BlackBerry CEO John Chen sends open letter to enterprise customers

By Adam Zeis on 2 Dec 2013 11:51 am EST

BlackBerry Interim CEO John Chen isn't wasting any time getting to work. He's already pushed ahead to keep things on track, already issuing a letter to customers letting them know where things stand. Today another open letter was sent out to enterprise customers and partners as well in hopes of clearing up some recent happenings. 

The letter explains that even though many MDM vendors may be trying to entice users away from BES, BlackBerry is "very much alive" and is "here to stay". Mr. Chen states that BlackBerry is staying true to their roots and will continue to offer enterprise-grade, end-to-end mobile solutions as they continue to invest in enterprise and security during the restructuring period. 

So rest assured that BlackBerry is still committed to enterprise and will continue to support their services and will even be hosting a webcast series to further dive into the points covered in the letter. Very open and very up front -- we love the way things are going under John Chen so far.

Check out the full letter below and hit up the comments with your thoughts!

An Open Letter to Customers

To our valued enterprise customers and partners,

You’re hearing a lot of noise in the market about BlackBerry®. MDM vendors are undoubtedly inviting you to webinars and enticing you to switch off your BES.

We want to set the story straight about BlackBerry in the Enterprise, both for our existing customers and for those about to implement BYOD and MDM.

We are very much alive, thank you

Our “for sale” sign has been taken down and we are here to stay. BlackBerry recently announced it has entered into an agreement to receive a strategic investment from Fairfax Financial and other institutional investors, which represents a vote of confidence in the future of BlackBerry.

The investments you've made in BlackBerry infrastructure and solutions are secure.  

I will keep the lines of communication open as we navigate through this transition.

We're going back to our heritage and roots – delivering enterprise-grade, end-to-end mobile solutions. As we refocus back to our roots, BlackBerry will target four areas: handsets, EMM solutions, cross-platform messaging, and embedded systems. And, just as important, we will continue to invest in enterprise and security related R&D during our restructuring period.

In short, reports of our death are greatly exaggerated.

Setting the record straight: We will manage all devices

We’re serious about multi-platform MDM and even more serious about multi-platform EMM. We deliberately moved to a new platform with BES10 last year.  Making this change enables us to manage all devices, turbo-charge BYOD initiatives, and provide the very best management experience.

Our competitors want you to think that BES only manages BlackBerry devices, and that we are somehow more expensive than other MDMs. This is false.

We understand the realities of the enterprise mobility market better than anyone, and we’re in the game for the long term. We’ve been investing in enterprise mobility management – for any device – and thanks to customers like you, we’re doing very well. Here’s the proof:

  • Our EMM customer base is much larger than any of the other vendors in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Mobile Device Management – and is growing.
  • We manage more mobile devices than any other vendor. Period.
  • We move more secure mobile data than anyone else.
  • We have substantial cash and are not a small VC-backed “pure play” MDM player seeking additional funds every year.

Security is not debatable – regardless of the device

BYOD users may be able to bring any device to work, but it’s our job to ensure the risk doesn’t follow them in. Whether you’re deploying corporate-owned iPads or allowing BYOD Android™ devices, security is paramount.

We have more certifications from government agencies than any other vendor and we’re the only EMM vendor and handset maker to receive the Department of Defense “Authority to Operate” certification.

Governments, global corporations and organizations that will not compromise on security continue to choose and trust BlackBerry.

BES10 is your future Enterprise Mobility Solution

We know that BlackBerry devices are not for everyone. That’s OK.

As we committed to earlier – we are more than just a device company. Today, BES10 supports multi-platform MDM, mobile application management and security.  We have also made it as easy and low cost as possible for you to trial and deploy BES10.

In the coming weeks, we will continue to have an open conversation with you. Keep an eye out for an EMM Realities webcast series where we will drill down into the key areas in this letter. In the meantime, I want your feedback on how we can better serve your EMM needs.

I believe in BlackBerry and I’m confident in our future in enterprise, our technology and our ability to adapt to changing market needs.


John S.
Chair and CEO







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Reader comments

BlackBerry CEO John Chen sends open letter to enterprise customers



So is BlackBerry still labeling the corporate workhorse Bold 9900 as "End Of Life" and "Obsolete"?

Well seeing how BlackBerry 9720 is the last BBOS device to be made I would say that they're still supporting them but the development of BBOS legacy devices are obsolete. They have to focus on what's new and fresh which is BB10 and BES10. Time for BlackBerry to "Keep Moving" not backwards but forward.

Posted via CB10

Good on you, Mr. Chen.... Glad to see a BlackBerry Executive who, actually, understands "Who BlackBerry Is".....

In the "Olden Days".... people who were seen in public with a BlackBerry device were thought of as "Serious Minded Business Types".... how that was lost over the years in an attempt to "Out Metrosexual Must Have App" Apple and Android is beyond my comprehension....

Also, I got a Z30 last Friday.. charged her up on Friday afternoon.... STILL had charge this morning...

Z30 is not only the "Best BlackBerry Ever"... I believe that it is the "Best New Smartphone on the Market Today"....

if you like your Z10 (and I liked mine)... the Z30 will Blow You Away....

I can definitely second that! :) But I am still rocking both Z30 & Z10 on the leaked 10.2.1055 OS.

Z10 is a great phone... and for $199 today at "unlocked" - hard to find a "better deal" in all of mobile.... I think it ends today.

Agreed, recently received my z30 and can't believe how great it is. I paid to unlock my Z10 and keep it as a backup and to test 10.2.1 hopefully soon

I personally have got about 10 people to get blackberry 10's sell like hell

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"We're going back to our heritage and roots – delivering enterprise-grade, end-to-end mobile solutions. As we refocus back to our roots, BlackBerry will target four areas: HANDSETS,..."

Yeah, handsets...but but but the last 2 paragraphs or so basically state that BB devices are not for everyone, so that's why BB is doing a whole bunch of different things to manage other handsets.
That leaves me with cold pricklies in terms of how much effort they're going to put out with handsets. Guess we'll have to wait.

I think you misinterpreted what he meant by BB devices are not for everyone, i think he means that is why they are promoting MDM solutions which manages all types of handsets, not just BB. So i don't think they are not promoting BB10 handsets.

It's great that the CEO is actually setting the record straight with its enterprise customers in a pro-active, rather than a reactive manner. We need more of that and more timely communication regarding BlackBerry's future plans.

IMO, he should have also stated:

BB wants your BES to have the world's highest level of security.
BB devices have higher security certifications as compared to other BYOD's.

I agree with him saying that. It's important that he recognize that the BlackBerry handheld isn't for everyone, but that BES10 will work for everyone.

Posted via my BBQ10 using the power of "Q"

Yo dawg. I heard you like this opinion... So we posted our assent to their approval so you can agree, while you agree.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

Short and to the point, addressing directly the customers and competition with a very clear message. Time to get the media machine going and have new blood in the enterprise sales teams worldwide.

Posted via CB10 for the BB-Q10

Agreed it definitely addresses a few key areas that should have been spoken on earlier. John Chen is making a positive impression on the business already :)

No nonsense communication; clear and direct to the point. Methinks they should remove the "interim" prefix from his title (imo) . . .

Agree. I like the tone. It is quite frank (about BlackBerry devices not being for everyone) and direct about the company's strengths in MDM.

I silently cheered for one more reason: it appears like a thinly veiled "eff-off" to the section of the media that churns negative press without basis in fact, e.g., the dump hipsters are CNET.

Verizon Q10SQN100-2 on

Ugh: I meant, "the dumb hipsters at CNET" :-). This is why I need a physical keyboard.

Verizon Q10SQN100-2 on

Agree 100%. Thinly veiled F-off to those spreading doom and gloom about the company.

Really starting to like this guy!

Posted via CB10

Agreed Kevin.

It's bold. To the point. And has enough edge thrown into that statement that will set the record straight.

I really like that he is not afraid to make such bold statements!!

Now let's hope this convince customers to stick with BlackBerry. I hope he can keep this up for longer than the last guy; and get better results.

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I like the tone, and more 'casual' talk like "reports of our death are greatly exaggerated "... and the renewed commitment to handsets and the OS. if they were quietly exiting handsets with the Z30 I don't think he would have mentioned this.

Like him so far!

Posted via CB10

Good letter. Way better than that awful open letter to consumers. John Chen is the right guy for the challenge.

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Great! Strong, to the point, clearly states the direction. Makes me a happy BlackBerry user even though I am a small business guy and it is more my personal consumer phone. Now they need to back this up and gain market share. Retrench and wait for their opportunities. Others will stumble along the way and BlackBerry will be there to pounce. BB10 just keeps getting better!!

Posted via CB10

Great reassuring letter. Feel relaxed a bit more now about the future) )

Posted from my Z10 (very smart phone)

John Chen is the man! I'm a business user and it's fantastic to see Blackberry been so open, certainly something you wouldn't see from Apple. His informal manner is seriously appreciated as well.


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I got the email, and posted it to CrackBerry just minutes before Adam did. But of course he still stole my thunder. Anyway, this is a great letter, shows how pro active he is as a CEO. The handsets line is what excited me most!!

This open letter is very well written, much better than the previous open letters by Thorsten that came off a little desperate.

Posted via CB10

And thank you Mr. Chen. This is leadership. He needs to go and take this message to big clients in person now.

Makes perfect sense the consumer market is way too saturated right now with Android devices. They need to focus on enterprise where there key strength is right now and then once in the public eye and stock gets a positive boost and blackberry is being talked again then you attack the consumer market. That is how blackberry got popular in the first place if I recall

I love my BBZ30 and I am so happy he said handsets!!!!!

You are correct...they were only available to the corporate sector and that made them a status symbol that everyone wanted a piece of. let's bring back that status symbol and then regain market share.

#IChooseBlackBerry10 #BBM4ALL #Z30IsWhereItsAt #5InchesOfRealEstateGlory

Single finger flickin fun from the best Damn virtual keyboard in existence...the BlackBerry Z30 Everybody!

I agree with your statement. What made BlackBerry special was how exclusive it was. I have been saying this for a while. Make it exclusive and give it features that cannot be found on other platforms. WebEx 3.0 is a step in the right direction. only WebEx clisent that allows you to sahare your phone's desktop during a WebEx meeting.

Exactly needs to get back to its positive quarterly results and change the perception first of the Blackberry brand before going back into the consumer world.

Man..this letter's got my hair standing up my arms..the goosebumps. That feeling that we can overcome..the momentum's set..come on guys. Show them what we are made off! Yeah!

Posted from my SuperHuman Q10

Mr Chen is setting the record straight to the market that BlackBerry is committed to Enterprise Mobile Solutions and is listening to customers !! I still want to thank THOR for bringing BB10 to market with great devices and OS updates & features, so THOR thanks again !!! Mr Chen is focused to win enterprise and is to my mind a directive CEO coming with the listening and action CEO skills to leap the competition !! ......$$

I second this comment! Thor got BlackBerry where it is today. No doubt Chen will lead a new and successful charge. When you are a publicly traded company some times the top dog must go so stockholders can remain happy chewing on their bone!

Posted via CB10

Notice this is ENTERPRISE consumers. Not the moaning and whinging people that exist in the forums here (you know the ones, that complain about absolutely everything related to BB no matter what, and don't realize the problem actually lie with them. Seriously, you'd think they'd realize this)

I like this. Going back to their roots and how Mike and Jim made this company a huge success, before they had to deal with fickle and easily manipulated consumers and internet superstar trolls. You can bet we won't be hearing much if at all from the higher ups at BB here directly. BB knows their focus and that's enterprise, governments and prosumers.

Letter can't hurt but BlackBerry has a long road to recovery.

They need to start with competent management and marketing!

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Give me a "D",
give me a "E",
give me a "V",
give me a "I",
give me a "C",
give me a "E",

And dance ;)
Love this letter. Fighting spirit is on its way: keep moving it on !

John Chen has put his reputation on the line to help BlackBerry succeed.

I still can't believe most consumers disregard security for their smartphones.

Do so at your peril.

A big thank you to BlackBerry UK for the kiosk at Westfield London. We need more of these in the run up to Christmas.

'That's how achieve greatness, hang your balls out there '

BlackBerry..Get it done!!!!

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It will become more important to people. Right now they are just happy with angry birds but I'm sure things will evolve.

Hopefully for some they will realize this sooner than later.

Or in other words "our competitors have been lying to you and now we're calling them out."

Also noted that his title is "Executive Chair and CEO" - no "interim" label. Glad to see Chen take the bull by the horns.

Yeah, I read it that way as well. Also love the way he indirectly refers to media and competitors as 'noise'. As in 'you're hearing a lot of noise in the market '... Pushing back.

Posted via CB10

Love it! Glad to see the new CEO taking his customers seriously.


If it is a conversation how do I engage in it? So far it's just been a lecture.

Second loose the acronyms they were a trademark of the founders and will only serve to alienate people from the conversation you are attempting to start.

Why should I use BBM channels to disseminate my content if you dont?

Posted via CB10

Good point about the acronyms. They seem to be pushing this "EMM" acronym. But I'm not sure how it's different than MDM and it get sort of confusing.

As far as the conversation goes, there was a "Send me your feedback" link in the email, which I used to provided some feedback. It will be interesting to find out if my feedback gets a response.

Very well written letter, Mr Jon is a fighter and he's starting that fight that's what the empl need, this is like a war that is going on, it's no game, and by having a great General you might win that war, I believe in Mr Chen nd I put my money on him,
BlackBerry to stay, I believe

Posted via CB10

Its nice and warm and fuzzy.. but only one thing matters.. how would they make money and be profitable.. Letters dont cut it.

Nice start though. That letter was the best marketing I've seen since... I don't know when.

Posted via CB10

Lets see how long BB fanboys call for John Chens lynching like they did when Thorsten Heins fail to revive Blackberry. Funny how he's getting cheered on by the fickle.

Great read, now I am at total peace.

And to those people who put a thread and insisted that BlackBerry won't be producing handsets, take that!!

Posted via CB10


Yeah it's funny how they act as though they're prophets. Many of them are wrong time and time again and yet keep asking as though they know what they're talking about.

Posted via CB10

Reminds me when Thor became CEO.

One month ago : "GO AWAY YOU SUCK, YOU JERK"

A lot of people turned on Heins when he backtracked on the promise to bring BlackBerry 10 to the PlayBook.

Posted via CB10

Exactly dont make promises you cant keep and when he was CEO he didnt make letters and open statements about the future of BB he just stayed in his little he was promoted from within which I was against. However I know his job was to bring bb10 and slash operations and workforce for a leaner blackberry so that john chen can take over.

Somehow I think Thor was brought in to do the dirty work...he was not a ceo material...everyone knew that from the beginning...BlackBerry were going down steep before he came in....somehow in the middle of a lot of negative publicity he managed to get the bb10 on BBM cross platform and also cut down on the size of the never know what would have happened if BlackBerry 10 would have been a huge success...but still he kept his head when all others were losing it!

Posted via CB10

Agree with both comments above, with the benefit of hindsight. Maybe BlackBerry needed someone like Heins to do the dirty work to clear the air for a new start. Maybe that was how he negotiated such a high payout!

Glad to see Chen be very proactive from the start. Early days but he looks promising.

Posted via CB10

Exactly. They needed someone to take the fall for restructuring the company to create suitable conditions for a "hero" director (Chen)

Posted via CB10

Well done John. I am very confident that you can make things happen at Blackberry and bring back the glorius days again.

So, a second letter in 3 months saying they are not dead. Would be nice if they could move past this type of message once and for all. Mr Chen will play a big role in that. Would be nice to see more of him on the business shows aggressively pushing just this message.

They could move forward from saying they are not dead and these types of letters
if every article that reports something about BlackBerry wouldn't mention it everytime

Posted via CB10

This isn't Just a letter if you guys haven't noticed. This is a take back the market by force notification banner for competition.

Posted via CB10

"In short, reports of our death are greatly exaggerated"
Brilliant. Way to go, John!

Posted via CB10

"...reports of our death are total media BS... " in plain English, that's what I got out of it. And I guess not only me. Brilliant wording indeed.

My name is Prem, Prem BBM ... whatarhyme...

If this doesn't say they will continue making handsets then idk what will to those who think otherwise

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Hello, I am currently working at RBC, we currently are not on BES 10. We are also using the Good application. Sad that the Royal Bank of Canada has not jumped to BES 10. And with the usage of the good client the users here can not get any of the BB10 devices. Whomever is in charge of client accounts needs to get their act together and sore up the RBC account onto BES 10. Get them off of Good and using fusion.

Needs feet on the ground and have reps telling this to business customers face to face. But it us good that he is communicating.

Posted via CB10

So far I am impressed. TH should of done this especially with all the BS that was said about the company being dead a year ago. The markets feed off this for so long that people started to believe it. I truly believe that if the markets say false things for too long it becomes believable. Way to go Chen.

Posted via CB10

We now need the carriers to start supporting the platform and give BlackBerry some shelf space. I can't believe that the U.S does not yet have 10.2. That is such a disaster and almost done on purpose. Shame on Rogers here in Canada for not selling Z30 in stores other than online. This should be next open letter, calling out the carriers.

Posted via CB10

You need enterprise providers to lease capacity from the carriers and sell a turnkey solution into the enterprise. The carriers will not help you; in the US they depend on handset churn and fake subsidies, and they have to make their sales commitment to Apple.
If it wasn't for the cartel-like behaviour of the US carriers, BlackBerry (and Motorola, and HTC) wouldn't be in such a mess.

You can't blame carries. The direct reason of BlackBerry's fall was quality. The root causes are:

1. Corporate governance;
2. Lack of qualified labour;

More than a letter....its just his commitment towards BlackBerry Enterprise

Go ahead john we are with you to support BlackBerry Enterprise.......

Just Focus on
2.Strong Enterprise service
3. OS

Posted via CB10

they need a q8 and z8 mobile with a curve priced label. or just chance the Z in Y

Q8 : 1,5 Ghz, 2Gb ram, 8 Mb, 8Mp and 3,2 inch screen and qwerty keyboard 200-250 euro
Z8 1,5 Ghz ,2Gb ram, 8 Mb, 8MP and 4,2 inch screen 200-250 euro

8 is also lucky number in china :)

The BlackBerry Z30 is awesome! But no marketing to get it sold worldwide. We need to advertise!!!
Please Mr. Chen get the marketing right.
Also, we need a Blackberry Matrix or some Sexy named phone with features surpassing the best Samsung and market it like your lives depended on it.
Need a Blackberry that blows the competition away! Not following the competition. Sell at reasonable cost to gain back market share then you can raise price.
Anyone agrees?

Posted via CB10

This spec craziness feels like the Intel/AMD race in the 90's and early 2000's when it was all about MegaHertz. One number to tell you "how good a computer is". It sold.

Unfortunately it's a bit different for phones, there are various factors, not just specs. But tell that to Joe Doe.

Our local Telstra Store in Australia has the Z10, Q10, yes and the Z30 on display, no dummies, so you can actually youtube some stuff to experience the amazing speakers and get into "the flow".

Well, the label on the display lists (what do you expect?), well, cores, MHz, RAM, etc. And that's what Joe Doe and probably even the *uninformed* small business/corporate buyer will shoot for. At least when he checks with the SGS4 and other droids next to it. It's the typical Wintel consumer behaviour.

Long story short, I guess you are right, just give'm their specs till it megahurtz, just to please the crowd and get into the market again.

(Dare I say Q30 with quadcore, 3GB RAM, 4.0" rectangular display... or am I just dreaming?)

My name is Prem, and I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

This letter needs no more applause.
Just get on a word wide campaign to convince the naysayers that BlackBerry is not dead!!!!

Posted via CB10

Hes done more for BlackBerry matketing and perception with one short letter than their entire marketing department has done all year.

Also for the haters notice he said handsets...

Posted from a phone....

*Drops mic. Walks off stage.

This was missing from the end of the letter. FIFY.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

This letter is a first start. Good. This is key for business users. But who gets this letter? Follow-up is the next step for business. For ordinary consumers, I think more clarity and vision is needed. It's Christmas time. What is the marketing strategy? I think a special offer/advertising blitz is needed. I suggest that z10 and z30 be offered from the BlackBerry site with a special package.

Posted via CB10

I think the point of this letter is two fold. One is to assure the corporate client base the BlackBerry is financially sound and intends to be around long enough that these corporations can depend on it.
Secondly, it is to take the pressure off of the company from a market share or consumer app basis.
By making this statement, BlackBerry can now claim that consumer apps are of secondary importance as it consumer market share.
It better be careful that others do not spin this as them abandoning the consumer market altogether.

Regarding, disinformation being peddled my so call analysts, surely there must be a case for slander. It's an old word but still worth a lot.

Posted via CB10

Yet again their focus is on something other than the end user. This is what killed BBRY in the first place. Assuming that enterprise can lock down a personally owned (consumer owned) handset is slightly arrogant and misses the reality for 99% of handset users.

"BYOD users may be able to bring any device to work, but it’s our job to ensure the risk doesn’t follow them in. Whether you’re deploying corporate-owned iPads or allowing BYOD Android™ devices, security is paramount."

Good to hear from him. Again, no mention of BB10.

He does mention handsets but no mention of what OS.

Time will tell.

Verizon Z10

Um... because handsets *with BB operating systems* are BB's biggest product? Not mentioning your flagship products by name, in now the third major CEO communication, should tell you something.

With a warehouse full of unsold BB10 devices, I never expected him to officially announce they are out of the device business (I don't expect that announcement for about a year), but IMO, if anyone believes that mentioning "devices" generically is an endorsement of the continued hardware design and manufacturing business, then you're believing in the carefully-worded spin in this letter (which is what BB wants) instead of reality. BB knows they would destroy morale among its user base (and sales of existing handset inventory) if they told the full truth. But there's still no direct mention of "MAKING handsets" or "BB10 handsets" or "BB10". If you think that wasn't done on purpose, you're fooling yourself. are so full of negativity....sometimes you make good points but most of the time you are just putting a negative spin.

Posted via CB10

I would rather him not mentioning any detail until 2 days before the new handset is for sale. No more leak please.

He mentioned handsets specifically. And it is an Enterprise pitch which means these companies will have mixed usage. There is no reason to mention BB10 in a hosting pitch. That is a totally different message.

Hi all
I know many make blackberry down and I know they see the end and I red in German newspaper same. But I trust BlackBerry and stay with them.

Posted via CB10

I want to see wholesale endorsement of BES10. Without that we'll the rest will be history! Let's see some big names Mr Chen?

Posted with my gorgeous Z30

A great start, everyone loves a CEO that shows true transparency!

Rockin and Rollin with my BB Z10 - Posted via CB 10

Outside of Crackberry there is quite a different tune about this letter across the web. Most see it as an act of desperation and there is a lot of bashing going on. It doesn't matter what the company does or how positive the news, the WWW turns it into a negative.

Then you missed the intent of the message. Enterprise or business customers appreciate this information. Care Bear consumers are not the focus here.

My company tested the BES10 and decided to pass because of politics higher up. They still offer BBOS7 devices. I wanted a Q10, now I'll just have to order a 9900.

Ha ha, because higher up owns a lot Apple stock. This is usually the case.

Two types of people don't choose BB for enterprise:
1. Who know nothing about enterprise mobility;
2. Who wwn a lot Apple or Google stocks;

Kudos for this letter, Mr. Chen.

I really got the impression that BlackBerrys communication tenor has finally changed for the better, especially this letter. He provides basic and clear facts as to why BBRY is the platform of choice and stands open for and welcomes any organization that wants to deploy other OEMs devices, even to the very honest extend of admitting that BBRYs are not for everyone. All this 'getting things done' and 'security' nonsense along with complete public ignorance of the competition had to stop ages ago. Finally they seem to have a CEO who knows what's up and who doesn't seem to be anxious about telling the truth.

Keep up the good work, Chen.

Posted via CB10

Finally, Blackberry has a strong and smart CEO in John Chen. Watch out media you can't mess around with Blackberry anymore, you might get more than your asked for.

I like this letter because it doesn't seem desperate. It's confidence without all the BS. Love it!

Posted via CB10

Enough talk, more action! We're still waiting for several feature enhancements that were submitted nearly a year ago when BES 10 was released and I'm talking about basic stuff here...other companies such as GOOD are roaring ahead with these same features...why is this the case when BlackBerry is supposed to be the leader in MDM??? By the way, as an enterprise customer you can give your feedback to the CEO, I'd advise everyone to get in touch and be honest.

Posted via CB10

I'm curious as to what feature enhancements you are referring too that Good has that BES10 does not? Specially ones that they said they have that they do not yet have. The only reason I ask this is my company, and by my company I mean I myself performed the upgrade to BES10. We are running a BES10 with BES5 environment, BES10 is not able to connect to BES5 phones but it can manage them through a single web console. We are slowly upgrading all of our phones to BB10 so that we can get rid of the BES5 server. In any case, so far everything they have mentioned can be done, we can do. But maybe there are more advanced features we are missing? From my experience with good, it is very flaky and I would prefer that we stick with the BES10 experience.

Good has always been 5 years behind. Tell us how Good let you access Intranet. Compare it with BB, it is just so obvious. This is why Good was sold, sold, and sold again - a money loser, a loser.

The straightforward writing skills in this letter is exactly what BlackBerry needed. He has restored some trust and confidence in his customers with this. He has put doubt on the stability of his MDM competitors without coming off as arrogant.

Kudos to Mr. Chen and his writers. If he wrote this himself then I would be even more impressed.

Heins, are you taking notes?

Posted via CB10

It is tough not to like this guy. And for the doubters (however brilliant!) - he specifically says BB will focus on 4 primary things going forward. One of those is handsets.
How much more direct can he be?
That being said...maybe we'll see a hell of a lot less handsets, in terms of choices. Maybe 2014 will just introduce one device to go along with Z30...but the point is fairly obvious.

Posted via CB10

i don't mind only one device next year, as long as is THE ONE device everyone has been waiting for

I actually feel better each I read an open letter from John. He's the right man for times.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

And THAT ladies & gentlemen is how you write a letter to your customers!

"There are many rumors out there about us that we're not doing well & may be in trouble, which simply is not true "
Translation - B1tches out there be talking smack about us on account of they ain't got nowhere near the level of security we got! Aaaaaand, we ain't goin NOWHERE! We let our services & products do the talking & don't be hiring no 3rd party tech knobs to bad mouth our competition!

Hold pen at arms length in front of face tilting pen sideways and let drop to the floor...... "SEE YA!"

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry has taken so much beat, BlackBerry user so much heat, that it is awesome reading this tongue in cheek open letter.

Now, this is not a quick race, rather a uphill marathon. John Chen, don't loose your energy and keep it up.

Posted via CB10

Now that's why. A good leader galvanises the situation and hats off to Mr Jhon!!! The CEO
Appreciate clarity and directed hope to see the BlackBerry on top.

Aziz ..... Z30

"BlackBerry will target four areas: handsets, EMM solutions, cross-platform messaging, and embedded systems."

Handsets... I am hearing it loud and clear. Great. How does John Chen know that I ordered two Z10s at the firesale?

Love JC. Not just for telling it like it is but having the Balls to say it with confidence, we needed him 2 years ago, let's hope it's not too late.

Posted via CB10

I'm loving the strong nature and straight forwardness of this letter. Way different from the usual corporate soft mannered letters

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Agreed. But we must wait to see whether he can successfully pivot the company and fortunes. Hopefully Chen is successful and continues to keep us informed.

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Oh and regarding bb10 devices vs other devices, aren't the HALs $19 vs $90 (secured container)? That's a much better profit proposition than selling hardware...just sayin.

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Talk is cheap. Put the money where your mouth is. That is all Blackberry can afford at this point. The fiasco with Thors Ketchup hurt them alot. Perception will have to cost them money. I hope he understands that.

If he, in fact, DOES follow through with everything that letter said: I think the majority of the confidence will be restored.

Sorry John, we're phasing out BES. We literally have one BB7 Torch user left. I fought for it but was only able to salvage one person aside from me. We now have about 90 iPhones, 10 Androids, 3 Windows phones and 2 BlackBerry 10 phones (myself included). Once the one Torch user gets his iPhone, we will have zero BES users...

I have one play left... one of our VP's is the other BlackBerry 10 user, and in order to get Microsoft Lync on the phone I need BES 10.....

Keep hope alive!!!

I dare to say your organization is a small one. Can you tell the highest BB numbers you had. Were they in thousands?

Yes, small indeed, but experiencing 20% YOY growth in the booming organic foods industry. We had about 30 BlackBerry and 20 iPhones in 2010. BYOD just pushed BlackBerry out the door....small or large, it's a mirror to BlackBerry's market share.

The best solution for your organization would be hosted BES or other solution in cloud. Instead you chose on-premise BES. So my guess is that you do have a need to access your internal network; maybe access to some app servers hosted internally. If this is the case BES 10 is the best for you.

Since many years a 'hardcore' BB supporter, happily embarking recently on the Z30. For the ever first time I got totally pissed finding 5000 'Contacts' from Facebook and Twitter on my phone - WITHOUT being even asked if I permit to synchronise or not.
The hassle to go through (after checking in forums like 'Crackberry') is not only inconvenient, it is more than annoying. My BB has primarily "Business" functions (email etc), but obviously I like to use as well for social sites. That doesn't mean I want all the crap suddenly on my BB .... BB wants to keep its existing users in the first place - get rid of such shit and "ASK FIRST" what we want on the phone or not.
I think the Z30 is the best 'smartphone' in the market, MR Chen .... KEEP it smart !!!!!

The contact sync does have serious problems. The latest BB Link messes up with contact sync as well. So John Chen has a touch task to rebuild the team. I would start by firing the entire Link team. With the cash and 6 quarters of time he can rebuilt a new Link team from ground up. Also fire the people in other units (e.g. OS people) who work with Link team. They want play politics? OK go home and play.

The problem of contact syncing and Link manifest the typical problems of RIM organization. John Chen must discipline and rebuild the team first before he can turn things around.