterprise sales and new software are going to be the key to this company's resurrection (which they have been doing an awesome job at-- check out Wallstreet's recent attitude adjustment regarding the imminent successful comeback of BlackBerry for a reference point). Your comment reeks of uneducated, ignorant, media-fed BlackBerry bias. Good day sir.

Posted on my Q10!!! BB10 FTW!!!

No actually I was a BlackBerry user for a long time and follow all the mobile nation websites and the moment BB 10 was introduced just about every comment was about BlackBerry is back. They should stick enterprise and software because they have no shot in the consumer market. Its amazing anytime anything negative is said about BlackBerry its called trolling. No its called facts!!!!

I disagree with them not having a shot in the consumer market. They aren't advertising. That's why they don't have higher sales numbers. They would clearly be ahead of schedule for being profitable if they advertised. Google and Apple had to advertise in order to get ahead and even cut each other down in the process. Since BlackBerry didn't defend themselves, let alone "fight back", that's why they're down. The right marketing can move anything in volumes.

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They don't have a shot in the consumer market until they have the popular apps.

Posted HTC One M8 via CrackBerry App

Sales of the BlackBerry Z10 flopped in part because of pricing and incomplete operating system and primary applications at launch. It was BlackBerry PlayBook launch deja vu. At least be accurate in your assertion.

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birdman_38, I don't think Chen cut down on Android, just stating the fact BB is more secured then what's out there.

Yes he should. In my opinion, android is crap and the vast majority of apps are crap that serve no practical purpose and that I would never let anywhere near my data. People need to stop rewarding any company that is willing to steal your data and compromise your security.

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Yeah, but BlackBerry sandboxes the Android environment, so our side is a check.

Ah, the dichotomy of modern mobile business devices....

Google themselves cuts down Android when they reveal that until now it has not had security.

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Exactly my point I was trying to make. But the minute you say anything negative against Blackberry on this site people take it to another level as if I am bad mouthing their families. Take it easy its just a PHONE

My favorite 2 lines:

"BlackBerry was MDM before anyone knew what MDM meant"

"not just Balance, but every single component – is constructed upon a multi-decade bedrock of mobile management and security expertise."

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Security is BlackBerry's only selling point. If and when the other companies catch up, it's over for them in that regard.

Plus 1? Hahaha

It's a selling point that 100% of their target market (ie. Enterprise ) cares about. Right now, that's all that matters and that's all they need.

Android will never "catch up" unless they basically build a new OS from scratch.

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Correction...100% of enterprise customers who care about security. Many don't hold it in high regard and embrace iPhone, Android or Windows Phone.

We should be thinking far beyond an OS that holds 2% of the market.

No one gives a hoot about security, until they get pwned.

Just like backups, it's all retrospective, and unpleasant when you find your self on the wrong side of the time line. #ShouldHaveRunABackup

Pasted via CB chen

Agreed and Android is on its way in doing that. If Chen wasn't worried about what Android is doing to increase its security he would of never made a statement about it. He knows that if other companies catch up then its over for BlackBerry.

Lol if you idiots think android is ever going to be even remotely as close to BlackBerry on security think again. Just like Chen said, it's security updates built on top of an unsecure foundation.

Android is designed to data mine the hell out of you. Every time you do an android update google backs up over 500 pieces of personal info from your device. They scan your emails, they steal your location, and even a simple wallpaper app asks for every single permission on your device. Wake up people and inform yourselves. There is absolutely zero privacy or security on android period. It's built and designed that way by google on purpose so they can sell your data to the highest bidder.

BlackBerry users will have the last laugh.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy Gold and White Q10.

Call it a Scamdroid... if you like.

It's the equivalent of the Telescreen right in your pocket.

Who reads the fine print of any of Google's T&C anyway.... ?

Pasted via CB chen

Wow Bla1ze, you are unstoppable today.. CrackBerry never felt so alive before... now, where is my miracast in my z10!

How can you fill the holes of a colander if you still continue to sell the knife to drill it... Long life BB

Let's hope Chen takes this clarification between the two OSes to the masses so that the average Joe Customer doesn't fall into that false sense of security and stick with Android.

Even the most impenetrable fortress built on a shoddy foundation is no more stable than a house of cards.

emPowered by 

Nothing is 100% secure.

I love how smug BlackBerry users think they are. Buying into this belief they are secure and that's their strength.

If anyone wants your data bad enough, they'll get it.

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BIS, sure. If you encrypt your device, memory card, and password protect, it's still a lot more secure than any consumer android or iPhone.

BES, good luck. If you can show me when a BlackBerry was exploited on BES, I'll still keep my BlackBerry.

Posted via tin can telephone

Did anyone say it's 100% secure? That being said, if you want security, you'll want a BlackBerry. I don't think you can deny that that.

Next BBM update....BBM Peek

Sounds like Domenic doesn't know much about BB10. Either that or he's still bitter about Kaepernick getting picked off vs Seattle!

Via The BlackBerry Z10 Experience.

First learn how to spell it's Dominick not Domenic and I do know a lot about BB10 as I was a user of the platform for over a year and no I'm not upset about something that happened 6 months ago LMAO. My 49ers are just doing fine and are still one of the best if not the best team in the NFL. What is your team BTW? I'm not the one that is sour its seems like most of the people on this site are over sensitive over BlackBerry.

Exactly! Every phone can be hacked if someone wanted to. Its getting to a point where Blackberry users today would buy a pile of dog s**t if it had a BlackBerry logo on it. The Classic is just the Bold 9900 with a bigger screen but when Samsung and Apple release new devices that are similar to their old devices people on here scream where is the innovation but when BlackBerry does it they call it a beautiful device. As far as the Passport goes its the ugliest device I have ever seen and basically looks like a 80's calculator. More and more users will move to other platforms with these round of devices.

OK, OK...I love the 80s...getting my mullet ready for the Passport release in September.

Murray Squire Marr

Is this article about security or looks? Seems somebody got a case of southern grapes virus with touch of the truth hurts syndrome. Just sayin'.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

You seem to be upset a tad. Well even if the do go all android/apple devices, they will be controlled by BES10/12. As for the Passport, you may not like it, but the physical, yet touch keyboard is ingenious. And guess what, BlackBerry invented it and patent the technology. That tech will be a huge hit. Samsung went the route of the stylus. I use to have that on my ancient Palm. You can keep that system. It's like a pen. You just seem to lose them more often than not.

Posted via CB10

Nope not upset at all and I am quite happy with my Note 3 and eagerly waiting for the Note 4 release. Sorry if I am not interested in a keyboard phone

So why are you trolling here and causing so much commotion with you android comments. Isn't there the android forum somewhere.

Posted via CB10

I am not trolling here at all its just that most of the people on this site are so damn sensitive when it comes to BlackBerry its just a phone SMH. I am also allowed to not like the new devices that they are coming out with. Just because I threw my Z10 away and replaced it with a device that I actually like doesn't mean I am not allowed here. I go to all the mobile nations sites to read news on upcoming devices.

This guy is an obvious troll - the classic was built to look like the bold 9900 on purpose, hence why it's called the "classic".

Posted via CB10

No shit it's called the CLASSIC. What did you think it would have a 6in screen and no keyboard it's not for media consumption. Why are you even here again? The Z30 was you different device from BlackBerry. And I'm sure there will be another just not right now those phones classic and passport would be geared towards business. That's kinda obvious.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry users are smug? I thought iFans had that segment cornered. Nothing smug about hollering from the mountain top that you are the best at what you do. If BBRY doesn't thump its own chest, who is going to do it for them? Playing wuss doesn't work in this cut-throat-dog-eat-dog environment.

As smartphones and phablets become more of our daily lives, banking, buying, communicating with the world of things, security becomes more important. I think attention to this area will pay big dividends as markets mature.

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yes, and we are yet to see John Chen show us which blackberry device he is using on daily basis...

Posted via CB10

Good job, Bla1ze. Man, I'm beginning to wonder if you actually sleep. Loving all of the articles!

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i love bb and i have been using bb since pearl device but im kinda of getting picked on by my friends all the time for no reason
for instence one of my friend called me and said ` you know ios has these new features and android is also brining new features what bb is brining ? o yeah again SECURITY :))) and laughs now after seeing this article same joke was repeated by those friends :))) any idea how to pick on them ?

Tell them you're glad your own personal confidence doesn't depend on using a "cool" phone and leave it at that.

Posted via CB10

i dont think this answer will satisfy my friends who thinks fart apps are kool :)) but again ill tell all the important stuff to themmm . thnxx

Its the entire iOS and Android "herd" mentality that think that BlackBerry 10 OS is bad... they bash it without knowing or using it...

I believe BlackBerry has contributed to some of the problems by releasing 10.0 which was buggy but now 10.2.1 and 10.3 will be absolutely amazing.

For the pickerz: Ask them if they can check their email without opening any app! ;)
Also ask them whether you can message or tweet from the search app!
Hope that much is okay... and BlackBerry 10 has a lot of amazing features... I'm never going back to Android again :)

Waiting for the passport!

Posted via CB10... and my awesome Z10

If you are happy with your phone, tell them as much. If their identities are wrapped up in having a particular phone, they need rehab.

The hub
The fastest browser (try racing them to a website)
Running more than 1 app at once
A battery that last all day
The quickest keyboard on the planet
Being able to watch videos from a browser
Reader mode ( for Q10 users)
Integration to make the OS smooth
Sharing files
Miracast (with out having to buy a 200 dollar apple TV)
Swipe technology for efficiency

Just to name a few.

Posted from my awesome Q10

Better reception in low signal areas.
There were three of us (an iPhone, a Galaxy and a Z30) in a hotel with low wifi signal trying to get email and watch the soccer world cup live. Only the z30 worked!

Posted via CB10

I was in a similar situation where only the Android device was able to get reception.

Posted via CrackBerry App

I can run more app than once in the HTC One M8. My battery will last all day. I have SwiftKey which is who BlackBerry licence technology from for their virtual keyboard. I can watch videos from the browser. The OS and Sense 6 are very smooth. Smoother than stock Android. Sharing files is very easy. I can Chromecast.

Posted HTC One M8 via CrackBerry App

Well said!!

Selling out your privacy, allowing Google to be your pimp daddy. And like a Pimp just have a smoke, bend over and take it! Like the other 999'999 ppl their taking it up the hoop so why should you car ;)

 BlackBerry Z30  If it Don't Make Dollars, It don't Make Sense 

You're on fire, Bla1ze! Doing a great job on all the articles.

On this one, though, I worry when a CEO of a $3bn company has to keep stepping up to the plate "on their own blog" because a press release would be met with a yawn? Anyway, doesn't Chen have staff for all of this? Oh wait....

Kevin -Definitely see where you are coming from with respect to Chen writing it in his blog. Many other CEO’S would sit on their hands and not bother, and for good reason, it usually isn't necessary.

However.... Chen seems to be a little unconventional. He speaks the truth, and doesn't seem to hold back his intentions. Basically, here's my plan, deal with it. I believe he simply wanted let his customers to know that no matter what Android is doing to improve it's security, BlackBerry is still the leader of the pack.

Via The BlackBerry Z10 Experience.

For now. Anything can change tho. BlackBerry needs to keep innovating on that front if they want to keep their edge.

Posted HTC One M8 via CrackBerry App

It's good to see that Chen is no shrinking violet when it comes to defending the Blackberry turf. He's pleasant enough about it, but definitely no nonsense. Thorsten seemed a bit back on his heels that way (maybe all the other stuff he had to contend with?). I can't say that I know much about Jim and Mike, but from what I gather they tended to wave that kind of stuff off like it was no concern. I see that Chen is not afraid to take it to them and call things what they are. I like that, I like it very much!

Hakimmmm you can fight back, it's easy. One word. Gimmicks gimmicks gimmicks, that is all they are is useless gimmicks. Apple has their customers by the balls hook line and sinker. Overpriced garbage.

Apple, The New Evil Empire

. Android Wear, Android L, Android Auto, Android TV - Google this Google that All JUST a Gimmick just like their Phone.

Android Flagship phone Samsung S5- its "profit growth is declining".

"It doesn't look good," Lee Sang-Hoon, the Samsung CFO, told reporters in Korea this week, according to the WSJ report.

Read more:

The only thing that Google offers that works efficiently is Google Maps. Perhaps too one day autonomous driving cars.

Google should get out of Mobile OS (Gingerbread, Kitsap etc)business. It's frustrating to use. But they have another agenda - Collecting your data!

Looper Back Make Corleone Offer for TrackPad on BB10

Samsung getting a little less from the Android pie is not actually a bad thing as long as others (HTC, Sony, LG) get more.

While I do appreciate Mr. Chen's remarks, I am disappointed with his failure to mention any tangible differentiation in security beyond reputation and current market position. I was waiting for him to say something wrong with Android's system beyond rhetoric such as "fortress upon an insecure foundation." Reputation is worth a lot in this industry, but there needs to be more. Perhaps there is more, and Mr. Chen didn't get into the details. I hope that is the case.

It's great to see the proactive and immediate attention from the CEO to this matters, moreover when competition directly defy BlackBerry core strength but still BlackBerry has a lot more to do in order to not miss their Security strategic position. Mass communication is needed even though they are now focused in B2B market, it's really a huge mistake not to invest in a good advertising campaign about the full Security that only BlackBerry architecture can provide along with all other outstanding advantages of BlackBerry devices and services.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry is the best for a reason. One of those reasons, is the security that blackberry provides is Arguably, the best out there. BlackBerry is the best. Accept no imitations.

Ojani Noa

This line "And while KNOX tries to build a fortress upon an insecure foundation, BlackBerry's entire infrastructure – not just Balance, but every single component – is constructed upon a multi-decade bedrock of mobile management and security expertise."

Chen is great!

Let's not forget that Google is not a software company or a service provider. They are a marketing company. Android is just a tool that they use to capture information for profit. So just how secure can they make Android?

Posted via CB10

John Chen is a take no prisoners kind of guy and never lets an opportunity pass to defend and boost BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

I chuckled when I heard on the radio about Google's Android security conference. Isn't secure Android is an oxymoron?

Chen's blog confirmed my opinion.

Posted via CB10

Apart from the nice Chen's words, I wanna say thank you to Bla1ze! I really enjoy all your write ups. Very informative, lively and just enough entertaining!

Posted via CB10

Dear BlackBerry, Lords of security,

I would appreciate adding to your great OS the capability for secure Mail communications via S/MIME or PGP. This is one of the things your not-so-secure competitors offer us, and it still baffles me why a security focused OS reserves this functionality for BES-enabled devices.

Posted via CB10

That and even more what baffles me: Why they not fix their OS? Calling people and taking pictures all day by accident is not good at all.

RedBerry Z10 #00167

I don't have that issue, but then again I holster the z30. However there are settings you can invoke if you are a pocket dial type of guy.

Posted via CB10

Go into the display settings and turn off swipe-to-wake. Why would you continue to let that happen? It happened once to me, so I corrected it... not a problem since. I just press power button and then swipe up to wake.

WP8.1 is in the same boat as far as S/MIME goes, the device has to connect to an Exchange server to enable it.

Sometime in future google rules the world, only stock I buy without thinking twice.Just imagine if they jumped the BitCoin Ship earlier. Apple just opened the door for BitCoin Apps. BlackBerry?
RedBerry Z10 #00167

Am I supposed to understand your comment? Gold medal for obtuseness.

Posted via CB10

Quick tackle from CEO himself.

Appreciated Mr Chen.

I specially liked when he said about Knox building a security fortress on already vulnerable platform...


Posted via CB10

Chen is so much the right person for this job. Not afraid to tackle the big guys head on, but yet praise the strengths we all know and use with our BlackBerry devices. The guy is marketing, selling and running the company, and is passionate about it. Just what Blackberry has been missing these last few years.

It always makes me laugh when companies who have been found to be in the NSA's pocket, talk about security on their platforms.

Posted via CB10

Exactly what I was thinking, it's a case of "we're increasing security in Android, so we can spy on you more securely than ever".

What makes you think that the BlackBerry isn't in NSA's pocket too also because it wasn't officially announced SMH. The NSA can spy on any phone if it wishes. If they were spying on your phone you would never even know

Because the media didn't report them as so. They did just about everyone else. If they had a chance to put the dagger in the BlackBerry Heart they would have gladly done so. Also, Snowden reports named the ones, and BlackBerry wasn't on the list. BlackBerry is a Canadian Company, Google, Apple, Yahoo, Microsoft etc are all American.....but hey what does everyone know.

Posted via CB10

(sorry for the doublepost)

Chen and BlackBerry now need to step up their game and not rest on their laurels claiming to have been the first.

What BlackBerry needs now is PGP natively implemented in email and secure BBM not only for enterprise but consumers as well. Some form of ultra secure cloud storage would be welcome too.

Posted via CB10

Now is not the time for complacency.

BlackBerry should be working on a 512 bit encryption for all devices.

Time to give up...Hackers.

BlackBerry...Get it done!!!!

Posted via CB10

I always think in terms of the walled garden approach and Android is the equivalent of a field, with this being an attempt to put a walled garden into that field.

Blackberry Security the best. But management and board is useless. They have plundered and destroyed the best mobile company. Heins was hailed a god ;like figure, he did more harm than anybody. Remember how CB team sucked up to Heins.

So the world's largest data mining company (Google) is promoting security? I read in between the lines:
"Anything in our KNOX container wont be data -mined for advertisers...everything else, not so lucky". Blackberry's business IS security, not ad-targeting. So Chen was very smart to come out and quash any notion that Google is now a major player in security for enterprise.

Don't forget that the average non enterprise BlackBerry is really no more secure then the average Android device.
If you want a purely secure device, you have to do everything over your own enterprise server!

Posted via CrackBerry App

The only truly secure device is one that is turned off, unfortunately it only makes it useful as a paperweight!!!

Neo, we noticed you disconnected, so we took the liberty of turning your mobile back on. Is there something wrong? :)

It's a positive in that the market is indirectly acknowledging a BlackBerry strength. Why not play the card?

Posted via CB10

Most companies could care less about security and are all penny pinchers. If BlackBerry relying only on security to convince its enterprise clients to stay or switch, they are in trouble. Before there was very little choice, now there is plenty of competition. And the deciding factors will mostly be upgrade cost and convenience.

It would have been nice if Chen would have also addressed what BB is doing for wearables, TV, auto. This security thing is like beating a dead horse, most companies already know that BB has good security. What excites the public is the cool stuff.

Hmm, I thought android was already secure. At least it was claimed so by their fans. It turns out current android is insecure then right? I wonder how many iterations it would take to make it truly secure. Google still tries to get into TV business - it's like their 3rd attemp, and similarly it can take them decades to get into security. Definitely would be interesting to see...

Posted via CB10

Android is secure. Open Source is more secure than close Judy by its very nature. Also if you stick to the Google Play store and don't download pirated apps or music from all over the internet your safe. Their is a reason install apps from unknown sources is unchecked and hidden by default. Also Google has already had massive success with the TV with Chromecast. Android TV is building on that. You should do research. Your uneducated bias is showing.

Posted HTC One M8 via CrackBerry App

This is the reason why I like BlackBerry. BlackBerry has always had the most secure OS. Good that Google is trying to improve security. It's most needed.

Posted via CB10

Just watched hands-on video of Android's latest OS, seems like they have copied Quick Setting and Instant Preview feature from BlackBerry. Damn you Google!!!

Quick settings have been apart of Android sense Jelly Bean 2 years ago. And have been apart of custom UIs like Sony's Xperia UI. Optimus UI. Touchwiz for even longer.

Posted HTC One M8 via CrackBerry App

No, I actually didn't pay any attention to Google and it's latest Retardroid offerings...I have better things to live my life!!!!

I swear, with all the products you listed in the article, I'm wondering when they'll release Google toilette paper, Android condoms...Google dildos and Android butplugs... and on and on...

As for Chen and his keeping BlackBerry part of the conversation, how about instead of telling, you start showing! BlackBerry shouldn't have to tell anything, they should instead show, especially in security an area where BlackBerry used to excel and still does. The proof is in the pudding as they say...

Crapple and Retardroid can afford to tell...BlackBerry can't!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

I love the "dont be dazzled" thing - great line!! Should be the backbone of any marketing BBry may do!

Via what's really, a BOLD X....on X.II.I

It took the NSA, 1 week to hack Android, 2 weeks to hack iOS and over 1 year to hack BlackBerry, where BlackBerry kicked them right out with a middle finger. Try again, see you in a year, so we may stick the middle finger out again, as we lock you out.

The NSA hacked WP?? You don't want to know lol. I wouldn't do Banking on WP8 if my life depended on it.

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Proud to be using a secure blackberry in the palm of my hands. :) (posting from my blackberry bold 9900)

I don't know about other people, but I'm always concerns about security. And I know I can always rely on BlackBerry .

" Initiated from my QNX10 "

Back on blackberry z10. I hope it hold up this time. Rather excited with the new development. I do like the UI and OS.

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